Nancy Drew (2019) s04e13 Episode Script

The Light Between Lives

NANCY: Our best bet for saving
the town from the sin fog
is inside the Historical Society.
NICK: What if Callie's in there?
BESS: Ah, she better bring her worst.
GEORGE: She hosed Horseshoe Bay
with 200 years' worth of sin fog,
ruining its ability to
call to the Sin Eater.
How is that not her worst?
TRISTAN: That's a gas mask canister.
NANCY: She must have fled.
Consistent to the end.
Make space, people!
We've got a lot to do.
- Downtown is total chaos.
- We have to work fast.
NANCY: We need something big enough
to eradicate the
effects of the sin water.
The stomach pump is still
at my parents' house,
but we can't use one pump
to save hundreds of people.
BESS: Okay, well, I sent an
S.O.S. to the GOSH chapters
around the world and got one risky lead.
There's an untested theory
that the Sin Eater's soul
is powerful enough to wipe
out an infinite number of sins.
It's just the physical body
that limits how much it consumes.
GEORGE: Tristan's still a Sin Eater,
even though no one can
call to him anymore.
BESS: Theoretically,
if we can harness its power
and create a soul supernova
a-a short, nonfatal burst
to blanket the town
it should be powerful enough
to stop the Sinapalooza
and cure everyone.
Like a sudden hit of radiation
to wipe out a pathogen.
Makes sense.
Okay, let's go, team.
- Hey. What if it backfires?
- I want to do it.
I know this town's flaws,
but there are good
people worth saving here.
And I'm finally in
control. I can do this.
- Stay back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Nancy filled me in on everything.
- You two okay?
- Yeah, yeah, we're okay.
- That was Callie.
- RED: Escaping her mess.
RYAN: Hey. Where's-where's Jean?
- Is she okay?
- Yeah, she's at her sister's in Camden,
avoiding this cold snap, so she's safe.
And yes, we spoke. She said
she wants to keep the pregnancy.
I told her I'm totally on
board being a dad again,
- so it's all copacetic.
- Good. Good.
- Why-why the worried face?
- What face? I'm not worried.
That face Hey, hey! That's my car!
Get out of here. Get out!
Watch out! Watch out!
Hey, turn off the mister!
- Get ready to get poor.
- Wait. Carson!
Oh, no.
- Ooh.
- That's good.
Hey. That's my wife's merchandise!
Finders keepers, garden boy!
Wait, where are you going?
Hey! No, what are you
doing? That's not
They're collectibles!
MAN: We can do this!
Find the witch! Find the witch!
Find the witch! Find the witch!
Ryan says Carson and
Red got hit by sin fog.
He's trying to find them.
"Try tracking Carson's phone."
This antenna will transmit
your soul supernova across town.
- Can you grab that tripod?
- Yeah.
- NANCY: You okay?
- My alumni interview
with Northern Seattle Legal
College is in a couple hours,
and I am trying to reschedule,
but they said she's already on her way.
Do they know there's a supernatural
disaster unfolding here?
Nancy, they don't care.
I can't let mystical
mayhem torpedo my chances
- of getting into law school.
Look at you. You'll do anything
to avoid a road trip, huh?
Jade, you said you were
headed somewhere safe
- till this is over.
- I tried.
But then I realized I
can't leave you this time.
I have never seen someone so devoted
to a place they didn't grow up in.
This town gave me a second
chance when I needed one.
I owe it.
Well, then, uh, let me help.
I fought a grim reaper once.
What can I do?
- Track down a sin-possessed dad?
- JADE: Won't be my first.
No, it will.
I was starting to worry about you.
Yeah, the morgue was wild.
Apparently, there was
a lot of body snatching
in this town's past, so I locked
the place down and snuck out.
You all right?
Alice left.
I think she moved on to peace.
I'll never know for sure.
Look, I'm really sorry about all of it.
I'm not here for an apology.
What's the plan?
- Antenna's ready.
- Ambyth juice good to go.
Okay, I haven't read
the fine print here.
