Naomi (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


Last time on Naomi Having powers doesn't mean you're ready to use them.
I didn't just find the disc, Akira.
I found the girl.
Her powers are beginning to manifest.
This world isn't safe anymore.
Thanks for this.
Anything for you.
Even though you, uh, dumped me.
It doesn't change the way I feel about you.
I was able to translate the markings on the disc.
It says "The Twenty-Nine".
We have something to tell you.
What is this? This is where we found you.
The story of how you came into our lives begins a long time ago.
Before we found you we had to find each other.
You said that you adopted me someplace on the East Coast.
You said that it was a closed adoption.
But you really found me here.
In the woods, on a rock.
I've spent my whole life imagining my birth parents.
Who they are, where they're from.
Who I really am.
Which you both knew this whole time.
We should have told you.
We are truly sorry.
But we don't know any of those details.
We never did.
I tried to find out.
I used every government contact I had.
But there was nothing.
All we knew is that you came from somewhere - up there.
- But how did I get here? Did I come in some kind of spaceship? There was no spaceship.
No wreckage.
Just you.
Someone just left me here? We don't know that.
Maybe your birth parents sent you here to protect you.
Maybe they saved you.
Don't assume the worst in them.
I know that you're sorry and I understand the circumstances.
But why didn't you tell me sooner? We kept saying we'd do it when you were older.
But you seemed happy.
So were we.
We felt normal.
It was wrong not to tell you.
And we understand if you hate us.
But we really hope, maybe one day, you might be able to forgive us.
And you did? - You forgave them? - Pretty much.
I can't believe Greg and Jen have been lying to you.
I can't believe they've been lying to me.
I told my parents everything.
About Dee, about Zumbado, about the disc.
My mom does that thing where she gets really teary and quietly stresses about me.
And my dad went with a lecture.
Greg, no! Read the room.
He just said that I have to be more careful.
I don't know anything more than I did yesterday.
Except for the fact that your parents have been keeping a giant secret for, like, your entire life.
You seem surprisingly chill about this.
Everything's finally back to normal.
No more secrets.
No more weirdness.
I guess I just wanna keep it that way.
Babe, you're an alien, not a robot.
What am I supposed to do? Yell? Cry? Scream into my pillow? All of the above.
All of the above.
Ladies, we have a big problem.
Is that dried fruit? Esme decided to help us make "healthier lifestyle choices".
Since when does a class president get to decide on snacks? She's a monster.
First, no off-campus lunches and now a sugar ban? Maybe we should organize a recall.
That's exactly what we should do.
- I I was kidding.
- Yeah.
It's a real thing.
All we have to do is to find someone to run against Esme.
Someone who can actually beat her.
Yeah, Naomi.
- If anyone can do it, it's you.
- Me? - Just do it.
- No, no.
Guys, that's not what I meant.
Come on, you'd be great.
Weren't you planning on running next year anyway? Well, yeah, I was, but now I'm just not sure it's the best idea.
She kind of has a lot on her plate.
Naomi, we can't let this stand.
There are pistachios in there.
Please, Naomi.
Save us.
I'm in.
Let's take back our candy bars.
Down with almonds! Easy.
Focus on precise, calculated movements.
Dee, I'm so sorry.
I didn't even know I could do that.
Naomi, it's okay.
It's okay.
Maybe next session, we'll start the meditation training.
I'm not really into the whole yoga pants on a mountaintop thing.
Meditation is about being aware and present.
A mind that isn't aware of its emotions is at risk of being controlled by them.
Is there, um, something on your mind? Yeah, I found out my parents have known I'm from another planet all along.
They took me into the woods and showed me this rock where they found me.
That explains the, uh, punching bag.
- That must have been difficult.
- I'm fine.
It was just weird.
I also told them about you.
And now they want you to come to dinner.
I'm so sorry, I should've asked.
It just happened so fast.
Well, I appreciate your honesty.
I think the worst part is my parents weren't able to tell me anything about where I'm from or who I am.
For someone to send you here the situation must have been very bad.
What do you mean? The universe is vast.
There are more planets than humans have even counted.
More than they can imagine.
I don't even know all of them myself.
But there's a hierarchy.
Some planets are strong, others are weak.
And there are a few that are considered the most special of all.
