Nancy Drew (2019) s04e10 Episode Script

The Ballad of Lives Forgone

Previously on Nancy Drew
Nancy thinks she's gone to
the woods to kill a creature,
but it's not a creature.
NICK [ON PHONE]: Tell Nancy to stop!
The Sin Eater is a person!


He's still alive.
RYAN: Nancy, if that's him,
you need to get out of here.
The Glasses have tried
to kill me for way less
than cross-bowing their son.
You've gotta go!
- Let me go!
- No!
- [SOFTLY]: Hey.
Whoa. Whoa. No, no, no, no, no.
[STRAINING]: Another adventure.
Shot, naked, and meeting your dad.
All in one night.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want you to run away.
It's okay
Dying in your arms?
It's not so bad.
No, you're not going
anywhere. I did this.
And I will find a way to fix
it. Come hell or high water
It'll probably be both.
You are not gonna die tonight.
My God.

- Okay
- RYAN: Carson!
- What?
- Hey.
We got a problem, man.
What is it?
- Is it Nancy? Is she okay?
- No. Yes, yes, she's fine.
Physically she's fine.
Emotionally, not so much.
- Whose blood is that?
- Tristan Glass's!
The lobster kid. The
son of my mortal enemies.
Yes, he is the Sin Eater! And
Nancy shot him in the woods
with a poisoned arrow,
and now he might die.
Wait, hang on, you brought
our daughter to the woods
with a bow and arrows?
Well, technically, it
was a small crossbow
and a couple arrows, but
And the whole plan to kill
a Sin Eater was in the works
long before I got involved.
Will you stop saying "Sin Eater"
like it's just something everyone says!
We've got real problems here.
Like how the Glasses hate you,
which means they hate our
daughter by association.
[GROANING]: Oh, man
[QUIETLY]: I know.
What are we gonna do?
We talk to the Glasses.
And get ahead of this
parents to parents.
Yeah. Yeah.
Or we just bury the evidence
and they never find out it's us?
Okay. You're right.
Your way's better.
I'll, um [EXHALES]
I'll arrange a meeting.
NICK: He's still losing blood!
Bess, hurry!
NICK: If only I figured it out faster
Nick! I shot him!
Yes! I hear you!
Doesn't make my supplies
any less limited!
[SIGHS] Could Callie have
picked a worse time to take over
the Historical Society?
If Nancy didn't inherit this
house from her ancestor-witch,
we would be screwed!
Oh, so we're not screwed?
Oh no, we're still screwed.
Did you find anything in
the yacht club basement books
about an antidote?
Nope. And unless you
fix that arrow wound,
the poison is a total non-issue.
[SIGHING]: Oh, great.
NICK: Even with what we've
salvaged for the underground
Historical Society,
Bess doesn't have the tools.
Tristan needs a hospital.
A hospital can't help.
The wound is supernatural.
Too many questions.
GOOD NEWS: I have Morgroot!
It's a herbal twilight anesthesia.
- Inhale.
Temperance's grimoire
has a ritual that can
mystically seal the wound
once the arrow is out.
Okay, well, are you ready to pull it?
What? Me?
No! I can't do it! A wrong
move would pierce an artery.
We need someone with actual
medical knowledge, like Ace!
NANCY: Great. Yeah, let's call my ex
- to save the guy I like.
And shot.
[WEAKLY]: You like me?
Ace's phone. I'm Ace.
Tristan's the Sin Eater,
Nancy shot him with the poisoned arrow,
- and now he's dying.
What if we leave the arrow in?
ACE: No, no, no, no, no, I
don't want him to end up here.
Every second that arrow
stays put, his body
absorbs more of that poison.
Okay, so he have to pull the arrow out.
Okay, I'll do it.
Nancy, I-I know you feel guilty
about taking the shot, but
this is really going to hurt.
For me I just wouldn't.
Look, I can do it, but Ace is right.
I can't do it with you watching.
NANCY: I'll be right outside.
So, on the count of three,
you're gonna pull up.
You're gonna pull
straight up. All right?
One, two
- NICK: More Morgroot, Bess!
- BESS: Okay, inhale!
- That's it, inhale. More.
Hanc victimam eripe
fatis mortuorum, nunc liga et sana
NICK: Okay. Okay. The
bleeding's slowing down.
[PANTING]: Okay.
But we got nothing to close it with.
Ma-Maybe I cauterize it?
Yeah. Yeah, that'll work.
Um, you find something metal?

