Naomi (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Fellowship of the Disc

Last time on Naomi Every good UFO investigator has gear.
He thinks aliens are real.
A few weeks ago, I was living a normal life.
You are a lot of things, babe, but normal is not one of them.
Change happens.
And now, I'm a high-school dropout.
- What are you doing here? - You don't even go to school.
I found out I have powers.
Why do I have to learn how to fight? It is easy for powers to become a crutch.
All this time, I thought you were my enemy.
I made your parents a promise I would keep you safe.
You're gonna save our world.
Your mental game is key.
There will always be obstacles, but don't let them shake your confidence.
Think of obstacles as opportunities to refine your skill.
I got this.
I'm ready.
Don't worry.
The water trap comes for us all.
She's right.
It took me months to master this course.
Wait until you get to the windmill.
Looks like we'll just have to practice together more often.
I guess I'd be okay with that.
Nice! Wind is minimal.
You have a clear shot.
Yes! Do you ever win? - Definitely not.
- Okay.
I needed to exchange the grip on my club.
This one's all wrong.
You okay, babe? Yeah, I'm fine.
What's all this? Happy anniversary.
You recreated our favorite meal from our honeymoon in France.
Croissants, quiche, lattes.
This was very thoughtful.
Wait until you see what I have planned for the party.
Actually, we're, um, thinking of cancelling.
What? You've been planning this party for months.
It's just not a good time.
It's your 20th anniversary.
Naomi, all we care about is that we're healthy and happy.
That That you're healthy and happy.
Is this because of me? - No.
- Dad.
I can always tell when you're lying because you do that You do that thing where you scrunch up your forehead.
With all that's been going on, it's better to be extra careful.
I'm fine.
You can't cancel this party because of me.
I'm making a slideshow.
Okay, party is still on.
But we are keeping it small.
I'll see you after school.
It's the best thing for us to do.
She loves Port Oswego.
Are we really gonna uproot her again? She's not safe here.
We have to at least consider it.
Good afternoon, Ducks.
Your Community Service Week assignments will be given out shortly.
Am I having a nightmare? That is literally the only acceptable scenario in which you moving is okay.
Nothing is for sure yet.
I can't believe Greg and Jen would betray me.
I made them friendship bracelets.
Pitch legal emancipation.
My cousin's a lawyer, and I'm pretty sure that we can pay her in babysitting.
I'm not divorcing my parents.
Moving may not be the worst idea.
Okay, now I know I'm having a nightmare.
You want to leave Port Oswego? No.
I love it here.
It's just, like Maybe it's the only way to make sure no one around me gets hurt.
If you move, I would be very hurt.
I'm talking actual physical harm.
Things are getting dangerous.
First, that thing with the bounty hunter, and then everything that happened with Dr.
Bell B-T-W, still can't believe we're friends with Zumbado.
And now there's this Brutus person.
Zumbado said he'll come after me.
I've seen your powers.
You can take down a space warlord.
I'm not sure I can.
And if I am a target, that means everyone around me is, too.
You can't move.
I'm not sure I have a choice.
A strike is the most useful move.
That is the key.
I did it.
- Yes, you did.
- What's next? Shadow boxing? Something wrong? Just wondering, what are you expecting her to do with that? Mastering a weapon is about discipline.
By developing feel and trust in your instincts.
I've seen Dee use these.
They seem pretty lethal.
If you're fighting humans.
They won't help you against Brutus, Naomi.
Dee's a good teacher.
I'm sure he is.
But the only way that you'll get better at controlling your powers is by using them.
Didn't you say using my powers are a magnet? She's right.
The more she uses her powers, the more she risks drawing the attention of her enemies.
We're beyond that now.
Enemies are likely already on their way.
And they won't be stopped by using a A staff.
- Our training is working.
- It's not enough.
I'm not changing my approach.
Then perhaps it's time for her to find a new teacher.
I appreciate you both looking out for me.
Both of you.
But Dee's right.
Our training has been working.
And using my powers will just put us all in danger.
We're in danger either way, Naomi.
You know that.