- You think I'm from one of those planets? - Yes.
Naomi, you are different.
I knew it from the first time I sensed you.
Your powers, your energy.
It's rare.
I may not know who you are exactly but I know you're someone very special in this universe.
You have great power.
I'm here for my disc.
The real one.
You should go home, Naomi.
I'm not afraid of you.
Not many people do this by hand anymore.
The machine is easier.
People prefer the convenience.
There's no substitute for the work.
These things take time.
I know who you are.
What you are.
I very much doubt that.
I know that you're not from this Earth.
And I know what the numbers on the disc say.
The Twenty-Nine.
I've warned you, I've threatened you.
Yet here you are, so certain that you know what's happening.
I'm not leaving without my disc.
It's real.
And you're just giving it to me.
Why would you do that? I told you before.
Don't believe everything you think.
What the hell I have questions.
Many, many questions.
One, why did scary Zumbado just give you the disc? Two, are we worried that the disc is going to explode? Three, why does the disc always want me to do math? These numbers were on the disc.
- It's a cipher.
- Clearly binary.
Might even be Vigenere or Caesar.
I used the monogram frequencies, and the index of coincidence is .
My little nerds.
I literally don't understand a word you're saying.
All codes can be cracked.
You just have to find the right method.
I just haven't found it yet.
Don't feel bad.
Did you see Interstellar? Even McConaughey struggled with this sort of thing.
What if we ran a PCO algorithm? Like the one we built in coding club? That could work.
Although, it might take a while to find the solution vectors.
Okay, then let's get started.
Sir, what's happening? It feels like we're under attack.
We might be, Major.
That blackout last night sent our systems offline.
You suspect alien activity? We detected electron diffusion occurring within the region just prior to the blackout.
A possible dimensional breach.
You think someone's arrived? That's our working theory, yes.
That blackout was the result of a massive energy draw.
Over a gigawatt.
Someone could do a lot of bad things with that much energy.
We need to find out the origin point of that blackout and figure out what the hell just happened.
Forgot my book.
Isn't there a big campaign thing happening right now? Yeah, Annabelle thought we should have an open Mic forum, and Jacob brought his karaoke machine.
You're straight-up hiding right now.
What? No, I'm not.
Okay, maybe a little.
You know, "President McDuffie" does have a nice ring to it.
But, uh are you sure this is what you really want? I was just taking a break, but You know, you're right.
I should get back.
That's not what I meant.
It just, uh, seems like maybe your heart's not really in this.
Everyone wants me to run.
So? Who cares what they want? You need to trust how you feel.
That's all that matters.
How are you always so sure about everything? I'm not sure about anything.
Well except for one thing.
Babe! There you are.
You missed Jacob singing "The Boss".
- Epic.
- It really was.
Um, but I come bearing bad news.
Our algorithm failed us.
I can't figure out the code, either.
I think our method is too complicated.
We need something simple.
Like a Turing machine.
Is that the thing that makes those little cups of coffee? Turing.
As in, Alan Turing.
The mathematician who developed a machine to break the Nazis' Enigma code.
He was instrumental in helping the Allies defeat Germany.
Not many people have those anymore, though.
Mostly just hobbyists.
Then we need to find someone who does.
I hope that chicken's not too dry.
I sometimes overcook it.
I'm sure it's delicious.
Mom, he has wings.
Like a bird? Dee, I am so sorry.
Please, let me make you something else.
It it's fine.
Uh, really, I'm okay.
Naomi, why don't you tell us how your training with Dee is going? Good.
He's teaching me how to box.
I had no idea how much discipline it requires.
It's really about learning control.
We're introducing, uh, meditation next.
Oh, that's wonderful.
The recent science is very compelling.
I wouldn't have pegged you as a New Agey kind of guy.
You know, then again, I wouldn't have pegged you as a guy who has wings.
Meditation is, uh, very centering.
You've been in Port Oswego a long time, Dee.
Almost 20 years.
Well, not the whole 20 years.
Dad, what are you doing? I'm just making conversation.
It's okay, Naomi.
I'm sure your father has done his homework on me.
He's right.
I did leave town for a couple of years.
Actually, I left Earth entirely back in 2012.
Did you go back to your home planet? I'd rather not talk about it.
You seem to be embracing this whole "aliens are real" thing.
