Nancy Drew (2019) s04e09 Episode Script

The Memory of the Stolen Soul

I'm always three inches off.
Keep practicing.
We only get one shot
at killing this thing.
I think creating a Sin
Eater-slaying machine
has gone to your head.
Let's call it a Sin
Eater-slaying system.
The sooner we get rid of the Sin Eater,
the sooner I can concentrate
on helping Bess start
an underground historical society.
Even if she wins in court,
the FFTH isn't gonna
let up anytime soon.
Putting up the night vision
cameras was a good move.
And with Ryan on roundel watch,
- next time the Sin Eater's summoned, we can track it.
Oh. Secret admirer?
Uh, let me guess, let me guess.
Nemo? Ariel?
Every day since we
survived the ghost web,
Tristan has been picking out
the nicest shell from his catch
and leaving it at my door.
Well, I'm happy for you,
- if it's what you want.
- Yeah, it is.
After everything got so
complicated with Ace
What I like about Tristan is how
very uncomplicated he is.
He's open.
He says what he thinks.
His worldview, it's shiny,
so I'm trying something new.
Honesty and communicating well.
Sounds mature. Healthy, even.
Yeah, I'm modeling after you and Jade.
Which seems to be working out?
Yeah. Yeah, we're better than ever.
So, how do we figure out
the first sin that the monster consumed?
[SIGHS] We return to
the black door mirror
in the basement of the yacht club.
Straight from Bess, the
metaphysical properties
of supernatural mirrors
cause them to hold onto
everything they've
witnessed, including
in the case of this mirror
the first sin ever spoken into it.
Thanks to Bess, we now
know that the Sin Eater
is vulnerable under a black moon.
And if we inject it with the
first sin it ever consumed,
it dies.
Then you've got 48
hours to improve your

Hey, do these pearls say "not guilty"?
No idea, but make sure you say that
when the judge asks, "How do you plea?"
The breaking and entering
charge won't stick.
- We'll make sure of it.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hope I wasn't holding you up.
No. I didn't know if
you were gonna make it.
- Did the bank give you the day off?
- No, I took it.
Come on, a new job is no excuse
for neglecting one's girlfriend.
How are you feeling?
Honestly, I just want
all of this to be over.
And to have dinner with you
and maybe invite your parents.
Are they okay?
They stopped sending me texts.
Your mom used to send me
flamingo memes every day.
Uh, about that
They found out about my
court case, didn't they?
They understand, as head
of the Historical Society,
you're under fire, but
when they heard the words
"violated restraining order,"
they cooled on you a bit.
They'll come around.
I know Bess is your friend,
but you can't give her false hope
or guarantee her any specific result.
Anything can happen in court.
No, she can't be on the hook for this.
You have to keep your feelings
from clouding your judgment.
Advise your client as
best you can, legally.
Can you do that?
[SIGHS] I'm Kevlar George.
Consider me feeling-proofed.
Okay, good.
The thermostat's stuck.
It feels like it's gonna
start snowing in here.
Well, cold burns more calories.
I'll call the repair people.
We got a new one.
Found her in the woods
near the coastline.
ACE: Jane Doe?
She's charred beyond recognition.
No identifying marks.
Couldn't extract a viable DNA sample.
But authorities suspect
the body is Mia Preston,
a camper who went missing two days ago.
Hand me that clipboard.
[HISSES] My mug.
Leo gave this to me for my birthday.
I promised I'd keep it forever.
He actually made me sign something.
Takes after his mom.
We're holding the remains
until the police get in touch
with the Preston family.
Get started on that paperwork.
Hi, Mia.
I'm Ace.
It's nice to meet you.

Did you do this?
NANCY: We have one shot to get
the mirror to tell us its secrets.
No pressure.
I built us an extractor.
You were right,
supernatural mirrors hold on
to everything they've ever seen.
Could you get it to show us
the first sinner who ever called to it?
Once it's calibrated,
we basically get the mirror to rewind
everything it's ever seen and heard.
I-I put this together
in like four hours,
so manage your expectations.