Town run amok with sins, Bess.
- You got this.
- Uh, okay.
Release this soul about Horseshoe Bay
so that he may cleanse the
sins cast upon this land.
- [EXHALES] Oh, no.
- Um
Did it work?
BESS: Nancy, are you okay?
- Nancy.
Oh, my gosh.
- ACE: Nancy.
Are you okay?
- What happened?
- NANCY: I saw visions,
of the past. Like
the most intense déjà vu I've ever had.
There were a-a bunch of people, but
somehow, they all felt like me?
Felt like you? What does that mean?
Like I-I was them, at one point.
There's the fine print.
Okay, so it says,
"One phenomenon that
could halt a supernova
is if another soul is
tangled with the subject's."
How can souls be tangled?
We've walked this
path many times before.
Nashua told me we'd "walked
this path many times before."
I think those visions were
moments from my former lives?
That were triggered by your
soul snagging onto Tristan's.
- But what do the visions mean?
- I don't, I don't know.
Does this mean we're soulmates?
- Yes.
- Dude.
BESS: But to save the town, we
have to disentangle your souls.

So, I think the visions
will point to the moment
in Nancy and Tristan's previous lifetime
when they became soulmates.
So, we need to figure out
how and when it happened,
- your tangling.
- We're working with silver scissors
and three locations.
A retro gas station,
a front yard, a meadow.
There used to be an
old '50s-era gas station
- on the south side of town.
- ACE: I remember that.
They ended up turning it
into a shopping center.
I'll check the property records.
This is crazy, right?
Soul entanglement explains a lot.
The spark with Nashua,
h-how we clicked the moment we met.
No matter how much my soul has suffered
from this curse over its lifetimes,
it's like you've always been my light.
If they're soulmates,
that means Nancy and I
were never gonna work.
Aside from the death curse.
And an unforgivable choice
where she had my sin erased
- without asking me.
- Unforgivable?
Look, that
that's harsh.
People make wrong choices
in moments of duress.
And yet,
if they hold themself accountable,
they can find a pathway forward.
You really believe that?
I have no choice. I've lived it.
ACE: Here we go. I got it.
So, before that land was
a shopping center in 2018
and a gas station in the '50s,
it was a family home in the 1920s.
And before that? An open meadow.
They're not multiple locations.
All my visions happened
in the same place.
That must be the spot
where we became soulmates.
NICK: Okay, based on
the records Ace pulled,
the déjà vu spot should be
somewhere near these stores.
GEORGE: Okay, as our divining rod,
do you feel any déjà vu yet?
What is it?
I think that's my dad's shoe.
ACE: I'll text Ryan and Jade.
Let's keep moving.
GEORGE: I'm sorry about
your road trip being ruined,
although it wasn't just
a road trip, was it?
I mean, it is and it isn't.
It's more of a "see where else
we might want to live someday" trip.
What? You, too?
It's a good thing I don't
have abandonment issues.
- FRED: There she is!
Get the witch!
What? What did you just call me?
Don't poke the mob, Bess.
Someone looking for a witch?
- GEORGE: Nancy
- Nancy, don't.
- What are you doing?
- NANCY: Here's your witch!
- What are you doing?
Get the witch! Get the witch!
- Don't
- Nancy What are you doing?
- Stop this!
- Get the witch!
Get the witch!
Go, go. Get the witch.
This is it, folks. We got her.
BESS: Nancy!
- Hey. There.
NANCY: Oh! There's a hidden access panel
between these two buildings.
I heard about it when I
was in the eighth grade
investigating a dancing
puppet. Let's go.
I'm guessing that's the spot?
Under here.
According to records,
there's a crawl space beneath us.
[WHISPERING]: Hey. You saw it, right?
She ran towards an angry mob.
That's Nancy.
Takes some getting used to.
Don't get scared, 'cause
this is also Nancy.
She'll do anything to protect
you, no matter the cost.
Never seen her back away
from a challenge or a threat.
