Naomi (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Unidentified Flying Object

1 [NAOMI.]
Last time on Naomi Every superhero has an origin story and this is mine.
What's going on? [NAOMI.]
Annabelle says there's a stunt happening in the square.
Something happened to me during the Superman thing.
And then I went to the woods and found some kind of disc.
It can be hard once you realize you're not like everyone else.
Stay back! [CRACKLING.]
You were there on the day I was adopted.
Who Who are you? Still asking the wrong question.
What is the question? Who am I? I don't know who you are.
Not exactly.
But I know that it all started March 14th, 2004, when I saw the light in the sky.
That's when I first sensed it.
Sensed what? You.
What does that mean? There are invisible vibrations all around us.
In the air, in the water, the trees.
People like us have a unique vibrational signature.
Think of it like a, uh, fingerprint.
My wings give me the ability to sense it.
Your wings, because you have wings.
They're a part of me, made from a rare metal found on my home planet.
Your home planet? Thanagar.
Thanagar Right.
But if you're from another planet, that would mean I'm not human.
And if your, if your special wings could sense me, that would mean You're not human either.
This isn't real.
I'm having a very bad dream right now and I just need to wake up.
Just wake up Naomi, just wake up, just wake up.
Sometimes when I'm stressed, I, uh I do some deep breathing.
I think I'll stick with the straight-up panic attack.
I know it's a lot.
Why didn't you tell me sooner? You don't just blow up someone's life for no reason.
Your abilities seemed dormant.
You seemed happy.
I think that's enough for tonight.
You should go home and get some rest.
I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna sleep again, and plus, I have like a million more questions.
I know, and I'll do my best to answer them.
I promise.
You just told me I'm an alien from outer space.
No disrespect, but am I really just supposed to believe you? No.
I'll prove it.
I know my birth parents died in a crash but what kind? Was it a car or a plane or a bus? We don't know, pumpkin.
You know we don't know.
We've talked about this dozens of times.
Baby, what's going on? Nothing.
I guess I've just been thinking about it, lately, that's all.
That's completely normal.
You're getting older and it's natural to want answers.
We wish we had them, but you know everything we know.
But is there anything else? Like what town, or was anyone else there? All the agency would tell us is that it was on the East Coast.
It was a It was a closed adoption.
But didn't it bother you? Not knowing who I really am or where I actually came from? [JENNIFER SIGHS.]
None of that mattered to us.
It still doesn't.
We know who you are.
You're our daughter.
Our miracle.
I better start getting ready.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, Dad.
We're your parents.
Keeping you safe is basically our entire job.
So it's hard to accept that we can't keep you safe from everything.
But what I can promise is that we love you and we are here for you.
I know that, Dad.
I really do.
Better get to school.
I am not a woman I'm a god I am not a martyr I'm a problem I am not a legend I'm a fraud Keep your heart 'cause I already Every day I've got a smile where my frown goes A couple bodies in the garden where the grass grows I take 'em with me to the grave in a suitcase Maybe I could be a different human in a new place Oh I just wanna feel something tell me where to go 'Cause everybody knows something I don't wanna know So I'll stay right here 'cause I'm better all alone I'm better all alone I am not a woman I'm a god I am not a martyr I'm a problem [SCHOOL BELL RINGING.]
I am not a legend I'm a fraud Keep your heart 'cause I already got one I am not a woman I'm a god I am not a martyr I'm a problem I am not a legend I'm a fraud [NAOMI.]
Sorry, I thought you might, uh, want some caffeine after our late night expedition.
That's really nice, thanks.
I'm sorry we didn't find that disc you were looking for at Zumbado's.
Oh! That's okay.
Uh I mean, it was fun though.
Hanging out with you is always fun, actually, uh, and, I mean, it got me thinking.
I was wondering if maybe you wanted to, um, hang out this weekend? Or Maybe without the trespassing.
We could try that new, uh, pizza place.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Pizza sounds good.
Really? Okay, great, okay, wow, okay! All right, text me later? Okay, yes, I'll I'll text you later.
Thanks for this! You're welcome.
Dee? Naomi.
You made it.
I don't really like heights.
Did you know that the first bridges were built by the people of ancient Egypt? No machinery.
