Naomi (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Zero to Sixty

1 Last time on Naomi March 14, 2004.
I saw the light in the sky.
That's when I first sensed you.
My whole life has been about being different, and now I'm supposed to accept the fact that I'm literally an alien from outer space.
Before you were just not ready to face the truth.
I just want to be normal.
You are a lot of things, babe, but normal is not one of them.
You, Naomi McDuffie, are exceptional.
Dee, I think I have powers.
I can help you with that.
Daddy, look at this one.
That's a cute baby turtle.
It's not a baby, Daddy.
It's a grown-up.
See, it has all these rings on its shell.
- You're right.
- I'm gonna go put it back in its home.
Can you tell us what you're doing out here, Naomi? I'm saving the world.
You sure are, pumpkin.
Is this about college week? No.
Can't your parents just pull out keepsakes on a random Tuesday? Dad, you're wearing your Hartford shirt.
We're just excited.
You've been talking about Hartford since you were practically in diapers.
And now here you are, making your dreams come true.
It's not for sure yet.
I haven't even finished my admissions essay.
Really? I would've thought you would have had five drafts done by now.
I've just been busy.
Also, I'm only a junior.
A lot can happen.
What if I don't get in? What if I change my mind? About Hartford? Right.
Don't you remember all those spreadsheets? Checks all the boxes.
That great engineering program, great, great bio program.
Close to the mountains, to the coast.
I know.
It has everything I wanted.
Is that my report card? First grade.
A in Math, A in Reading, A in Science, award for Best Personality.
Oh, we were so proud.
Every kid in class got an award.
But did they get Best Personality? - Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm.
I can't believe you guys kept all of this.
I can't believe our little girl is all grown up.
But no matter how old you get, you will always be our Naomi.
While the city gets high Burned by the flames By smoke in the sky My people must rise To live and let die Stood by your faith Demons disguise well Living inside hell Lord made us evil Beauty won't shine We're far from freedom You take away our rights Well, you wasted the element of surprise.
So either you're going soft or you want something from me.
Take it as a sign of respect.
Respect? Right.
Sixteen years isn't long enough to forget.
Or forgive.
I didn't expect to find you in a place like this.
I hate this planet.
The noise, the food, people This is the only place that makes me feel a little bit sane.
How did you find me? The same way we find everyone.
You have the disk? And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.
I didn't just find the disk, Akira.
I found the girl.
- You stay away from her.
- You know I can't do that.
Her powers are beginning to manifest.
We can use her.
But she's a danger.
Doesn't matter.
There was never any avoiding that.
I'm not talking about people from our world.
This world isn't safe anymore.
They're hunting us.
Yeah do you know what your future holds? That we can take the heat like some crucible I'ma take a seat watch the news unfold We just need some boosters like a two-year-old The key to this whole thing is keeping our souls clean No evil, and no leaving our people unknown We gonna need 'em to grow Seeds have been deep in the soil This is our season to water every dream for the home team Now ask yourself if love is a sign of our natural wealth Then would anyone be poor if they had your help Every single chapter disaster's felt We have to tell 'em history has a wrong side And I ain't felt this good in a long time 'Cause I'm on your squad and you're on mine What we've told is before till we're all You just gotta be yourself free yourself today Then free someone else This is what's under the tattoo shop? What is this place? I come here to sharpen my skills.
They look pretty sharp to me.
Can you teach me how to use these? These come later.
This is your first session.
You start with this.
Bounce it on the floor, alternate hands.
Hold up.
I thought you were teaching me how to use my powers.
You have to walk before you can run.
My motto is start small.
You had me jump off a bridge.
Martial arts is about being deliberate, precise.
Control your body, control your mind, control your powers.
I've been thinking about that disk.
Why don't you focus on your drill.
I'm sorry.
It's just I saw those markings again at the mill, and I feel like the disk has something to do with me, with who I am or where I'm from.
Same thing, but faster.
It's natural to want answers.
But you're not gonna get them from Zumbado.
It's best you leave it alone.
I can handle it.
Yes, one day.
Having powers doesn't mean you're ready to use them.
It takes time.
Fame and money is nice, but it's not about that.
Soccer's my rock.
It's the one thing that's never changed for me.
Robots are changing everything.
I want to build a robot that goes to Mars.
I'm gonna be the next Bezos.
That's my ten-year plan.
I wanna use my Architecture degree to revitalize Port Oswego.
I'm more in the browsing stage.
Professional ukelele player, park ranger, chemist.
My plans have been the same since I was eight years old.
Become an environmental scientist, specialize in geoengineering.
The global climate crisis is the greatest challenge humanity's ever faced.
I'm gonna help fix it.
Those are lofty goals.
It's gonna take complete dedication to achieve them.
