Nancy Drew (2019) s04e11 Episode Script

The Sinner's Sacrifice

JONAS: But we're killing someone.
We're saving our son.
The ritual requires we sacrifice
the last person whose sin was eaten.
That's why we had to take her.
You're making a mistake.
I didn't call to the Sin Eater.
I would never have done that.
SHELBY: You can't remember doing it.
That's how it works.
You sin, my son eats it,
the town forgets, and he gets sicker.
But not anymore.
Let me help you find another way.
We're sorry.
No, we're not.
This ends tonight.
I'm gonna check on Tristan.
Where is Tristan?
Is he still sedated? Does
he know what you're doing?
- Can I make one request?
The Ambyth, it'll show
me what I did, right?
- Use it on me.
- JONAS: No.
I'm sorry I called to the Sin Eater.
But my memory was erased.
I need to know why I did it, please.
At least let me know what my sin was.
Do it.
- RYAN: Hey!
- NANCY: Ryan!
Get away from my daughter!
I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Come on, Nancy, let's go.
- NANCY: The Ambyth.
RYAN: It's broken. Leave it. Come on.

GEORGE: Kansas?
You and Jade are driving to
Kansas to find a replacement
for Bess's locked-up book
of Iberian protection sigils?
It's the only other
place that's got one.
And no. Missouri.
Kansas City, Missouri.
- It's closer.
Yeah, by about three miles, Magellan.
We brought supplies.
I was kind of hoping that
"underground historical society"
meant, you know, it was
Ah, life disappoints, my ladies.
- Wow, these are amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
Ancient Talismans.
Yoruba Spells.
These are on Bess's list. Hey.
Iberian Protection Sigils.
Hey. You just saved Nick a
very romantic trip to Missouri.
NICK: Where'd you get these?
- Uh
- Garage sales.
- Yep.
- Oh. For real?
Yeah, um And now we got
to go to more garage sales.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Be home before dinner.
- Okay.
- Hey, Ted.
Those must be some garages.
- Huh.
Uh, wait, that's my phone. Do you
Do you see it anywhere?
Yeah, here.
Thank you.
Judge Abbott's been calling?
Calling, emailing. Lucky me.
He wants forgiveness
for using the Sin Eater
to cover up Logan
Rhodes' attack on Maggie.
She won't talk to either of them.
- And what'd you tell Abbott?
- Nothing.
Some people don't
qualify for redemption.
You don't really believe that, do you?
I'm gonna go unpack more relics.
All right, so K-pop's a maybe.
JANE DOE: I like that you like it.
I don't know that I like it.
JANE DOE: You know the words.
That one is very catchy.
Listen, maybe this is weird,
but I had
a really good time talking
with you last night.
JANE DOE: Me, too.
So, same time tonight?
Mom, Dad, what's
What's happening?
It's an emergency.
Our power is out.
And all the food in the
fridge is gonna spoil.
And on the first night of Passover.
Yeah, I knew.
But, what, so now
th-there's no Seder?
Oh, no, we're not canceling.
We're doing Seder at the Claw.
It's been arranged, and
you are going to lead.
This again? Every year.
The head of the house leads the Seder.
The Claw is Ace's house.
Ace leads the Seder.
Meet me there after lunch, we'll set up.
Okay. Go.
Have you ever been to a Seder?
True confession:
I've always wanted to
bring a date home for one.
NANCY: I don't know what
I'm gonna tell everyone.
When did I become the
type of person who would do
- something like this? -
Listen, just-just breathe.
Okay? There's nobody in here.
You're safe.
And, look, I'm-I'm