Just chisels and stones with their own two hands.
Humans have the capacity to do incredible things.
What are we doing here? Jumping.
Hold up, you're serious? You asked for proof.
Here it is.
You'll defy gravity.
You won't even make a splash.
You won't get hurt.
That's easy for you to say.
You have wings.
Have you ever had a broken bone? Stitches? Any injuries at all? Sure.
When? You've never been injured because you're not like everyone else.
Besides, if I'm wrong, what's the worst that can happen? You make a big splash, break your foot.
That sounds pretty bad.
You're afraid.
You just told me to jump off a bridge.
What happened to you in the woods, the lights going out in my shop, that was all you.
The sooner you accept that, the safer you'll be.
Safe from what? Your world has fundamentally changed and I doubt I'm the only one who's noticed.
We need to get you ready.
It's impossible.
Superman once told me, impossible is relative.
Superman? I fought with him in a war a long time ago.
He is real, Naomi.
I'm sorry, but no.
Superheroes are not real.
Aliens are not real.
Your wings must have been some kind of harness or machine or something.
And the light that you saw in the sky was probably a meteor or satellite.
I'm gonna find the crash site and figure out what really happened that day.
You're not ready.
To accept that I'm an alien from outer space? No.
No, I'm not.
Dee! [DEE.]
Finding the crash site won't change the truth, Naomi.
This is real, whether you believe it or not.
M! Hi! Is that a new top? Loving that color on you.
Thanks, honey.
I went shopping last week.
You were right, I can pull off pastels.
Want a smoothie? You know I do.
Naomi sent me a soft 911.
It's one step down from an actual medical emergency.
It includes, but is not limited to, romantic emergency, school emergency, snack emergency, fashion emergency.
Good to know.
She's working on a school project.
It's a little intense in there.
I'm true to my squad I'm true to my dead ones who walk with me know when I'm flawed I'm true to my squad True to the people who see me right through the facade You know, I always thought we'd be cute, little old ladies before we went full conspiracy theorist.
Good, you're here.
Uh, can you come help me with this? What's going on here, babe? It's a topographic map of Port Oswego.
It's pretty dope.
It shows water, elevation, surface features.
No, um, what's going on here? There was a UFO sighting back in Port Oswego in 2004.
And we're hunting aliens because We're not.
That's the point.
UFO doesn't mean aliens.
It means unidentified flying object.
So, I'm trying to identify it.
Weren't we on a disc mission, like, five minutes ago? This is more important.
There've been a lot of UFO sightings in Port Oswego, like, a lot.
Did you know that? Can't say that I did.
A lot of people thought that the March 14th UFO landed in Red River Forest.
But I compared the wind reports to an article about soil testing and my theory is that it landed somewhere around Falls Creek.
I want to go look around.
Mom said that I can borrow the car.
March 14th, 2004? As in the day you were adopted.
I think it was a secret military drone and that's why no one came forward.
- Apparently the government was running this - Naomi! You are telling me, on the day you were adopted, way on the others side of the country, there was a UFO sighting here in Port Oswego where you now live.
Smoothie time.
Fresh fruits and vitamin C coming your way.
- [NAOMI.]
Thanks, Mom.
- You're the best, Mrs.
Naomi, I just got a call from Dad.
He's stuck at work so you won't be able to use the car tonight.
Don't worry.
I happen to know somebody else who loves UFOs.
No offense, hon, but will this thing even make it to Falls Creek? Shh.
You'll hurt her feelings.
Who wants snacks? Ooh, now it's a road trip.
- You got any gummy bears in there? - Ew! Thank you.
You wanted to see me, sir? I did.
Come on in, Major.
Have a seat.
Very impressive resume, Major.
Counterintelligence analyst for the DOD, on-the-ground experience in several countries.
Thank you, sir.
You're aware of the incident that happened a few days ago in the town square.
The Superman publicity stunt? [STEEL.]
We're not sure what it was.
All we know is that it was an unidentified flying object near our base.
I thought the owner of the tattoo shop admitted to planning it.
He did.
But we think that there is more to the story.
Our team found this during a sweep of the Red River Forest near the alleged landing site.
