Naomi (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

I Am Not a Used Car Salesman

Last time on Naomi There are multiple universes all existing in the same time and the same space.
Others refer to this as the multiverse.
STAR Labs is dangerous.
Bell is dangerous.
What is Zumbado hiding? 'Cause sometimes it feels like he's just watching me.
You and I were allies once.
I will never trust you again.
I know who you are.
I very much doubt that.
I'm on the cusp of unlocking dimensions.
It requires sacrifices.
You really have to go.
I should have told you the truth.
Naomi Can you walk? C'mon, please.
- Easy.
- Team six, report.
Do you have the girl? We need backup.
Fourth floor cafeteria.
We need to go.
Come on.
Electrical room's right up here.
Easy, easy, easy, easy.
This building has dampening technology.
It suppresses our abilities.
That should buy us some time.
You need to rest.
You saved me.
What happened back there? That machine depleted you.
Did you feel it? It made me feel like I was being torn apart.
Like my whole body was going to explode.
Bell was trying to repurpose your energy.
Repurpose it? For what? Nothing good.
Why are you helping me? I don't really know you.
You don't know me.
I know you better than you think.
What do you mean? I don't understand what I've done to make you hate me.
I don't hate you, Naomi.
But this place is very dangerous.
You should have listened to me.
- I thought you were trying to scare me.
- I was trying to warn you.
No disrespect But how could I have known that when you won't tell me the truth about anything? Because you're not ready.
I need answers, and if you won't give them to me, I'll find them another way.
It's too much for you.
I can handle it.
Ever since the Superman thing happened, I've just felt confused.
It's like I have these powers, but I don't know why or how.
I know I'm from this place called Earth-29, but I don't know anything about it.
I think you do.
Please just tell me the truth.
You're right.
It is time.
The day may come when I can't be here.
What do you want to know? Everything.
I don't know where to start.
Start from the beginning.
It's better if I show you.
Hold up.
How was the game? Lost by five.
Man, they'll never stop breaking our hearts, will they? - Yo, we still on for tonight? - Wouldn't miss it.
- Yeah? - All right.
All right.
What was that? You were inside a memory.
It felt real, like, like I was actually there.
Because it wasn't a normal memory.
It's something called "mental teleportation.
" I established a connection between us.
You don't just see the memory, you feel it.
You experience it.
Was that really you? You're wearing a jean jacket.
I was different back then.
I had friends.
A life, a home.
It's a long time ago.
You don't need to see everything.
Why do I smell chocolate? Those are nebula flowers.
They were at the restaurant.
A nebula flower, I I've never heard of that.
No, you wouldn't have.
Naomi, I'm showing you all of this because I want you to see what it was like.
Before everything changed.
That was a good night.
The last good night.
Beautiful time on a beautiful planet.
That was Earth-29? We just call it Earth, but But, yes.
I can't believe I finally got to see where I'm from.
- It has two moons.
- Many planets do.
One moon is rare.
This Earth is unusual in that way.
Why are the planets red? They absorb light differently.
It's beautiful.
It used to be.
I met a woman in Portland, the disc led me to her.
She said that you ruined the planet.
Don't believe everything that people tell you, Naomi.
You have to learn to think for yourself.
But how can I do that if I don't have all the information? Look, ever since I've gotten my powers, you've shown up in strange places telling me to stay away.
Why are you just now telling me the truth? Some truths are too much to bear.
What could be so terrible that you'd rather scare me? You need to go.
- How do you feel? - I'm better.
You're not going to like it, but according to the blueprints I stole, this is our way out.
Is that a ventilation duct? Not exactly.
STAR Labs is powered by something called plasma physics.
The idea that burning plasma creates a self-sustaining fusion reaction.
This is how they ventilate it.
So if we get stuck in here, we'll drown in burning plasma.
We have a 30-minute window before they ventilate again.
We can make it.
- Hello? - Hi, honey! Come on in.
Hi, Mrs.
Do I smell pineapple? - Greg's making dinner.
- Is that Annabelle? Hi, Mr.
What's on the menu for tonight? My specially homemade pizza with sourdough crust and Fresh marinara sauce? You always make the best pies.
- We're trying out the new pizza oven.
