Naomi (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Last time on Naomi There was a UFO sighting back in Port Oswego in 2004.
I'm going to figure out what really happened that day.
I am not leaving you alone with the criminals doing creepy things inside a creepy mill.
Zumbado is dangerous.
He's the who ruined earth 29.
Is that where I'm from? The universe is vast.
There are more planets than humans can even count it.
Bounty hunters, they carry the record of their targets.
There is another name on the list that will be of interest to you, Qyeala.
So we're doing this? The real version? The real version.
Hi, Dee.
Nice sesh, Pumpkin.
Dad, what did we say about using skateboard slang? Strongly discouraged.
Oh! I enjoy these sessions a lot more when there were pads and helmet involved.
I stopped wearing those when I was 12.
And I've been holding my breath ever since.
Hot dog or churro, ladies? Churro.
Three churros, please.
It's been a minute since we've had a skateboard Sunday.
You remember our first one? Tokyo.
How can I forget? Mom took about a hundred pictures.
Actually, make that 200.
Hey! Taking too many photos is my duty as a mother.
A lot has changed since then.
Yeah, but not everything.
Stay away from Zumbado.
He's dangerous.
Thank you for coming, everyone.
And thank you for all your hard work over these past couple of months.
The big week is finally here.
The first order of Homecoming committee business is our fundraising check-in.
Annabelle, let's see the board.
- Whoo! - Yes! As you can see, the soccer team is in first place.
I'm sure it's a total coincidence that your boyfriend's club is winning.
We've been hardcore fundraising for weeks.
Plus, we're gonna raise even more money at our game on Saturday.
We're winning that trophy.
Oh! Uh, no, no way.
Architecture club has got that lock down.
Because you guys are building a float about logging? Okay.
The important thing is that we're raising money for our school.
- And also the trophy.
- Whoo! Yeah.
My dad has agreed to take a pie in the face, so student council has this on lock.
He won the trophy all four years he went to school here.
Uh, moving on to number two, the marching band's petition for an all-Lizzo setlist.
Her flute is verified on Instagram.
The motion passes.
How are even on this committee? You're not in-charge of a club.
I'm a member-at-large.
Eddie revolutionized the guitar solo.
He created a new sound.
I hear you, Miss Bennett.
It's just that Van Halen is more your generation, we're all about Doja Cat.
Is that a person or an animal? Fair point.
Is Miss Bennett starting a band? This used to be her locker, so she was not too happy to find out that I scraped off her Van Halen sticker.
It must be nice to spend your whole life in one place.
Feel like you really belong somewhere.
I thought you loved Port Oswego.
No, I do.
I just wish I knew more about where I was from.
I feel like I just keep hitting dead ends.
What about not-counselor-Jeff and those neon crystals? I mean, you said that the case had those weird markings.
Jeff's gone.
And I asked Dee about Dilustel, but he doesn't know.
There's the only one person who can give me answers, and he won't give them to me.
Our favorite used car salesman slash cryptic scary guy.
What is Zumbado hiding? Sometimes it feels like he's just watching me.
Hang on.
That's the key.
Zumbado showed up in the woods after this Superman thing and then, he also showed up in Falls Creek.
Oh, no! Please tell me this is not another creepy mill thing.
I give it zero out of five stars.
It's another creepy mill thing.
Very good.
The goal here is fluidity.
This will be our last session for a few days.
Why? Keep it flowing.
It's a personal matter about Qyeala.
I found new information.
You think she might be alive? I don't know what to think.
But you can utilize the space while I'm gone.
You need to keep practicing.
Why do I have to learn how to fight? Can't I just use my powers? It is easy for powers to become a crutch.
I've seen it happen before.
- Superman seems to be doing okay.
- True.
But one day, he may face someone who has powers and skill.
So you're saying, if I learn how to use these I might be better than Superman.
One day.
On Thanagar, women are warriors.
Girls on this planet talk about being protected by man.
But you do not need a boy around.
It's not always bad to have a boy around.
Naomi, what are you talking about? Uh, Hi.
Nathan, hi.
Oh! Nice ninja sticks.
Oh! When I told you to meet me here, I kind of meant outside.