Our lab techs have had it for the last couple of days.
We can't break it, burn it, blow it up.
It's virtually indestructible.
Sounds like boron carbide or maybe some other kind of synthetic.
That's what I thought.
But the technology is far more advanced.
It's unlike anything we've ever seen.
And you think it has something to do with the Superman incident? I don't know what to think.
Why would Dee say he planned it if he didn't? What does he have to do with this? That's what I need you to find out.
I am definitely not wearing the right shoes for this.
Speaking of shoes, Naomi, let's talk about what pair you're gonna wear on your date with Anthony.
- What? - My first thought is your blue high tops but your Chucks could be super cute too.
I mean No, what do you mean, date? Was Anthony not supposed to tell me? I think he was just excited.
We're having pizza like we do all the time.
It's not a date.
It's not a date! So much internal cringe, babe.
What's in the suitcase? My gear.
Every good UFO investigator has gear.
He thinks aliens are real.
Really? Definitely.
It's pretty much a mathematical certainty.
But there's never been any proof that they exist.
There's never been any proof that they don't.
What exactly are we looking for? I mean, 16 years is a long time.
Debris or any other evidence of a crash.
Trees that are broken.
Newer growth.
Scorch marks or burns.
There could also be trace elements.
Like radiation or chemicals.
I'm good.
Latex isn't really my color.
Let's get started.
You know you wanna [LEAVES RUSTLING.]
I should have worn gloves.
This sap is everywhere.
It's bigleaf maple.
Very tasty on pancakes, but very messy.
Naomi! Are you okay? I could hear it, Annabelle.
Hear what? Everything.
Don't freak out.
See, when someone says that, it means you definitely should be freaking out.
Are you moving? After we broke into Zumbado's, I went to see Dee and things got weird.
He sprouted these, like, actual metal wings and then he told me that he's an alien from outer space and that he thinks that I too am an alien from outer space.
Oh, and he also said that Superman is real.
Annabelle, please say something.
I am literally speechless.
It's never happened to me before.
OMG, babe! Are you a superhero? No! No.
Suddenly the whole UFO thing makes so much more sense Wait, why are we trying to prove you're not a superhero? Aliens aren't real.
Superheroes aren't real.
Right? But what if they are? [NATHAN.]
If you could be any character from Greek mythology, who would you be? [NAOMI.]
What? It's, uh, one of my questions.
For our project? Here's my list.
Mine's not done yet.
I'm sorry.
I'd be Zeus.
He has like, a ton of powers, which make him the coolest.
Maybe having all those powers wasn't actually that fun.
Or maybe Zeus wished that he could just be regular god without all the pressure.
Or maybe he didn't want to be a god at all.
What is happening right now? Nothing.
Can you come by after soccer to work on our project? Sure.
Do you think your mom would make me a smoothie? Totally.
Yesterday's had fresh coconut.
The woman is a visionary.
Thanks for this.
All these trees look exactly the same.
What are we hoping to see here? Patterns, markings, anything we might have missed at the site.
Wait, is this Falls Creek? I can't believe you guys went there.
Because of Steve O'Brien? Since you are looking into the 2004 sighting, I assumed you knew.
It's a Port Oswego urban legend.
Let's definitely tell horror stories in an actual dark room.
So, Steve is this local guy who is obsessed with UFOs.
And in 2004 he would have been a junior or senior in high school.
He and some friends went into the woods to look for the crash site.
And apparently some weird stuff started to happen at Falls Creek.
What kind of weird stuff? [ANTHONY.]
It depends on who you ask.
Some people think he saw the ghosts of dead loggers and other people claim he saw Bigfoot.
Lot of people just think he was high with his friends.
But, uh After he came back from the woods, Steve refused to talk about it.
Where is he now? He still lives in Port Oswego.
This is where Steve lives? Was really expecting more of a cabin in the woods vibe, It's a lot less true crime and more mommy blogger.
Anthony, you got tall.
Thanks for making the time to see us, Mr.
Sure, sure.
How's your dad these days? Ah, my father's good, sir.
Work's just a little slow.
Uh, my dad and Mr.
O'Brien have done some logging jobs back in the day.
So, what can I do for you? Anthony said something about a school project.