- You want to join? We have plenty of fresh pineapple.
You know, I love a good tropical pizza, but I actually came to see Naomi.
We thought she was at the game with you.
Right, yep.
She, she was at the game with me tonight.
And, uh, I am here now because we were going to study together.
So, always be hustling, right? I bet we probably said my house, and I just forgot.
I blame it on the rush of victory, you know? So, go Ducks! Uh-oh.
- I hope that's not my crust.
Crust! - Oh, God.
Babe, where the hell are you? No, I don't think I can do this.
You can.
Just breathe through it.
I thought you were going to tell me that I'm a disappointment.
I'm only disappointed because I know who you could be.
Not for being afraid.
Shhh We're in the south wing, we don't see them.
Let's wait until it's clear.
Naomi When I was younger, I used to be scared all the time.
Of almost everything.
It's like the fear just wouldn't let me go.
But without fear, there can be no courage.
You were scared.
I felt it.
I thought I was gonna die.
People from our planet can die? I thought maybe everyone had powers.
Before that night, no one did.
So yours were caused by a purple meteor strike? Not exactly.
What about my powers? Did I get them that night? This happened before you were born, Naomi.
Your powers are different.
For a long time, no one had any answers.
Some thought we were being invaded.
Others thought it was an accident.
Later, we found out it was an environmental disaster.
Like global warming? Humans are careless with their planet.
We weren't.
What happened that night was beyond our control.
- So everyone got powers that night? - No.
Do you remember what you felt like after Superman came? Once you realized that you were different? Yeah, I, I felt alone.
Like no one could really understand me.
I felt that way, too.
Until I realized I wasn't alone.
Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful world.
Couldn't agree more.
Buy you a drink? Not the kind of person you wanna have a drink with.
Not anymore.
You're wrong about that, Zumbado.
How do you know my name? Hmm.
I've never understood why people equate fire with death.
I understand it can be destructive, but fire can also mean a new beginning.
Fresh start.
My name is Akira.
So enough about me.
What do you do? I am a mineralogist specializing in the composition of rare particles.
That sounds pretty important.
Well, I don't know about that, but my work does allow me access to real time discrepancies here on the planet.
One of them happened around here.
- So that explains how you found me.
- Hmm.
But it doesn't explain how you - came to be able to do that.
- I can't explain it either.
The night it happened, I saw the comets, I felt the earthquake And then I discovered I could manipulate fire.
So what do you think caused these I don't even know what to call it, I mean abilities.
There have been evolutionary mutations before, but this was sudden.
It was precise.
- I have a theory.
- What's that? Destiny.
What, like we're all a part of some cosmic plan? You really believe that? I know that there are forces at work in the universe that are beyond our control.
And that we all have a role to play in it whether we know that or not.
I don't believe in fate.
Maybe one day you will.
We might not be the only ones.
We need to go.
We need to keep moving.
We need to hurry.
Just keep moving.
Remember what I said about fear.
Please don't touch that.
Dee! Um, hi.
- I'm, um - Annabelle.
Yes, I know.
I've always wanted to get a tattoo, but I'm very afraid of needles.
What's your stance on henna? What can I do for you? I was supposed to meet Naomi here tonight.
After the game.
I just arrived back in town.
Right Naomi wanted to get in a little late night training before celebrating at Murray's.
So Annabelle.
What is wrong? What? Nothing's wrong, everything's fine.
I can't find Naomi.
She said that she was going to meet me at the game, but she didn't show up.
When did you last see her? At school this afternoon.
Can you find her with your You know? - Naomi told you? - Don't be mad.
We tell each other everything.
We're like Thelma and Louise.
Finneas and Billie Eilish.
Oh! Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.
Do you have any idea where she might have gone? No.
But I do know that she had another scary run in with scary Zumbado.
Where are we going? I thought you said that Dr.
Bell closed all the exits.
You still can get to the lower level.
We can use the stairs.
Do you think that she knows that we're here? If she did, she'd already be here.
Was Akira right? Were there others like you? Yes.
There were 29 of us.
29? Like the writing on the disc? Hold up.
Were you a superhero? Superheroes live in the pages of comic books.
They wear a mask and a uniform.