I can't-I can't isolate the voices.
They're all mixed together.
The mirror's fighting back.
It's rejecting the extractor.
No, we have to wait.
Initium omnium finis.
Converte nos iniquitates nostras.
Lava munda quod praeteritum est.
Anima remanet
Those men are the
founders of Horseshoe Bay.
Initium omnium finis!
That did not seem like the first sin.
No, that was what came before.
I think we just watched the
creation of the Sin Eater.
GUARD: Hang on.
I know, my picture's terrible.
- I sneezed and coughed at the same time.
- NANCY: Bess.
Oh, my God, you made it.
I'll be right there. Where's Ace?
Oh. I told him not to come.
But he's been sending me
- moral support voice memos every hour.
- Mm.
Nancy. Hey.
Your message was kind of vague.
What do you need help with?
This is a supernatural stomach pump.
It broke. We tried
everything but can't fix it.
Think your artifact fixer
person can handle it?
Yeah, I bet she can.
Also, it's, uh, it's a rush.
I need to get it back
to its rightful owner
before he returns from a fishing trip.
This is a pretty unique item.
Where'd you say you got this from?
Just call me when it's fixed, please.
- Thank you.
- Okay, yeah.
Okay, you can go through.
Okay, we're first up. This way.
We're up there with you in spirit.
Thank you.
Did Google give us anything yet?
No, can't find anything on that
golden octopus-shaped thing,
but those men were
definitely chanting Latin.
- Hmm.
- I'm working on a translation.
I'm just
just trying to remember
that full phrase.
I thought I saw your name on the docket.
Are you here clerking for the defense
or are you just on trial for
killing it in those loafers?
- Okay, wow. And that's enough.
We're number eight, so
I'll be here a while.
So I guess me and my loafers
get to see you in action.
- See your loafers later.
- I'll see you.
Are you seeing this?
Callie Farquar is here.
She's the spokesperson with the FFTH.
The one who called me an extremist.
You know what? Two can
play at that mind game.
Here you go, information.
Okay. Here's my goal.
I'll deliver our remarks,
the judge will dismiss the charges
or tell the D.A. to plea you out as
a first-time offender. No jail time
and hopefully no risk of
this having to go any further.
Okay. Yeah. I like that goal.
BAILIFF: All rise.
Court is now in session.
In the matter of The State
v. Bess Turani Marvin,
- would the prosecut
- Your Honor, the prosecution moves
to drop the outstanding
charges against Ms. Marvin.
- JUDGE: Very well.
The breaking and entering
charges are dismissed.
The State moves to file new
charges against Ms. Marvin.
- One count of violating community standards,
- What?
one count of endangering children
and one count of
disseminating false information
contrary to the welfare of the public.
Your Honor, these
charges are unscrupulous.
We were not notified.
My client has not had the chance
to review these allegations.
We have received widespread complaints
from the citizens of Horseshoe
Bay against Ms. Marvin
and believe this is the only
path to keep the community safe.
No arguments today, counselors.
New charges, new case.
Preliminary hearing set
for 48 hours from now.
See you then.
- Next.
- Let's talk in the hallway.
Those are the same men we
saw in the yacht club mirror.
That's the leader.
He has the same pocket
watch in this mural.
"Anima remanet.
Veritas nostra manet."
Anima ramanet. Veritas nostra manet.
That's it. That's-that's
the Founders' Day motto.
Can you translate it?
NICK: Yep. They're saying
"The soul survives.
Our truth remains."
What does this motto and
this mural have to do with
the ceremony we saw in
the black door mirror?
BESS: I can't believe this.
If I get convicted,
I could get deported.
I wish there was more I could do.
No, you being here is enough.
Can you give me a
minute, though, please?
Of course.
It's called the Jar of Acquirement.
Took some time to track down,
but, uh, it finally came in the mail.
In the nick of time, too.
The black moon is two days away.
What does it do?
So, it can distill the essence
of spoken truths into liquid form.
Spoken truths?
