Naomi (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Keep Your Friends Close

Last time on Naomi Someone stole the disc.
Everything that happened at STAR Labs, it's all getting really dangerous.
Awesome! What the hell is Dilustel? Naomi, I don't feel so good.
Using Dr.
Bell's technology.
Then if we use the transmitter we can track aliens.
They found your birth rock.
But, I think Commander Steel is starting to suspect I'm hiding something.
I was able to pinpoint the extraterrestrial activity.
The alien we're looking for is here at the party.
Patient is responsive.
Negative PLR.
BP 110 over 60, pulse strong but erratic.
We're ten out.
Are there aliens in Port Oswego? No.
I was going to say, "Definitely not.
" But, you can never be too sure.
What do you mean? What happened tonight showed me that everyone has secrets.
Sometimes the people you think you know the best are the ones you don't really know at all.
This has to be a mistake.
Um, maybe the device is wrong.
You really think there's an alien here in my house at this party? This is like Crooked House or The Incredible Theft.
Agatha Christie? She's like the J.
Rowling of crime fiction without the offensive tweets.
If this is true, this means that someone has been lying to me.
It means that someone is still lying to me.
Maybe they don't know they're an alien.
You didn't know until Superman.
Why would an alien who didn't know they were an alien steal the disc? They wouldn't.
It could be anyone.
Seriously, babe? I wish I was an alien.
Literally, that's what I wished for, for my eighth birthday.
Besides, would I really out myself? If I were a secret alien, I would tell you immediately so we could be an iconic superhero duo.
Like the lady version of Batman and Robin, but with powers.
Whoever it is, we need to find out before the party is over.
How are we supposed to do that? What's going on in here? Nothing.
Naomi, I just came to tell you that the champagne has been poured.
So now would be the perfect time for anything you might have planned.
That rhymes with most or ghost? A roast? No way! You and Mr.
M are marriage goals to the extreme.
- A toast - Oh! like the one I've seen you secretly working on for days? A toast! Right.
Er, I'll be right there.
- Nathan! - Oh.
I've been looking for you.
Yeah, I was just about to go do the toast.
What are you guys doing in there? Nothing.
You know I love that.
I know.
Twenty years is a long time.
I'm lucky to have known my parents for 16 of them.
They are the best parents in the world.
Although, I might be biased.
What's the secret to a happy marriage? I think it's trust.
I'm pretty sure my parents always tell each other the truth, even when those truths are painful.
Like when one person always overcooks the chicken.
Or the other always insists on playing Coldplay literally any time we're in the car.
I want to thank all of you for coming out tonight.
I love you so much, Mom and Dad.
To Greg and Jen! To Greg and Jen! You really think there's an alien here, in my house, at this party? It could be anyone.
I totally stan the McDuffies.
Their anniversary felt like my anniversary.
Is that weird? I'd say the party was pretty normal.
Um, except for the snacks.
A lot of weird cheeses.
I didn't see Naomi much after her speech, but she seemed normal.
Totally normal.
If Naomi have been dealing with something I would have known.
Like I said, BFF.
There are at least 40 people here.
That's a lot of suspects.
The Internet has a ton of great ideas about how to identify one.
"Aliens might use outrageous physical accents to hide in plain sight.
" Why does Lourdes have purple hair? Come on, we were all thinking it.
Whoever's on my street that night took the disc.
We need to check alibis.
But, it's not like we can just go around and ask people.
Maybe we don't need to ask but, you already had my social media handle.
Mine too.
What? Ted Lasso is dope.
These photos are for an online party album.
It's a different thing.
Jacob, is it working? Yep.
It's coming through right now.
I like pasta as much as the next guy, but does a meatball really need a close up? Once we get the exif data, you should be able to triangulate everyone's location to see who's on my street that night.
I feel like James Bond right now.
Actually, hon, you're more like Q.
But, he's the real hero anyway.
Lipschitz, hi! I was just wondering if you were on any social media? - Instagram, Twitter - Is that about birds? Sometimes.
My daughter's on the TikTok.
That's great, but it's just TikTok.
There's no "just" about it.
She says that the TikTok is a very big deal.
No one's supposed to be in here.
Can I help you with something? Yeah, I'm in the market for a tattoo, but no one was upstairs.
Nice place.
I've been thinking about doing some training myself.
I'm sorry.
It's a private gym.
There sure are a lot of weapons.
I'm just wrapping up a session.
I'm happy to take you upstairs and show you some of my designs for your tattoo.
I'm in no rush.
How long have you lived in Port Oswego? Twenty years, almost.