sorry about the Ambyth.
But, Nancy, I know you,
and it's not possible that
you called to the Sin Eater.
- The Glasses lied.
- Shelby showed me the photo.
It's me.
I-I need to find out what I did,
confess to it, make it right.
How could you even
figure out what happened?
I mean, it-it's been
supernaturally covered up.
Well, I-I've known about
the black door for two weeks.
And the Ambyth showed
me flames, so I can look
at-at fire-related incidents or
injuries in that time frame
Bess, no one makes that sound
but you. Please come out.
BESS: I'm sorry.
I-I came in early. I
What did you hear?
[SIGHS] All of it.
- RYAN: Okay.
Okay, it'll be okay.
Look, the last time I saw Shelby,
she ditched me outside
of that mystery cabin
that has a spy cam
attached to the yacht club.
I-I'll go back to the cabin,
and-and I'll see what I can find.
Just be careful, please.
You know, I should
bring Nick's crossbow.
Only if you bring Nick.
Hey. Let me remind you
that I'm the one that rescued you today.
- BOTH: Bring Nick.
- Yeah, you're right, okay.
I'll bring Nick. You be careful, too,
'cause the Glasses are still out there.
Yeah, I'll put an ash
circle in Icarus Hall,
a protection spell, and
make sure Nancy stays in it.
Do you really think you did it?
Called the Sin Eater for something?
- Well, you think so.
I know that look on your face. What?
[SIGHS] Okay.
You have to promise you
won't say any of this to Ace.
There's a body in the morgue.
It showed up a few days ago, a Jane Doe.
No one knows who she is.
But Ace has gotten
very close to her ghost.
Her ghost?
The point is, is that
the body was burned.
Charred beyond recognition.
- I need to talk to Ace.
- Trust me,
he will not let you
anywhere near that ghost.
Then help me get into the morgue.
ACE: Every year, we tell the story
of the Exodus through food and wine
and singing and prayer and arguing.
But mostly we eat.
The story is in the food.
You know, there's bitter
herbs and bread of affliction.
JANE DOE: Moses,
plagues, Red Sea parted?
And he led the Jews out
of Egypt. That's the one.
My mom always used to make
props and costumes and
wind-up plagues.
It was my job to ask the four questions.
"Why is this night different
from all other nights?"
All that.
As a kid, I loved it.
JANE DOE: And when you grew up?
When I grew up, I think
I became a teenager.
Focused more on the arguing part.
Yes. Every year.
- Okay.
I'll be fine.
I'm just I'm gonna figure it out.
No, thank you. Uh
GEORGE: Victoria's great.
She's at home, sober.
She was invited, but
she didn't want to say no
to four glasses of wine,
you know what I mean?
Four glasses.
Big dilemma.
Uh, Ace.
Whoa, your box is leaking. [LAUGHS]
It's full of matzo.
It's the driest thing on earth.
Wow. That must have been
a trick of the lighting.
Carry on.
Girl, what's up?
We're making matzo balls.
No, don't "matzo balls" me.
You stole Ace's badge.
What is going on?
You're here.
Eating, alone. That's sad.
Wondering why I'm here?
No, I think I know.
Ace has you looking
into our mystery cadaver.
He's weirdly dedicated. I dig it.
He is. Uh, so dedicated, in fact,
that he wants to talk to
the EMT who brought her in.
"Dale Calhoun."
- Wonder how you could find him.
- Calhoun.
- That guy's a real dingus.
- Hmm.
His partner was out sick.
He had me do his paperwork
so he could go back to Trenton
to coach Little League, man.
Calhoun lives outside
Horseshoe Bay town limits.
Zip codes can be interesting.