She'll offer you
unconditional forgiveness
without asking for it herself.
NICK: Hey, got something silver.
There's a name on them.
"Lucia Kipp"?
NICK: I remember her from the
Yacht Club basement records.
She was Nashua Kipp's
wife. They were tailors.
Holy romance novel.
Your past life was Nashua
Kipp's beloved Lucia.
And the tailor's scissors
are all that's left
from the moment your
souls became entangled.
NANCY: They've just been
lying in this same spot,
like a ghostly beacon
triggering déjà vu for my former lives.
They carry the residue
of your soul entanglement.
And now that we have them,
all that we have to do
is disentangle you two soulmates.
Tristan and I will attempt
a shared memory weave
that will take us to the
moment in our past lives
where our souls entwined.
The silver scissors will
act as a mystical compass.
At the right moment, Bess will perform
an occult ritual that will generate
a Feuris inside of the weave.
- That sounds dangerous.
- It is.
It's a metaphysical force that will burn
- Nancy's soul away from Tristan's.
- Ah, hopefully,
not a fatal process.
Are you okay with this plan?
We can do it.
Okay. So, to complete the Feuris,
we will need a piece
of Lucia Kipp's remains.
DNA from Nancy's past life
will allow the Feuris to target
the pieces of her soul that
are entwined with Tristan's.
NICK: I tracked down Lucia's grave.
Start the ritual. I'll have her remains
- by the time you need them.
- BESS: Great.
- Shoot.
I'm gonna be late for my interview.
It kills me to leave
in the middle of this
But yet you're still standing
there, alive, abandoning me.
Oh. Ah.
One last little thing.
For all this to work, Nancy
and, uh, Tristan need to
be on the brink of death.
Because a brain must be dying
for the subconscious to
mix with the conscious mind.
- Been there.
- BESS: I do have the ingredients
for a poisonous supernatural
intoxicant that could work.
If we're both dying, how
do we escape the weave
once we've disentangled our souls?
We send in a lifeguard.
A-A third person that
can bring you back.
I'll do it.
A-A dying mind is not safe.
You could easily lose
us, and then, w-what,
you die in there, too?
BESS: Hey, no, this could actually work.
Both of your souls are
linked with the death curse.
Ace will always be able to find you.
- Let's get started.
- BESS: Okay.
And that's why I would be
the ideal candidate for
What the hell?
- Carson,
what have you been stealing?
Sorry. I needed a staging area.
And I'll be out of here real soon.
No, both you guys need to go now.
I have my interview in, like
- Hi. I'm Maryn, from
- Oh, my God. My interview. [LAUGHS]
Hey, there you are.
Ha, ha, ha. Come on, buddy.
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on. Ah, wha No,
ah, ah. Come on. Yep.
Don't drink the water.
GEORGE: Welcome to The Claw. [CHUCKLES]
Can I get you a soda before we start?
BESS: Okay.
Do you have the totem to
bring you out of the weave?
Nanette has never let me down.
[CHUCKLES] Brink of
death, here you come.
Ready to see our past lives?
MAN: No.
Listen to me!
We are going to leave this town.
We are going to change the world!
That's Nashua, my past life.
Listen to me, boy, we will change
- the course of history!
- No.
- Who is that?
That's August Pritchard.
ACE: The founder who started all this?
Stole Nashua as a child,
turned him into a Sin Eater?
It's too late, Nashua.
- You and I serve a greater purpose.
- No,
I'm not gonna let you
do this to anyone else.
Oh, my God.
I saw that spark in
Tristan's memory weave
when Nashua touched my hand.
It must be the spark
of our souls entangling.
I wasn't Nashua's wife,
I was August Pritchard.
Our souls didn't
entangle because of love
but because of vengeance.
Your past life
was the source of the evil
that's been destroying me.
I didn't know.
Nancy, I think your emotions are
destabilizing the memory weave.
All I have ever done is-is
try to protect this town,
and now I was the one
who was responsible
for the darkness that haunts it.
ACE: Hey. Follow her. I'll tell Bess.