- Like the first sin the Sin Eater ever consumed?
- Yeah.
If you can figure out
what the O.G. sin was,
speak it into the jar, I
believe it can create a poison.
And then inject it into the Sin Eater.
Bess, you're a genius.
I can't believe you had
time to think about this
in the middle of everything
else that's going on.
Once a Keeper, always a Keeper.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Get this.
I found towns all across America
that all have the same phrase
"The soul survives.
Our truth remains"
inscribed on various landmarks.
We're talking monuments,
murals, statues.
Maybe they all have
their own Sin Eaters.
What'd you find out about
the golden octopus-shaped
sphere the founders created?
The sphere is like sourdough starter.
the Sin Eater was created from it.
The journals we got at
the yacht club mentioned it
in the ritual to make a Sin Eater.
Is the sphere the soul?
The-the "soul survives"?
It tracks. Do we know
anything else about the mural?
No. No. But I did find the names
of the two artists that worked on it.
One from the 1930s, long dead.
One from the 1980s is still with us.
- Kenneth Clarke III.
Working on getting an address.
Mm. Drop me a pin when you get it.
I just
need to deliver something first.
Here you go. One stomach
pump, good as new.
Told you my artifact fixer could do it.
- I really appreciate it.
- Wait.
- Wait, where are you going?
- Got to go. Thanks again.
Since when are you
interested in lobster crates?
You were acting weird, so, you know,
I thought you might be in trouble.
Well, I'm fine, and you
really shouldn't be here.
Hold on. Did you just borrow
that from the Glass kid?
'Cause I told you I
don't want you near him.
His family's dangerous.
Haven't we learned not to
judge people by their families?

Tristan borrowed this
device from his parents
and he loaned it to me
when I really needed it.
He's not his parents, Ryan.
Just saying, I don't
SHELBY: What the hell
are you doing here?
You steal clients from us, now
you're messing with our son?
Don't look at her, all
right? You look at me.
- She had
- I was just here
to return the stomach pump.
This was lovely, but now we're leaving.
Stay away from our son.
Yeah, gladly.

"Missing camper after lightning storms
and breakout fires hit the area."
You needed my attention.
You want something. What do you want?
I'm here to fix the cooling system.
Yeah, it's, uh, it's over there.
Hey, what do you got, Carson?
CARSON: The A.D.A.'s plea offer.
I just forwarded it to you.
Brace yourselves. It's not great.
No, it's worse.
"In exchange for all charges dropped,
you have to agree to the following.
Number one: lock up all the
books in the Historical Society
so they are no longer
accessible to the public."
- Wha
- "Two: submit all artifacts to be kept
in a court-mandated
high-security facility.
Three: make a public statement
that Bess Turani Marvin
was wrong to disseminate teachings about
paranormal phenomena and
disavow such teachings
have ever been a benefit
to the community."
So, in return for my freedom,
they insist I lie to the town?
You should take the plea.
George, that's not
your decision to make.
You know that. Think it over, Bess.
I'm on my way home. We'll talk.
I didn't add the Latin phrase.
That was part of the original.
I was just hired to restore the mural
after it was defaced in '85.
Who defaced the mural?
Uh, some teenagers from the reservation.
Here we are.
I kept the article as a memento.
It was my first commission,
and my work made it into the paper.
Mural defaced by Henry
Soctomah and Adelaide Mitchell.
- Aren't they
- Addy's parents.
My teenaged parents were banned
from the courthouse for life?
No wonder I had trouble
getting into the courthouse.
My mom and I have the same legal name.
And they never mentioned
any of this to you?
Mom and Dad's crime spree?
No. That's something I would remember.
You met them.
I mean, they are law-abiding
to a fault, and
they expect the same of me. I just
I cannot believe this.
Vandalizing public monuments in
the town where you still live
pretty big secret to
keep from your kids.
People have kept bigger ones.
But still, there is more to the story.
We grew up hearing
stories of the secrets
hidden under that mural.
Our parents and our
grandparents told us.
Our ancestors were attacked
on the very grounds the
courthouse was built.