It's about the UFO back in 2004.
I'm not really into UFOs any more.
Because of what happened in 2004? It's less about what happened and more about what I wanted for my life.
I realized I could keep being the strange UFO guy or I could fit in with everyone else, be normal.
What happened back then? I I don't like to talk about it.
It's important.
Um, I can't really explain it.
I just I feel like I'm meant to solve this.
I remember that feeling.
I was skateboarding in the square when I saw the light that day.
So me and a couple of my friends decided to try and find the crash site.
We were almost to the mill when things started to happen.
The woods started to feel alive.
We heard voices.
Lots of Lots of voices.
We never saw anyone else out there.
What happened when you got to the mill? [STEVE.]
We never made it inside.
We were almost there.
We heard this horrible noise.
And then I saw this really bright light and that's all I can remember before.
Before what? Um, I was somehow back at the car and I have no idea how I got there.
We didn't see a mill at Falls Creek.
- [STEVE.]
Falls Creek? - The crash site.
The UFO didn't land at Falls Creek.
We were a few miles away.
We've been looking in the wrong place.
We have to find that mill.
No, thank you.
Those voices Steve heard must have been someone trying to cover up the crash.
Maybe the military or someone else.
Jacob, you're with me, right? Definitely.
Well, not technically.
I'm with you in spirit.
My backlog of homework is getting pretty serious.
Me, too.
No, we have to solve this! I thought we were just having fun.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for all your help.
We should pack this up.
I'll go get some boxes.
Is this a safe space? I'm sorry for snapping at you.
I know that weird stuff is happening to me, but, aliens, superheroes.
It's crazy, right? I don't know, babe.
I mean, yes, it seems crazy, maybe even impossible, but I mean, people used to think the Earth was flat.
Doctors used to not wash their hands before surgery, which is very gross.
We didn't even know gravity was a thing.
Even if you're right, even if there are aliens and superheroes, why does it have to be me? What do you mean? I'm adopted.
I was always moving around because of my dad's job.
Most of the time I was the only Black girl in my town or in my school.
My whole life has been about being different and now I'm supposed to accept the fact that I'm literally an alien from outer space.
I just want to be normal.
You are a lot of things, babe, but normal is not one of them.
You, Naomi McDuffie, are exceptional.
I'm pretty sure you're biased.
No, it's a fact.
So you know the Serenity Prayer? "May I be granted the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference".
I think what it means is that there's some things in life we can't change and that's okay.
I'm scared, Annabelle.
I know.
And that's okay too.
But denying something doesn't make it any less real.
Maybe accepting it is the first step towards making it less scary.
More cheese.
A little more.
A little more.
A little more.
You're a natural.
The secret to Mom's pasta is ninety percent cheese.
She's right.
Speaking of, I left a grocery bag in the car.
Naomi, take these bowls to your friends.
You're still here.
We all are.
If this UFO hunt is important to you, it's important to us.
Also, I couldn't say no to Mrs.
McDuffie's pasta, so Hope I'm not interrupting.
Nathan, what are you doing here? Your mom let me in.
What's he doing here? You know, I'm standing right here.
Could you, um, take these bowls to Jacob and Annabelle? What are you doing here? Seriously? You told me to come by after soccer practice.
Oh, our project.
You keep forgetting about our project.
You forgot I was coming over.
And then when I show up, all these people are here.
Anthony's here? That's pretty not cool.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I can explain.
All right.
Hey, what's going on with you, for real? Nothing.
I just have a lot on my mind, that's all.
Is this about Dee? What? When we went to see him the other day, you seemed upset.
I know we're not together, but I'm still your friend.
You can talk to me.
Naomi, you need to come see this.
Steve said the mill was close to the creek, but none of these are within a ten-mile radius.
Maybe Steve was wrong.
These are the only operational mills near Falls Creek.
This is a Pacific Logging map.
It lists all the mills.
Pacific #42 decommissioned in 1989, three miles away from the creek.
I feel like I, uh, missed a lot.
We'll catch you up on the way.
I guess homework will have to wait.
Is it just me, or is this car getting a little crowded? [CAR BACKFIRES.]
I knew this car was living on borrowed time.
