Naomi Osaka (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Champion Mentality

- [camera shutters clicking]
- [gentle instrumental music plays]
[camera shutters clicking]
[indistinct background chattering]
- [camera beeps]
- [camera shutters clicking]
[woman 1] It has been a whirlwind
for all of us. We all lack sleep.
I mean, we've had a ton of opportunity
walking into New York Fashion Week.
They did an amazing piece on her
all about her first fashion collection
as a co-designer with ADEAM.
And, like,
the reception on social has been insane.
I think her fans are
a little bit taken back.
Even the people
who are in her life every day were like,
"Oh my God, it's so crazy.
We don't ever see you like this."
So I think as, like,
an overall takeover for us,
to kind of, like, shine light on, I think,
the other talent that she has
aside from, you know, being a tennis star.
[man 1] I'd be like, "This is incredible.
You should try this on."
For me kind of like to learn you,
I just need to see what you're
automatically drawn to without me, OK?
- [Naomi chuckles]
- But then I'll help you. [laughs]
[Naomi] Um
- [chuckling] I'm nervous!
- Don't be nervous!
That's great. It's great.
[woman 2] Yeah, it's great.
It's really cool.
[man 1] Especially to have on something
that literally just walked.
[woman 1]and then the ones added today
was Washington Post, Yahoo.
[man 2]to be known as someone
that is multifaceted.
She's shown that in designing
an amazing collection of clothes.
- Sweaty palms.
- You have sweaty palms? Are you clammy?
- [man 2 laughs]
- Oh my God, don't be nervous.
It's just there's so much going on
that is new.
So, like, I'm excited,
but also now I'm just
thinking about one thing at a time
'cause there's
so many things going on in a day.
[man 3] 'Cause you have
such a global reach
and so many fans around the world.
What do you hope
they take from seeing this show,
either in person or on social media
or by buying it themselves?
Um, with, like, a lot of people in mind,
I think it's not too crazy.
- [man 3] Right.
- It's not too simple. Um
Ever since I was a kid,
I liked sketching stuff
and trying to put
different clothes together
'cause as athletes,
we don't really get to dress up as much.
So, yeah, it's it's really fun.
I was just thinking,
"Oh, from here to there
is so long
with all of these people staring."
But, no, that's so far away.
[woman 3] After every match,
you have to basically do this exact thing.
[Naomi groans nervously]
- [woman 3] You're gonna be great.
- I'm gonna fall.
[woman 3] You're not wearing
the super-tall heel.
I can do this.
[edgy electronic music plays]
- [champagne cork popping]
- [people cheering, whooping]
[Cordae] First of all, here is
to the beginning of a beautiful start
to another long-tenured career
in another avenue
that is just gonna build
on top of the legacy and add to it.
- [loud clinking]
- [Naomi] Planning on breaking the glass?
- [woman 4] Cheers! We're so proud.
- [woman 1] Speak with conviction.
- Congratulations.
- [Cordae] Is there a fork?
[woman 5] Want me to wash this?
- [man 4] Need forks?
- [Cordae] Yes.
[woman 1] Anyone else wanna guzzle that?
'Cause I did! [chuckles]
[woman 4] It's New York
mothertruckin' Fashion Week, dude.
You just had your own show.
Can I get drunk off this?
I probably shouldn't, right,
this early in the day?
- I'm just curious.
- [woman 4] Not one.
[man 5] Can you imagine
we walk into the dinner with ADEAM later,
and they're like, "She has one show,
and she staggers in?"
No, I don't
Listen, I don't stagger. I think.
[guests laugh]
What? [laughs]
- [Cordae] Oh yes.
- [woman 4] Aw!
[Cordae] It's like
[Naomi] I feel like,
for the past two years,
my life's been, like,
a constant, like, "Go, go, go!"
[calming music plays]
[R&B music plays]
[Naomi] Which one's the good side?
- Gosh.
- [Mari] This side. [giggles]
- How long are you here?
- [Naomi] I didn't get a flight back.
You can stay for the rest of your life!
Or at least until it stops raining.