Is that something you're ready to commit to, Miss McDuffie? - Absolutely.
- Fantastic.
I think Hartford would be a great fit for you.
I look forward to reading your essay.
What am I supposed to write about? "Hi, I'm Naomi.
My special skills include blowing up light bulbs and jumping off bridges"? Um, that actually sounds awesome.
You know, college isn't mandatory.
She's alone.
Is this gonna work? Last month when I was fundraising for the junior class trip, Mrs.
Anderson tried to convince me to give her a two-for-one deal on $5 wrapping paper.
It's gonna work.
You have to come over and see my mom's new car.
I mean, it has seat warmers, cup holders and did I mention the sunroof? It's basically a luxury vehicle.
It's a used car, right? Oh, yeah, extremely used.
Previous owners galore.
But the best part? Zumbado gave my mom a 20% discount.
Some kind of locals-only deal.
Something wrong, Mrs.
Anderson? I'll say.
I bought a car from Zumbado last week.
He didn't breathe a word about any discount.
And I've lived in this town my whole life.
I'm gonna call him right now.
Oh, no, no, no.
You shouldn't call him.
That lets him off the hook.
The real power move is to go to him face to face.
Power move.
We could go with you if you want.
Anderson, I assure you that I have never offered a locals discount.
If I did, I'd go bankrupt.
I'm a small-business owner just like you.
I will not be made a fool of, sir.
- That was not my intention.
- Mrs.
Anderson? Maybe you should go look around the lot.
See if there's something cheaper you'd like.
That's a wonderful idea.
Of course.
Right this way.
Go, go, go! Please don't blow up.
Please don't blow up.
Babe, did you just open that safe with your mind? Naomi, come on! Let's go! Our future awaits.
These markings are giving me real Hellraiser vibes.
It has to be some kind of language.
MIT has prototypes of a computer decipherment program online, but the sample size is way too small.
Might be hieroglyphics.
But there aren't any logographic elements.
You know who probably has some great insight on this? Your mom, the linguist.
I can't tell my mom because then I'd have to tell her about my the disk.
I think she'd be very happy to learn about the disk.
Jen is very understanding.
Or telling her about the disk will ruin everything.
These markings should have weakened the material, but they didn't.
I would love to analyze this.
Jacob, you're a genius.
Doesn't Central Oregon have, like, a pretty advanced geology department? Almost as good as robotics.
I think we need to add another stop on the tour.
And to our right is the alumni house.
Built in 1902, it is the oldest building on campus.
The geology building is just up ahead.
I'm gonna sneak off, find the lab, and I'll be back as soon as I can.
Can you cover for me? Please, it's like asking LeBron to not play basketball.
He's good, right? I'm definitely coming.
Robots can wait.
Besides, you need me to run analysis.
Then, who's gonna cover for us? Hey.
We need to ditch the tour.
Can you cover for us? No way.
This school's boring.
I am never playing soccer here.
If you're ditching, I'm coming.
Hey, guys.
We need you to cover for us.
Whatever's happening, I'm in.
I do not wanna go to business school.
Someone has to cover.
Well, it can't be LeBron.
- I'm the analysis guy.
- He joined last.
I don't wanna be left out.
Hey, guys, I think you're good.
What are you doing? Lourdes, hi! What are you doing here? Uh, nice to see you too, Nathan.
Um, I have check-ins with Mrs.
She strongly encouraged me to attend.
Wait, but you don't even go to school.
That doesn't mean she can't go to college.
Lourdes is almost finished with her GED, which means she's way ahead of all of us.
Thanks, Naomi.
Any more questions? So, really, what are we doing? Do you remember that disk we were trying to get back from Zumbado's? I have it.
How? I'm guessing he didn't just give it to you.
It's a long story involving cars and fear.
I'm gonna sneak into the geology lab to analyze it.
But I don't want any of you getting in trouble.
That sounds way more fun than the tour.
What is this? Break-in clothes.
This sneaking around thing is really becoming a habit.
Never forget the secret compartment.
What is this thing? This is the Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer they used on Mars.
It performs laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.
We're zapping the disk with lasers to find out what it's made of.
That's kind of awesome.
That's weird.
It's not returning any data.
It's impossible.
Uh, hon, is your super-cool machine supposed to do that? Is everyone okay? I I think it's time to go.
What the hell? - The disk is gone.
- Naomi, we gotta go! This is why they sit you out here.
Public shaming.
I guess I am gonna be valedictorian.
I'm sorry, guys.
This is on me.
I'll take the blame.
You didn't exactly twist our arms.
We should be okay.
None of us have really been in trouble before.
Or they go hard on us to set an example.
That's one of the good things about dropping out.
They can't really expel me, right? Does this mean we have records now? The disk just disappeared.
How does that happen? We need to talk.