BESS: Okay. Ready? Pretty sure
I got the knock-out dose right.
NICK: I hope so.
'Cause this is gonna hurt.

NANCY: Any mention of an antidote?
I was just looking at the
town's former Sin Eaters,
back to Nashua Kipp, the very first.
Each one of these people
was Tristan's former life.
Can you imagine if
your soul was forced to
keep reincarnating, no matter what?
Well, that's the thing,
the poison works by killing the
body and soul of the Sin Eater.
So, if we lose Tristan, that
means no more reincarnating.
Which means no more Sin Eater.
And that means no more cover-ups.
Are you trying to find a silver lining?
Nancy, the poison is
fatal, no matter the dose.
It says right here if it's not
delivered to the Sin Eater's heart,
it just takes longer to kill them.
How much time does he have?
GEORGE: Ten hours.

Unless we can find and
deliver an antidote,
Tristan has ten hours to live.

Okay, we have less than
ten hours on the clock
and there is still no mention
of the word "antidote."
I might have something.
Bess forwarded me everything
the Guild of Societies Historical
sent about the poison.
There's a footnote in Latin.
I recognize this part: "prima peccatum."
First sin.
NANCY: "Levare" means to lift.
So, to lift "prima peccatum,"
you need "tandem comedi"
or "last eaten."
To counteract the
poison of the first sin,
you need the one that was last eaten.
Okay, so how do we
get the last eaten sin?
Take us to our son.
NICK: Your threats are
not helping right now!
If our son dies from
that poisoned arrow,
we take an eye for an eye!
Enough! All of you.

If we're going to save Tristan
we need to work together.
[SIGHING]: We can create an
antidote from the last sin he ate.
Well, I called to him last
night, but it wasn't my sin.
Because Nancy shot him
before he could eat it!
And we are trying to save him now!
When he wakes up
can he tell us what he
saw after he was called?
No. He can't.
When he comes to he has no memory
of anything that happened.
But we have spent the last 15 years
looking for a way to cure our
son from the Sin Eater curse.
That's why we got into the relic trade.
If anybody can help you
find an antidote, we can.

- Calm down
- Okay.
So you let them walk up here,
ring on the doorbell, like
they're some dinner guests?
The Glasses tried to kill us!
Do they think that we've forgotten?
- Take a breath. Okay?
Shelby's probably not gonna
let you near Tristan again.
And so if you need to step away, do it.
All right, there's a lot of
cooks in the kitchen today.
- Yeah.
"Not at the moment.
- Kitchen is full."

[STRAINING]: Hi, Ghost.
A friend was in trouble,
but I'm here now.
- We have a problem.
Everybody thinks that you're
Mia Preston, a missing camper.
Now her parents are coming
to collect your remains today.
They'll take you to their
town's morgue and do testing.
If that happens, I might not
be able to talk to you anymore,
and then we'll never
figure out who you are.
So will you please help me help you?
GHOST: I'm trying.

