Nancy Drew (2019) s04e12 Episode Script

The Heartbreak of Truth


Nice to see you. Literally.
It's nice to be seen.
And to talk to you
without using the radio.
Connection's growing stronger.
And it's changing me.
I'm becoming more present.
- You're my ghost.
Talking to Jane Doe again?
She's gone now.
I got to get to work. I
don't have time to chat.
That's what you said last night.
But we need to. We did something.
You did something.
You went to the yacht club basement.
You called the Sin Eater.
Yes, right after you called me.
That call was nothing.
I thanked you for convincing
me to go fishing with my dad.
Or that was a false memory
the Sin Eater gave us.
That phone call made me go
to the yacht club basement.
What if something happened
when you were out fishing?
'Cause next thing you know,
Jane Doe's body showed up.
It's a morgue. Bodies show up.
And none of them attach
themselves to you.
We need to know. What
if we did something
- that I tried to cover up?
- I didn't hurt her.
I get that you've grown
close to her ghost,
and you're scared that she'll move on
if you solve her death,
but I have this guilt
in the pit of my stomach,
and I can't fix it.
I can't e-I can't even
consider redemption
until I figure out what I did.
I'm gonna go to the docks in Trenton.
It's outside of
Horseshoe Bay town lines.
If anyone in Trenton saw anything,
they'd have the correct
memory of the night.
- She doesn't want to know the truth.
Don't you?
Nancy Drew Investigations.
MAN: There is something at
the graveyard you need to see.
Same spot as before. You know where.
You're the caller who warned
me about the missing bodies.
Who are you? Wait

I'm the gravedigger.
But that is a grave I did not dig.
Who did?
I'm not sure. Uh, I
appreciate you alerting me.
But why did you hide your
identity and alter your voice
the first time you called me?
That night, I found eight
burst-open, empty graves.
I had to tell somebody.
Didn't want to lose my job.
- We'll get down to the bottom of this.
- Appreciate it.
Looks like someone is planning
to bury a ninth Sin Eater soon.
Callie said she'd protect
the Sin Eater legacy,
but she never said how. And
Tristan might be in danger.
The faster Callie kills Tristan
and lets his soul reincarnate
into a new, innocent life, the better.
- Have you talked to Tristan?
Since I unintentionally
turned him into a monster
and his parents tried
to sacrifice me? No.
My calls keep going to voice mail,
and my texts are left on read.
- I'll talk to Callie,
see if I can reason with her.
Hey. The, uh, fisherman in Trenton says
he's around now if you want to meet up.
- Sure.
- Great.
I will try Tristan again on the way.
Call me with any updates.
Well, I don't believe this.
I offered to help the Rotary Club
at the Beltane event this year,
but Chief Lovett convinced
them to cancel it.
Wait, Beltane is a celebration
of the spring equinox.
What's wrong with that?
I don't know. Apparently
it doesn't adhere
to her "community standards"
for public gatherings.
I can't just stand back
and watch her tear apart
the fabric of this town.
Well, um, see you later.
Hey, I have kind of big news.
Um, okay.
I got a call from a guy
named Keith Critchett.
Keene High School, '72.
He made millions in the
organic hemp business
and he wants to buy The Claw.
The Claw's not for sale.
Especially not to some aging hippie
looking to flip it into seaside condos.
No, it's not like the last offer we got.
He says he wants to invest
in a piece of town history.
He says he loves the vibe
and he won't touch a thing.
Well, you said no, right?
I said I would bring it to you.
The Claw has been a part of
the Fan family for generations.
It's it's, like, the
first thing I've ever owned.
- Nick, this isn't a simple transaction for me.
- I know.
Maybe sit with it, though?
But the Beltane celebration has
been part of this town for decades.
Still no. The central feature
of the event is a giant fire.
But it's a bonfire.
Everyone safely burns small
totems that represent things
from the past that
they want to let go of.
From the ashes of regret
blossom new opportunity.
We need order and safe streets,
not voodoo dolls and
public health hazards.
Hey, but people are upset.
Beltane is something
they look forward to.
Look, look, look.
Social media doesn't make decisions
on the welfare of our town.
Okay, who hurt you?
