Naomi Osaka (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


[woman] Sometimes
I feel like I'm a vessel
[kids playing]
- [lilting instrumental music plays]
- [clattering]
because I've been playing tennis
since I was three.
I just, like,
train and practice constantly.
Growing up,
we kinda kept to ourselves.
[woman] My dad didn't really talk to,
like, other tennis parents.
So many people have told my dad
that I would never be anything.
I I just started writing a list
of all historic things
that I could possibly do,
um, and for me,
being the first Japanese person
to win a Grand Slam was, like,
at the top of the list.
[kids yelling playfully]
[crowd cheering, whistling]
[commentator 1] It is one
of the hottest tickets in sport right now
to see this young star play.
[commentator 2] Naomi Osaka.
[commentator 3] Naomi Osaka.
[commentator 4] Naomi Osaka!
[crowd whistling, applauding, cheering]
[applause, cheering intensifies]
[commentator 5] Growing up,
she dreamed of playing Serena Williams
in a Grand Slam final.
[crowd applauding]
[umpire 1 reads out score]
[commentator 5] A 20-year-old
playing in her first Grand Slam final.
[woman in crowd 1]
Come on! Let's go, Naomi!
[scattered applause]
[crowd cheering]
[umpire 1] Forty-fifteen.
[crowd whistling]
[commentator 5] Serving now for the title.
Two championship points.
[man in crowd 1] Naomi!
[man in crowd 2] Come on, Naomi!
[Naomi grunts lightly]
[crowd, cheering, whistling]
[umpire 1] Forty-thirty.
[Serena grunts]
- [crowd cheering]
- [umpire 1] Game, set, and match, Osaka.
[commentator 5]
Naomi Osaka is the US Open champion.
[crowd whistling, applauding]
[lilting instrumental music plays]
[commentator 5] It's a final
we are never gonna forget.
[crowd cheering, applauding]
But this is gonna change
young Naomi's life, isn't it?
United States Open champion Naomi Osaka.
[loud bang]
[Naomi] No one really knows
all the sacrifices that you make
just to be good.
[crowd whistling]
[gleeful yelling]
[fan] Naomi!
[shutters clicking]
[Naomi] I think the amount of attention
that I get is kind of ridiculous.
[camera shutters clicking]
No one prepares you for that, you know?
[hesitantly] It's really weird sometimes.
[crowd muttering]
[girl 1] Thank you!
[girl 2] Thank you! I love you!
[man 1] Thank you!
[man 2] Naomi,
she came fast.
She was like an overnight superstar.
[people squealing]
[man 2] And that is so, so difficult
for anyone.
[camera shutters clicking]
[Naomi] Stuart, he's that person
who's always there for me.
[man 2] You would probably call me
an agent and a manager.
- [camera shutters clicking]
- She's 23.
She's become the first Asian player
to reach number one.
[man 2] Thank you.
[man 2] She's won four Grand Slams.
I'm sorry. We have so many. Thank you.
[man 2] She's set the record for earnings
in a calendar year for female athletes.
And everyone has an opinion.
You know, her team,
her family, her sponsors,
her friends.
Social media, you wanna add in,
like, another million people.
Everyone has an opinion.
[tense music plays]
[Stuart] You know, she's young.
There's pressure on her,
and I think
that pressure weighs heavily on her.
[ball hitting racket, bouncing]
[ball hitting racket, bouncing]
[gentle music plays]
[Naomi] When I'm playing,
I have, like, a robot mind.
Like, you you're basically
punching in and and punching out.
But your punching in is winning the match.
I feel like you have to be
really mentally strong
to play tennis.
'Cause tennis is a solo sport.
You're kind of by yourself.
You just have to keep
going out there every day,
trying to figure stuff out
and just keep adjusting.
The interesting thing is,
like, everyone's built differently.
So we all have our different strengths.
I used to call myself a counter-puncher,
but I think I'm really
an aggressive baseliner.
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[Naomi] A counter-puncher is someone
that, like, can take the blows
[crowd cheering]
and then will wait for an opportunity
[umpire calls match]
to finish it.
[crowd applauding]
[Naomi] Aggressive baseliner
is someone that kinda dictates
[crowd cheering]
how the game goes.
'Cause, like, my playing style,
I don't really have to think too much.
I mean, of course you have to think,
but I'm better instinct-wise.
[birds chirping]
[indistinct chattering]
[woman 1] Sure.
So she moved in two days ago,
which is really exciting.
She said she was up all night
crying and shaking
from the moment she walked in
'cause she thought it was so beautiful.
But that being said,
it's only, like, 70% finished.
There's a room in the pool house
that she wants to convert to a gym.
We've ordered all the equipment.
It's supposed to come on the 28th,
so the gym should be in working order
for her to start training again.