There's a turn there.
How do you live here,
and I know where I'm going.
Look, illegal driving!
I'm going to capture it.
- [both giggling]
- [Naomi] Wait!
She's still reversing!
[Mari] It's OK. It's OK!
We're fine.
[Naomi] I felt like
I really need to mentally take a break
and just, like, chill out.
[Naomi] Hi!
- [Mari] Hey.
- [Naomi] What's poppin'?
Off-season was good 'cause it did
give me a lot of time to reflect.
It just made me, like,
think about the importance of everything.
Playing chess because we're intellectuals.
That's what intellectuals do.
My sister
I haven't seen in a few months.
Time to figure out
what we're actually gonna wear.
I miss her a lot
'cause we grew up together.
[hip-hop music plays]
[Naomi] Oh!
I don't want it.
We were together every day
until we were, like, 17.
- [camera shutter clicking]
- [Mari] Bruh!
Your camera's amazing.
[Naomi] She helps me a lot
with, like, the fashion stuff.
[Mari] Let me get in closer.
[shutter clicks]
[Naomi] I'll go a bit higher.
I'm just the vessel
for, like, whatever she wants to do.
Do you want your boots in it?
[Mari] Yes, the boots are the whole point!
[shutter clicks]
[Naomi] To the people
that know both of us,
I'm the mean sister, right?
Uh, I think I'm blunt, but not on purpose.
It also comes with,
like, being home-schooled
and not really having interactions
with other people
except my sister.
- [Naomi] OK.
- Go ahead. I'm not opening it.
[Naomi sniffles, sighs]
[Mari] Pass.
[Naomi] Oh God, I look like a mess.
[Mari] I'll explain when
when, uh, when you see it.
It's the one that I
I started when you played
when you started
playing Indian Wells, right?
- Uh-huh?
- [Mari] Then you won that.
Then you won the US Open,
and then I finished it.
So I I feel like it's
And it's the goddess Nike,
so I feel like
it's just for you, you know?
[Naomi] Should I just put it in my room?
No, I need everyone to see it!
[Mari chuckles]
[Naomi sighs]
- [Naomi] Should I move my trophy?
- [Mari] No. No.
- Your trophy's fine where it is.
- [Naomi] It doesn't need to be here. Ugh!
OK. We don't care about that.
[Mari] Aw!
[Naomi] Queen!
It looks better.
[man 6] Keep pulling.
Starting to get hot, huh?
[man 6 chuckles]
Use that leg. Work for that finish.
Knees up.
Nice and easy.
Cruise it through. Cruise it through.
Good job.
[man 6 claps]
Good. Attack the finish.
Always finish stronger than you started.
The loss at the US Open
at the time felt devastating.
One more round on each side.
Right? And there's nothing I can do.
There's nothing Mom can do.
There's nothing Pops can do.
There's nothing anyone can do.
It's just something that
she'll have to figure out herself.
Life [sighs]
is always gonna
present you with challenges,
and it is truly up to you
to meet those challenges
with strength and with wisdom.
Straight through.
You will make false steps.
But that doesn't mean that
you'll be defined by them.
So, this season,
I think we should have
At least once a month,
we should have a team meeting set up.
- Everybody has a voice.
- [Naomi] I don't have a voice.
- [Abdul] You always have a voice.
- No.
It's gonna be a long year,
and it didn't even start yet.
[Abdul chuckles]
She said,
"It's gonna be a long year!" [snickers]
[serene music plays]
[indistinct background chattering]
[host] For our next part, I have
a global exclusive special treat for you.
I can officially and exclusively announce
Naomi's new coach will be Wim Fissette.
Now Wim has masterminded the careers
of Grand Slam champions Simona Halep,
Kim Clijsters, and Angie Kerber,
just to name a few.
[indistinct chattering]
[host] Wim, talk about Naomi's game.
She has so many gifts on the court.
Uh, what do you see are her strengths,
possibly things to work on?
How do you see it?
Well, um,
she's the best player out there, I feel.
She's very special. She's unique.
Uh, she's different.