Really? What's your deal?
Excuse me?
I heard something happened in your past.
Something that made you
take a leave of absence
from your last job. Whatever it was
This town has suffered enough.
An event that reminds everyone
of pain and regret is upsetting.
And the fact that you and your
friends insist on dwelling in darkness
and forcing these bleak conversations
on innocent people
is, frankly, disturbed.
Who hurt you?
[LAUGHING]: Uh, no one. Why
- Hey.
- Hi.
Good news or bad news first?
Bad news first. Always.
- No mail came today.
But maybe no news is good news.
That's not good news.
That's naive optimism.
Okay, well, I have it in
spades for the both of us.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks.
Also, thank you for letting me
forward my mail to your address.
It takes stress off
the whole waiting game
not having to explain
anything to my family.
Your secret's safe with me.
Oh, my God. Just
It's just so unfair.
- Um, be right back.
She is disturbed. She
refuses to un-cancel Beltane.
Wait. Wait, wait. Beltane is cancelled?
The Conservation Club was going
to co-sponsor the totem-making booth.
It's Horseshoe Bay tradition.
What are we gonna do?
That's a great question.
We're gonna host our own Beltane,
show them that we won't be silenced.
- We're in.
- BESS: Okay.
So, George and Jessie,
you can put together the catering order.
Uh, Birdie, you can do
the, uh, totem supplies
and I will outreach on socials. Okay.
Okay, so there's enough in the kitchen
to fire up some sliders,
fries and popcorn shrimp
for a decent-sized crowd.
Think that'll be enough?
Earth to George.
What if I sold The Claw?
Like, hypothetically?
Like, for real.
Nick got an offer.
Guess I just always thought
The Claw would be our place.
I mean, it'll still be here.
Apparently, the guy
wants to keep it as is,
kitschy decor and all.
Even our growth chart?
The patio will likely get a refresh.
- Mm.
Now, I remember when I
was finally tall enough
to see through the pass-through.
- Thought I was a giant.
I remember the first time
Grandma shared her famous New
England clam chowder recipe.
I felt like I had unlocked
a secret to the universe.
Mm, the secret was you were
both clam-killing monsters.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mm.
It'd be the end of an era.
We grew up here.
Nick. What a nice surprise.
How's everyone holding up?
That was a rough night in the woods.
For Tristan, especially.
I know you dug a grave for him.
He doesn't have to die.
We all die eventually.
The only thing that
survives is the Sin Eater.
From one body to the
next, the soul remains,
generation after generation.
Please don't destroy
another innocent life.
I'll do what it takes
to ensure the continued
existence of the Sin Eater,
just as my ancestors did before me.
It's our legacy.
To provide order to this town.
By sweeping crime and
corruption under the carpet?
Cherry-picking who gets a
do-over? That's not order.
It's manipulation on
behalf of the privileged,
and it's systemic injustice.
The alternative is worse.
You should be grateful.
Whether it's Tristan or the
next incarnation of his soul,
the cycle is unbreakable.
I'm usually the only one
on the water at night,
especially this time of the year.
I'm surprised to see another boat.
Even more surprised when it caught fire.
Do you know how the fire happened?
I heard an explosion.
I radioed for help,
but I was too far away
to see anything specific.
The boat sank fast.
I searched for survivors, but
Figured I'd read about
the accident in the paper,
but nobody reported on it.
Strange, right?
I saw a vision of fire when
I was prodded with the Ambyth.
Could have been the same
boat fire the fisherman saw.
Jane Doe's body came into the morgue
burned beyond recognition.
Well, let's say she was on that boat.
Now, the question is
was anyone with her?
It was just me and my dad
on our boat that night.
I remember. He said
our captain cancelled.
Do they let you charter those
boats without a captain, at night?
It's possible.
We should check out logs at the marina,
see what other boats were
on the water that night.
Jane Doe was probably on one of those.
Right. And also, maybe
check personnel records
- for possible captains in case
your memory of having
a captain was erased.
Hey, Nick.
No. No, no, no, no, no. I'll find him.
I got to go. It's Tristan.
Okay, so,
Iwill check out the marina.
What are you doing here?