They say the spirits of
those who perished that day
left a ghostly imprint
on the courthouse wall.
And no matter what the town
did, they couldn't clean it off?
A haunting like that
can't be washed away,
so the town painted
a false mural over it.
You weren't defacing
the Founders' Day mural.
You were trying to reveal
the imprint beneath it.
And to see if the stories we
were told as children were true.
Why did you keep this all from me?
When we were teenagers.
We were angry.
The arrest
nearly derailed our lives, and
You thought if you told me,
I'd make the same mistakes?
But you defaced the mural
because you were activists.
You took a stand for
what you believed in.
But the consequences
it almost cost our families everything.
Is this why you stopped
sending me flamingos?
My court case?
- Bess
- I won't lead Addy into trouble.
I just want to try and help people
by using the supernatural.
I'm what's called a Keeper.
She wants the same thing you did.
She wants everyone to know the truth.
Then don't try, do it.
Our biggest regret is we
couldn't reveal the truth.
ADDY: Mom.
I want to hear the
truth in your own words.
What lies are the
founders' mural covering up?

- You sure they'll be okay?
- Don't worry.
The guard owes me for
finding his track medal
back in high school.
Mr. Gibson stole it.
GOODMAN: Court is now in session.
Bess, you're certain
about your decision?
I get less certain every
time you ask, but
Ms. Marvin, please take the stand.
Have you and your
counsel made a decision
on whether you will be
accepting the offered plea deal?
Judge Goodman, pardon my directness,
but it is not for this
court nor the A.D.A.
to determine who has access
to supernatural teachings.
Oh, I am rejecting the plea deal
because it is a lie.
The supernatural is not
a threat to children,
despite what the prosecution
has worked endlessly
to make this court believe.
When it is used correctly,
it can heal and even save lives.
Do you want to know what is the threat?
The lie that we turned into history.
For too long, this town has erased
the truth of its own sins.
But that lie
ends today.

Consumet mendacium.
ADDY: My parents told me,
in the early 1800s,
the Governancelanded in Horseshoe Bay.
They called themselves settlers,
but, really, they were newcomers
by at least 12,000 years.
At first, it was peaceful
between the native tribe
and the town founders.
But then, one morning,
the settlers invaded
Passamaquoddy territory
and kidnapped every
child old enough to walk.
My ancestors led a mission
to get their children back,
but the founders refused.
They took up arms.
My ancestors were forced
to fight for their lives.
Many were lost.
And the founders drove my
surviving ancestors back.
The founders' children went
on to inherit the stolen land,
and the kidnapped children
were never seen again.
My ancestors who escaped the town limits
before the sin was erased
kept an oral history
of the kidnapping and
the deadly assault.
According to our tradition,
there were many more
sins erased by the town.
But this was the first.
The only record of the truth.
Uh, objection, Your Honor.
W-what is this and how is it relevant?
GOODMAN: Objection overruled.
Ms. Marvin, explain yourself.
We have a history of erasing voices,
and even now we continue
to erase the truth
about missing and murdered
Indigenous women and children
to paint ourselves as
the good guys, to pretend
that this town was built
on righteous values.
I will not be a part of that.
If you fear something
you don't understand
because you refuse to educate yourself,
then that is on you.
The supernatural is not to be feared.
It is real
and it is a force for good.
I am Bess Turani Marvin,
and I stand for the truth.
- Hey.
Next time you pull a powder
stunt little heads-up?
I have never seen anything
like that in the world,
let alone in a court.
The judge could have
held you in contempt.
But she didn't. And now
everyone knows the truth.
Look, I appreciate both of
you, but I stand by my actions.
- I'm just gonna take this.
- Okay.
- BESS: Hey.
I couldn't keep my
personal feelings for Bess
out of this case. You were right.
Clients never do what
you want them to do,
and your feelings for them
can rip your heart out,
but I think they can also make
you a more passionate lawyer.
Yours did.
Pushed you to think harder for her.
Let's just hope the rebuttal we drafted
convinces the judge.