That's a long time.
You must know the people in this town pretty well then.
Some more than others.
I try to keep to myself.
I don't mean to be rude, but I should get back to my training.
Of course.
I'll give that tattoo some thought.
So that's everyone.
Except for my mom's co-worker Craig, who told me he prefers to live off the grid.
He was actually camping at Crater Lake until last night.
Craig's off the hook.
How many people were on my block the night the disc was stolen? Uh-oh.
Uh-oh? What do you mean "Uh-oh?" No way.
That can't be right.
There were three people on Naomi's block that night, which means we have three suspects.
Nathan, Anthony and Lourdes.
"Did anything unusual happen at the party?" Not really.
It was all like pretty standard stuff.
It's not Nathan, Lourdes or Anthony.
They're our friends.
Nathan's my boyfriend.
Boyfriend? When did that become official? - Last night.
- Last night? As in a full 24 hours ago? Unacceptable.
It's not a big deal.
A relationship status change is number one on the list of reasons to call your BFF immediately.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Do you guys really think that one of our friends is a secret alien? We have to at least consider it.
They were in your neighborhood.
Plus, they knew about the disc.
Well, it's definitely not Anthony.
He reacted to the Dilustel at camp.
What's Dilustel? It's basically an alien crystal that makes anyone who's not an alien lose their minds.
If we're going to investigate, we need to do it without letting them know that we're investigating.
Look at you thinking like the Queen of Crime.
Agatha? Yes, some of her tropes don't hold up that well.
But, the woman published like a million books.
I wish we had a polygraph.
Maybe we don't need a polygraph.
Polygraphs, they track your physiological change, right? Your blood pressure, your perspiration, your heart rate.
I have super-hearing.
I can tell if their heart speeds up.
Babe, you're a human lie detector.
That's that's very cool.
But, how are we supposed to ask them questions? Maybe it's time for a party game.
Thanks for coming.
You said it was urgent.
An undercover military officer paid me a visit.
Do you think you've been compromised? It might be worse than that.
I looked into the man.
His name is Commander Henry Steel.
He works with Greg McDuffie.
If Greg had known Steel was coming, he would have warned you.
What else does Greg not know? That's not our only problem.
Naomi called.
Someone stole her disc.
Who would have stolen it? She believes there might be another being like us here in Port Oswego.
At her parents' anniversary party.
I haven't sensed anyone new.
There are beings without abilities.
We need to deal with this military situation.
It's too dangerous to call Greg.
We don't know who's listening.
We need to talk - face to face.
- Whoa, whoa.
So you want to go to their party? Yes.
Dressed like that? Is there a problem? Do you own anything else that's not black? This is charcoal.
Dee, the suit is dope.
What does that mean? That means you look good for a change.
Is that a pocket square? You need to stop fidgeting.
This suit is tight.
Naomi, you should have told us about the disc right when it happened.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I thought you'd be upset.
Or maybe overreact and show up to a party uninvited.
That's not why we're here.
We have more pressing concerns.
More pressing concerns than a potential alien at this party? It's about, uh the military.
The military? Don't worry, we'll handle it.
We need to speak to your parents.
I think they're in the kitchen.
Naomi, if there's an alien at this party, you should consider why they may want to stay hidden.
What do you mean? Some secrets are better off buried.
Tell us about the party.
It was pretty tame.
Greg and I were more adventurous in our younger days.
This party was uneventful.
That's a nice suit, Dee.
What are you doing here? Your boss, Commander Steel, paid me a visit tonight.
That's not good, Greg.
Dee was involved with the Superman incident.
I didn't know Steele was still looking into it.
Why would Steel suddenly stop trusting you? I have no idea.
Nothing's changed.
- Unless - No, we were careful.
- What happened? - It's nothing.
Thanks for telling us.
We'll handle it from here.
Who's really in danger here? You need to tell us the truth.
He's right, Greg.
They're a part of this.
Whether we like it or not.
Steel found Naomi's birth rock.
We fabricated the results of the analysis.
We were careful.
But, maybe we weren't careful enough.
So Naomi is in danger.
We don't know that for sure.
You should have told us.
We don't have to tell you anything.
You do when it comes to Naomi.
I think he's starting to suspect I'm sympathetic to aliens.
We need to find out what he knows.
We'd have to access the files in his office.
Jen, it's time.
Time for what? We have a contingency plan.
But, it's risky.
If Naomi is in danger, do we have a choice? We have a way to access Steel's computer.
But, I can't go.
Neither can you.
Steel is watching us.