Where are Greg and Jen on their anniversary tour? Tonight, they're recreating date number five.
They call it, "The three Bs.
" Burgers, budinos and bowling.
Tomorrow is their overnight trip.
They are truly adorable.
It is so hard to stay mad at them.
I hear something.
Maybe it's just the wind? Stay here.
Alone? No way! Someone was in here.
Why didn't they take anything? Like your expensive laptop.
Maybe they weren't here for that.
Someone stole the disc.
When Miss Anderson said we were gonna be getting up close and personal with the dogs, I was picturing something very different.
What did Greg and Jen say about the stolen disc? I didn't tell them.
Probably for the best.
I mean, we don't want to accelerate project "Ruin Annabelle's Life By Moving Naomi Out of Port Oswego.
" What did Dee and Zumbado say? I didn't tell them either.
They can't even agree on my training.
If they found out an alien stole my disc, they'd never let me leave my house.
An alien? Maybe it was just your regular run-of-the-mill burglar.
Who only stole the disc? I just have to handle this on my own.
You mean "we" have to handle this on "our" own? Babe, if we're hunting aliens, you're gonna need my help.
Alien hunting? I'm so in.
Jacob, hi! We were Talking about the explosion at STAR Labs.
Right? I didn't say anything, I promise.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.
I've been a loyal subscriber for years.
I know some people think it's a little fringe Wait, what are you talking about? Um, Otherworlds Weekly.
There was a post there today theorizing that there were aliens at STAR Labs.
Isn't that what you guys were talking about? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Right, that's what we were talking about, hon.
What are you doing here? I'm picking up Groucho Barx.
He has a standing monthly appointment.
Oh, what did the post say about STAR Labs? Some people on the message boards think that they had technology that could detect aliens walking among us.
I'm actually working on a prototype myself.
It uses the principles of mechanoreceptors in the skin.
Zumbado wants me to meet him.
- Can you finish up for me? - Yeah.
Hey, are we friends with Zumbado now? That's what I said.
Thank you for meeting me.
What are we doing here? Training.
Where's Dee? This session is just us, Naomi.
I know you're just trying to help me, but I've been training with Dee for a while, and it's helping.
I know.
But the skills that he's teaching you aren't the only ones that you need.
I want to see if you can fly.
No, I definitely can't fly.
How do you know? Have you tried? I'm afraid of heights.
That's not a good answer, Naomi.
- I already jumped off a bridge.
- And what happened? When I got to the water, I felt like I was floating.
It's a power called "weight negation.
" So, if I can do that, then why do I need to fly? A lot of people assume that flying is about convenience, but it's not.
Flying is about letting go of all the things that hold you back.
It's about power.
I believe you have that potential.
I don't think I'm ready.
If you let me help you, one day you will be.
I don't think I've actually been in here before.
- Have you? - Only when Naomi drags me here.
This is unexpected.
We are here for community service.
You guys are my student volunteers? So, uh, if you could just sign here, we'll get out of your way.
- Seriously? - Well, we kind of thought you'd take it easy on us since we're, you know No, actually I don't.
Because we're friends and all.
No, that's not how this is gonna work.
Is this about me and Naomi? Because if it is, I am also not dating Naomi.
So, you and I are in this together.
Yeah, my dad signed us up for Community Service Week because he wanted me to have help.
So, the only way I'm signing this is if you help.
No disrespect, but it's lowkey empty in here.
There are over a thousand comics in this store.
New stock get cycled in, old stock gets cycled out.
And it all becomes a big mess.
And you guys are gonna organize everything.
The whole store? The whole store.
You're at STAR Labs alone? I just need to check something out.
I'll be careful.
Hello? If there are aliens here, I come in peace.
Jacob? Naomi? What are you doing here? I couldn't pass on the opportunity to explore a secret alien lab.
What are you doing here? I was I was also looking for tech that might be extraterrestrial.
Really? Mmm-hmm.
I knew you were into UFOs, but I didn't realize you were that into UFOs.
Have you found anything? No.
The building's empty.
Like everyone left in a hurry.
But there's no damage anywhere else, so, they must have been able to keep it under the radar.