You didn't answer my calls or texts.
It's been a lot.
What my parents did to you
Let's table that. Listen
Nick talked to Callie.
She's gonna kill you.
We have to cure you. We
are running out of time.
I don't think there's a "we."
And I've been marked for an
early death since I was born.
It is what it is.
And you called the Sin Eater.
You hurt me.
Whether you knew it was me or not.
I'm sorry.
I never want you to have
to go through that again.
I saved you once.
Let me save you one more time.
And then, if you want,
you can walk away from me for good.
Tristan, is there
anywhere you can lay low
while we try and figure
out how to cure you?
My parents tried for 15 years
to cure me. Nothing worked.
What did they know about the ritual
the town uses to call the Sin Eater?
They never cracked that puzzle.
Well, we did.
That's a great place to start.
Yeah. First you recite an
incantation into the mirror.
Then the mirror turns into a black door.
Then the Masthead Mummy screams.
I hear a woman's scream before I turn,
like someone's calling to me.
We were right. The scream is an alarm.
It causes Tristan to
transform into the Sin Eater.
- We need to silence her.
- Or destroy her.
What do we know about her origin?
The Masthead Mummy is also
referred to in this journal
as the "Mother of Monsters."
She was an ancient deity
from the Old World in Wales,
known to have mystical powers
to create the souls of monsters.
It says the Founders captured her
and brought her on the maiden voyage.
Then they used her powers
to create the first Sin
Eater in Horseshoe Bay.
So the Mummy is
kind of like my mom?
And I need to destroy
her to stop the curse?
- Families. Am I right?
Ace got a lead on Jane Doe.
I'm gonna follow up with him now.
Okay. I'll check in with
Ryan and see if he knows
of any mystical Mummy-wrecking relics.
Hey, maybe we can't cure you,
but we can make sure no
one ever calls to you again.
- Hello?
You're here.
I was drawn to this place.
It was your apartment.
You found my home?
Found your name, too. It was Alice.
- Alice Palermo.
- Alice Palermo.
How did you get here?
Followed a lead to the marina.
Checked the personnel records.
There was only one female captain
who worked at night: Alice Palermo.
Her boss said she turned in
her resignation last week.
No explanation why, but I found
an address in the employee file.
And I saw you.
I remember this.
North Carolina.
Horses on the beach.
I dropped out of college.
I traveled the coast.
Saltwater taffy in Ocean City.
Federal Hill Park.
I worked on a cruise
ship in Boston. I
I know I got my captain's
license in Portland.
I know I liked the quiet.
I know you're the first person
I've felt connected to in a long time.
Kind of funny, none of that matters now.
It matters.
Who you were still matters.
I need a minute.
Alice, wait.
What did I miss?
Her name was Alice.
She remembers who she was.
Does she remember how she died?
Maybe some mysteries
don't need to be solved.
You care about Alice. Don't
you want her to have closure?
Keeping her in the dark to
protect your heart is not fair.
Can you just let it go?
It is so like you to rope
me into another mystery
and force me to solve it with
you just when I've moved on.
Nobody is forcing you.
And you haven't moved on.
Your girlfriend's a ghost.
She's dead, so whatever relationship
you think you might have can't last.
Your boyfriend is a
beast marked for death.
Whatever relationship you
think youhave can't last.
- You haven't moved on either.
- I know.
I never said that I did.
God, it's so like you
to just call things off
as soon as you feel uncomfortable.
You're afraid. You're
afraid of the truth,
you're afraid of yourself,
and you're afraid of me.
And I can solve this
mystery without you.
WOMAN: Happy Beltane!
MAN: Happy Beltane, everybody.
So, uh, we saying
congratulations or what?
Jean being pregnant?
- Right.
- Well, the word's out.
How you doing? How's Jean doing?
Oh, she's at her sister's
cabin thinking it through.
We're both gonna sit
with it for a second.
- Jean's not sure what she wants.
- Yeah?
Yeah, well, what do you want?
Well, to be honest,
I never thought a second shot
at fatherhood was a possibility.
It's a lot to weigh.
I'm not sure I can handle it.
Look, you raised the
best person I've ever met.
So if you want this, you can handle it.