This is a waste of time.
We were in the cabin.
We saw the printer.
It was clearly printing photos
from the Sin Eater's spy cam.
And Shelby took them.
All right, look, we just
need confirmation. That's it.
NICK: What else could it be printing?
Was the Sin Eater writing a novel?
That's Nancy.
Whoever owns that cabin
has been keeping track
of all the sinners in town, which means
they have a vested interest
in stopping the Glasses.
Shelby and I tried to find the owner,
but their identity was buried
in some shell companies.
"Clark Family Trust."
RYAN: Show-off.
I'll look up some Clarks.
Uh, let's see Um
Sean Clark, deceased 1902.
Penny Clark, same. Gideon Clark, same.
Wait. Hold on.
Callie Clark but married name Farquar.
As in Historical Society hijacking,
anti-supernatural Callie Farquar?
How many Callie Farquars could there be?
Nancy, why aren't you calling me back?
We're closed. Private event.
Read the damn sign.
Judge Abbott. [SIGHS]
George. I need to talk with you.
You won't return my calls.
Correct. Consider that our conversation.
Now please stop calling.
I tried reaching out to Maggie.
I've written, I've called,
but she won't talk to me.
Maybe try going to her place of work.
'Cause that's a good move.
I'm profoundly sorry for what I've done.
I want to apologize.
And help make things right.
If I can.
And if I can't I need
What? Forgiveness?
A road to it.
Because I can't find one.
I don't know where to turn.
Okay, well, I don't have
time to give you directions.
All right? Someone that I care about,
a far better soul than you,
may have called to your Sin Eater.
And now some maniacs
want to turn her into a
human sacrifice tonight
because she was the last
person to have her sin erased.
So maybe just consider
yourself lucky and move on.
I can do that.
I'll call to the Sin Eater tonight
and have a sin erased.
That'll take the target
off your friend's back
and put it on me, right?
Dale Calhoun. He's an
EMT based here in Trenton.
Dale, yeah, I know him.
I am trying to reach him on behalf
of someone who rode in his ambulance.
Let me see what I can do.
- Nancy.
- Everything okay?
Yeah, uh, my
podiatrist is on the third floor.
I've got a bunion issue.
[LAUGHS] Uh, Trenton's
the place for feet.
That's good to know for
You're a little far afield yourself.
[STAMMERS] Do I need to worry?
About me? No. I'm trying to
track down a witness for a case.
Oh. Well, what kind of case?
It's top secret. Sorry, the
client wants to keep it confidential.
That sounds like a guilty client to me.
Kidding. It's just-just D.A. humor.
Um, but seriously, when your
client's ready to confess,
you know where to find me.
- Uh, see you later.
- See you.
I tracked down Dale Calhoun.
He's on a dive boat in the Maldives.
He just left on vacation.
- CALLIE: Thank you so much.
Have a great day.
Thank you.
NICK: Love what you've done here.
How can I help you?
Nick, have you changed your
mind about the town council?
No, we're more interested in the
mystery cabin outside of town.
The one owned by your family.
RYAN: The one with the printer
that wirelessly connects to a spy cam
in the Sin Eater basement.
I truly have no idea
what you're talking about.
RYAN: Mm, yeah, you do.
It's why you're fiddling with
your necklace. It's a tell.
NICK: Garage sales?
Narc says what?
Outside. Now.
Look, my guess is that you take photos
of people who call to the
Sin Eater to clear their sins
so you can extort them.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Sweet scam.
If a little hypocritical,
coming from you.
Leave or I will call the police.
Look, the Glasses want
to kill my daughter
in a ritual that's
gonna end the Sin Eater.
If that happens, then
there goes your side gig.
So I need to know what you know, okay?
Okay. Okay.
Hey, what'd you get from her?
Complete confidence she's lying.
CARSON: Question: What do
you wear to a Passover Seder?
We got invited.
I don't think I can go.
CARSON: Uh, no, I mean
me and Jean.
NANCY: Mm, maybe evening casual.
What Jean was wearing
today is probably fine.
Where'd you see Jean today?
NANCY: At the hospital. No one's sick.
I was looking for a witness.
Jean was there for her
feet, this bunions issue.
Bunion issue? Since when?
I don't know. I didn't want to pry.
CARSON: Well, all I know is
there were zero bunions
as of this morning.
Jean has the feet of a newborn.
I mean, hers are bigger, of course
- I got to go. Bye.
- Hello?
SHELBY: We're still counting on
your presence tonight, 10:00 p.m.
Listen, you're lucky you're not in jail.
A-and I will not be
attending your ritual tonight.
SHELBY: Reconsider. You think
we didn't protect ourselves?
We implanted a relic at
the base of your spine.
Barely visible. You can't even feel it.
But shortly before 10 p.m.,
it will deliver a
paralytic to your system.
It's necessary for the ritual.
I don't believe you.
SHELBY: Of course you don't.
I'm the same.
Demanding proof of everything.
An ash circle.
Unfortunately, the
implant came in with you.
This dose will wear
off in a few minutes,
but the dose you get at
10:00 p.m. will kill you,
wherever you are.
I know you care for Tristan.
You can save him.
Don't let your death be in vain.