Mom, I'm really sorry.
Please say something.
Be mad.
I'll even take the yelling.
I'm not gonna yell at you.
I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.
I know.
I'm sorry you had to come down here.
I'm sorry that I did it.
What I don't understand is why you did it.
Instead of working on the essay that gets you into your dream school, you go on a tour of some other school where you trespass and destroy property? What were you even doing there? Of all the times to start acting like a delinquent, Naomi A delinquent? Mom, I really am sorry, but you're treating me like it's my third strike when I've never been in trouble before, ever.
You've just worked so hard for Hartford.
These last few days, it seems like your head has been somewhere else.
Maybe you're just growing up, changing.
Would that be such a bad thing? That's your dad.
I want you home by 6:00 tonight, okay? Okay, see you at 6:00.
Slow hands often mean heavy head.
What's on your mind? My mom and I got in a fight today.
Is that normal? No.
I never fight with my parents.
I I kind of blew up a geology lab trying to analyze the disk.
That is not wise, Naomi.
I'm sorry.
I really don't mean to disrespect you or your advice or your training, but My one lead, it just vanished into thin air.
Do you know something about it? Dee? There is literally one else who can help me with this.
I don't know anything about the disk.
But I know someone who might.
His name is Adam Blake.
We fought together a long time ago.
Is Adam an alien too? With abilities that may help.
Darcovo! My man.
"Dee" is short for "Darcovo"? Adam, you said you had some information about the disk.
It's an ancient form of encrypted communication.
But they don't usually disappear without a trace.
Your hands, please, ma'am.
Naomi, it's okay.
Adam can read energy signatures.
Direct contact allows him to tap in and trace it.
You're for real? Everything's energy, man.
You do have a connection.
Its energy is matched to yours, almost like you're it's key.
That disk you had today it wasn't real.
Yes, it was.
I saw it, I held it, I carried it all day.
Different energy.
What you had is called a transmutation.
An object conjured from nothing.
Whoever did this is dangerous.
You believe it was a warning? You have power I have never felt before.
That makes you a threat to a lot of people.
Sorry to be the one to tell you.
You seem cool.
Adam, If I'm connected to the disk, why can't I read it? I'm guessing the language is only one of the disk's secrets.
But every language can be translated.
Here in Port Oswego, early explorers were there.
About a century ago, they would have had what you need.
Maybe it's still there.
- Someone's coming.
- Get down.
Sorry, Dee.
Looks like I haven't stayed as well-hidden as I thought.
Take care of the girl.
I'll be right behind you.
What's wrong? We should have stayed to make sure Adam was okay.
Adam is a soldier.
- He can take care of himself.
- So can I.
You are not prepared for that level of combat.
You've seen what I can do.
I have powers.
You had no control over it.
And that's dangerous.
Especially with the military.
That was a special-ops team.
If the military was involved, my dad would have said something.
No disrespect, but maybe I'd be more ready to use my powers if you actually let me use them.
I will.
In time.
You heard Adam.
I'm connected to the disk.
I have to find out why.
Even if that means using my powers.
I understand your frustration, but you're not ready.
Are you guys waiting for me? Have a seat.
This sounds serious.
Is everything okay? I told you to be home by 6:00.
I know, I'm sorry, but something came up.
Didn't you get my text? You broke a promise to your mother.
Is this about the lab? This is about you not listening.
Where were you, Naomi? I was with Lourdes.
I asked her to help me with my essay.
Lourdes called about an hour ago, looking for you.
Why don't you tell us the truth? Hand over your phone, then.
- Go to your room.
- What? You heard your father.
Wait, are you grounding me? You've never grounded me before.
You've never lied to us.
My whole life, you've treated me like I was an adult and I've acted like one.
Now because I slipped up a couple of times during college week - It's not about college week.
- Then what is it about? You've never cared who I was with or how late I stayed out, and now all of a sudden things have just changed.
If you had any idea what's going on out there right now What are you talking about? Dad, what's going on? The only thing you need to know is that it's very dangerous out there.
Your phone.
I thought I'd made myself clear.
I have no interest in joining whatever it is you're doing.
You know she's the only one who can make it do that.
Involving the girl is putting into motion something you can't control.
How do you know she'll help you? She doesn't have a choice.
Whether she's ready or not, it's time to reunite them.
You really think she's the key? You know she is.
This is how we take back our planet.
You talk about our planet like it's something you care about.
You and I were allies once.
We could be again.
I will never trust you again.
Then trust in the girl.
She's just a pawn to you.
Join me or don't, but this is bigger than her.
It's bigger than any of us.
If you won't help me, I will make sure you cannot stop me.
I'm certain you'll try.
Do you ever miss it? Home.
It doesn't matter.
I can't ever go back.
You made sure of that.