I didn't mean to
That was on me, I pushed you too hard.
[WHISPERING]: Are you there?
- [CRIES OUT] Bess!
Tristan might not
need me anymore, but
you certainly do.
George and Carson are
working on a timeline
of when the last sin was eaten
based on the roundel and
Nick's camera footage.
Neither Tristan nor our unknown sinner
will remember what the sin is.
NICK: And the stomach pump won't work.
It seems the black sludge only
generates after the Sin Eater dies.
So the Late Eight reanimated
corpses could spit up sins,
- but Tristan can't?
- In light of our new alliance,
we should probably tell you
we were the ones who
raised those bodies
by mistake.
It was a misfire in a ritual that
we used to try to cure Tristan.
Case solved.
You know our friend almost
went to jail for that?
NICK: We're gonna discuss that later.
Right now we need to focus
on getting the essence
of the last sin into
the Jar of Acquirement
- to make the antidote.
- Okay
So how do we fill a jar with
a sin that no one remembers?
Well, an Ambyth could work.
It's a recall relic.
So legend says it could prod a sinner
to remember their erased sin
and then they can confess
their sin directly into the jar.
I'll contact the Ambyth's owner,
see if I can get my hands on it.
Meanwhile, we need to figure
out who the last sinner is.
This got the black door to
show us all the sinners at once,
but then the mirror fought back.
I think I figured out a
fix to slow down the images.
I'll go and figure it out.
Ah, we'll go and figure it out.
Yeah, it takes a Hudson
to get to the black door.
It's at the Yacht Club.
So we'll go.

You're scared of me.
I see it.
Ask me whatever you want.
I'll be honest.

Do you remember your past lives?
Do you remember yours?
- Not saying that you have them,
but I'm probably not
the only person you know
with an old soul.
This Sin Eater curse, it's like a
that attaches to your soul and then
reincarnates into an unborn
baby in every generation?
It could be any baby
born in Horseshoe Bay.
Look, I know you
weren't looking for a guy
with a Sin-Eater tumor when you checked
"Yes, I'll go on a date with you."
Look, I'm coming out of a
relationship that got really messy.
And then you came
along and it felt easy,
and uncomplicated,
and right.
And I wasn't ready for this.
TRISTAN: How could you be?
I know I have this
other side.
But I'm still the guy you danced with
- and who left those shells.
- [SOFTLY]: Yeah, I know.
That's why it's hard. [SOFT CHUCKLE]
But you came back through
the ghost web to save me.
I'm gonna save you now.
And then?
We go our separate ways?
I don't know.
I've tried various ways to
communicate with the ghost.
Normally, she's a
voice through the radio.
This is the first time I've
seen her in ghostly form.
I couldn't see her though.
She clearly prefers you.
Well, she seems shy
like she's embarrassed.
What are you doing?
I'm going to try
to tap into her chaos.
You step aside, please.
We call you forth.
Show us what you remember.
- ACE: Ooh. Hey. Radio's on.
- GHOST: I can't
Only you hear me.
- She says only I can hear her.
Well, I don't love the idea of
a spirit attaching only to you.
You know, usually that's the
malevolent kind that does that.
She isn't malevolent.
- How do you know?
- I feel her.
She's lost,
and restless, and confused.
It's not evil.
But unless we figure out
who she is we can't help her find peace.
Yeah, because she's not
Mia Preston, yes, I know.
You want to prove it?
Then we need to find the real Mia.
Makes sense to me.
Ghost, you want to help us find
the real Mia?
- That feels like a yes.
- Yep.
Nick. What's the latest?
I caught up with George and Carson.
They said the last eaten
sin was two Fridays ago
when the roundel led
us to the Sin Eater.
My cameras haven't caught any
Sin Eater walks in the woods
outside of the one last night, so
I think their math's on point.
Does that time-frame help?
I wish, buddy.
It won't make a difference.
And the mirror doesn't
want to give us anything.
It's already fried your
rewinder gismo again.
SHELBY: We'll keep looking down here.
See if y'all missed anything.
Yeah. Consider this place combed.
So, uh you said you'd
been looking for a cure
for 15 years for Tristan?
Is that when you found out
about his transformation?
What? I search
better when I talk, so
Jonas and I adopted the happiest child.
And then when he turned six, it started.
He'd go missing at night.
Be sick for days after.
Wake up screaming from nightmares.
RYAN: That's horrible. What'd you do?
Quickly learned that
Western medicine can't help.
So got into the relic trade.
We traveled the world
searching for ancient cures.
But once he got into his teenage years,
we had to move back.
If Tristan isn't close
to town, he sickens.
His soul is shackled here.
And eventually,
Sin Eaters die by 30,
even without poisoned arrows.
Because their bodies can't take it.
You, um came close to a cure, though?
We found a ritual.
The Oblato Carca.
But we mistranslated it.
Part of its symbols, like
Celtic, but not quite.
And, uh unfortunately,
we've had business disagreements
with every expert in
that part of the world.
I haven't alienated anyone yet
in British antiquities so
You can send me what you need translated
and I'll make some calls.
What is that?
I think it's glass
hidden in the fountain.
RYAN [QUIETLY]: What is this?
- Let me get my knife, hold on.