RED: Hey, Ryan.
Hey. I'll catch up with you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So this is Beltane.
Thank you. Mmm.
- One radix foniens per your request.
- Thank you.
A hammer strong enough
to smash a
supernaturally-protected object.
I worked some magic to
get it on short notice.
Well, I appreciate that.
You said you, um
you had something you
wanted to talk about?
Yeah. With Shelby and
Jonas Glass in jail,
no one's guarding their stash.
It's the chance we've been waiting for.
Chance to what, rob them?
Yes. Of every last relic.
Ruin their business, ruin their lives.
Drive off into the sunset.
I thought you'd be more excited.
Yeah. I mean
I don't know. It's just
Where would we go?
- Does it matter?
- Kind of, yeah.
You're talking about a
life-altering plan here.
The Glasses tried to kill
Nancy. They tried to kill me.
I want revenge.
Assumed you would, too.
Sure, but
I got family in Horseshoe Bay.
You know? I've got
I've got responsibilities.
This town was always a stopover for me.
I would have left weeks
ago if it wasn't for you.
What do I have to do to convince you?
How about we start by
helping me with that fire?
I'll teach you all about Beltane
and-and Horseshoe Bay lore.
Yeah, when you sell it like that
Mm-hmm. It sounds pretty good, right?
- Oh, yeah. Folklore.
- Mm-hmm.
How are we doing?
I'm putting a scrambler
on Callie's camera.
The feed from the
basement should be cut off,
but I don't know how closely
she monitors this place,
so we still got to move fast.
- Almost done with the incantation.
- Incantation?
- We have a hammer.
- NICK: I was worried that
the basement might be
cloaked in some sort
of supernatural protection
given how the mirror emitted
toxic white smoke the last
time we messed around down here.
GEORGE: But I got an incantation
to remove all the
supernatural protections
from an old contact of Victoria's.
By calling to a wind
spirit, we can use its energy
to banish any safeguard
cast on the basement.
NICK: All done. Incant away.
GEORGE: We're ready, too.
Can I be the one to do it?
Of course.
BESS: Okay.
the North, from the South,
from the East, from the West,
may cleansing energy manifest."
The protection's lifted. Go.
Tristan, do it now.
What is happening?
I have no idea.
She spoke to me.
She was sorry there was no
justice for what happened to me,
to any of the Sin Eaters.
She was trapped down here for centuries,
a prisoner just like the Sin Eater
they forced her to create.
She said she was glad I returned to her.
And then she said goodbye.
This was in the Ambyth.
Goddess essence.
The Mummy's final act was to
help us undo more sin coverups.
- Quick, uh, give me a container.
- NICK: Here.
NANCY: This can show
me the sin I erased.
If you build it, they will come.
Oh. Speech. Come on, Bess. Speech.
[LAUGHS] Okay, okay, okay.
Aw, thank you. Well, I
just want to thank everyone
for showing your support today.
You know, it's important
that we honor who we are
and the beloved supernatural traditions
that make this town special.
Especially when some in this
community want to silence us.
Our future is connected to our past.
So, from the ashes of past regret
may a bright future rise.
Here we go. [LAUGHS]
I should arrest you right now.
Okay. What is wrong with
wanting to celebrate?
Look around. It is harmless.
What is a threat to you?
You're naive, Bess. Like me, once.
But what looks harmless
is not always harmless.
And if you wait too long
to do something about it,
people get hurt. It's like
A small town in Rhode
Island riddled with drugs?
A police chief that took leave in 2016?
Yeah, I looked it up.
No one's past stays hidden.
That was my hometown.
It was my dream to be the chief
of police since I was a kid.
But policing my community,
going after my friends, my family
was a lot harder than I thought.
And by the time bodies
started turning up,
I couldn't fix it.
The supernatural is not drugs.
It might look scary, sure,
but it's-it's many things,
just like life is.
Where you see chaos, I see hope.
In this world of
uncertainty, there's comfort
in putting faith in a
force outside yourself.
We've been through a lot lately.
But it's moments like
these that bring joy.
Hey, you want to look after this town?
So do I.
If this is what the people
want, I won't stand in the way.
But I will be watching.