I'll do it.
I have access to the base.
Then I'll come with you.
If something goes wrong, you'll need backup.
I always respected Commander Steel.
That's why this is all so hard.
But, you asked about my daughter, um I'm sure they were bored.
This wasn't really a teenage party, but they made the best of it.
Welcome to Never Have I EVER: Anniversary Edition.
The rules are simple.
If you've never done it before, you put a finger down.
Like, for example, never have I ever broken a bone.
If you've broken a bone, you put a finger down.
How exactly do you win this game? By exposing people's secrets.
Like, never have I ever scored the winning goal in a soccer game at Homecoming.
That was really specific, dude.
He's using a complex strategy.
Never have I ever worked part time at my dad's logging company.
Never have I ever banned a customer for "disrespecting a comic.
" Never have I ever gotten a B + in a report card.
Never have I ever gone to more than two parties in one night.
Three parties in one night.
Four parties in one night? Legend! Never have I ever taken something from someone I care about.
Never have I ever broken into someone's house.
Never have I ever been on Naomi's street without telling her.
Especially not three nights ago.
Okay, what's with these questions? I've been pet-sitting for the Millers for the past couple of days.
They live on this block.
This game isn't very fun.
Why were you on my street? No offense, but it's not really any of your business.
It has nothing to do with you.
Seriously? One of my teammates lives in your neighborhood.
I left my cleats in his car and went to get them.
That's it? That's it.
Who's ready for Truth or Dare? Were you with Naomi and Nathan at the party? Yeah, I hung out with them at the party, but they weren't acting weird.
Everything seemed just totally fine.
You want to tell me what that was all about? I'm sorry about the game.
It kind of felt like an interrogation.
I know.
I'm just a little on edge.
Some weird stuff has been happening lately.
Weirder than usual? It's like, people being in places that they're not supposed to be.
Things are going missing.
And you think I have something to do with all that? Wow.
You didn't text me back last night.
I told you, I had a late practice.
What's going on with you? You okay? You know you can be honest with me, right? About anything.
Yeah, I know that.
And if you're keeping some kind of a secret, you can tell me, even if it's hard.
Everyone has secrets.
It's important that we're honest with each other, That's what I love about our relationship.
And so do I.
But, can you really say that you're always honest with me? What are you talking about? Like tonight.
You and Annabelle and Jacob have spent half the party locked away in your room.
There's obviously something going on.
But, you don't want to loop me in.
Trust is a two-way street.
Is there something you want to tell me? Okay.
I'm gonna get some punch.
Naomi's boyfriend.
I think.
You are not sure? I am.
I just haven't gone to talk to her since it happened.
What about at the party? How were things between the two of you? Everything was fine.
Where's your jacket? It was very uncomfortable.
I'm surprised you're still here.
I'm mingling.
Or you're keeping an eye out for me? Thank you for staying.
Are you okay? I don't know.
I just really don't want to believe that someone I care about has been lying to me.
Maybe they're not.
Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding.
Do you really believe that? What I do believe is that no matter what happens, you can't let it change who you are.
You're someone who believes the best in people.
Dee! That suit is tight.
Yes, it is.
Um Jacob has something to show us.
You said you had a breakthrough? I think I figured out a way to identify the mystery alien.
Don't you mean "yay"? Our prime suspect is Nathan.
Babe, If Agatha Christie has taught me anything, it's that you can never rule out a last-minute twist.
What did you find, Jacob? In Dr.
Bell's research, she hypothesized that aliens might emit a unique energy that would distort photographs.
Something to do with how the eyes reflect the light.
If viewed with the right exposure, their eyes would emit a blue glow.
But, I have taken a jillion photos of Naomi and her eyes have never glowed an alien blue.
I'm guessing it's only film, not digital.
And only if it's processed with a specific chemical solution.
Kind of like what they use on slides.
Where are we going to get that? The dark room at school.
I can see if Lourdes can give me a ride.
Can you keep everyone here till I get back? Mission most-definitely accepted.
Everybody knows photography is a hobby of mine.
So no, I wasn't surprised when Naomi asked me to take photos at the party, but that kept me busy all night.
So no, I never saw Commander Steel.
Okay, can you get a little closer together? One second.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hope I am not late to the party.
I'm looking for someone.
It was strange.
The commander had never set foot in my house before.
But, then he just showed up unannounced.
He wasn't acting like himself.
You sure I can't get you anything? A beer? We have a cheese board.
I won't be staying long.
So what brings you by, sir? Twenty years of marriage.
That's quite an accomplishment.