It's a camera.
Our flashlights must've
reflected off of the lens.
Why is there a camera here?
Because the sinners wash
their hands in this fountain
to complete the ritual.
Somebody must be keeping tabs.
Look, if we can figure out
where this transmits to,
we can get a photo of
the last known sinner.
And maybe get an idea of
who's tracking the Sinners.
Ryan and Shelby say the
fountain camera's transmission
is going to take a while to run down.
Tristan doesn't have a while,
he has six hours to be exact.
And Jonas has gone to meet the
Ambyth owner in New Hampshire.
That's a trip.
Here's a crazy idea:
what if we could pull
memories out of Tristan?
His mom believes his
eaten sins are stored
in his subconscious somewhere.
Maybe Bess knows hypnosis?
Or we could try the Ambyth?
That relic only works
recon magic on sinners,
not Sin Eaters.
And I'm not willing to
road-test it on Tristan.
NICK: Right. Okay.
Hypnosis it is.
I'll call Bess.
We don't need Bess.
We have Temperance's
memory weave powder.
Having been in a few weaves myself,
it's best to be prepared.
[WEAKLY]: Thanks for the heads-up.
- What do I have to do?
- Not much.
I blow the dust, we grab hands,
and I go into your memories with you.
All you have to do is take us to
the correct night: two Fridays ago.
You need some backup
in that uncharted mind?
Couldn't hurt.

NICK: Oh, my God
The cloud must be the last sin you ate.
You walk the town's
perimeter to consume it.
It feels like I
get a terrible beating.
Every time it's worse.
What are those?

NANCY: I think your past
lives have come to check out
what you're up to.

The sin.
I remember something.
- Whoa.
NICK: Hey okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
I can taste it
A man a lust marble
gardenias, and
Mac and cheese.
Mac and cheese?
So was that a clue
or was he just hungry?
It doesn't matter.
George and I are a great team.
This is like discovery in my world.
We will take the clues we
have, look for more evidence,
we'll find the last sinner.
All right, slow down, Sparky.
NANCY: If you can put
together Tristan's clues,
or Ryan and Shelby get
back here with an image
from that basement sin-cam,
we can still deliver
the antidote in time.
- Good.
- Okay, call Jonas and tell him
- we're going to meet at your house.
- Okay.
NICK: Tristan. Tristan!
[SIGHING]: Dad, I told you, I
wanna be there when the boat docks.
He just jumped out of bed.
NANCY: Okay, dying
brains do weird things
when they start to shut down
one of those phases can be regression.
Maybe an, an old memory is resurfacing?
you can take the Jolene
out when you feel better.
[FEMININE VOICE]: Ew who's Tristan?
And I'm naming the boat Lost Time. Duh.
That's not regression
That's India Burnett
We brought Tristan's past lives
back from the memory weave.

I've got photos of the
lives and their stats.
Maybe one of them can
help us get Tristan back.
TRISTAN [AS STEPHEN]: Far out, man.
Course I can help you.
Get a backroom deal
going. A little confab?
Uh-huh That is our '70s man
about town, Mr. Stephen Lai.
It seems they're coming in
reverse chronological order.
- Dynomite
- What does that mean for Tristan?
Is he getting shoved deeper
into his subconscious?
NANCY: Yeah. I think so.
We need that antidote.
JONAS: Ambyth is in the car
How's it going over here?
All right, man and lust and marble
led to a rich guy covering up an affair.
CARSON: And this is the part of
town with wealthy developments.
- But gardenias are stumping us.
- Yeah.
NICK: All right, well, I
drove by a new development
on East Hill a few weeks back.
It was being replanted
with all white flowers;
could be gardenias.
Okay. Um East Hill
Wicker Cove
Here's their H.O.A.'s social page
and it is covered with gardenias!
Nice. Okay.
Who could our man be?