[Naomi hums]
[Naomi] I moved away
from my family for work.
[sighs, trills lips]
And there's nothing I regret about it.
I feel like
that's also a process of growing up,
but at the same time,
you know, sometimes I feel lonely.
Because there's activities
that I want to do,
and I could just imagine myself
doing it with my sister,
but then there's, like, no one here.
I mean, the only one
that's here sometimes is my boyfriend,
and he doesn't get active! [giggles]
So, like, the last two nights
that I slept here, right,
I didn't sleep because,
um, I was, like, saying it was jet lag,
but actually
I was just very scared. [chuckles]
Like, every noise freaked me out.
So then I ended up
just staying on my phone.
Like, it I felt like it was
someone else's house.
[airplane taking off]
[sighs deeply]
[suspenseful music plays]
[indistinct chattering]
[ball hitting racket]
[Naomi] Before I won the US Open,
I was flying under the radar.
So people wouldn't really care
if I won or I lost.
And I think that becoming number one,
I really internalized
and made into inside pressure.
And now I feel like
I want to be
the best tennis player in the world.
When she won the US Open,
it was a very good feeling.
Having that dream
and to see it become reality.
But it's funny
that in a couple of days after,
it's like, "Let's get back to work."
Because the next tournament,
it starts all over again.
OK, now it's about, "OK."
"Was it a fluke?"
Or, you know you know
all these people, "Ah, it was just luck."
So the player has to prove themselves
again and again and again.
[man over PA] Mic check. Test.
Two. Three. Four.
One. Two. Three. Four.
[indistinct announcement over PA]
[ball bouncing, hitting racket]
[ball bouncing, hitting racket]
[man 3] It's the day
before her first match,
and, to be honest,
I think she's pretty nervous.
You know,
I'm obviously pretty nervous myself.
I mean, it's New York.
It's the last Grand Slam of the year.
She's the defending champion.
There's a lot at stake.
For her, obviously, but for me as well.
This is, like, my first coaching role,
and I feel that we're still,
you know, learning each other.
I just wanna see her
block out all the distractions.
All the noise.
And just focus on playing her best tennis.
[announcer 1] Ladies and gentlemen,
from Japan,
Naomi Osaka!
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[commentator 6] Osaka was born in Japan.
Moved to the US when she was pretty young,
three years of age.
[suspenseful music plays]
[crowd cheering loudly]
[commentator 6] See the Naomi Osaka fans.
[commentator 7]
There's a look at Kobe Bryant,
former professional basketball player.
And there's Colin Kaepernick.
[commentator 6] A-listers courtside today.
[umpire 2] Game, Osaka.
- [ball hitting racket]
- [Linette groans]
- [crowd cheering]
- [umpire 2] Game, set, and match, Osaka.
[reporters chattering quietly]
[camera shutters clicking]
Everyone, please wait to be recognized.
Please turn your cell phones off.
English first.
[reporter 1] It was
the second time at this tournament
I've seen a girl so happy to see you
in the stands that she starts crying.
What does that feel like for you?
Yeah. I mean, for me, I'd
[chuckling]I'd rather people don't cry.
Um, it kinda makes me emotional too,
and, yeah,
I mean, it's really crazy for me.
I know, like, everyone said that
the past year has been, like, insane.
Um, and I think it's moments like that
that sort of make me realize it.
Um, and I'm I'm really grateful.
And I'm honestly really humbled by it
because I know as a kid,
I had my favorite players,
you know, and, um,
they're kinda still playing right now.
So, ye yeah, it's crazy.
[reporter 2] Naomi,
going back to your player box,
how well have you gotten to know Kobe?
Kobe kinda gives me,
like, real-life advice.
He's someone that I sort of look up to
as an athlete and also as a person. Um
So I'm really grateful that I even have
the opportunity to talk to him and stuff.
[presenter] This was one
of Kobe's bucket list items.
Get to the US Open.
It's a terrific night for you to be here,
with Naomi Osaka earlier this afternoon,
and there's a lot of advice
you have to offer.
Well, I think the important thing
is that there's gonna be a lot of things
that are gonna be thrown at her, right?
Commitments, responsibilities.
Those things will grow.
It's important for her to stay focused on
what's most important, which is the craft.
There's gonna be a lot of things
pulling you in different directions,
but you have to stay locked in
on what got you these opportunities,
which is the game of tennis,
and continue to get better at the craft.
It all comes from there.
[McKendry] And we've been talking
a lot about Coco Gauff, and just
You know, she's 15 years old,
but the poise and the maturity
that we've seen from her
dealing with so much at such a young age.
[Kobe] You know, to me, it's amazing
how fundamentally sound she seems to be,
and her poise is,
you know, it's ahead of her years.
[umpire on TV] Deuce.