But I also think, like,
there's room for improvement,
and that's the plan,
to to to develop her game,
to go to the next level, and
and to to stay the best player out there.
It will depend on Naomi.
If she can keep developing the next years,
she doesn't need to be afraid.
She likes to feel free on the court.
She has really good intuition
[ball hitting racket]
[Wim] It's more difficult to control
when you're in closed stance.
So if the ball is high, it's much easier
if you use your half-open or open stance.
OK. We go back?
Try to, like,
really lift your hip with that.
The rest will come automatically.
[indistinct background announcement]
[Wim] The problem Naomi had
at the end of of last year,
she forgot who she was,
what strengths were making her special.
Exactly. And down the line too, huh?
Like, down the line. That's what
I think that was the weakest,
maybe, today.
Too many times,
she's ready to go cross-court,
then goes down the line
To become again herself on the court,
it's very important to speak about that
and ask her, like, "Who is Naomi Osaka?"
"You won two Grand Slams so far.
You wanna win more. Who are you?"
"Who is Naomi Osaka at her best?"
[Abdul] Three.
[Wim] Obviously,
the goal is to win the Australian Open.
That's the first big goal.
I have no doubt she will be successful.
But you cannot always control things.
[pensive music plays]
[Wim] We cannot dream too much
about things that might happen.
We need to go step-by-step
and be ready for the next day.
- [siren wailing]
- [radio] Standby.
[fire crackling]
[reporter 1] Australian Open preparations
have been thrown into chaos
by the hazardous smoke
blanketing Melbourne.
[reporter 2] Considering the fires are
likely to burn until an autumn drenching,
it could be weeks
until the skyline is fully restored.
[reporter 3] Tennis officials gave
the green light for play to continue
and say they'll continue to consult
[crowd applauding, cheering, whistling]
[announcer 1]
The one, the only, Serena Williams!
[crowd applauding, cheering, whistling]
[announcer 1]
And the champion, Naomi Osaka!
[crowd cheering, applauding]
[Naomi] When I get into tournaments,
like, really big tournaments,
my sleep is all messed up.
And then I start having dreams
that I win the tournament,
or then sometimes
I don't have dreams at all,
and I just, like, sweat
and wake up. It's really weird.
[raucous cheering, applause]
[Naomi] 'Cause I say I'm not nervous.
Like, I tell everyone I'm not nervous.
But I
I didn't really sleep that well yesterday.
[man 7] First a few lines.
[Naomi] And I think
it's because of the anticipation.
[man 7] I'm just gonna read them for you.
"Summer's biggest blockbuster."
Summer's biggest blockbuster.
[man 7] "AO 2020."
AO 2020.
[man 7] And a few words for you.
[man 7] "Faster."
[man 7] "Stronger."
[man 7] Then a countdown.
"Three, two, one."
Three, two, one.
[atmospheric music plays]
[man 8 in Japanese]
She is an extremely powerful player.
So she wants
greater control out of her racket.
I feel extremely honored.
It's a great honor
to be assigned to Naomi Osaka
in an event like a Grand Slam.
[Wim] Preparations are behind us.
We did, uh, about five weeks of training.
Tomorrow's a big day. Her first match.
Um, Naomi is
is feeling really ready to compete.
But obviously also is a bit nervous.
She's defending her title.
[crowd applauding, cheering]
[Wim] It's a tournament she won last year.
[camera shutters clicking]
For her,
there's only probably one result
she's gonna be happy with.
Most of the players, they come
and they're happy to win a round.
Others will be super happy
to make it to the quarterfinals.
But, um, Naomi is here to win,
and everything outside of winning
will be a disappointment.
Which obviously is very hard.
There are 128 players here
in the main draw,
and every single one of them
wants to beat Naomi.
I'm obviously a bit nervous.
I just started working with Naomi,
we know that Naomi is only happy
if she's gonna win the tournament.
All right.
Good focus again
on the first shot after the serve.
[ball bouncing]
[Wim] Get into offense
after second serve. Let's go.
Karue, we play games, OK?