Wait, wait, wait, stop. Go back. Look.
GEORGE: "Annual Mac Bake."
- Mac and cheese was a real clue. Okay.
- Now all we need is some lust.
- Oh.
"H.O.A. president and father
of two Johnny Wedgeford,
and his neighbor, PTA
treasurer Dory Rice, hosted."
CARSON: That hand says lust to me.

Okay, so Mia went missing four days ago,
and was last seen setting
up camp around here.
This trail's new.
I remember from my Eagle
Scout days the original trail
went that way.
You know, I read that some
trails closed from mudslides
after the tsunami.
Well, if Mia was familiar
with the old trails,
maybe she got lost looking for them.
- Hi!
- Hey!
GEORGE: Johnny Wedgeford? Wow!
Those are some gardenias.
- I'm sorry, who are you?
- We're new to the neighborhood
and we'd, we'd love to
ask you some questions.
What the hell?!
You you said that the Ambyth
would help him remember his sin
you didn't say it would do that!
Is he okay?
[SHAKILY]: Dory and I had a
Yeah. Dory.
You shtupped your neighbor
the night of the Mac Bake
and called in the Sin
Eater to cover it up.

Look, we don't want money.
And we're not gonna
tell your wife. Okay?
As long as you speak
the truth into our jar
and never mention it to anyone. Got it?

That was mystical extortion.
Hey, we got the last sin,
but the clock is ticking.
Your dad's house is
closer so meet there?
- Okay.
You good?
- [SOFTLY]: Yeah.
- Huh.
BESS [GASPS]: No not a storm.
Lightning storms are what caused
Mia's campsite to catch fire.
You should take your
headphones and radio off.
Take this off before
you get electrocuted.
- MIA: Help!
- Mia!
BESS: You're alive!
ACE: Hey. We're here
to help you. Come on.
My leg's broken. I can't move it.
Hold on.
BESS: It's okay. We're coming.

ACE: Can you take my hand?
- BESS: Yeah, come on.
That's it

Thank you, Ghost.
[SOFTLY]: That's it.
Come on. We're going.
[AS ONIAS]: You're the monsters!
He's regressing through past lives.
- This is Onias Carver from 1882.
- What?!
- We got the antidote!
- Do it! Do it now!
- Why isn't it working?
- It's the wrong sin!
- How's that possible?
Someone must have had a sin
eaten after Johnny Wedgeford.
I'm going back in the memory weave.
- NICK: What, now?!
- GEORGE: Now?!
The last memory weave almost killed him!
If I don't go he dies either way.
The sins are deep in his subconscious.
I'm gonna find the last
one and pull it out.
Nancy, find Nashua, he'll take you.
The original Sin Eater. He knows where
- the sins are kept?
- Yeah.

Nashua. Please find me.
You're here.
You know me?
Of course.
We've walked this
path many times before.
We have?
Never mind. We have to hurry.
To save your soul, I need you to show me
the last sin Tristan ate.
Can you take me to
where the sins are kept?

The deepest part of your subconscious
looks like the Yacht Club basement?
It is where all this began.


This is the sin you seek.
Release it.

Quick! Get it in the jar.

Now that was the right sin.
Any idea what it was?
But it worked.

I still have no idea
who this "watcher" is,
even with an I.P. address
and property records.
Whoever they are they're smart.
Having a place outside of
town limits is the only way
to process images from that
spy cam in the basement.

RYAN: You find anything?

- Is that Tristan?
- Yeah. Yeah
Mom, the antidote worked.
- I'm all right.
- Oh! Thank God!
Okay, I'll see you at home.
Go straight to bed. I mean it.
Okay, Mom, good night.
RYAN: That's good.
I was waiting till we heard that
Tristan was all right to tell you.
My contact came back with your
mistranslated word from your ritual.
What does it mean?
RYAN: It means "last sinner."
Apparently last sinners
are vital to all things
Sin Eater ritual related.