Out of the billions of people on this planet, you find each other.
What are the odds? On top of that, you found your daughter.
We like to say she found us.
We were lucky.
Sounds like more than just luck.
Where did you adopt her from again? The East Coast.
It was a closed adoption, so we don't know exactly.
Do you know, there is many people that don't view aliens as an imminent threat? Even people in our own organization.
That's the whole point of the task force.
Ostensibly, yes, but we have some philosophical differences.
The true aim of the task force is to defend.
Mine is to eliminate.
I am not sure I follow, sir.
A lot of people refer to aliens as innocuous.
There is only one reason another race would come to this planet.
It's because they want our resources.
And I believe they will do whatever it takes to get them.
I know what you are hiding, Major.
Sir, with all due respect, you have completely lost me Have you ever heard of STAR Labs? Turns out, this was the missing piece to crack this whole thing wide open.
Now, I have proof.
Proof of what? I've always respected you, Major.
So I am going to give you the opportunity to turn yourself in.
I can go through the usual channels.
I have enough evidence.
All due respect, I think you've been putting in too many late nights.
You are not making sense.
Isn't it strange? I haven't seen your wife and daughter around at all.
I have always respected you too, Commander.
Such a decorated career.
So many years of work.
I'd hate to see it ruined because you're grasping at straws.
Okay, then.
You have a good evening, Major.
Did you see Commander Steel at the party? Commander Steel? No, I didn't see him at the party.
But, Annabelle and I were busy with party planning.
We were in charge of games.
Oh, no.
Did you see that? Mr.
Davis taking the last mini pizza? He made an enemy today.
You know I usually support your snack-based vendettas, but we don't have time for that right now.
Look! I think that was a goodbye laugh.
And that was definitely a goodbye hug.
We can't let them leave before Naomi gets back.
Or at least until Anthony takes a picture of every guest.
We are going to be here for a while.
Great party.
I'll see you kids Monday.
Uh, no, you can't leave, because you don't want to miss the main event.
Uh, didn't they already cut the cake? Uh, the other main event.
It's a It's a surprise, but we are mere moments away.
So We're gonna need some help.
Dee! Hi, again! What is the point of this food? It can't possibly be sustenance.
I blame the French.
What happened to your vest and jacket? It was restrictive.
The high price of fashion.
Dee, we need your help.
Technically, Naomi needs your help because there has been a murder.
What are you talking about? Oh, no! Sorry, not a real one.
Jacob is just very excited.
Naomi needs us to keep everyone here.
So we are doing a murder mystery party game.
One person secretly plays a murderer and the rest of us have to catch them before they "kill" again.
Why is murder fun? I blame late-stage capitalism.
Here is your character card.
" Dubois.
The butler.
Do they not have those on your planet? You must be the boyfriend.
I'm sorry, Dee.
It's it's a long story, but you are going to have a lot of fun.
Um, fun fact, all throughout the Agatha Christie detective novels, the butler is never the one who did it.
So you are probably not the killer.
Not because you look like the killer.
I mean, you kind of do, you know, because you are the You have those tattoos and face is very broody and scary, but Good luck! Rooting for you! I'm the butler.
Thanks again for the ride.
No problem.
It's been a while since I was in this school.
What are we looking for again? A solution of potassium hydroquinone monosulfate phenidone.
Here, I'll help you.
So, what got stolen? Hmm? Your questions during the game weren't exactly subtle.
Someone stuck into my house and stole the disc.
And you thought that someone was me? I didn't know what to think.
I have just been off lately.
Do you ever feel like maybe you don't know people as well as you think you do? All the time.
Because you never do know people as well as you think.
Isn't that kind of cynical? Actually, I find it freeing.
People will never live up to your expectations, and the sooner you can accept that, the sooner you can accept people for who they really are.
Does that mean you are not going to tell me why you were on my street? No.
I told you, it's personal.
It's not like you tell me everything, either.
What are you talking about? There's something going on with you.
There has been for a while.
There is nothing going on with me.
It's fine that you don't want to tell me.
That's the point.
Just know that if you ever do want to talk about it, I'm here.
I found it.
Naomi? No, I didn't see her leave the party.
I wasn't there either.
We were out of ice, so I ran out.
So that's the contingency plan.
Greg and I needed to be prepared.
What exactly is on that hard drive? Access codes.
Among other things.
If you want to say something, you should just say it.
You should have stayed away from Naomi.
If you had, maybe none of this would have happened.
- It wouldn't have mattered.
- You don't know that.
Naomi needed to know the truth about her destiny.