I wanna see where the magic happens.
Boxing lessons.
Boxing? Magic.
I hope you make your mental and emotional health a priority.
I, uh, have a meditation app.
I don't use it that much.
But soccer helps keep my head straight.
Oh! We, we should go.
Uh, thank you, Dee.
I'll see you when you get back.
I never would've thought that Dee would care so much about mental health.
How did boxing happen anyway? Um, it's, it's kind of a long story.
So you're gonna show me your moves? Ooh! You're not ready for my moves.
- I guess not.
- Yeah, guess not.
This town loves its Homecoming.
I know.
You ever wished you hadn't move around so much growing up? Yeah, sometimes.
But not very kid gets to say they've eaten barbecue in Seoul or played soccer in Berlin.
I guess moving around does have its perks.
Oh! Like meeting me? No! - All the great food.
- All right.
Hello, old friend.
I thought we'd already said our tearful goodbye.
Where are the markings? They were right here.
Maybe the wall's just dirty.
This place could use a deep clean.
No, there's no paint.
It's not sanded.
It just disappeared.
Annabelle, I think I can see through here.
Yes, I knew it.
I knew you would've X-ray vision.
OMG, can you see inside of me? How's my heart? Am I getting enough iron? Whoa! For a secret room, I am a little underwhelmed.
Babe? Is it just me or does that look a lot like A spaceship.
I can't believe I touched a spaceship.
I can't believe I touched your spaceship.
That must be why Zumbado was trying to keep me away from the mill.
But if you got here in a spaceship, then how did you end up on the rock? That's what I need to find out.
And you're going to do that, how? By analyzing these.
I'm pretty sure we've been put on that geology lab's "Ban for life" list.
I found someone who I think might be able to help.
Her name is Dr.
She is a physicist who specializes in string theory.
What are you gonna say to her? Hi, I'm Naomi.
Can you help me analyze my spaceship? Dr.
Bell has written a bunch of papers on asteroids.
I'll say I found these in the woods.
I don't know, babe.
Seems risky.
I need answers.
And Dr.
Bell is my best chance at finding them.
The research facility she works at, it has a college internship program.
You're not in college.
I'm going to be tomorrow.
What the hell? Nathan? What's your problem, man? What? You did this.
You really think I care about your paper-mache? They're wearing army uniforms.
There are lot of military kids who go to this school.
Yeah, but only one who has it out for me.
I seriously doubt that.
You were making fun of it.
Because this is lame.
It doesn't mean I trashed it.
Homecoming has been going on in Port Oswego for a hundred years.
It means something to us.
It's typical military not caring about our town.
The military brings a bunch of money to this town.
You're welcome.
What is going on in here? He started it.
Both of you.
Thanks for coming.
What is this place? This is where people like us come when they get stranded.
In this universe.
When they can't find their way home.
You gonna tell me why you had me track down a mercenary? It's about Qyeala.
It's been a while since I've heard that name.
- I though she was - I thought so, too.
Until I saw her name on the bounty hunter list.
You're the only lovestruck Thanagarian I've ever known.
Vulnerability is not exactly encouraged.
We are warriors.
That is why Q and I decided to get out.
You never told me that.
We were on a planet in a different universe, fighting yet another war.
The things we saw We've seen it before, of course, hundreds of times.
But this time it's different.
It showed us that we did not want that life anymore.
So you decided to come to Earth? Yeah.
I heard about Port Oswego I do not remember where or how? We could not go together.
It was too risky.
So we made a plan to meet.
But she never made it.
Just because she's on that list doesn't mean she's alive.
I know it is a long shot, but it is better than not knowing.
Lux might have an answer.
Where is he? Let us find out what he knows.
How did you get back here? This area is off limits.
I can hear you.
I'm Naomi McDuffie.
I'm here about the college internship.
Really? What are you, 16? I made that appointment because I needed to see you.
I found something that I think you might be interested in.
I don't think that it's from this Earth.
Step through to the lab.
What do you have to show me? I found this after a meteor strike.
I was hoping you may be able to tell me about its origin.
It's just for a school project.
A school project.
Well, Miss McDuffie, you are correct.