Nancy wasn't Lucia Kipp in a past life.
She was August Pritchard.
Their souls are entangled
because Nashua killed August.
That means Lucia Kipp's
remains won't work.
I'll tell Nick to stop digging.
Okay, so we need to find
August Pritchard's body.
Uh, okay, according to town records,
he vanished in the winter of 1829
and his body was never found.
You have to go back into the weave.
I was just going through
your extracurriculars, and
- Don't worry about him.
NICK: Enough already.
Your anxieties are
dictating what you steal.
Carson, you're worried
about having a baby.
- I don't see it.
- RYAN: Red, and you say you want
to settle down here,
but obviously, you don't.
- Based on what?
- Six stolen suitcases,
- a passport holder and nine neck pillows.
- NICK: Yeah.
Let's get these sins
out of your systems.
I'm looking for a dean's list, or a
- Okay, Maryn
Stop looking. You got me.
I don't have a 4.2 GPA, I don't row crew
and no, I did not intern
at the Supreme Court. Why?
Because I work 12-hour
shifts here every day,
followed by four-hour prelaw lectures
- and two-hour study sessions.
- Uh, Ms. Fan
- I didn't mean, in any
- All while being mentored
by the county's best lawyer
and managing town-wide emergencies.
If that's not enough
for your school, then
your school's not enough for me.
How'd you find me?
Oh, just, uh, followed our death curse.
I calmed myself following the clues.
This is August's satchel.
He was headed to Pennsylvania
to show a settlement how to
create their own Sin Eater
when Nashua confronted him.
The biggest tragedy? August's
plans were already in motion.
He'd sent Sin Eater instructions
all up and down the East Coast.
Nashua was too late.
Ace, my-my past life, my soul, was evil.
He caused centuries of injustice
in this town and others.
Maybe that's why you've spent
this lifetime solving crimes,
- trying to make up for it.
- But somehow,
darkness always finds me.
The Hudsons, the Wraith, our curse.
What if August's inhumanity
is still in me somewhere?
Because I called to the
Sin Eater that he created.
Your decision
to call the Sin Eater on my
behalf was an act of love.
You said it was unforgivable.
Yeah, but now I know it's not.
Because I forgive you.
Nancy, with everything
I have, I forgive you.
Uh, I found more hoofprints.
I know which way Nashua went.
You still love her.
It doesn't matter.
We're cursed. If we get together, I die.
Dead Man's Bluff.
I was born here.
The body's at Dead Man's Bluff.
Okay, I'll let Nick know.
You ready?
Mm-hmm. Hit me.
FRED: Burn the witch! Burn the witch!
Burn the witch!
- MAN: We'll find her.
- FRED: Let's go!
FRED: Get the witch! Get
her! Come on, get her!
Hey, we got one of August's rib bones.
We had to dodge the mob to get in here.
Apparently, they're possessed
by the sins of old townspeople
who burned a "witch's" house down
- while she was still inside it.
- Okay, that doesn't matter.
I have a Feuris ritual
to complete, thank you.
You ready to burn
August out of your soul?
How do you know what parts of your soul
are August and what parts are you?
There is no separating them.
I can't erase the past.
If I burn August's soul,
I burn Nancy's, too.
Aah! Aah!
- Where's Ace and Nancy?
Nancy's soul is damaged.
Ace has to pull her out.
FRED: Burn the witch!
The mob's coming for the building.
We need to get Tristan
outside before the supernova.
Okay, go, go. I'll stay
here with Ace and Nancy. Go!
FRED: Let's go!
No, please don't.
The Feuris could hurt
your soul, too. [GRUNTS]
Ace, no! Stay back! Save yourself!
I'm not leaving you.
FRED: Burn the witch! Burn the witch!
- Fred.
- Bring us the witch!
- No! These people are my family.
I will protect them.
- And I will protect this town!
- She's in there.
- Burn it to the ground!
- No!

It's in my blood ♪
Fire in my vein ♪
I can't fight it ♪
There's no escape ♪

BESS: Wake up! Wake up, hurry!