- Well, it definitely took some getting used to, but, uh - Yeah.
we love our daughter.
Naomi tells me you found her, uh, on a strange rock in the woods.
Was there any kind of light hovering above it? No.
Just our Naomi, wrapped in a blanket.
Light Why would there be any light? It's an energy source.
Normally present at arrival events.
Well, there was nothing like that.
And there was no one else there? That's right.
So, Naomi says your wings can somehow sense if a person isn't from this Earth.
Within a certain range.
And if they have powers.
That's how I knew Naomi was not from this planet.
Which which you told her before we could.
You only had 16 years.
Looks like we need a new bulb.
Who's ready for dessert? I should go.
It's getting late.
Thank you for a, um, lovely dinner.
So, there's supposed to be Turing machine in here? I did this escape room last year in Portland called Merlin's Revenge, and it was awesome.
The one with the secret bookcase - that leads to the magician's lair? - Yeah.
Is anyone else a little freaked out that we're, like trapped in here? Dude, we're not actually trapped.
The owner said the Turing machine was a part of this.
There must be a second room.
We have to beat the game.
Wait, so we're supposed to solve the clue by smelling it? I think we have to figure out the flower by matching it to the smell.
It could be lavender.
Mmm, definitely not.
My mom had lavender potpourri, and that smell has been burned into my brain.
Lilac! There's the Turing machine.
I think these are coordinates.
There's also a description.
A blonde woman with blue eyes.
For west.
Yes! I think the first set of coordinates is a street corner in Portland.
Why is she in Portland? I have no idea.
But I'm gonna find out.
- Morning.
- Morning, pumpkin.
Might want to hold off on that bagel.
I'm making French toast.
That's okay.
Um, I think I'll stick with the bagel.
Uh, we were hoping to have a post-dinner "Dee-brief" over breakfast.
Really? Nothing? I mean, that was one of my best puns.
We just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Last night was a lot.
I'm fine.
But you guys were pretty harsh on Dee.
That wasn't our intention.
But how much do you really know about him? We just don't want you to get hurt.
You know, I think I should really go.
Uh, I have student council and then I have a town hall meeting, so I won't be home for dinner.
You're running for student council? Since when? - A couple of days ago.
- Why didn't you tell us? I mean, we're excellent campaign advisers.
It all just happened really fast.
You know, pumpkin, we threw a lot at you the other night.
It's okay to be upset.
You can always be honest with us.
You know that, right? I do know that.
And I'm fine.
I'll see you guys tonight? See you tonight.
Can I help you? Just browsing, friend.
This area's off limits.
Off limits is just a matter of price, isn't it? Depends on what you're looking for.
It's hard to say.
The best cars are usually hiding something.
Who are you? What do you want? Something rare, valuable.
Powerful enough to be dangerous.
I'll know when I see it.
Something that dangerous you might get in over your head.
I wouldn't have come all this way if I wasn't sure I could handle it.
Like I said, just browsing.
Then I suggest you look elsewhere.
You won't like what you find here.
Blonde hair.
Blue eyes.
Wait! That was reckless.
You shouldn't have done that.
You might expose yourself.
Well, If you hadn't run, I wouldn't have had to chase you.
You're not what I expected.
Did Zumbado send you? You know Zumbado? No.
No, he didn't send me here.
Zumbado is dangerous.
He's the one who ruined Earth-29.
Earth-29? Is that where you're from? Is that where I'm from? Where is it? What is it like? It used to be beautiful.
It was full of color and life.
But now that's all gone, thanks to him.
If Zumbado didn't send you, you found me using the disc? You shouldn't have activated it.
What do you know about the disc? It's a mistake.
We thought we might need it to find each other, which we should have known might be a bad idea.
Who would need to find each other? Please.
Uh just tell me who you are.
Tell me who I am.
This is hard to understand.
The less you know, the safer you are.
Hey, watch where you're going! Thanks for coming.
Aren't you gonna ask me what I'm doing in Portland? You'll tell me when you're ready.
Thanks for picking me up again.
I really didn't want to bother my parents.
But you don't have to worry.
It's all fine.
You, uh made a light bulb flicker at dinner during a tense moment with your parents.
Did you know that? I can also make them explode.
The light bulb's not the problem.
I didn't realize there was a problem.