It was time.
You don't get to decide that.
She's not your daughter.
She's mine.
And she is only 16 years old.
She is not ready for any of this.
She is more ready than you think, Jennifer.
It wasn't your call.
I have been quiet for a long time.
Maybe too long.
But, still I haven't told her everything.
I have honor.
What is that supposed to mean? Who the hell are you? You need to hurry.
Oh, no! What did you find? Steel has been tracking me and Greg.
He knows you've been hiding something.
Not just us.
He knows about Naomi.
"Why was I at school?" I forgot my book in my locker.
Must have been pretty important for you to leave the party.
I have a calc test tomorrow.
And once you got to the school, you went straight to your locker? That's right.
There's someone here.
It would be really ironic if I got murdered at school.
Nathan? What's he doing here? I have no idea.
Can Can I meet you at the van? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
And then I went back to the van.
So you weren't in the building when the incident happened? No.
I didn't see Naomi or Nathan until after it was over.
Uh, what are you doing here? No.
What are you doing here? I was just Looks like you were breaking into my locker.
Hold up.
Did you follow me here? No.
Maybe I should have.
What's going on with you tonight? You are acting really weird.
What's going on with me? I am acting weird? You are the one breaking into my locker.
What? Breaking in Is the disc in there? The disc? Why would I have that? Someone stole it from my room.
And you think I stole it? Is that what this is all about? You were on my street three nights ago, and I know you are not telling me the truth about why.
You're right.
I have been lying.
About this.
I I missed your call last night because I was getting these photos printed.
And yeah, I was at your house without telling you.
Couldn't remember your favorite flowers, but I know your mom has some planted, so I figured I could show a picture to the florist.
I don't know what to say.
- Nathan, I am so - No.
Don't do that.
I was upset.
But, I shouldn't have left.
If I had stayed, I could have helped her.
I would have been there for her when But, I wasn't.
I left her at the school.
Hello, Naomi.
My name is Commander Steel.
We have a lot to talk about.
Do you know who I am, Naomi? You work with my dad.
That's right.
No disrespect, but what are you doing here? I think you know why I'm here.
I should call my parents.
Except they're not really your parents, are they? - You're adopted.
- Yes.
But, adopted from where? Somewhere on the East Coast.
The East Coast.
Or maybe somewhere farther away.
Do you believe that life exists on other planets? I haven't really thought about it.
I don't like to refer to these beings as aliens.
It's become too mainstream, too innocuous.
Because, really they're a danger to our way of life our very existence.
- I think I should go.
- I know who you are.
What you are.
There has to be some kind of mistake.
This is called an S-RUD.
We've been developing it for some time.
It's based on a concept called resonance.
It only reacts to beings that aren't of this Earth.
I'm told it's quite painful.
I'm going to give you one more chance.
He was threatening me.
Do you have any idea why? No.
It seemed like he was after me.
Was it about my dad? We're not sure yet.
What happened next? I was going to run, and then he just collapsed.
It seemed like a heart attack, but I wasn't sure, so I I called my dad.
Well, thank you for taking the time to give us a statement, Ms.
Patient is responsive Negative PLR.
BP 110 over 60, pulse strong but erratic.
We're ten out.
We had no idea Steel was capable of this kind of behavior.
And it seems that this was just the tip of the iceberg.
What do you mean? We found this on his computer.
It appears that Steel has had an obsession with extraterrestrials for quite some time now.
I was part of the task force.
I never suspected that Steel had some kind of alternative agenda and would go rogue.
We're not sure why he chose to target your family.
We searched his files, but there was no concrete evidence.
It was all a fantasy.
We have a contingency plan.
We have a way to access Steel's computer.
I'm sorry this happened.
I always respected the Commander.
Well, sadly, these types of mental breaks do sometimes happen.
But, rest assured, when he wakes up, the military police will take over and handle it appropriately.
What happened to him? When we found him, he was incoherent, disoriented.
Really, we have no idea.
Naomi, are you okay? Not really.
Want to talk about what happened? I just want to go home.
You're back.
You guys all right? I know this was a hard night but everything is okay now.
We'll leave you to it.
Is Nathan here? He left.
I'm sorry, babe.
Are you okay? Thank you both for everything.
This is the only roll that I haven't developed.
The rest are upstairs.
But, no luck with our project.
Do you want me to stay with you? No.
I'll be okay.
Sometimes the people you think you know the best are the ones you don't really know at all.
Secrets never stay hidden forever.
I'm going to give you one more chance.
Please don't do this.
What are you doing here?
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