Welcome to our seaside Seder table.
Friends, friends of friends,
our favorite ASL interpreter
Suzie, we're just
We're delighted to have you
all here with us tonight.
Um, for those of you who don't know,
uh, the word "Seder"
actually means "order."
Um, I have orders to begin our Seder.
Let's start with the
Kiddush on page seven.
New idea.
We're gonna light the candles.
Page five.
[WHISPERS]: You're doing great.
I want to talk to you.
- Jean.
If you want to take your
shoes off, go for it.
Why would I take my shoes off?
Well, I read ahead in the book,
and it says that at a Seder,
that you're supposed to be comfortable,
just, you know, to recline.
I don't want to take my shoes off.
Let us all fill our
glasses with wine or juice.
That end of the table,
juice only, please.

Parsley represents new beginnings.
Salt water, our tears shed in Egypt.
Now, before we dip, we all say
ALL: Baruch atah Adonai

Behold the afikomen.
Take a good look.
You'll be searching for this later.
Why is this night different
from all other nights?
Ted, I'm happy you asked this question.
Tonight, we celebrate going
forth from bondage to freedom.
Tonight, we-we tell that story.
Oh, my ♪
Oh, my ♪
Ooh, it smells great.
Oh, Moses is about to get the call,
which means it's ten minutes to soup.
Oh, Bess.
Are these your best bowls?
NICK: "And then it happened
that Moses saw a burning bush.
"It burned but was not consumed.
And a voice spoke to him "
"'Moses, it is I,
God, who speaks to you.
Do not despair. You will
return to Egypt '"
Sorry to interrupt.
Bess, can I have a word?
What? Nancy, what, you
you're not supposed to be here!
Oh, that's probably my fault.
I assumed she was getting
her own invitation.
Complications? What complications?
I will tell you as soon as you show me
how to get in touch
with Jane Doe's ghost.
- What? No. Why?
- You said it yourself:
There is no way that Ace
lets me near Jane Doe.
My only lead is scuba
diving for three weeks.
I need to know what I did,
and the clock is ticking.
Why do you need to know what you did?
I don't need to know. I don't want to!
Why can't we just not find out?
You know why.
'Cause I may be no better
than-than Judge Abbott
or Brie Fortfield
or any of the other people
who had their sins erased.
And if that's who I am,
then I don't know who I am.
I am lost, and you should write me off
because you don't know who I am, either!
Okay. A bowl of ice,
headphones attached to
a radio, and a lantern.
That is what you need.
Now, what were the complications?
Shelby Glass implanted me
with a bomb that will paralyze
and kill me at 10:00 p.m. wherever I am,
which is why she would like
me to show up to be sacrificed
so at least I can die saving Tristan.
She's gonna send me a little map pin.
It's probably gonna have a skull on it.
What, you would rather solve your sin
than figure out how not to die tonight?
Well, I don't know
how to stop that part.
I was hoping you might have an idea.
I will find what I need to
defuse a paralytic converter.
Be done with the séance
by the time I get back
- or, yeah, I will write you off.
- Mm-hmm.
Show me what she did to you.
Where's Charlie?
Garage sale-ing.
We're gonna talk right now.
Then someone's getting cold soup.
You and your sisters
can't keep stealing.
You will get caught.
George asked us to help.
In case her plan with
Judge Abbott didn't work.
What plan with Judge Abbott?
I summon the spirit of
the girl with no name.
I'm a friend of Ace. I want to help you.
How many and wonderful the
favors God has given us.
ALL: Dayenu.
Had God brought us out of Egypt
and not split the sea for us.
ALL: Dayenu.
Had God split the sea for us
Is it me, or is it breezy?
Yeah, maybe the, uh,
exhaust fan is reversed.
I'll check it.
Let's jump ahead to the afikomen.
If you find it, my dad said
he'll give you like ten bucks.
NICK: You're waiting
for the Roundel to spin?
You sent Abbott to sacrifice himself?
It was his idea.
Redeem himself by
saving Nancy. His choice.
But you didn't talk him out of it.
So it was your choice, too.
Okay, fine. You win the debate.
He'll just have a target on his back
until we solve the Sin Eater curse.
Which will be easier to
do if Nancy's not dead.
And if Abbott dies?
You can't sacrifice one
life to save another.
No? If I talked him out of it,
I'd be doing the same thing.
Who do you want to save, Nick? Huh?
Our friend, who we love?
Or a piece-of-crap judge
who buried an assault?
Enjoy the mountain, Moses.
ACE: Ghost, is that you?
JANE DOE: Make it stop.
Make it stop!
Make what stop? What is it?
JANE DOE: Tell her.
Tell her!
Stop asking how I died!
Maybe Ace is adding showmanship.
You know what?
This could be the Elijah part.
Elijah is a prophet and a ghost
It's too early for Elijah!
We haven't even had brisket yet.
Was there a fire?
Was it my fault?
- Leave her alone!
I was trying to find
out what happened to her.
How did you ?
The morgue?
You had Bess steal my I.D. for you.
Bess said that you
wouldn't want my help.
But you did it anyway!
Why do you have to solve this?
Why don't you want to solve it?
Because I like her.
I like Jane Doe's ghost,
and she feels the same way.
Ace, if that's the fan,
you're making it worse.
Watch your feet. There's glass.
- What?
- Your feet.
Don't cut your feet.
I know she's a ghost,
I know it doesn't make
sense, but I don't care.
Ace, I
For the first time since you,
somebody makes me feel happy.
If you solve this, she'll go.
I don't want her to leave.
I said be careful of your feet.
Oh, my God, stop talking about my feet.
I don't have bunions,
Carson. I'm pregnant!
Jean, I
It wasn't bunions, was it?

