Naomi (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Shadow Ridge

Last time on Naomi You said that you adopted me someplace on the East Coast.
But you really found me here.
If this UFO hunt is important to you, it's important to us.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
Who are you? What do you want? I'm here to take you back.
I believe he was a bounty hunter.
His arrival might be tied to the emergence of your powers.
This Q is for Qyeala.
What does it mean? It's the name of the one I loved.
Does this mean you figured out what you really want? Yeah.
Favorite ice cream? Easy.
Mint chocolate chip.
What? No.
It tastes like toothpaste.
Yeah, it kind of does.
Favorite place you've lived? Tokyo.
I love the people and the food.
That's where I got my first Superman comic.
It's also where you first learned how to skateboard.
How do you know that? I'm a good listener? Are you sure you're not a stalker? Uh, favorite place you've lived? Oh, that's tough.
Seoul was dope, but I think Germany is my favorite.
When my mom was on leave, we would take these weekend trips all over Europe.
France, Switzerland, Spain.
I've always wanted to go to Spain.
Oh, we'll go some day.
To Spain? Damn, Nathan.
Save something for the second date.
So where to next? Let me tell you why you're here.
You're here because you know something.
What you know, you can't explain, but you feel it.
You felt it your entire life.
That there's something wrong with the world.
You don't know what it is, but it's there.
Like a splinter in your mind driving you mad.
It is this feeling that has brought you to me.
Meditation is not about controlling your thoughts.
Even if those thoughts are painful, do not fight them.
Why be a sheep when you can be a wolf? I spent my whole life imagining my birth parents.
But you both knew this whole time.
There are two ways to deal with fear.
You fight it or you face it.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Afraid you don't have a choice.
You just completed your first meditation practice.
How long was that? Ten minutes.
Felt like ten years.
That's completely normal.
Being alone with your thoughts, can be difficult.
It takes practice.
I think I prefer boxing.
So do I.
Kept having all these thoughts, memories I couldn't stop them.
You shouldn't try to.
That is the point of meditation.
I've also been having some dreams.
What kind of dreams? I'm back on the soccer field, with the bounty hunter.
And he's coming towards me and I-I try to run, but I can't.
He just keeps coming closer and closer.
But in my dream, you don't show up.
You had a traumatic experience.
Fear is a very powerful emotion.
I've never been that scared before.
It will get better.
I promise.
Meditation is no joke.
Who would've guessed you'd be so emotionally involved.
I'm really looking forward to just getting away from everything for a weekend at Shadow Ridge.
I'd hoped your leadership retreat would involve less camping and more glamping.
I love camping.
The trees, the lake, and at night, you can see thousands of stars.
Babe, I've never seen someone so happy about a week with bears and no cell phone service.
This weekend is about fun.
No bounty hunters, no powers.
I can just be a normal teenager.
I'm not sure it works like that.
What's up, Nathan? I can't believe you kissed Nathan.
I'm so loving this strong female lead for you.
I've been thinking about our first date when we watched The Matrix.
It's like you never broke up.
He wants to ride together on the way up.
I am so shipping this.
Miss McDuffie, Miss Peters, you're both in jeep number six.
There's assigned seating? True leadership requires getting out of your comfort zone.
Hey, jeep buddy.
I got this.
Oh, thanks, Anthony.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You think this place has mint chip ice-cream? If not, I want my money back.
Welcome Porta Swango Juniors To camp Shadow Ridge.
You have been chosen to visit Shadow Ridge because you are the leaders of tomorrow.
Now how about we show you all around? Whoo! Right this way.
Our main cabin is home base for the camp.
Every morning starts there with breakfast.
Also, sorry to disappoint, but we do not have a co-ed dorm situation.
Boys on one side, girls on the other, chaperones in between.
The only tweets you'll be getting this weekend will be from actual birds.
All of this leading up to our final night of camp, where we'll all head off into the woods to pitch our tents for a true camping experience.
And, as always, there's the fire pit for s'mores under the stars.
The cabins you'll be sleeping in tonight were built over a hundred years ago to house the loggers who worked in these woods.
Including one who spent only one season here, we like to call him - Moonshine Jimmy.
- Moonshine Jimmy.
Hey, no spoilers.
Now, Jimmy, he liked to drink.
He even brewed his own moonshine.
But one fateful night, a night very much, like this one.
Jimmy started drinking and didn't stop until he'd lost his mind.
Some people think Jimmy's moonshine batch was bad.
Others say he was so drunk, he thought he was felling trees.
All we know for sure is that once his moonshine was gone, Jimmy picked up his Axe, and slaughtered every single logger at the camp! Classic! Moonshine Jimmy's spirit never left these woods.
Once the moon is up, you can still hear him, wandering Did you hear that? So late at night, if you hear footsteps, there's only one thing you can do.
Oh, my God.