It is clearly not from this Earth.
It's likely technology involved with a spaceship.
I assume yours.
What? No.
Why would you think that? Because you're not from this Earth.
There has to be some kind of mistake.
I don't make mistakes.
I am sorry.
I should go.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I understand your reluctance and you're welcome to leave.
But you're not the first interdimensional being that I've met.
How did you know? My work deals with understanding energies of all kinds.
That automatically scans anyone who steps into this room.
I thought you studied string theory.
It led to my breakthrough discovery.
That there is life on other worlds.
And some of that life exists here on Earth.
You're a Superman fan.
You know him? No, not personally, but we have some mutual friends.
Your scan was very revealing.
Your energy signature is vacillating rapidly.
I suspect your powers have been difficult to control? If I may you'll hear a hum.
This should help temporarily.
Try something that's been a struggle.
It's a concept called resonance.
It can help focus your energy.
Why do you want to help me? All of us are energy.
Human, alien.
We're all pieces of the same puzzle.
Understanding more of what binds us together will unlock the secrets of the universe.
Do you think you can find Earth-29? That's where I'm from.
I can certainly try.
Can you stop that, please? You know staring at the clock isn't going to get us out of here any faster.
I'm supposed to be at practice.
But instead, I'm here with you.
Yeah, I'm not too happy about it either.
It's not that you'll believe me, but I wasn't the one who messed up your float.
Whatever you say.
Is this about Naomi? Do you really think I'm that petty? No.
Although I don't think you're good enough for her.
And you are? Do you remember my first day here? No, not really.
You were assigned to show me around, but you ditched me by third period.
Said something about me just being another army brat.
You were never really that nice to me either.
You gave me the wrong address to your party.
You don't even know me.
I know guys like you.
You come through here, but you don't really care about Port Oswego.
You're just passing through.
You don't care that our history is being erased.
Because what would I know about someone trying to erase my history? You don t know me either.
You're right.
But I'm telling you, I didn't mess with your float.
But if you didn't, then who did? Maybe we should find out.
I need a word, please.
And I need another beer.
They say the real drinking is the friends you make along the way.
What is this, a shake down? I want information about a woman named Qyeala.
Doesn't ring a bell.
He says otherwise.
I don't care what he says.
I'm here to drink.
Where did you get that ring? I don't remember.
Look at it.
Look at it! This ring is the only match to the one around your neck.
Tell me where you got it.
Okay, fine.
Just catching up with an old friend.
We're all good here.
I got it from a woman named Qyeala.
But you already knew that.
She's dead.
Before you break my nose again, I'm not the one who killed her.
A few years ago, I was on a planet far from here.
A conflict broke out.
Ugly thing no one saw coming.
I don't know why, but she was there too.
Both of us got pinned down and I took this ring to remind myself that it could've been me instead.
We're done here.
Get out of my way.
Next time, we're having Italian.
The chicken tasted like rubber.
Have you eaten a lot of rubber? What the hell are you doing here? It's time for us to talk.
You broke into our home.
We could have you arrested.
You could.
I wonder what I would tell the police about your daughter.
You've been following us.
Things are changing.
Getting more dangerous.
I know that the military has been investigating people like me.
- Why are you here? - To warn you.
Someone is coming for Naomi.
He knows where she is now.
What are you talking about? Naomi's presence in Port Oswego is untenable.
Staying here puts her in danger.
It puts you in danger.
It puts me in danger.
- We can protect her.
- Can you? It's time to leave.
It's not safe here for any of us.
Then maybe you should leave.
That won't change anything.
They won't stop until they find her.
We don't answer to you.
I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you.
Deal with this situation.
Or I will.
The location of your home planet is inconclusive.
There's got to be something you can tell me.
Have you heard of the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics? Yeah, the idea that there are multiple universes, all existing at the same time in the same space.
It's not just a theory.
Others refer to this as "the multiverse.
" But that would mean I am not from a different planet.
I'm from a different universe? Yes.
That's why I can't pinpoint where you're from.
It's a problem of both complexity and scale.
So I'm right back where I started.
There has to be something else you can tell me.
Like some kind of fringe theory or out-of-the-box experiment.