This looks way easier in movies.
What are you doing here? I brought you some Zatanna comics.
Zatanna is dope.
But why? The way that disk vanished reminded me of a run a few years back.
Zatanna needs to keep a special artifact away from bad guys.
So she creates a huge fire to destroy it, only to reveal it was just hidden the whole time.
But really, I just came over to say sorry I blew your cover story.
It's not your fault.
I forgot to call you.
Not that I can call anyone anymore.
They took your phone? Ouch! At least you have your laptop.
Only for my admissions essay.
Which I can't seem to figure out a topic for.
You just need to find something with a surprising angle.
Like this one.
Is it always best to tell the truth? "Yes" is easy.
"No" is interesting.
"No" is also what gets you grounded.
I've always had this, like, really clear idea of who I was, knew who I was meant to be.
But lately I just feel like everything is changing.
Welcome to life.
Change happens.
Like when my dad got hurt.
One random accident on a tour overseas, and now I'm a high-school dropout.
I don't even really miss school anymore.
Really? Really.
I see the people I like.
In the comic, Zatanna's fire concealed her artifact.
In 1921, the Port Oswego fire happened above the underground bomb shelter.
Maybe that's where the translation key is hidden.
- Psst! Hey! - Annabelle? You weren't answering your phone, so I assumed the zombie apocalypse was finally upon us.
Guessing you're grounded? Aren't you grounded? It's a conversation.
Are we running away from home? I'm going to the underground bomb shelter in the square.
- Weird choice for a hideout - Shh! but okay.
Obviously I'm coming with you.
I'm your ride or ride.
You mean "ride or die".
I don't want that kind of negativity in my life.
So, you met another alien, the disk was fake, your powers make you a target, the military's hunting aliens, and both parents are mad at you.
Yep, pretty much.
And now you think that there is an alien Rosetta Stone hidden somewhere underneath this building because Space Explorers.
That's what I said.
There were early sightings in the 1930s, but I never connected the Port Oswego fire to the underground bomb shelter until Lourdes visited.
- Lourdes? We're definitely gonna unpack that later.
- Okay, okay.
Good evening, sir.
We need to see those tunnels.
- You're probably wondering why we're here so late - Go ahead.
Just don't graffiti anything down there, okay? What exactly are we looking for? I'm not totally sure.
But if it's anything like the real Rosetta Stone, it'll have the same markings as the disk.
Is it weird that I now just assume Zumbado will show up in scary situations like this? We should We should hurry.
I see something.
I think it's the translation key.
It's way back there.
Annabelle? It definitely looks like something from Space Explorers.
These rocks are too heavy.
It's lodged.
I can't grab it.
Stand back.
I'm gonna create a path so we can get to it.
You know I'm pro powers, but this place doesn't exactly seem stable.
I can control it.
- Naomi! - I got this.
Um, babe? You did it! - Naomi, we need to go.
- I have to know what the disk says.
Naomi, come on! - I've almost got it.
- Naomi, we need to go now! Naomi! Come on, come on! Naomi.
You're very dusty.
Please don't be mad, but I went to look for the translation key Adam told us about.
I appreciate your honesty.
Did you find what you're looking for? Yeah.
And then I lost it.
And I almost killed Annabelle and myself in the process.
I thought I could control it, but you were right.
Well, thank you for saying that.
But it's not about right or wrong.
The ups and downs, the imbalance you feel, it's normal.
That's why they're called "growing pains" not "growing joys".
That could really use a rebrand.
It would probably help.
I was able to translate the markings on the disk.
It says "The Twenty-Nine".
Is it always best to tell the truth? People assume the answer is always "yes".
But in real life, no one can be truthful 100% of the time.
Sometimes a lie is less cruel than the truth.
But if there's one area where the truth is important, it's when you think about change.
I've always thought I was a person who didn't have any doubts about why I'm going to college.
But I'm someone who embraces things changing.
Because there are a lot of things to like about change.
But I never really understood how difficult change would be.
How hard it would be to let go and move on.
But change is not a choice.
Um You are the most important part of my life.
And last night, I realized that, more than anything, I need you.
I don't want to fight anymore.
I just want to be honest.
So there's something I need to tell you.
We have something to tell you, too.
The military discovered that there are aliens living here on Earth.
They believe them to be a threat.
They're hunting them.
They're hunting them? That's what I haven't been telling you.
But that's not why we're driving out here.
Then why are we driving out here? It's better if you just see it.
Change is hard.
But if you can accept that it's inevitable, you'll be okay moving forward.
No matter what happens next.
Are you guys bringing me out here to kill me? We changed your diapers and kept you alive for 16 years so we could murder you in a forest? You're the one who made me watch all those horror movies.
We're here.
You're really freaking me out now.
What is this? This is where we found you.

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