Ghost, you here?
Were you out here the whole time?
I was looking for the afikomen.
It's the hidden piece of matzo.
Right. Yeah.
Broken in two at the
beginning of the night,
put back together at the end.
You find it?
[SIGHS] What are we gonna do?
What would Moses do?
NICK: Moses?
Uh, he'd, uh
wait for a sign.
Part the sea.
Yell at everyone in
the desert for 40 years.
I get the feeling people
didn't really like Moses.
Doesn't matter. He's Moses.
He wasn't there to be liked.
He got a sign and answered the call.
Even though he didn't want to
and had no idea if it would work
and knew some people would be unhappy.
When you get a sign,
you answer the call.
And you just got one, Moses.
- I got a
- Stand up. Stand up!
You were sitting on the afikomen.
[GASPS] Lighthouse keychains?
She's gonna sell lighthouse
keychains in my Historical Society?
Oh, uh, Bess
They're actually quite nice.
- Yes?
- No dawdling.
I got you in. Now what
are we looking for?
Yeah, a supernatural decoupler.
If she hasn't filled this
cabinet with snow globes,
should be in here.
- Got it.
- CALLIE: Bess.
And Bess Junior.
Chief Lovett will be so
happy to have guests tonight.
Okay, Callie, please.
Please, it is an emergency.
Let's hear it.
Okay. So do you remember the corpses
that rose from the ground?
There was eight of them.
They all died before 30.
There's one, Nashua Kipp.
Where are you, Bess? Time's running out.
Where are you?
"I'm sorry. I ran from my
parents. I can help you.
Meet me?"
ABBOTT: Please.
I need to be held accountable.
Let me redeem myself.
This will not do that.
Putting a target on
your back is punishment.
Not redemption, not accountability.
We do not sacrifice one
life to save another.
I'm finished.
There's no road available to me.
Then keep walking.
Keep looking for one.
Let's reach out to Maggie together.
If that doesn't work,
we'll try something else.
I'll help you find the road.
It's not because I forgive you,
but you took a chance on me
as a clerk so I could grow.
I can do the same.
But only if you leave this basement
and never come back to it.
Your Honor. [SIGHS]
Thank you.
Beat you to it.
I thought that I'd
convinced you I was right.
I think you had.
Then what changed your mind?
I got a sign.
Bess says Nancy took off
to the middle of nowhere.
She's in trouble.
Come on.

NANCY: Hello?
SHELBY: That kid and his shells.
Please, no.
- Shelby
He's always had a real soft side.
It would've been easier to take her
to the hallowed ground of the
Sin Eaters at the cemetery.
I blame Lovett for increasing security
after we raised those corpses.