These matters are sensitive.
Bell, up until a few weeks ago, I was a normal girl living a normal life.
And the Superman came and everything, it just It changed.
I found out I have powers.
And that I'm from a different world.
That I'm from a world I've never seen.
Wherever I'm from, wherever my real home is, I have to find it.
I have been working on a prototype.
A fission device that acts as an elevated energy source.
It might be able to pinpoint where you're from.
- But it was stolen.
- Stolen? By who? By someone very dangerous and very powerful.
Someone like you.
So, where does she keep the keys to the security room? Desk.
Top left drawer.
Varady, hi.
Did you need something, Anthony? Yes.
I uh I was just making sure that you'd be at Homecoming.
I've been attending since I was a student.
No reason to stop now.
It, uh, would not be the same without you.
I'd really like to get into my office please.
Of course.
What are you doing? Uh, looks like you're busted, Nathan.
I was just telling Nathan how much you love Homecoming, and, uh, he wanted to give you some front row seats to the game.
I was just leaving you a note.
Thank you.
That was very thoughtful.
I should really get back to work.
Of course.
See you at the game.
Where'd you learn to do all of this? Seoul.
I didn't know anyone at my school, so I spent most of my time teaching myself this stuff.
Was it hard always moving around? Sometimes.
Found it.
What Is that Esme? Maybe Lux is lying.
He's not.
If Q is still out there, she would have found her way to me.
The list must have been some kind of a decoy.
At least now you can finally leave.
Leave? Without Q, there's nothing keeping you in Port Oswego, right? We've got trouble.
If I apologize, can we avoid all this? Hey.
You know the rules.
Human skills only.
Time to go.
You promised you'd do this.
I promised to do this if it meant you winning that trophy.
- I still can.
- You're too far behind.
I'm sorry, honey, I can't take a pie in the face for nothing.
There's always next year.
What do you two want? We just came to see if we could buy one of those pies.
Got any peanut butter? Sure.
Yeah, I have peanut butter.
Why did you do that? I need to talk.
Now you want to talk? You're frustrated.
Why are you doing this? Why won't you just tell me the truth? Because you're not ready, Naomi.
Ready for what? I know exactly who you are.
I know what you did to our planet.
Do you? Ever since I moved here, my parents have warned me about you.
Now I understand why.
It's because you're not a good person.
Stay away from STAR Labs.
That's what I came to tell you.
You were following me? I know you stole that device.
You know nothing.
But ignorance is one thing.
Immaturity is another.
You've proven to me time and time again that you aren't ready for any of this.
That you're not willing to think for yourself.
To ask yourself the hard questions.
You're wrong about me.
STAR Labs is dangerous.
Bell is dangerous.
The device is dangerous.
That's why I took it.
It'll ruin our planet.
I don't believe you.
That's irrelevant.
If you're not going to give me the device, I'm going to take it from you.
Finally, some nerve.
You're such a disappointment.
Hey, hang on a sec, Pumpkin.
What's going on.
We got you something.
We started this a long time ago.
And we think it's time for you to have it.
I remember this place.
It had the best candy.
I think we went to that store every single day we lived there.
My first Superman comic.
I still have it.
You know, I know with our lifestyle, all the moving around, it can be hard to ever feel settled.
Like you belong.
We wanted you to have a reminder of the good times, too.
I love you so much.
Thank you, guys.
We love you too, Pumpkin.
Thank you for coming.
You said you had answers? I certainly do.
I tried to get your device back, but Zumbado stopped me.
It's all right.
I was able to find another source of energy.
One much more powerful, much more unique.
I believe I'm on the cusp of unlocking a secret the ability to see and move across dimensions.
You might be able to tell me where I come from? I'm afraid it's not that simple.
The purpose of my work is greater than any individual pursuit.
It requires sacrifice.
Where did you get that? I thought that was the energy source that I needed.
But I found one that is much more powerful.
Please, I ju I just want to go.
I had heard rumors about powers like yours existing.
But it's greater than I could have imagined.
I am sorry for this next part.
Please stop.
Naomi, we we have to go.
She'll hurt you.
I should've told you the truth.

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