Wake up! Wake up, come on, hurry!
All the same ♪
While we're in the daylight ♪
Cannot get me ♪

WOMAN: Hey. What happened?
- WOMAN 2: What's going on?
FRED: What did we do?
It worked.
But the fire's still burning.
We can still save what's inside.
No, no, no, let it go,
let it go. Let it go.
FRED: What have we all done?
- No, I can't.
- No!
- No! Nick!
- No, I can't.
- Nick!
- No, no, no, no!
No, Nick! No!
- No, Nick!
Nick, no!

I'm running from my shadow ♪
You don't owe this town any more.
I let us all down.
- No.
- You didn't.
What you did mattered.
What we did mattered.
Running from my shadows. ♪
"While officials seek an explanation
for the wave of violence
that gripped our town,
many are blaming toxic mold
in the tainted water supply."
- Sorry I'm late.
- Mmm.
Chief Lovett's having the
archive boxes transported
to the Underground Historical Society.
Everything that survived the fire.
Oh, my gosh.
- That's great.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, I spent the week running
every supernatural test
and consulting every
expert that I could find,
but the damage done to your soul means
that you can never reincarnate again.
So this would be your last life.
I'm really sorry.
Then I need to live like
it's my last lifetime,
and try and make it right.
Think that's really
good advice for us all.
Uh Ace's soul was
damaged the same way.
I told him this morning.
He said that he was gonna try
and make peace with it
while he was away, but
he didn't tell me where he was going.
I will never stop telling the truths
you were forced to consume.
That's my promise to all of you.
And to Tristan.
The last Sin Eater of Horseshoe Bay.
It wasn't your fault.
You're not August, you're Nancy
a soul that's learned and
changed over many lifetimes.
I know it.
Nashua did, too. It's why he met
you as a friend, not an enemy.
Uh, I need to own the history of my soul
if I want to help heal this place.
We all do.
There are many Sin Eaters out there.
We all need to take accountability.
When I thought we were
soulmates, I was so happy.
You and I still could
have loved each other.
You gave me more than love.
You gave me my freedom.
And we both know there's someone
you might always love more.
I'm leaving today on the Jolene
to sail down the coast.
I thought you would get sick
- if you left Horseshoe Bay.
- No.
I traveled outside of town
to test it. Nothing happened.
I think my soul supernova broke
that part of the Sin Eater curse.
I'll be thinking of you,
out there on the water.
Look, just so you know,
I don't take it personally
you needing to go live
a life of adventure,
not wanting to put
down roots here with me.
And I don't take it personally
that you want a place to call
home. I just think that
What do you think?
Oh, you like a little adventure, too.
- Yeah. [LAUGHS]
She stole my wallet!
- What? A new car?
- Well, I It's a gift from Red.
I mean, this is her way of
saying, "Catch me if you can."
Yeah, I bet you can.
You be good.
Come on. What's the fun in that, right?
You be good.
CARSON: If you ever need a lawyer
I know where to find you.
A bagel for the road.
Thank you.
I have just finished
clearing out my bedroom
so you can I don't know
use it for the nursery or something.
- You didn't need to do that.
- I wanted to.
- You want to know a secret?
- Mm-hmm.
I always really wanted
to be a big sister.
Ah. Oh. [LAUGHS]
Not that I wish upon you
another teen sleuth, but
try not to mess things up
the second time around.
You won't, and you didn't.
[VOICE BREAKING]: Your love has
been the one constant in my life.
Thank you.
- GEORGE: Sorry. That took forever.
- BESS: Yeah.
The line for Lu Chow's
is around the block.
Rations for the room-packer?
I'll leave you kids to it.
- Oh.
- Hi.
- Oh.
- Mm.
- Ah.
- Okay.
In the spirit of new beginnings,
I have an announcement.
- I got into Northern Seattle Legal College.
- Yes!
- Oh. Yeah!
Yes! Yay!