It wasn't like that.
We tried to do good.
We were spread out all over the world.
We became a symbol of hope.
But no matter how much good we did, we couldn't stop what had been put in motion.
The planet was dying.
How is this happening? Thy way you're absorbing my memories.
They're coming to life.
I've never seen power like that.
But you have powers.
Not like yours, Naomi.
Power like that is dangerous.
It was for us, too.
Not everyone liked what we were doing.
Stop! Did you hear something? He's disappeared.
- Find him.
- He's over here! Watch out! They were hunting you.
That was too much.
I shouldn't have shown you that.
I don't understand.
Who were they? They work for a man named Brutus.
Although he wasn't exactly a man.
No one even knew where Brutus came from.
He resented the 29, but it was manageable.
But then one day, he came for us.
But you were helping people.
Why would they try to come after you? Zumbado, what's happening? Dr.
Bell knows we're here.
We need to move quickly.
Four, southwest corner.
I applaud your resilience.
But surely you realize by now that this escape attempt is futile.
I admit that mistakes were made.
True scientific advancement requires trial and error.
I really only need one of you.
I don't care which one.
Second floor clear, nothing here in my floor.
There are people here.
But only thing, I can't see anything.
You have eyes on them? I know how to get us out of here.
I see them through the wall.
They're coming.
I got movement on east wing.
I need back up now! Copy that.
I'm on my way.
We're clear.
They're just humans.
This will slow them down.
Let's go.
We can rest for a minute.
You knew this place suppresses our powers.
You knew that coming in here.
But you came anyway.
You needed me.
All this time, I thought you didn't want anything to do with me.
I thought you were my enemy.
Don't believe everything that you think.
Thought you weren't coming.
I'm sure you were very worried.
We shouldn't be meeting out in the open like this.
It's dangerous.
Are the others safe? In a manner of speaking.
Akira, what's wrong? Do you remember what I said about this the night we met? I told you it reminded me of how beautiful our planet is.
You agreed.
I shouldn't have believed you.
Why did you do it, Zumbado? I've no idea what you're talking about.
Brutus found us.
All of us.
That's not possible.
The only way that that could happen is Is if you gave him the disc.
You can't really believe that.
Brutus told me the truth.
He showed me the disc.
He told me it was you.
And you believe him? You believe Brutus? I would never betray you, or any of the 29.
There's no one else to blame.
And now all of us are on the run because of you.
Because of what you've done.
Please, Akira.
Don't do this.
You're making a mistake.
The only mistake I ever made was trusting you.
Goodbye, Zumbado.
Akira betrayed you.
She thinks that I betrayed the 29.
She still does.
Who did betray them? I don't know.
I couldn't stay to find out.
I had to leave my planet.
My home.
We need to keep moving.
Zumbado left in a hurry.
Now he leaves the place unlocked? I mean, maybe he always leaves it unlocked.
It's not like I have any first-hand knowledge of it.
I already know you broke in here.
So much for a life of crime.
STAR Labs.
Do you know about STAR Labs? Do you know about STAR Labs? Naomi told me about it.
She said that Zumbado stole a device from some scientists there.
- Dr.
Chimes or Ring, or - Dr.
That's it.
Naomi met with her, and now she's a straight up Dr.
Bell stan.
Naomi met with Dr.
Bell? Yeah, I figured she'd text you about it.
Although, can you get texts in space? Is that where you were, right before Annabelle.
If Naomi's at STAR Labs, then she's in trouble.
There's dangerous research being conducted there.
I've been keeping an eye on Dr.
Bell for a while.
Why would Zumbado be there, too? I don't know.
Once we get to the bottom, there's a hallway.
That will lead to a service door.
It's less fortified than the other exits.
- You may have to fight.
- You mean we may have to fight? Yes.
Our powers will work better once we get closer to the exit.
Of all the planets in this universe, why did you come to this Earth? That's a story for another day.
I've moved a lot, but I can't imagine moving to another planet.
It was strange.
On this earth people like us were treated differently.
Not just because of our powers.
The thing that I love about cars is the precision.
There's always an order to things, a solution.
Humans don't work like that.
So I had to adapt.
It took me a long time.
But now I understand.