Bess Marvin vandalized the courtroom
and made up a story
to desecrate the memory of our founders.
She'll continue doing
it to pollute minds,
shame our children,
unless she's stopped.
So, just don't let a
magic trick fool you.
Grooming a future jury pool?
Control your witness
or I'll make sure the
judge hears about this.
I don't think you're here to hurt me.
If you tell me what you want,
maybe I can help you move on.
Find peace.
So, now you don't want to talk?
Too hot to chat in here, anyway.
Radio, broken thermostat.
It was freezing in
here the other morning.
Do you need me to be cold?
Does that help you communicate?
Please let this work.
I'm cold.
The sky is gone. There's only one left.
What's going on?
Where's the sky?
I'm-I'm here, okay?
I'm listening to you. I'm listening.
Do you remember how you died?
I'm cold.
You're cold.
But you-you burned to death.
All I remember is my hair
wrapping around my mouth.
Then the sky was gone.
Then I was so cold.
You have short hair. You
How could it wrap around your mouth?
Unless you're not Mia Preston.
Are you someone else?
I don't know. Who am I?
I have a date lined up
for after we kill the Sin Eater tonight.
So, yeah, I'll probably change.
What's bothering you?
See that?
I recognize it.
It's one of the books you pulled
from the yacht club basement.
Remind me what was in that one again.
- Well, that's the thing the pages were blank.
- Mm.
It must mean something.
Why take all those kids
and then cover it up?
Well, like Bess said, so
the town could fool itself
into pretending they were the good guys.
Kidnapping children is
a pretty terrible sin.
NICK: Yeah, but what happened
to the kids they took?
It's definitely the first sin, but
we're missing part of the story.
BAILIFF: All rise.
The court is back in session.
It is not within this court's purview
to adjudicate what
was witnessed earlier.
I only make my findings within the
confines of the black-letter law.
In light of the evidence
reflected in the record,
I rule that Bess Turani Marvin
- is found not guilty
of the criminal charges
the prosecution alleged.
However, I find that there
is ample evidence to support
that Ms. Marvin has mismanaged
the Historical Society
and misused taxpayer dollars.
As such, I am removing her
from her position at the
Historical Society permanently.
In her stead, I am entrusting
the Historical Society
to the Families for Truth in History
and their designated
trustee, Callie Farquar,
- effective immediately.
Ms. Marvin, please surrender
your keys to the court.
[SINGSONGY]: I've got lemon pops.
There is no amount of
sugar that can numb this.
Small wins.
- Yeah?
Look, this doesn't mean
you have to give up
teaching the supernatural.
Nick even said he'll help you start
an underground historical society.
All you lost was a building.
Bess, no matter what,
you're always a Keeper.
Plus, you have
unstoppable determination.
[SNIFFLES] Thank you.
For reminding me who I am when I forget.
It's what best friends do.
- Aw, I'm your best friend, too.
No, you-you have been for a long time,
- but let's just not tell Ace.
- Ah.
[SIGHS] Uprooted, once again.
Say the words, I'll
get us the moving van.
Don't tempt me. [CHUCKLES]
In two weeks, I'll have a lot
more free time on my hands.
I decided to give notice at the bank.
But you just started that job.
Yeah, because I didn't want
to disappoint my parents.
But today was both
inspiring and infuriating.
So, now I have a plan.
I want a seat on the town council.
It's an opportunity for me to channel
my outrage in a productive way.
You'd be brilliant on the council.
I can work to get a pardon for
my parents' criminal records
and a public apology for
what was done to our tribe.
Reparations, even.
I mean, my community needs
resources to help us grieve
all the children that were taken away
to residential schools
and never seen again.
Mm. It's the girl who
made the painting sad.
Cute trick, but foolish.
It wasn't a trick.
It was proof.
Proof we need to put this
whole supernatural history
- nonsense to rest.
- Can you just
[CLEARS THROAT] It's okay.
The Historical Society
isn't yours anymore.
Don't come back or I'll have
you arrested for trespassing.