11 out of ten.
Would be scared to death again.
McDuffie, It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
Pleasure's all mine, sir.
So you're the one to thank for all those dinners alone.
Don't tell Greg.
I sometimes enjoy them.
I've called you in here because you are the best at what you do.
My team recovered an artifact.
I believe the markings etched onto it are an unknown language.
I've never seen glyphs like this.
I'd be shocked if you had.
We believe they are extraterrestrial in origin.
You mean aliens? Now you know why I've kept your husband so busy lately.
I haven't seen this image in our archives, sir.
That's because we recently discovered the artifact.
I didn't scare you, did I? Nah, uh I just thought girls were supposed to be in the girl's cabin.
I was, uh, kind of hoping we could talk, like, for real.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
Is everything okay? It's great, the kiss, hanging out, all of it.
That's the problem.
That doesn't sound like a problem.
Everything was great last time, too.
And you kind of just broke up with me, and I never understood why.
Nathan, someone's coming.
Anthony? Are you okay? What happened? I saw I saw Moonshine Jimmy.
- Hi.
- Hi, Naomi.
How are you feeling? Better.
They think it was allergies, but, uh, it was definitely not allergies.
What happened out there? I don't really remember.
I was reading in this book about how you can apparently see Venus on really clear nights.
So I snuck out.
Uh, I was hoping to get a better view from the peak and then, I heard something or someone, and then I saw this light.
Like the the rocks and the trees, - were glowing blue.
- Like bioluminescence? No, I wasn't near any water.
Plus the color was all wrong.
But the But the weirdest thing was that whatever it was, it made me feel dizzy.
I got turned around and that's when I saw you and Nathan.
Who could have been out there? That's what I'm going to find out.
And I was hoping that you might help me.
Of course, I'll help.
- I'm in.
- Yeah? Yeah.
A ghost hunt? In the woods? I thought we were going canoeing later? We will.
You don't have to help with this, Nathan, and we can catch up later.
No, I'm totally in.
There's plenty of time for canoes.
So where do we start? Anthony said he overheard one of the nurses saying something like this has happened here before.
So we're in a sequel.
There's always way more death than the original.
My goodness, ladies, I've had my actual water break and didn't scream like that.
They're probably just on edge from what happened to Anthony.
It's not like that's happened before, right? No.
Well, not to a camper.
So it happened to someone on staff.
You know, I did hear about a part timer, but that was before my time here.
- How long ago was that? - About six months ago.
She was a researcher who used the camp as a home base.
- Kind of a loner.
- Hmm.
- What was their name? - Belinda.
It's a sad story.
That's how I knew you had allergies.
- Same thing happened to her.
- No way it was allergies.
She had a mental break for sure.
Left one day, never came back.
She was always out there in the forest alone.
That's what isolation will do to the human psyche.
I'm not supposed to say this, but I think it's a cover up.
They know Moonshine Jimmy's real.
That's why no one goes to her cabin anymore.
And where, exactly, is her cabin? It's just outside of camp.
Now don't you wait too long before you come back and see me.
Have a good day.
I used to have a bike like this.
When I lived overseas.
How much? It's not for sale.
You could've been more discreet.
And you could have told me about your visit from the bounty hunter.
I didn't realize I had to check in with you about my movements.
You do when it concerns Naomi.
None of this would have happened had you just stayed away from her.
Naomi came to me.
She was gonna learn the truth eventually.
We had a deal.
You broke it.
Don't come back here.
Bounty hunter is still here.
He disappeared after our fight, but now he's back.
I can sense him.
You are gonna help me stop him.
Why would I do that? Because he knows about the both of us, and he will not keep that to himself.
Belinda's cabin should be up ahead.
This is like a real life Blair Witch or The Witch or no, wait, Friday the 13th.
I don't know if I'm excited or terrified.
Doesn't everyone die in those movies? No comment.
Sorry we haven't gotten a chance to talk.
Really? Because it feels like you might be avoiding me.
I'm not.
I'm just helping out a friend.
There it is.
FYI, this is the part of the movie where people start yelling at the characters to turn back.
Do you guys smell that? - Smells like - Cookies? What is this place? Someone must have taken over the cabin after Belinda left.
I was not expecting this.
Somehow it's even creepier.
A camcorder.
The battery's dead.
Guys, check this out.
That's what I saw in the woods.
We need to go.
Someone's coming, hurry! Director Richard.
These are delicious.
I can't believe Director Richard put us on chore duty even after I called him a cookie wizard.
Who knew he'd be so into stress baking? Ew, how does peanut butter get under the table? Teenagers are animals.
Hey, want to give us a hand, townie? Since you're the reason we're here in the first place.
No one twisted your arm.
Guys, chill.
Let's just finish this and then we can get back to Belinda.
Back to Belinda? We're in trouble.
I thought we were done with the ghost hunt.