[suspenseful music plays]
[Abdul] None of these folks
have that discipline.
And they're only playing for today.
They don't see tomorrow.
So then I told her, I said,
"What you have's a goal
and you're on a mission."
"You're a supreme athlete."
"I've seen it now."
[ball hitting racket]
[woman 7] Oh, she's so powerful.
I love how she just holds
when something goes wrong.
Like, yesterday, she did something wrong,
and she she went"Huh."
But she smiled
and got back to her, um,
what she does the best.
[woman 8] She has incredible power.
She's incredibly athletic, authentic,
and, you know, I've seen her interviews,
and sometimes she's a little shy.
Don't let them get to you.
Keep keep doing what you are,
and keep being incredible.
And go.
Come on, here we go. Arms. Arms!
Good. Come on.
Let's see if we can hit 26 this time.
[in Japanese] I love Naomi's smile.
She is kind to everyone.
She is a treasure for Japan.
[commentator 2 in English]
First-day action
at the Australian Open Championships,
and they come from all parts of the world
to see stars like Naomi Osaka.
- [umpire 1] Game, Osaka.
- [Abdul] Fifteen.
There you go. Better. Use the arms.
- Change direction. There you go.
- [cheering]
[commentator 4] And the defending champion
takes the first
of hopefully seven steps in Melbourne.
She gets it done and dusted
[Abdul] Twenty. Come on, drive the arms.
You slowed down here.
You took your foot off the pedal.
[Wim] I have more belief in Naomi
than when we started.
[Abdul] Twenty-six.
Hello? Twenty-six.
We gotta get 26.
[Wim] You had it.
Swing through. It would have been clean
This is a player who, when she goes
on a court to play her match,
I feel I have
a lot of trust in this player.
Come on!
[Wim] As long as she can stay calm,
focus on her breathing
[Abdul] Eighteen.
Come on, here we go. Arms. Arms.
[Wim] keeps her clarity
for what's happening on the court
- [crowd cheering]
- [commentator 3] Just too good.
[Wim] Then then we know she's gonna be
very, very, very difficult to beat.
[sneaker squeaks]
[Abdul] Good.
- Good job.
- Whatever.
- [opponent] I had an advantage point.
- [all chuckle]
[thunder rumbling]
[heavy rain pattering]
[thunder rumbling]
[sports commentary plays on TV]
- What? [chuckles]
- [Naomi] I'm fine.
OK, but
[Tamaki chuckles] what?
[Naomi] My nail came off.
[Tamaki groans]
Like, it's on the other foot too.
For real?
Oh! Oh no!
[Naomi] It doesn't hurt.
I'm just gonna leave it like this.
No. Eh!
- [speaking Japanese]
- [Naomi laughs]
[grunts noncommittally]
- [in English] That side too?
- [Naomi] No.
Just this side? And is this
- No, you The other
- [Naomi] Here.
[Naomi giggles]
[Tamaki chuckles]
- [Naomi] Sorry. It's funny to me.
- No, it's not funny at all.
[Naomi] Like
[Naomi] I played with it, so it's fine.
[grunting on TV]
OK, match point.
[crowd groans, cheers]
[commentator 4]
It is game, set, and match.
The crowd are in a state of disbelief.
It is over.
The wonder kid
[crowd applauding, whistling]
at her first appearance in Australia
has again
disposed of one of the greatest players
in the history of the game.
[cheering, whistling]
[commentator 5]
Plenty of blue sky above Melbourne.
Perfect night
for what has so far been
a bit of a slugfest match.
[tense music plays]
[camera shutters clicking]
[ball hitting rackets]
[Coco] Come on!
- [cheering]
- [commentator 5] That is huge.
[applause, whistling]
This is alarm bells
for the defending champion.
[umpire 2] Gauff leads
four games to three.
[camera shutters clicking]
[umpire 2] Thank you,
ladies and gentlemen, ready for play.
[crowd cheering, calling out support]
[tense music plays]
- [Naomi] Oh!
- [umpire 2] Forty-thirty.
[applause, whistling]
[umpire 2] Gauff leads five games to four.