You're still here.
Remembering pieces of my life
made me want to know more.
Including how I died.
If you solve my death,
is there any way you can
protect me from moving on?
I'll find a way.
- NICK: Thank you very much.
- GEORGE: Thanks, Birdie.
Well, I'm proud of Jessie and Birdie.
They really helped pull
this thing together.
Okay, if we sell The Claw,
will they still have their jobs?
Yeah. We'll make it part of the deal.
I'm leaning towards sell.
The Claw came to me when I
was searching for a purpose,
and it's what I needed at the time.
But now
Times are changing, and so are we?
I want to sell, too.
I was hesitant because of nostalgia.
And because I applied to some combo
undergrad-JD programs out of state.
- Okay. Look at you making moves.
Okay, okay.
I haven't been accepted anywhere yet.
I mean, I figured if nothing worked out,
I could just stay at The Claw.
But after spending
time with Tristan today,
hearing how limited his life has been,
I realize I should
take risks while I can.
Victoria's stable. My
sisters are almost grown.
I don't have anything
holding me back except fear.
I have a feeling you'll be okay.
- Yeah?
- Heard it from a crowbar.
I mean, it will be hard
to let go of The Claw.
But it's just a restaurant.
We have the whole
world out there for us.
Jade and I were actually
talking about taking a vacation.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
It's-it's been a minute since I relaxed.
You deserve it.
What happened to the basement?
- We broke the cycle.
- How?
- There were protections.
- NICK: It doesn't matter.
Your legacy as a Minder is over.
Your power in this town is over.
From now on, Horseshoe
Bay will exist in truth.
You have no idea what you've done.
You can't hide behind
the Sin Eater anymore.
Your threats are empty.
- Hey.
- Was hoping to catch up with you at Beltane, but
we haven't really had
a chance to talk since
Since you found out that
you might be a dad again?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I mean, kind of perfect timing.
I move out, you replace
me with a new me.
[LAUGHING]: I wouldn't be replacing you.
I know.
But, honestly, would it be weird?
I mean, what about
our family isn't weird?
Why? Is it weird for you?
My whole world has been being your dad.
You have my heart.
Well, so did Mom.
So does Jean.
It's always possible to make more room.
[SIGHS] You're busy.
I'll let you go.
I'm not afraid of the truth or you.
I was just looking out for Alice.
But she is ready to know what
happened now, and I am, too.
Well [SIGHS]
I have a way.
How exactly does the Ambyth work?
So, if-if we touch it at the same time,
we'll be able to see a
vision of the sin I erased.
If you had anything to do with it,
then it'll work for you, too.
I'm ready.
NANCY: Three two one.
Hey. How's the fishing?
I'm Alice, your captain.
I'm Ace. This is, uh
This is my dad Tom.
Um, well, uh, give give
a shout if you need anything.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Yup.
There's a fine line between ♪
A flower and the weed ♪
A puppet and the one
pulling the string ♪
And you know ♪
- Hey.
- Help, help!
[CRYING]: Help me.
- I'll get help.
Help me!
- Dad?
No, no, wait, wait, wait.
- Wait!
- Oh, no, Dad.
I know something you don't ♪
And you try and try ♪
To find the light ♪
I'm coming.
- Hey.
- ACE: Nancy.
I need I need you right now.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey.
You're okay. You're
okay. Everything's okay.
No. I'm not.
It's not.
I let a girl die.
I dropped the curse jar that
you gave me into the ocean.
I let a girl die.
- I let a girl die.
- I'm gonna fix it.
I called you for help.
You called the Sin Eater.
I was trying to help.
That was not your choice to make.
You made me forget everything,
you made me forget Alice.
You made the entire town
forget what happened to her.
And all this time, I wasn't crazy
to think that we had a connection.
You were in so much pain.
You didn't think I could handle it?
Some things are so horrific
that they can't be handled.
All you can do is try
a-and and keep the
wreckage from ruining you.
You were destroyed. You weren't you.
I haven't been me anyway.
I've been living a lie.
And I I know how much
pain you've dealt with.
But that pain, that
that grief, the doubt, the loss,
that made you who you are today.
If your sins had been
eaten, you wouldn't be you.