You know, I think I saw an old charger in the science cabin, it might be for that camcorder.
I remember because I was like, "Whoa, vintage".
- I think I'm gonna go get it.
- Yeah, I'll come with you.
How did they even find Naomi's rock? You said you went there alone.
They must have done a sweep of the area after I left.
You know what this means? We can't jump to conclusions.
If Steel suspected us, he wouldn't have called you in to help.
Unless it's a test.
So you lie about the translations.
They still have the rock.
They'll analyze it.
It won't take them long to realize it's not a material found on Earth.
We don't have many options here.
We could leave.
We've done it before.
That was different.
Naomi's in more danger than ever, you know that.
If we leave now, it'll look like we have something to hide.
We do have something to hide.
Our daughter.
I have to leave the service.
I won't be able to protect her.
Is that really what's best for us? I know you're scared.
We have to do something.
I know.
We'll protect her.
No matter what it takes.
Oh! Hello.
I wasn't expecting any visitors.
Science usually loses out to the rock wall and zip line.
Actually, we're here on trash duty.
Oh, okay.
Uh, but we were wondering Do Do bears actually like honey or is that more like a rabbit-and-carrots-type lie? Oh, they actually do.
Both brown and black bears will raid beehives.
- That's pretty dope.
- Right? Do you happen to have any, uh, bear fossils that we could check out? Of course! I'll be right back.
It's right there.
So, not to pry Okay, I'm gonna pry.
You were pretty quick to volunteer for trash duty.
Yeah, well, this weekend isn't exactly going the way I planned.
You didn't have ghost hunt on your Camp Shadow Ridge bingo card? This is because of Anthony.
Actually, it's not.
So it's about Naomi.
- Something to do with our many activities? - No Well, kind of.
I thought things were going well between you.
They are.
It's just Naomi is always doing a bunch of things.
That's cool.
I love that about her.
I just want her to talk to me about some of those things.
You know, for real.
Like why she broke up with me the first time.
Take it from someone who knows her very well.
Naomi doesn't do things lightly.
She chose you.
She kissed you.
That means something.
Belinda was keeping tabs on every single plant in these woods.
Well, she was a naturalist, so that makes sense.
This doesn't.
- See, this is a schematic of Shadow Ridge.
- Mmm-hmm.
This big circled area, that's the main cabin.
Apparently they excavated the area below it three years ago, and it looks like they built some kind of a room underneath it.
But why would they do that? And what does it have to do with plants and that blue glowing? Um I should tell you that Nathan and I, we've been talking again, and I really don't want to make this weird I know you kissed him.
Everybody knows.
It's high school.
- I really didn't want this to be weird.
- It's not weird.
I know you and Nathan have been a thing for a minute.
Um But you should know, he's not the only thing out there.
Jaeger is here.
He's not moved which means he's probably hurt.
So we let him bleed out.
He will not leave without coming after Naomi again.
We have to find out who sent him.
You're not doing this for Naomi.
A Thanagarian war criminal would be of high value to a bounty hunter.
Your people aren't exactly known for showing mercy to deserters.
That's not who I am anymore.
What I don't understand is why are you still here? You can leave Port Oswego and hide somewhere else.
There are thousands of planets.
And you speak of being royalty.
Isn't this planet beneath you? Bounty hunters, they carry a device.
A record of their targets.
That's what we need from him.
And then what? There are other ways.
This planet's made you soft.
Did you guys know panda bears have an extra bone just for eating? Camera's ready.
This couldn't possibly get any more Blair Witch.
October 3rd.
Spoke too soon.
I'm in Gulch Springs tonight.
Taking samples as usual.
Came across the glowing again.
Even more unusual, the closer I get to the glow, the stranger I feel.
Like I'm disoriented.
Somebody there? The glowing is some kind of a substance.
Probably a chemical.
They're using it to mess with the ecosystem in the forest.
What are you doing here? Take two steps to your left.
Okay, now one big step forward.
- Camping, eggs, and the rain.
- Yay.
You're doing great, Annabelle.
We need a plan.
To do what? Find out whatever is really going on in the woods.
Belinda was clearly onto something.
Plus she knew the person in the video, which means it was probably one of the counselors.
Ooh, camp conspiracy! We don't know that for sure.
Wait, Nathan, stop, take one big step back.
Did we just fail team building? We should go to the main cabin tonight while everyone else is away.
See if we can find some kind of proof.
Or we could just act like normal teenagers and call the police.
Naomi, you're with me, right? I don't know.
This is serious stuff.
If someone is really trying to do something bad at the camp, it could be dangerous.
That's never stopped you before.
We just watched a woman get chased through the woods.
It's not exactly the same thing as trespassing.
Once we get home, we can call the police.
I thought we were in this together.
I guess I was wrong.
I don't know about this, Greg.