I thought you were using this place to rip people off.
I'm sorry.
For how I've treated you.
For what I've believed about you.
I appreciate you saying that.
We need to keep going.
I'll buy you some time.
You can make it.
What are you talking about? I'm sorry, Naomi.
I should have told you the truth a long time ago.
You run.
- Don't look back.
- No! - Zumbado! - Go, Naomi! Go! Why do you care about Earth-29? I don't.
This isn't about accessing any one-dimensionary universe.
It's about reaching all of them.
You say that like it's a good thing.
You wanna open a portal to a new world, but have you considered what might come back? Fourth floor West hallway, clear.
This is a very exciting moment.
What happens if it works? I appreciate your interest.
If it works, you'll be sent through the portal to another dimension.
And if it doesn't? Let's try to stay positive.
I know it doesn't feel like it.
I mean, you are a part of something very special right now.
This is my life's work.
My destiny.
You're right about one thing.
This is about destiny.
Just not yours.
Miss McDuffie.
I'm glad you saved me the trouble of finding you.
Let him go.
Shut it down.
It was foolish of you to return.
No! No.
What're you doing? We need to go.
- I can stop it.
- Forget her.
Let's go.
Zumbado I have a car outside.
I can't believe Zumbado didn't want to carpool with us.
We need to have a team name.
I mean, every superhero has a team name.
Team Naomi.
Obvious, but classic.
Naomi and special guests.
Naomi, Annabelle, and Dee make three? We will not be making this a habit.
Thank you.
Both of you See you guys tomorrow.
So, should we exchange numbers? That will not be necessary.
Right, right.
Because now that we're friends, I can just come to the tattoo shop whenever.
That is not exactly what I was thinking.
But, if you ever need me, you know where to find me.
You are a good friend, Annabelle.
Naomi's lucky to have you.
She's lucky to have you, too.
- One more slice.
- Oh, yeah.
For the chef.
The chef.
I really hope Dad didn't eat all the pizza.
Well, you're just in time.
The latest pie is fresh out of the oven.
I've been experimenting with mushrooms tonight.
Thank you.
I think this might be your best one yet.
That's what I'm saying.
Oh, did Annabelle find you? - What do you mean? - She came by looking for you earlier.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I talked to her.
You, you feeling okay, baby? I'm fine.
I just think I need more pizza.
Pizza is always the right answer.
Here - one for you.
- Yes - There's one for me.
- Thank you.
I was different back then.
I had friends.
A life.
A home.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What do you think happened to Dr.
Bell? Do you think she somehow opened up a portal? I hope not.
For all of our sakes.
I've been thinking about your story.
You told me that you and the rest of the 29 were hunted, but you didn't say why.
It's not important.
What is important, is that you're safe.
Brutus found out that two members of the 29 had a child It doesn't sound like such a big deal.
Weren't there others? No.
There was only one.
Brutus thought that her power would mean the end for him.
A random incident is one thing, but a new bloodline is another.
- Wait.
Are you saying - You were that child, Naomi.
Your parents were two of the 29.
That's why you have powers.
My parents Did you know them? Yes.
Who were they? What were they like? What happened to them? They were the best of us.
They were the only ones who believed that I was innocent.
I made your parents a promise.
That if anything ever happened to them, I will find you.
I will keep you safe.
By the time I finally found you here on Earth, you were safe.
I saw the mother and the father that you needed.
You were loved.
I knew they would take care of you.
I settled in Port Oswego.
But I always checked in, no matter where you were.
I wonder what it's gonna taste like.
You've been here this whole time.
Waiting for you to be ready.
To unlock the powers within you.
You did this all for me? All this time I thought you were a used-car salesman.
I'm not a used-car salesman.
I've never been a used-car salesman.
I'm here for one reason.
So that when this day came, you wouldn't be alone.
I don't know what to say.
Now that you know the truth, it's time to get you ready.
Ready for what? Your powers are acting like a magnet.
Brutus will send others.
Like the bounty hunter.
How do you know about him? He's not the first one to come for you.
And he won't be the last.
You have a greater destiny, Naomi.
That can be difficult.
I thought you didn't believe in destiny.
I do now.
You're gonna save our world.

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