[masseuse] But what I don't understand is,
how can you serve with the same ball
you missed on the first serve?
- You know?
- [Naomi] Are you superstitious?
[masseuse] It's just
Yeah, I don't want to use
the same ball
I played with for the second ball.
- You don't
- I'm not superstitious at all.
I feel like in sports,
everybody's superstitious.
- [Naomi] We are.
- I know.
That's why I was like,
"Yo, she gotta win today." [laughs]
This is my first time attending the match.
"Because if she lose"
I was like, "Everybody gonna look at me
like, 'Don't come to no more matches.'"
I was like, "Yo" I was like
[all chuckle]
- [Cordae] So Coco won?
- [Naomi] Yeah.
[Cordae] Good girl.
[crowd cheering, applauding, whistling]
[commentator 8]
The minute the draw came out,
tennis fans were already
looking ahead to the third round
and what would likely be
one of the most intriguing matches
of the entire tournament.
The top seed
and defending champion, Naomi Osaka,
and the 15-year-old phenom, Coco Gauff.
[man 4] Stand by, Coco.
All right. Three, two, one.
[announcer 2]
From the United States, Coco Gauff!
[crowd cheering loudly, applauding]
[crowd whistling]
Three, two
[announcer 2] And from Japan, Naomi Osaka!
[crowd cheering]
[raucous applause, cheering]
[crowd cheering]
[umpire 3] First set.
[commentator 9] The youngest woman
to reach the third round
since 1996 here at the US Open.
[umpire 3] Osaka to serve.
- [commentator 9] Coco Gauff.
- [umpire 3] Ready? Play.
[commentator 9]
Against the defending champion here.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 8] Osaka,
whose serve has gotten better each match.
[umpire 3] Thirty-love.
- [cheering]
- [commentator 9] A very impressive start.
- [umpire 3] Forty-love.
- [applause]
- [Coco grunts]
- [crowd groans]
[crowd] Oh!
- [cheering]
- [commentator 8] Fantastic hitting.
[crowd groaning, cheering]
[commentator 9] Osaka forges
further in front.
[commentator 9]
Osaka has done tremendously well.
[commentator 8]
That's what Osaka does at her best.
She just pummels the ball.
- [crowd] Ooh!
- [inaudible]
[commentator 8] That's just big.
- [umpire 3] Advantage Osaka.
- [commentator 8] 118, down the middle.
But to be in this position
is a kinda tough mindset
to overcome right now.
[camera shutters clicking]
[commentator 9] Naomi Osaka,
the defending champion,
serving for victory.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 9] The defending champion
is moving on here in New York.
- [umpire 3] Two sets to love.
- [cheering, applause]
[inaudible conversation]
[commentator 9] We will see a lot more,
you suspect, of Naomi Osaka.
She drops just three games tonight
to move into the sweet 16.
[Naomi] Will you do the interview with me?
I've done this before.
- Are you sure?
- [Naomi] Yeah.
[Coco] I'm gonna cry.
[Naomi] No, you're good!
Look, you're amazing.
- We're both gonna do the interview.
- Thank you.
No, it's fine.
I'm gonna cry, like, the whole interview.
No, I think it's better
than going into the shower and crying,
like, let people know, like, how you feel.
[crowd cheering loudly]
[commentator 9] I think
Naomi Osaka has just said,
"Can we do the interview together?"
this crowd absolutely loves you.
[crowd cheering loudly]
Wipe those tears away.
Tell us what Naomi told you at the net.
Um she told me
that I did amazing and good luck,
and then she asked if I could do
the on-court interview with her, and
[sobs]I said no because I knew
I was gonna cry the whole time,
but she encouraged me to do it.
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[reporter 3] Naomi.
[Naomi encourages Coco quietly]
[crowd cheering, whistling]
[Naomi] Um,
I just wanna say if they're still here,
um, you guys raised an amazing player.
I remember I used to see you guys
[giggling] I don't wanna cry!
[sniffles] I remember
[sighs]I used to see you guys
[reporter 3]
This is an emotional night, everybody.
- [reporter 3 chuckles]
- [crowd cheering]
[Naomi] OK.
[Naomi breathes shakily]
I remember I used to see you guys
training in the same place as us, and
[inhales sharply] for me, like,
the fact that both of us made it,
um, and we're both still working
as hard as we can,
I think it's incredible,
and I think you guys are amazing.
I think, Coco, you're amazing.
[crowd cheering]
Good luck the rest of the way.
[Naomi] Thank you.
[applause, cheering]
[inaudible conversation]
[cheering, applause]
[camera shutters clicking]
For those who are new to the room,
I'll show you to your seats.
Please turn your cell phones off.
See the press conference schedule.
A very tight schedule
[Naomi] When I shook her hand,
I saw
that she was kinda tearing up a little,
and then
then it reminded me how young she was.