I think this was Dr.
Bell's lab, which means that is her observation room.
Look at this.
Hard drive still seems intact.
Maybe some of Dr.
Bell's research is on it.
Jacob, we should get out of here before we get caught.
My energy meter is going crazy.
That's new.
I wasn't getting readings before.
What is this thing? The readings are off the chart.
Jacob, come on.
Jacob! That is awesome.
- What are you doing? - You've been avoiding me all day.
Could you sense that I was there? Is that one of your powers? What other powers do you have? Keep your voice down.
This is, by far, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
I knew aliens were real.
I can't believe that I'm friends with one.
You can't tell anyone, okay? Of course.
I'm a vault.
And maybe stop yelling "aliens!" Right.
What if we had a code word? Like, "E.
" It's the best alien movie of all time.
You're taking this surprisingly well.
I've always thought there was life on other planets.
Have you always known that you were an E.
Fan? No.
I found out after the Superman thing.
He's real, by the way.
Pfft! Does anyone else know? Does Annabelle know? She knows.
- And she didn't tell me? - Don't be mad at her.
I made her promise not to tell anyone.
You can't tell her that you know.
But we're a fellowship now.
I'm trying to keep her out of this.
You too.
You need my expertise to hack that hard drive.
But only this once.
Now, can we please talk about this someplace else? - It's just too much - Talk about what? Since when do you two hang out between second and third period? That's sacred Naomi-Belle time.
Hey, hon.
We were just talking about Um Lord of the Rings.
Deluxe edition.
You hate Lord of the Rings.
- You do? - "Hate" is a strong word.
I'm gonna go to class.
In new releases, Detective Comics, Future Stateand The Joker all get piled under "B.
" How does that make sense? Because "B" stands for Batman, which all these books are about.
Then why don't they just title them all Batman? Because sometimes they're not about Batman.
What? Here, I'll just do it.
You go through those boxes.
Those are issues I'm putting up for sale.
Aren't you supposed to give us snacks or something? No eating in the store.
We've been at this for hours.
I'll grab some bottles of water in the back.
So much for cakewalk.
Check this out.
Lourdes' personal stash.
These are incredible.
These are all super old.
They must be worth a ton.
What are you doing? That's private.
Uh, this was in the "For sale" pile.
Wait, you're not selling your personal collection, are you? I am, and it's not a big deal, okay? Just please get back to work.
Why would you do that? Because, like Nathan said, this place is lowkey empty and this is how I keep the store afloat, okay? I'm sorry, Lourdes.
I I didn't know.
No, there's got to be another way.
We can We can help with more stuff around here.
We Congratulations.
Your 40 hours are done.
You can leave now.
Enjoy the water.
Bell specialized in dynamic acceleration as it pertains to energies.
It's pretty fascinating.
That's why her scanning technology was able to sense who I really was.
My prototype functions more like a magnetometer.
But I don't think that'll work here.
Unless we combine them.
Maybe we could model it like an accelerometer, but we could modify it using Dr.
Bell's technology.
Then, if we used a transmitter - to amplify the vibrational - We could attract aliens.
Let's do this.
Ha-ha! Success! - Huh.
- What's wrong? Is it not working? I don't know.
I'm getting multiple readings.
There's you.
And then there are three others.
Are there other aliens in Port Oswego? Okay, this is a story for another day.
This is the one we need.
A storage unit on Hillhurst.
Why is an alien at a storage unit? There's only one way to find out.
We need to talk.
There's nothing to talk about.
You're being naive.
You haven't been working with her.
You don't know what she needs.
And you do? Your approach could work.
If we had more time.
But we don't.
We need to accelerate the emergence of her powers.
Two months ago, she didn't even know she had powers.
It's too fast.
She needs to be pushed.
There's a fine line between pushing her and overwhelming her.
I respect you trying to protect her.
But going easy on her now only puts her in danger later.
Naomi's emotions still control her.
That's dangerous when you're dealing with power like hers.
That's exactly what we need.
We need to teach her to use her emotion to amplify her power.
An emotional fighter is a provoked one.