Of course
Thank you, Ryan.
[SOFTLY]: Yeah.
Anyway, this place is a dead end.
That I.P. address
must have been spoofed.

You've got that "my first day
with the supernatural" look.
I'm a lawyer.
I shouldn't have been involved
in a coerced confession.
Let alone a pre-meditated assault.
Oh, it was a little zap!
Johnny's fine.
That was more than a "zap."
And a lot less than Tristan dying.
We have talked about the
real-world consequences
for your actions before, right?
Okay, Carson, have you
learned nothing today?
There's only one Horseshoe
Bay and it has a Sin Eater.
That means until Tristan is cured,
crimes like bashing a girl's head in
or watching a man drown in
a tub still get covered up,
just like Wedgeford's
mac and cheese affair.
And those earlier crimes
were attempted murder
and negligent homicide.
And lawyers can't try cases
when no one even knows there is a case.
If that injustice isn't
"real world" to you,
then, honestly, I don't know what is.
Hey, how's Tristan?
Oh, I helped Jonas take him home.
Seems like he's gonna be okay.
Tristan was asking after you, too.
I kind of decided that we
should part ways earlier.
NICK: Have your feelings changed?
I am still drawn to him even
after everything I saw today.
There was this moment in the mind weave
where it felt like Nashua
and I were connected.
And I know I sound insane.
It's not even Tristan,
it's one of his past lives.
NICK: You don't sound insane.
I know you liked Tristan
because it all seemed easy with him,
but everyone is complicated.
[GROANING]: I know
But I just kind of hoped, deep down,
that, that, that he was my ticket
to a mature, drama-free relationship.
Maybe there's no such thing.
Maybe, maybe "drama-free"
would have been nice at first.
But I think you're drawn
to Tristan even more now
because he's a mystery.

ACE: Oh, that's amazing.
Yeah. No, thank you.
- Bye.
Mia's at the hospital with her parents.
- She's gonna be fine.
Tristan's a-okay.
They're calling us local heroes.
Us and the ghost.
Her assist probably
won't make the newspaper.
You know, it's clear that she has
a strong emotional connection to you
that's what anchors her to our plane.
I'm just trying to figure out who she is
and help her move on.
That's all.
Yeah, I said the same
thing about Odette's spirit.
Save yourself the heartache, please?
Don't get too attached.

Ghost, I know you're shy.
But I also feel like our
connection is growing.
I may have looked scared when
you saved me in the woods,
but I'm not afraid anymore.
And I want to see you as you are.

TRISTAN: I had to, um,
thank you in person
for not giving up on me.
I may still be a Sin Eater,
but at least I'm alive
because of you.

I'll leave you alone from now on.
What if I don't want you to?
You're not the person
I thought you were,
but I'm probably not who
you thought I was either.
That's why people go out on
dates to figure this all out.
I can't give you a normal relationship.
[WHISPERING]: Neither can I.
If you really mean that, that
was technically our first date.
I mean, I asked if you'd
meet me Friday night.
[INHALES]: And I did.
- I met all of you, in fact.
What changed your mind?
The spark.
How did you know Nashua
was gonna help me?
It's hard to say.
In those final moments,
he could get through to
me for the first time.
It was like he knew you.
Like we've walked this
path many times before.
Maybe I'm more prepared
for you than I thought.

Red, thanks for getting
that word translated,
and for the full Oblato Carca ritual.
I'm worried I've stepped
into something. Period.
"Full translation in your inbox.
What have you gotten into?"
"I hope this helps.
"The translation text is at the bottom.
Here are the contents
that I found. Red."
"To cure the soul of
the Sin Eater affliction,
you must sacrifice the
body of the last sinner."

TRISTAN: What are you doing here?
Are you following me now?
I wish it were that simple.
The last eaten sin was yours.
What? No! I would never do that.
There has to be some sort of mistake!
- No! No!
We're doing this for you, son!
- Leave her!
[STRAINING]: One day, you'll understand.

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