Time to call AAA? I have a better idea.
You guys are really bad at hitchhiking.
Thanks for coming, Lourdes.
You know I'm always happy to get a text from you.
We have to walk the rest of the way.
It's about a mile.
This is the beginning of literally every horror movie.
What the hell is this? These markings were on the disc.
Someone's coming.
Guys, we have to go.
I know you're here, Naomi.
And you brought your friends.
Did you know someone broke into my dealership? That's called criminal trespassing.
Police came by, asked if I had any idea who might have done it.
I'm still deciding on what to tell them.
You all must really care about Naomi to put yourselves in harm's way.
You can leave now, except Naomi.
- No way.
Hell no! If he thinks we're leaving you here, he's crazier than we thought.
If I stay, will my friends be safe? [ZUMBADO.]
I give you my word.
That does not make me feel better.
We are not leaving you alone with a criminal who's doing creepy things inside of a creepy mill.
Annabelle, I'll be fine.
Remember? Zeus.
If Naomi says to go, we should go.
We have to trust her.
We'll be right outside.
Aim for his eyes.
- Okay? - Okay.
What do you want? Why did you follow me here? I want you to stay out of this before you get hurt.
Much more focused than your display in the woods.
Using those will get you into trouble.
What happened here on March 14th? Nothing to do with you.
You're lying.
If you're not gonna believe me, then why ask? What is this place? What are those markings? Tell me what's Stop messing with things that you don't understand.
Go, and don't ever come back here again.
Anthony, wait up.
Thanks again, Lourdes.
Literally, anytime.
Hey! Are you sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I think Zumbado was just trying to scare us or something.
Mission accomplished.
What was he even doing there? Was that payback for the break-in? I don't know.
Well Hey, about that pizza I You changed your mind.
I didn't know you wanted to get pizza like that.
Oh This is awkward.
No, no, I don't want it to be.
I just have a lot going on, so for right now, could we just stay friends? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
I get it.
No, I don't think you do.
I'm not saying no, Anthony, I'm just saying not right now.
I can live with that.
What is going on here? Naomi is doing a school project.
I tracked down that actor Dee hired, but all I got was a full voice mailbox.
So it's a dead end? It's feeling like it.
Commander Steel wants to see me first thing.
He said he has something to tell me.
Do you agree with him? Is Dee some kind of threat? I don't know if he's a threat, but he's definitely hiding something.
Why are you helping me? You didn't have to tell me the truth.
Wouldn't it have just been easier for you to stay quiet? I know what it feels like to be different and not know why.
I really wanted you to be wrong.
I know.
I told myself that if I could just prove that something else happened on March 14th, something real, that things could just go back to the way that they were, before Superman, before all of this.
Now I know I can't.
I don't know what is happening to me.
All I know is that it is happening.
And how do you feel? Scared, confused, excited.
Dee, I think I have powers.
Yes, and they're actually pretty great, once you get used to them.
Could you introduce me to Superman? Um Maybe one day.
Thank you for telling me the truth.
You're welcome.
That energy thing, it happened again, like it did in the woods and in here with the lights.
But this time, I meant to cause it.
But I couldn't control it.
I think I can help with that.
Welcome to the team, Major.
Sir, what is a UAPTF? Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.
It was developed by the DOD and Naval Intelligence to investigate otherworldly threats.
Otherworldly threats.
Like, uh Like aliens? [STEEL.]
That's right.
The Superman appearance was just the latest in a long line of mysterious incidents.
So Superman's an alien? Yes.
We believe he might be.
You're saying aliens are real? [STEEL.]
It's worse than that, Major.
We believe they're already here.
I am not a woman I'm a god I am not a martyr I'm a problem [STEEL.]
We have no idea what they want, or what they're willing to do to get it, so we have to assume they're extremely dangerous and hostile.
A couple bodies in the garden where the grass grows Are you ready? [STEEL.]
If there are aliens in Port Oswego, we will find them.
I'm ready to try.
So I'll stay right here 'cause I'm better all alone Yeah, I'm better all alone I am not a woman I'm a god I am not a martyr I'm a problem I am not a legend I'm a fraud No splash.
I am not a woman I'm a god
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