[shutter clicking]
[shutters clicking]
- [cheering]
- [umpire 2] Game, set, match, Gauff.
[umpire 2] 6-3, 6-4.
[commentator 5] What a win.
She's defeated the defending champion,
who bows out now.
[cheering, applause continues]
[indistinct background chattering]
[reporter 4] What is your takeaway
after this loss?
I mean,
do you feel as devastated as you felt
at other times when
you've had to exit a tournament early,
or does it feel different?
I mean, this one hurts a little bit more.
I love her, but I don't like
this feeling of losing to her.
Yeah, I just I feel bad
for Wim, um
for my entire team, Nana, Abdul
[inhales sharply] Karue.
We came here to win the tournament,
and I'm sort of like the vessel
that everyone's hard work is put into.
Um, and I wasn't able to, like,
do what I was supposed to do.
And also, my dad and my mom were here,
so that kinda hurts more.
[reporter 4] Thank you.
We're gonna switch.
I feel like I get tested a lot.
Like, life's just full of tests,
and, like, unfortunately for me,
my tests are tennis matches,
and you guys see them.
So I just have to, like, find a way
to navigate through it.
Does that make sense?
[reporter 5] Naomi, uh, do you think
you can handle these tests
and process them?
Or sometimes does it feel
a little bit overwhelming?
I mean, I feel like
there are moments where I can handle them,
and you guys see that.
Um, and then there's moments like this
where I get overwhelmed,
and, um, I don't really know
what to do in the situation,
and you guys can see that as well.
So I think it just
I just have to keep learning. Um
It was one of those days
where I couldn't do anything right,
it felt like.
Every ball was flying.
I don't know.
I don't have the champion mentality yet,
which is, like, someone that can
deal with not playing 100%, you know?
And I've always wanted to be like that,
but I guess I still have a long way to go.
[melancholic music plays]
[Naomi] Cool.
I find that ironic as fuck.
Totally ironic. [sighs]
I just lost my match, and I'm walking.
Headed towards no direction
'cause it's either
it's either, um,
walk or, like,
don't sleep and lose my mind,
'cause for sure I'm not gonna sleep.
And it's a bit scary, but hey.
[airplane taking off]
[car engine rumbling]
[indistinct news reports play over radio]
[reporter 6] We're coming on the air
with breaking news,
very sad news to tell the sports world.
The LA Times is reporting
that retired Los Angeles Lakers
basketball star Kobe Bryant
has been killed in a helicopter crash.
It happened this morning.
The chopper reportedly
went down just before 10 a.m
[Naomi sniffles]
[breathes shakily]
It's so amazing, like, how one person can
[sniffles]like, I don't know,
touch the hearts of so many people.
[sniffles] Like, I've been walking around,
and there's so many people
with Bryant jerseys on.
When I talked to him,
I felt so similar to him.
Like, the way that he was talking,
the the way he would describe how
I don't know, he would do things
to get under his opponent's skin
or whatever,
and I was like,
"That's literally what I do."
So I
I'm feeling like I let him down, like
What Am I
I'm supposed to carry on
his mentality in tennis,
and here I am, like, having
I haven't won a Grand Slam. I
I've [sighs]
I Like, I'm losing matches
because I'm mentally weak,
and he's
That's so uncharacteristic of him.
And it's, like, uh,
we're having all these talks,
and I'm not even doing
what we're talking about.
So it's, like
I'm just gonna text him again,
like, uh,
like, "How do you deal
with this situation?"
But, like
And then I didn't text him that
'cause I didn't wanna feel like a loser,
and now I'll never have
the chance to talk to him again.
Mm [sighs]
[voice catches] I
I don't know.
Like, wow.
[announcement in Spanish]
[Wim] The death of Kobe
was a real thing that upset her.
[announcer 2 in English]
Please welcome Naomi Osaka.
[cheering, applause]
[Wim] They were close.
The way she grieved
She was very, very sad for a while.
And then
you know, what happened in Spain
She wasn't there.
She was there in body, but she wasn't
there in spirit and mentally.