You don't win fights that way.
Unleashing her abilities is the only chance that we have against Brutus.
It's the best way for Naomi to protect the people she loves.
You, of all people, should understand that.
If we push her too hard, too fast, she could lose control.
And then what? What if she loses someone she loves because of it? That would destroy her.
What's happening is bigger than that.
It's worth the risk.
Maybe to you.
But not to me.
And definitely not to Naomi.
My answer is final.
The echolocation data indicates the alien energy is just up ahead.
This place seems pretty empty.
Are you sure that it's working? Well, I mean, it's a prototype, so, I'd expect it to be a little glitchy.
Here we are.
Stand back.
This will never get old.
Why did it send us here? Is it possible your device sensed the energy of the disc? It's not really supposed to work like that, but, then again, this is a brave new world.
Maybe it's hidden in here somewhere.
Do aliens like stuffed animals? I had a bear like that when I was little.
And a lamp like this.
What are the chances you also had a box labeled "Naomi's Baby stuff"? Our device must have just found you twice.
Why do your parents have a go bag? I have no idea.
After enough champagne, does anyone really notice the decorations? I notice.
Oh, perfect timing.
We could really use your help - hanging all these - What is this? And why do you have a secret storage unit? It's not a secret, baby.
Fake passports, cash.
This is like something out of a movie.
What is going on? - Have a seat, pumpkin.
- No.
No, thank you, I'd like to stand.
This, uh It wasn't how we wanted you to find out.
Is this about us moving? I heard you two talking about it.
Not exactly.
But things with the military have gotten dangerous.
Dangerous? They found your birth rock.
And I can't be sure, but I think Commander Steel is starting to suspect I'm hiding something.
We're not trying to scare you.
That's why we didn't want to tell you.
But we need to be prepared.
We've always had the bag.
Or a version of it.
Ever since you were a baby.
We had to assume this day might come.
All this time, you've You've been living in fear because of me.
We love you.
We will always do everything we can to protect you.
But, uh, this time, that might mean us leaving Port Oswego.
So, we'll all just be on the run for the rest of our life.
And you're okay with that? If it means keeping you safe? Absolutely.
What the hell? Who is Shelob's mother and how did she die? Uh, I wouldn't even know what a Shelob is.
Tough Q.
Can you answer it, King? Shelob's mother is Ungoliant, a giant primordial spider who died by devouring herself from hunger! Hoo.
Even Colbert knows this.
What the hell is going on? I closed the store.
Your dad let us in.
We wanted to surprise you.
Lord of the Ringstrivia at Levon's.
We got T-shirts made and everything.
It's pretty good, right? I hate Lord of the Rings.
Why do people keep saying that? Are you trying to hurt my feelings? Hi.
Um, this is my store.
The king is dead.
So, everyone please leave.
Now! Just getting warmed up.
All those orcs and elves were about to pay five bucks a head to try and stump Jacob.
Yeah, I don't care.
This is not my vibe.
No disrespect, but your current vibe is "going out of business.
" I don't care.
Why would you even think it was okay to do this in the store? Lord of the Rings isn't even comic-book-related.
Wait, really? What about the cloaks and the It doesn't matter.
You should have asked me first.
We were just trying to do something nice.
We wanted to get people in your store so you didn't have to sell your comics.
I didn't ask you to do that.
I don't need your pity.
We just wanted to help.
That's kind of what friends do.
We're not friends.
Okay? If it wasn't for Naomi, we would barely even know each other.
Just facts.
You don't owe me anything.
I don't owe you.
So, just leave me alone, please.
Get this stuff out of the store.
I had no idea this was going to be such intense cardio.
Tried calling you last night.
Oh, yeah.
Um, sorry.
I had a pre-calc study session.
Polynomials are no joke.
Says the girl who got a 110 on her midterm.
I'm sure it had nothing to do with you being at a storage unit with my boyfriend.
Jacob told you? He has a terrible poker face.
He held out longer than I thought.
Naomi, what's going on? I was trying to keep you safe By lying to me? Things have changed.
Everything that happened at STAR Labs and with the military, it's all getting really dangerous.