There are no cameras in the secure lab, so once we're in, we'll be fine.
But we should hurry.
Lieutenant Ramirez.
Major McDuffie.
Pardon me, but what are you doing here? I'm Dr.
I'm the linguist on base.
Commander Steel asked me to work on the translation.
Is there something I can help you with, ma'am? I was hoping to ask you some questions about the properties of the artifact to guide my work.
Um, material analysis is still pending, so Any help you could provide would be really valuable, Lieutenant.
Of course.
Uh, yeah.
Let me show you what I've been working on, doctor.
So I'm having a hard time determining the nature of of the rock.
I have never seen anything like it before.
- Um - Any theories about the age of the artifact? I would love to get even a general idea of time period.
Thermoluminescence test results won't be available until tomorrow.
What about the composition? Oh, I'm not prepared to speculate.
I'm sorry.
What does that have to do with your work? This has been very helpful.
We'll get out of your way.
Thank you for your time.
I really miss my bed.
The only thing nature is reconnecting me to is my love of memory foam.
At least we're not getting chased through the woods like Belinda.
We made the right decision to stay out of it, right? Oh, absolutely.
It was a really bad idea.
Do you want me to keep agreeing with you? You think I should be looking into the cover up? I think you think you should be looking into the cover up.
Are you trying to inception me? You agreed that it'd be too dangerous.
For me.
For Anthony.
For Nathan.
Maybe not for someone with powers.
My powers didn't do very much good last time against the bounty hunter.
What if Dee hadn't shown up when he did? That's like asking what if the sky wasn't blue or what if Harry Styles didn't rule the world? It's just not in the realm of possibility.
Fear is a new look on you.
That fight just really messed me up.
I know.
But I'm not just talking about the bounty hunter.
I'm talking about a certain soccer player.
He says you won't be real with him.
Wait, you're my best friend.
You're obligated to take my side.
It's not like I can be real with him about who I am.
Maybe not.
But you can be real with him about other things.
The only thing to fear is fear itself.
And also snakes.
You I'm here with a one-time offer.
I let you stay on this planet until you heal.
You give me your list.
You Thanagarians are all the same.
So arrogant.
You travel around the universe, ravaging other planets, under the guise of what? Peacekeeping? All you bring is war.
I suggest you take the deal.
I won't leave without my mark.
Last time did not end well for you.
It's bad luck.
This time it'll go better.
I doubt that.
You brought a friend.
Who sent you here? I don't kiss and tell.
That wasn't so hard, was it? There are two ways to deal with fear.
You fight it or you face it.
Face the fear.
Face the fear.
Identify, acknowledge, release.
Naomi, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? I'm looking for proof.
So was I.
You need to go.
It's dangerous.
You're here.
Come on.
What do you think they're hiding? Maybe an experiment or a chemical.
That would explain your reaction.
I think I found something.
What the hell is dilustel? I don't know.
That's the same writing as the disk.
Naomi, I don't feel so good.
Anthony? It must be the dilustel.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
It's locked.
I had a feeling someone would come.
You should have been more careful.
Counselor Jeff? I wish you would've left this alone, Naomi.
Moonshine Jimmy was working just fine as a cover.
It scared people away until you ruined it.
Who are you? This element works quickly on humans.
Not so much on people like me or people like you it seems.
Come on.
I think Director Richard is going to be doing a lot of stress baking.
How are you feeling? Better.
What do you think Counselor Jeff was doing with that? I don't know.
You were pretty out of it.
Do you remember anything? Not much.
I remember being down in the basement and finding that blue rock thing.
And then we were upstairs.
It got really loud.
And then the next thing I remember is waking up outside the cabin.
I like to approach linguistics challenges by comparing them to existing languages.
The markings on the rock, are statistically similar to written languages, created by the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica.
What does it mean? The language on the artifact is ancient.
But it's not alien.
The material analysis also supports that conclusion.
I had really hoped that this would be our breakthrough.
There will be others, Major.
Thank you for your work, doctor.
I understand why some people like camp, but I am not one of those people.
You okay, babe? Yeah.
I'm fine.
Goodbye, Camp Shadow Ridge.
May we never see you again.
I thought we were not going to make a habit of this.
Is the bounty hunter gone? I turned him over to Adam Blake.
He will take him to the Phantom Zone.
Did you find out who sent him? Yes.
Do we need to be concerned? You don't.
At least for now.
There is another name on the list that will be of interest to you.
Where's the screen? No movie this time.
Just talking.
I broke up with you before because I was afraid.
Afraid of getting hurt.
It was too real.
Then why did you kiss me? Because I thought we could just have all the fun parts.
But you were right.
We can't do that part forever.
So I wanted to tell you, I'm still afraid.
But I'm more afraid of not trying.
So we're doing this? The real version? The real version.
Plus the kissing.
If you're still, I don't know, into that part.

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