Turns out managing a restaurant
in supernatural central
while earning an associate's
degree actually demonstrates
essential skills required
to get into law school.
- Like, who knew?
- NICK: Hmm.
- BESS: Yeah.
- What about you, Nick?
Well, I accepted an engineering position
- at Tom Swift's Atlanta incubators.
- NANCY: Ooh!
- BESS: Whoo!
- Yeah.
I will be developing and
refining my own inventions,
starting with that extractor device.
And Tom's friend, Zenzi, hired Jade
for a PR position at that same hub.
- Ooh.
- Aw.
- Aw.
- Nice.
Well, I will be partaking
in a global expedition
to replenish the Historical
Society's lost resources
and knowledge.
Yeah, while Addy runs for town council
and keeps the lights on at the UHS.
We just can't believe you
said all that without crying.
- You know, abandonment issues and all.
- Oh, no.
I've cried. A bunch.
- NANCY: Aw.
- But [LAUGHS]
I can just, you know, cast
seven different rituals
to bring us back together
again in the future.
- One of them will work.
I am taking on a new case.
My past life spread Sin
Eaters across America,
so this life is gonna track 'em down
and end the practice forever.
But I'll always take a little bit
of Horseshoe Bay with me wherever I go.
Mysteries are everywhere.
And who knows? Sooner or later,
I'm sure one of them
will lead me back here.
You're back.
I was in North Carolina
at Alice's memorial.
Got a chance to talk to her parents
and told them I met their
daughter before she died.
That she's at peace now.
You forgive yourself?
I'm trying.
That was the first step.
The thing is, it's my last life, too,
and I need to live it without regrets.
Which is why I'm I'm gonna be pre-med
at whatever college I
get into in the fall.
Becoming a medical examiner.
I'm so happy for you, truly.
You're also mad at me for
melting my soul in the Feuris
when I could have just left you behind.
That's what love does.
Compromises our judgement.
It also gives you reason
to forgive each other,
again and again.
I wish you hadn't.
I think you'll feel differently
after what I'm about to tell you.
So I spent the last week doing
a lot of supernatural research
based on what Bess said,
and there's a strong chance
that the damage done
to our souls was enough
to destroy the death
curse that linked them.
How sure are you?
Fifty-fifty, but I saw the
curse burning in the Feuris,
and I'm pretty sure that Temperance
wouldn't have the power
to predict or prevent that.
- You broke my heart once.
- Things are different now,
'cause I will never be led
by fear like that again.
Well, why are you telling me now?
- I'm leaving!
- Because no matter what,
the mystery of who
you are will never end.
And I-I know that the next clues
will have to take you on the road.
So do mine.
but will you solve
this part of the mystery with me?
Always. Forever.
Are you scared?
Are you?
Yeah, but I've never let that stop me
from finding the truth, so
Kiss me.
- I'm good.
All right, it's done.
Grandma Fan's New England
clam chowder recipe.
- Keeping it legit.
- Hmm.
A memento from the best
Seder this joint ever saw.
When Jesse and Birdie
have to do the fork thing.
ACE: In case anybody needs
to find their way home.
NANCY: Goodbye.
Keep a light on when you go ♪
'Cause I said so ♪
'Cause there's warmth
in your shadow ♪
NANCY: My dad once told me it's possible
to live a good life,
even without a soulmate.
We're richer tenfold
'cause I said so ♪
He was half right. It is.
It's the light, it's the heart ♪
And I don't want to waste it ♪
- Don't want to erase it now ♪
- Ooh.
NANCY: But now I know that
we choose soulmates ourselves.
Without you ♪
Fate leaves that up to us.
And like he also said,
maybe you get more than one.
Without you, without you ♪
NANCY: I know that I have.
I got four.
Last one out,
turn off the lights.
- I got it.
- Okay.
I don't want to be who I am ♪
Without you ♪
Nothing matters like
when we're catching fire ♪
And I'm yours, I'm yours alone ♪
I don't want to change ♪
So let it stay the same ♪
I don't want to change. ♪
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