Okay. We have a crossbow.
We have poison made from
the first crime the Sin
Eater ever consumed
the kidnapping of Native children
and the battle that followed.
What we need now is a new sin
to use as bait to summon the monster.
- Okay, I volunteer as sinner.
- NANCY: Great.
Here's your marching orders.
Recite the incantation.
The black mirror turns into a door.
Masthead mummy behind you screams.
Speak your sin, wash your
hands in the creepy fountain.
Get out of there without notice.
If you turn it into a
song, it's easy to remember.
- I got it.
- I feel like there are pieces that don't track.
- We we still don't know
- What happened to the kidnapped children.
I'm totally with you.
Can you work on that?
Because the black moon is tonight.
So, sins
any ideas?
I might have an idea at the morgue.
Just This one's gonna hurt.
[SIGHS] Tell him I'm on my way.
- I'm having second thoughts about this.
Definitely getting fired.

I seek to put the past behind,
so pay I must, but I will find
my trespass it will swallow whole,
this burden erased from my soul.
Connor the coroner's mug.
I destroyed something
he deeply cared about.
On purpose.
They don't know what I'm facing ♪
Grows like a tidal wave ♪
I'm going under ♪
George did it.
The Sin Eater's on
the move. It's go time.
Poison arrow, check.
Goal is to get to the creature
before it erases the sin. Sorry, Ace.
Okay, I don't really want
to see that thing again,
- so I'm gonna stay here.
- Yeah, same.
I'm gonna troubleshoot the
extractor device for Tom Swift.
And I-I just feel like there's
got to be something more
that we can learn.
Okay, well, I'll help you.
NICK: Okay, thanks.
I'm coming with you.
We're off to kill a Sin Eater.
Wish us luck.
RYAN: Hey, you said something
today about kids not wanting
to be their parents,
and I just want to say
I was wrong about the way I reacted,
you know, about Tristan Glass.
Uh, not that you need
my approval or anything.
- I do not.
- You do not, you know,
but-but I'm just saying, he
wouldn't be my first choice.
But I'm not gonna stand in your way.
The point is is that
I know what it's like
when a parent tries to keep you away
from somebody you care about,
and I don't want to be Everett.
You're nothing like Everett.
I think this binding is hollow.
She moved in quick ♪
Cast off the sun ♪
Each page
contains information about
one of the Late Eight.
Sin Eater's victims.
After the dawn ♪
Nashua Kipp, first victim.
From all the pain ♪
This is a list of details
of the Native children
that were kidnapped.
Whisper to me ♪
Nashua Kipp was one of the
children that the founders stole.
So, are you saying that
they stole the children
for the Sin Eater to kill?
No superstitions ♪
Anima remanet the soul survives.
An eclipse of the sun ♪
For the monster to live
on, the founders needed
to fuse the essence of the Sin Eater
to the soul of a person.
The stolen kids.
They were test subjects.
Nashua was the only one
to survive the ritual
that fused the curse
of being the Sin Eater to his soul.
So the first sin that Nashua ate
was his own kidnapping
and the battle from his
tribe to try and get him back.
The founders erased that sin to
keep control of the Sin Eater,
to keep their practice a secret.
NICK: All these records
someone kept track of
them for hundreds of years.
Look what's written inside
each of these portraits.
Sin Eater 1859.
Sin Eater 1882.
Sin Eater 1951.
The Late Eight
weren't victims of the Sin Eater.
They were the Sin Eater.
They shared the same soul.
It started with Nashua's,
and then when he died
His soul went to an unborn child.
Uh, Coraline Monet,
and then onto Onias Carver, and so on.
It's reincarnation.
Like Charity Hudson, except
this soul stayed intact.
From generation to generation.
Nancy thinks she's gone to
the woods to kill a creature,
but it's not a creature.
It's a person.
Oh, my God.
- It's not a great time, Nick.
- NICK: No, listen to me.
Listen to me. Don't kill it.
Tell Nancy to stop.
The Sin Eater is a person!
RYAN: Nancy!
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