I feel like
the amount of media on her right now
is kind of insane for her age, so
[conference continues on TV]
I just For me, I just thought about
what I wanted her to feel
leaving the court.
I wanted her to have her head high,
not, like, walk off the court sad.
I want her to, like, be aware
that she's accomplished so much,
and she's still so young.
I I just want her to,
like, take care of herself.
[commentator 10]
Naomi Osaka, such a class act,
and we look forward to that rematch.
Thanks so much for watching
[children playing]
[Naomi] Growing up,
me and my sister,
we were practicing
on public courts every day.
Always hitting with each other.
I honestly wasn't really good as a kid.
Even though that sounds bad, I just
We were literally on the court every day
for, like, at least eight hours.
So I was just, like, tired. [chuckles]
[sentimental music plays]
[Naomi] For me, it's really crazy. Like,
this guy from Haiti, you know,
somehow met this woman from Japan,
and they had a dream
of having kids that played tennis.
I just remember
when I was playing the local tournaments,
all I was thinking was like,
"I I want my mom to, like, be happy."
"I want her to stop working."
She would work overtime.
She would sleep in her car sometimes.
And for me, that was
my whole, like, point of playing tennis.
It was honestly
either become a champion or
probably be broke.
And sometimes, I'm just like,
"OK, I did that."
For me,
I'm good as a chaser or a follower.
So it's really hard to be the top person.
I don't know. I feel like I'm struggling
with the two extremes.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 11] The roof is closed
at Arthur Ashe Stadium,
and we are just about ready
for round of 16 action
in the top half of the women's draw.
That's the number one seed, Naomi Osaka.
[man in crowd 3] Go, Naomi!
[camera shutters clicking]
[line judge 1] Out!
[crowd cheering]
- [umpire 4] Thirty-love.
- [camera shutters clicking]
[crowd groaning]
[commentator 11]
If Osaka's gonna get back in this match,
she has to figure out
a way to get through on the Bencic serve.
[crowd calls out support]
[umpire 4] Forty-love.
[commentator 11] The defending champ
is a point away
from being bounced in the round of 16,
as almost a stunned hush has come across
the crowd here in Arthur Ashe Stadium.
[crowd groaning]
- [crowd cheering]
- [umpire 4] Game, set, and match, Bencic.
[commentator 11] There's gonna be
a new champion in New York
and a new world number one
when this week is done.
Belinda Bencic has taken out the top seed
and defending champion
at the US Open seven-five, six-four
and is into the quarter-finals in New York
for the second time in her career.
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[commentator 11] But we're not gonna see
any more of the defending champ
on the court in 2019
because Belinda Bencic took it to her
[somber music plays]
[airplane landing]
[Naomi] For the first time,
I was the defending champion.
So I felt, like,
so much pressure and stuff.
[whistling, cheering]
[melancholic music plays]
[cheering, applause on TV]
[Ellen on TV] Have a seat. Have a seat.
I feel the same way about you.
Thanks for being here. It is great
[Naomi] I don't know.
I just felt like I was very lost.
'Cause I was just so focused on winning.
[interview continues playing on TV]
[crowd applauding, cheering]
[Ellen] Well, you know I'm a fan.
I love you,
and, uh, I was watching when you, uh
Who did you play who, uh, beat you?
What was her name?
- Hmm.
- [Ellen] What was her name?
[giggling] I'm just kidding!
- Um, her name's Bencic.
- [Ellen] That's right.
I was asking
if she gets nervous before matches
'cause that's a lot of people.
And I guess you get used
to people watching you all the time,
but that is a lot of pressure
of people watching you play, right?
- [audience laughs]
- [Naomi giggles]
You really have
come out of your shell. It's great. Um
- [audience cheering, applauding]
- [bell rings]
[camera shutter clicking]
[photographer] Go ahead. One more.
Three, two, one.
[camera shutter clicking]
[indistinct chattering]
Let's do it again.
All right, one more.
[Stuart] Female athletes are on the rise.
[photographer] Yes!
[Stuart] You can't really
put her in a box.
[photographer] Two, one. Action.
- Yeah!
- [Naomi] Sorry, I forgot
[Stuart] Across all of Asia,
she's a superstar.
People want someone
that can be their role model
and pioneer for a better world.
[melancholic music plays]
[indistinct chattering]
[Naomi] I feel like
I really need to,
like, mentally take a break
and just, like, chill out.
[indistinct chattering]
[Naomi] I should think about the future
instead of always
being stuck in the present.
[indistinct chattering]
[Naomi] For so long, I've tied winning
to, like, my worth as a person.
To anyone that would know me,
they know me for being a tennis player.
[camera shutters clicking]
So, like,
what am I if I'm not a good tennis player?
[lilting instrumental music plays]
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