[cheering, whistling, applause]
[Wim] I obviously didn't have
any experience
how Naomi would be after a loss.
But speaking to her team,
they told me, like, "Wim, don't even try."
- [applause]
- [umpire calls out score]
[Wim] She is not open to speak about it.
Like, you have to give her
some room right now.
It's really so tough
because as a coach, you wanna go to her,
speak to her, ask her, tell her things
just to help her
because she was, like, like
Yeah, it was very sad.
[player grunts]
- [Wim] Very sad to see her.
- [line judge 4] Out!
- [umpire calls game]
- [crowd cheering, applauding]
[somber music plays]
[crowd applauding, whistling]
[indistinct announcement over PA]
[woman 9] In what kind of moments
do you feel most emotional?
[clicks tongue]
I mean, I guess
playing tennis definitely is one of them
because I put in a lot of work for that.
Um, and just, like,
being around people that I love,
um, and, like,
cherishing moments like that.
[man 9] OK.
Finished? OK.
[applause intensifies]
Oh my God!
[man 10] Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Happy birthday [inaudible]
[distant cheering]
[people cheering in Japanese]
[Naomi] Oh God, yours
[man 11] Wow.
[Naomi] They're, like
[indistinct chattering]
[laughter in background]
- [gasps]
- [man 11] Oh wow.
[Naomi] You know, you think they're alive
or that's a muscle reaction?
- [man 11] 100% alive.
- [woman 11] You caught them.
[indistinct chattering in Japanese]
[Naomi] Did you think
by the time I was 22
- [Leonard] Did you talk to Stuart?
- [man] Yes.
I would have done more?
[man] He was crying.
[Leonard] He was crying? [laughs]
Or do you think this is, like, acceptable?
More than
More than acceptable.
- [Naomi] This bothers me sometimes.
- [Tamaki speaks Japanese]
I don't know.
I just think about it sometimes.
Sometimes when I think,
that's just what I think about.
Like, I wonder
I know there's not supposed
to be a timeline on this stuff.
But, like, I wonder if I'm late.
You know?
I don't know.
[Tamaki speaks Japanese]
Yeah, that's what I do, Mom.
I'm your daughter. Remember?
[Tamaki] Well, this year
was kinda choppy, on and off.
- Many things happened.
- [Naomi] Thanks, Mom!
But I guess you're growing up,
very nicely.
And, remember,
we are always here
to help and support,
no matter what, so
And I'm happy
I'm very happy
that you are turning into
a very independent
and smart lady.
[Naomi] TY. TY.
[group applauds]
- Anyway, what can I say?
- [Naomi] Oh God.
- [chuckles]
- [group laughs]
[Naomi] Why do you have to use that voice?
[group laughs]
[Tamaki] Speech voice.
[Leonard] I'm just happy
that you've you're learning
and that you are
becoming a whole new you every day,
and a better you comes out all the time.
So we trust you, and we believe in you,
that you'll always do the right thing
when the time comes.
And we're just proud of you.
That's about
That's all I can say.
[Tamaki] Yay!
[group applauds]
[group sings] Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Naomi ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
[scattered cheering, applause]
[sentimental music plays]
[Naomi] Honestly,
tennis is not necessary for anything.
I'm doing it. Like, I love doing it,
but, uh [sighs]
there's more important things
in the world.
[speaking Japanese]
- [Naomi scoffs]
- [Leonard chuckles]
I think about what would happen
if the world stopped.
What would happen if tennis stopped?
Show me the light ♪
Show me the light ♪
Gonna tell me a lie? ♪
Tell me a lie ♪
I'm up on a flight ♪
I'm up on a flight ♪
I'm going through the night ♪
I'm going through the night ♪
Look in my eyes ♪
Look in my eyes, yeah ♪
You know I'm his child ♪
You know I'm his child, yeah ♪
Finesse and retire ♪
Finesse and retire ♪
So talk to me right, yeah ♪
So talk to me right, yeah ♪
I run it, I run it
I run it, I run it, yeah ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
Here they come ♪
Red Rum ♪
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