How could you try to
change me like that?
Did you leave? Talk to me.
Why did you think I'd be gone?
You found out how I died.
I was there.
You were?
It all just came back to me.
I-I didn't remember any of it until now.
You said you'd protect me.
I tried.
What happened?
We were on a boat together.
You were the captain.
And there was an explosion.
It started a fire.
My dad went overboard, and
I couldn't save you both.
You wouldn't let me die.
It's true. I
I wish it wasn't. I wish
I could take it all back.
Alice. Please, you don't
Don't go. Don't go.
I thought I'd be scared, but I'm not.
My whole life,
I was looking for something.
I feel it now.
Reaching heaven or hell ♪
It's peace.
Of wonderful oblivion ♪
I'm ready.
Of wonderful ♪
I wish you could have had more time.
Me, too.
And when it's our time ♪
We'll fade into the light ♪
Of wonderful oblivion. ♪
CAMERON: Hey, George.
Excuse me, thanks.
Okay, mail came late today,
but there was one letter.
Northern Seattle Legal College.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I made the final cut of applicants.
- Oh, that's amazing.
- Oh.
I couldn't have done
any of this without you.
Well, I'm honored you chose
me to be your confidant.
I can't explain it. You just
You just make me feel safe.
That's just the pre-law
trauma bond talking.
Would now be a weird
time to tell you that
I got into Washington State Law School?
No, not weird at all.
That's amazing. Oh.
Would it also be weird if
I became the guy who followed
the girl across the country?
- RYAN: For you.
Ah. What is this again?
It's called a regret totem.
Regrets? I don't have any.
- What?
- Do you?
Spent most of my life messing around.
I wasted a lot of time.
Then let's not waste any
more, let's leave now.
I scouted the Glasses' house
breaking in will be easy.
I hate what they did to Nancy, okay?
What they did to you.
But they're in jail now,
that's justice enough for me.
And besides, I-I know what they did.
They were just trying
to save their kid, and
maybe if I was in their position,
I would do the same thing.
- Are you going soft on me?
- No.
Maybe. No. It's just
You get revenge and then what?
Huh? You you burn bridges,
you make more enemies?
But you win.
My parents lived like that.
Their whole life. And
they were miserable people.
So I wouldn't call it winning.
Look at this place.
I built a home base here.
A life that I'm proud of.
I don't want to leave.
I get this place means something to you.
Cards up, I'm not sold.
But I am sold on you.
Does that mean you'll stay?
Hmm, I can stick around for a minute.
- A minute?
- Yeah.
Okay. I'll take it.
Damn, that can't be good.
- How are you?
- Uh
Kind of a mess.
I told my parents
everything that happened.
They were so relieved.
I should be, too, but
I'm not.
I didn't know who to talk
to about it except you.
I'm listening.
I thought if I ever broke
the curse, I'd feel free.
But I just feel empty, I
I don't know who I am.
I mean, I've been there a few times.
Like right now.
Got any advice?
Well, normally, I'd try to
find something that I can solve.
Lately, every mystery I
unravel, I make everything worse.
And then someone's always left
to pick up the pieces, including you.
My life isn't worse because of you.
I'm beginning to wonder
if there's a reason we met.
I feel like we're connected somehow.
Yeah, I feel it, too.
This is how a storm breaks ♪
This is how a storm breaks ♪
I don't know where we go from here.
Me either.
But I know I can't walk away from you.
Hey, Ryan.
Hey, Nick has eyes on Callie
at the Department of Water and Power.
She's trying to access all the sin water
we removed from the reservoir.
It weighs so heavy on me ♪
You're too late.
- What'd you do?
- I gave you the truth you wanted.
It feels so hard to breathe ♪
Dreams look darker ♪
That's a voden spliter.
A Bulgarian relic used
to aerosolize water.
Callie must've planted it
when no one was looking.
- What?
All the showerheads have one.
They're everywhere.
What is happening?
We need to get back. Get back.
BESS: Oh, my God,
Callie turned the-the black
sludgy water into toxic fog.
She just unleashed 200 years
of buried sins on the town.
Oh, my God, run. Run!
- Everybody, run!
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