Blighted soul, from darkness come forth.
Take this offering and suffer no more.
Last sinner called whose sin you ate.
Feast, then unbind from
the host you've staked.
No. Please see me.
- No, wait.
- That'll be enough of that.
No, no, you know her.
- It's Nancy.
- SHELBY: No, Tristan, no.
- What did you do to our son?
It wasn't them. It was me.
I protected him with this.
SHELBY: Who the hell are you?
BESS: She's the Sin Eater's minder.
And she will mess you up.
- RYAN: Nancy, you're bleeding.
- NANCY: I'm okay.
No, don't do it!
Don't do it.
- Finish it, Jonas.
- No! Wait!
If you kill me, even if
it saves Tristan's life,
he will hate you forever.
You know I'm right.
How much time do you think they'll get?
Whatever it is, not enough.
NANCY: Okay, Bess, I'm ready.
- Hold still.
Nasty little bugger.
One twist releases a
supernatural frequency
that repels the Sin Eater.
It's a family heirloom.
Any interest in selling it?
Families for Truth in History's Callie
is the Sin Eater's minder.
BESS: Yeah, when the town was founded,
her family was tasked with protecting
every generation of Sin Eater.
Erasing history since 1805.
Well, the town's a better place for it.
Oh, there's the Callie I know.
Know this:
I don't care about any of you.
And if you ever try to
break the Sin Eater's legacy
the way the Glasses did tonight,
I'll come for you without mercy.
The leader's Haggadah?
Thank you, Dad.
Next year in Jerusalem.
Hey, Ghost?
I haven't seen you since last night.
I think you might be gone.
Maybe that's for the best.
Not for me, though.
JANE DOE: Still here.
I'm sorry about what
happened with Nancy.
JANE DOE: It hurt.
Like I was in a storm.
I stopped her as soon as I could. I
I'm glad
that the storm ended.
JANE DOE: That's not why it ended.
Do you know what stopped the storm?
You did.
When you said you didn't
want me to go away.
I don't.
JANE DOE: I don't know who I am, but
I know no one has ever said that to me.
Or about me.
I don't want to go away, either.
In the night I lay awake ♪
A shadow danced across my face ♪
Growing fainter ♪
All my wounds are open wide ♪
They won't heal, you're inside ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
Say you'll always haunt me ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
Can you feel that?
Ooh, ooh ♪
Say you'll always haunt me ♪
Oh, I feel you close ♪
some feelings are
stronger than anything else.
Say you'll always haunt
me, say you'll always ♪
BESS: We've been through
this, and I was very clear.
No more stealing from
the Historical Society.
Uh, I agree with Bess and Nick.
They're gonna say they didn't steal it
from the Historical Society.
We didn't steal it from
the Historical Society.
- We swear.
- They stole it from Ryan's car.
Okay, we are going to take
a trip to see Ryan. Out. Out!
Out of here. You, too.
There you go.
We are officially a "thou
shalt not steal" establishment.
Yeah. One commandment down.
GEORGE: Mm. Still planning
your exodus, Moses?
- It's more of a road trip.
- Ah.
You don't love the idea, do you?
Why's that? Is it 'cause of Jade?
No, God, no, I-I love Jade.
It's just weird to be on different roads
after we weren't.
Now we're going different
places. [CHUCKLES]
But it's okay, right?
Yeah. I think.
As long as I can see
your road from my road
I'm good.
CARSON: Thank you for coming over.
I was gonna tell you.
I just needed a minute to myself to
figure things out.
Yeah, of course. And
what have you figured out?
That I'm gonna need a
bit more than a minute.
What do you think?
- Me?
- Yeah.
It's your decision.
- It absolutely is.
- Mm-hmm.
But as it's one that could
change both our lives,
I'm asking:
You You did it, Carson.
Your daughter's grown.
You-your time is your own.
You are an empty nester.
And if all that went away
how would you feel?

RYAN: Brought you huevos rancheros.
And a message.
The message is
you need to forgive yourself.
How? I'm never gonna know what I did.
Maybe you need to forgive
yourself without knowing.
Because the people that
love you, they love you.
And they know that the
worst thing that you did,
no matter what it is
it's not who you are.
I've gotten worse messages.
I also brought you the
photo that you wanted.
Although I don't think
that you should keep it.
It's just a photo.
Callie's camera can't tell
you why you were there.
And this.
One broken, worthless Ambyth.
Supernatural fluid that
was in that glass chamber,
that's long gone, so
Uh, no, you're
[CHUCKLES] You're an adult.
You don't need any more advice from me.
But I worry about you.
So, eat something.
Get out, get some sun.
It's good for you.

Take me back, take me
back to another place ♪
Far away, far away where
I won't see your face ♪
Take me back, take
me back to another day ♪
Take me, take me,
take me back in time ♪
Take me, take me back. ♪
ACE: What is it?
The night of my mom's memorial,
you called me afterward, remember?
Yeah. Like 11:30-ish.
It was 11:21.
I checked my phone.
Why does it matter?
Because of what I did right after.
I know. I heard that you
Right, but check the time.
Immediately after we spoke.
I went and called to the Sin Eater.
And then the next morning,
a body turned up.
And her ghost latched onto you.
I think you and I
were responsible for the
death of your Jane Doe.
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