There's a connection between your emotions and your powers.
Ever since you found out your parents have, uh, not been honest have you been in more or less control of them? Are you gonna tell me I need to be more honest with my parents? No.
You need to be honest with yourself.
Our next question is from AJ.
"Are you waging a war on candy? If so, who hurt you?" I appreciate AJ's concern, but the candy situation is about my concern for all of you.
Because you know what has hurt people? Sugar.
We're in the middle of an epidemic Give me a break.
Where is she? She'll be here.
I've been texting her for an hour.
So, either her phone's dead, she's dead, or we're dead.
Are we dead? Sir.
What do we have, Major? A massive electromagnetic signal just ripped through Port Oswego.
Every cell and radio tower within 100 miles just picked it up.
So we found our missing gigawatt.
You think this could be another arrival event? No.
No, this is different.
The signal's repeating.
The pulse frequency resembles something like radar.
Like someone's searching? Yes, sir.
The question is for what.
And now let's hear from our challenger.
Please welcome Naomi McDuffie.
Our first question is from Henry.
"Why should we vote for you?" Um Before I start I just want to say, whatever problems we have with Esme's policies, we shouldn't have with her.
No one cares about this school more.
And she's always been upfront about what she's doing and why.
It's not always easy putting yourself on the line like that.
We have some possible locations for the signal, Major.
Putting it on your screen.
You recognize something? No.
It's easier to wait for someone else to take care of our problems.
Until one day you look up and there are no candy bars in the vending machine.
I guess what I'm trying to say is being honest about what you really want and how you feel It's scary, especially if you don't know how others will react.
It makes you feel vulnerable.
It leaves room for rejection.
And It makes you feel weak.
But if we decide to face it and be engaged and active, despite the risk, there's nothing that this school can't do.
And I promise to do that.
And that's why you should vote for me.
Candy! Candy! Candy! Someone's looking for Naomi.
No wonder politicians are cranky.
I'm exhausted.
You know what would sound so good right now? Bed? A double cheeseburger from Murray's.
No pickles, extra onions.
- Side of fries, extra crispy - I don't know.
I have a calc test first period, and you know how cranky I am if I don't get a solid six.
But you could get one of those shakes that you love.
Double chocolate fudge with whipped cream and Extra chocolate sprinkles.
Tiny slivers of magic.
You do know the way to my heart.
I'm in.
I have to get something from my locker, but I'll meet you there? Who are you? I'm here to take you back.
Take me back? To Earth-29.
There are a lot of people looking for you.
It's just business.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
I'm afraid you don't have choice.
Where is he? I searched the campus.
He's gone.
You're safe now.
Who was he? I believe he was a bounty hunter.
Bounty hunter? From where? There are many beings like him in the multi-verse.
He said that he was gonna take me back to Earth-29.
How did he even find me? I don't know.
But you have an idea.
Dee, what are you not telling me? I think his arrival might be tied to the emergence of your powers.
They could be acting as a magnet.
So there might be others that will come? What if they find me? Then they'll have to go through me.
You were right about my powers.
I tried to control them, but I couldn't.
I was too afraid.
The first step towards fixing a problem is admitting you have one.
Acknowledging your true feelings doesn't make you weak.
It makes you strong.
That kind of sounds like an oxymoron.
Can I tell you something? Mmm-hmm.
This Q is for Qyeala.
What does it mean? To me, everything.
It's the name of the one I loved.
She's the reason why I left the planet back in 2012.
What happened to her? I don't know.
But I do know that life is short.
And I wish I had known back then how precious time is.
I wish I had told Q how much she meant to me.
Why didn't you tell her? I was afraid.
I was too scared to love.
To say the things I felt.
Love is important, Naomi.
If you find it, you hold on to it.
Even when it scares you.
At 2014 hundred hours, the signal went dead.
Alpha Team also found no sign of life or a device at either of the sites.
So, whoever this was, just vanished.
For now.
We're monitoring it.
Alpha Leader said you detoured prior to the arrival at the second site.
The data suggested a third site nearby.
I decided to investigate, but I didn't find anything.
Thank you, Major.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That was some speech last night.
Guess this means I have to start addressing you as Madame President.
I dropped out.
Good for you.
Does this mean you figured out what you really want? Yeah.
Yeah, actually it does.

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