You should have told me the truth.
If I had, you would have found a way to get involved.
Yes, because I'm your best friend.
That's the point.
My birth parents died because of me.
Zumbado's life was ruined.
My parents, they've been living in fear.
All this bad stuff has happened because of me.
And now people are coming after me.
That's why you need help.
Moving around all the time, I had a lot of friends, but I never had a best friend until I met you.
If something were to happen to you because of me, I'd never forgive myself.
I get that you're scared, but you and me are the OG members of this alien ride.
You should have given me the chance to get off instead of making that call for me, What are we doing here? We need to work some things out.
If this is about Naomi's training, I told you, I'm done talking.
So am I.
Fight me.
You can't be serious.
No wings.
No powers.
Just hand to hand, you and me.
This is not productive.
You say that your style of training Naomi is better.
So, prove it.
If I win, our debate ends.
We do things my way.
Aargh! Ah! Enough? No.
We had rules of engagement.
Until we didn't.
That's what I've been trying to tell you.
There is no honor with Naomi's enemies.
No rules, no code.
I know that.
Then why are you training her like you don't? Nice to see you.
Your parents know how to throw a party.
These snacks are on point.
Murray's finest.
Any luck with the disc? Oh! I calibrated the accelerometer to adjust for mechanoreceptor vibrations.
So, this time, it will track a person, not an object.
I'll have to test it out first.
- I need my laptop.
- Okay.
And quiet.
You can use my bedroom.
Have I ever told you my favorite scene from Lord of the Rings? Weirdly, I don't think you have.
At the end of the first book, Frodo has realized that the only way to keep the fellowship safe is to leave.
So, he tries to sneak away.
Except, Sam won't let him.
Sam says that there's no way he's letting Frodo go alone.
Sam was with him to the end.
That's where he wanted to be.
"Jacob's trivia winnings.
" We figured you should have it.
Maybe it can buy one of your comics.
"Nathan and Anthony.
" You said you wanted to talk.
- You ever work one of these? - No.
The key to going fast isn't about hitting harder.
Too big and you break your rhythm.
In a way, going fast requires you to hold back.
I assume this is a metaphor.
I know the danger Naomi's facing.
I want her to be ready.
I was just hoping she'd have more time.
I understand.
But we're past that.
It can't just be your way and it can't just be mine.
As powerful as Naomi is, she's still just a teenager.
Her emotions have an impact, good or bad.
You're right.
Keeping her in balance requires keeping each other in balance.
If we're gonna protect her, takes the best parts of both of us.
Finally, something we agree on.
So, apparently, "comic book" isn't a genre, it's a medium.
So, Lord of the Rings is comic-book-related? We need to talk.
- Are you gonna yell at us again? - I didn't yell.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm just not used to this.
Used to what? Having friends or whatever.
Aah, so, we are friends.
Yeah, we're sorry, too.
We should have asked you before doing anything at of your store.
We have more ideas, by the way, better than Stump the King.
Good, because I hate that movie.
I'm starting to really get that.
Are you guys hiding at your own party? - What? No.
- We were just taking a breather.
You guys are lowkey hiding.
Happy anniversary, Mr.
and Mrs.
M! Cake emergency has been averted.
Where do you want this? I'll take it.
You know what? I think Naomi was right.
We should mingle.
I didn't think you'd come.
What are you talking about? I thought we were in a fight.
We were in a fight and it was very dramatic, but that's what people do.
They fight sometimes.
I'm sorry, Annabelle.
For trying to keep you out, for trying to not tell you the truth.
You were right.
This is your choice.
I'm not sure I can do this without you.
You don't have to.
Ride or ride, remember? Jacob just sent us a 9-1-1.
From upstairs? How much do we take, sir? All of it.
Jacob, what's wrong? Okay, so, you know how I said that fine-tuning the mechanoreceptor settings might detect energy? Mmm-hmm.
I was right.
It worked.
I thought that was supposed to be a good thing.
I was able to pinpoint the extraterrestrial activity.
Jacob, what are you saying? The alien we're looking for is here.
At the party.

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