Narcos (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

The Palace in Flames

1 Murphy, join t' party, huh? What's wrong? All you guys having a good time? You gotta let it go, man.
There's good that came out of this.
Yeah, we used him, then we got him killed.
No, we didn't kill him Escobar did.
And now we get to go after that motherfucker.
Look on the bright side, huh? Peña was right.
There was a silver lining.
One of the sicarios caught after Lara Bonilla's assassination confessed that Pablo had put out the hit.
An important politician had been murdered and everyone knew who did it.
Finally, the Colombian government had to react.
Pablo Escobar was indicted for the murder of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla.
WANTED: PABLO ESCOBAR GAVIRIA $100,000 REWARD Colombia agreed to the one thing narcos feared most: extradition.
Now any Colombian who smuggled drugs to America could be prosecuted and jailed in the US, even if they never stepped foot on our soil.
This made all the difference in the world.
If you were a narco in Colombia, jail time meant banging girls, watching movies, hanging with the fellas Grease the right hands and you'd get a reduced sentence for good behavior.
It was a fucking joke.
Back home, it was a whole different deal.
The seventh richest man in the world? No one gives a shit.
You still get a 6x8 cell 23 hours a day, just like every other loser, a fucking nightmare.
Now Pablo had someone to fear: us.
Extradition doesn't mean anything unless you can catch him.
- With our help, you will.
- Oh, that's right.
Gringos to the rescue.
It's one fucking man against the United States of America.
One man with helicopters, airplanes, vehicles, planned escape routes, - and a network of informants.
- Our government will provide money, - men, weapons - You make it sound so easy.
But Escobar has always managed to stay one step ahead of us.
Help us catch him.
I'll never be assigned to this.
Jaramillo hates my guts.
Let me take care of that.
- You think extradition's a victory.
- It is.
Escobar will not go lightly.
He will make Colombia bleed.
Now more than ever is the time for solidarity.
You make the mistakes, and then you preach solidarity? - Shut up, fag.
- What the fuck, Carlos? Why are you always defending him? Did he get your sister back for you or not? We rescued her because we did it together.
Right? Gentlemen I suggest we form another organization to fight against the injustice of extradition.
Like John Lennon said, - "Come together, brothers and sisters" - Stop that fag shit right now.
So Jorge what will we call it? First, "Death to Kidnappers," then "the Extraditables.
" Once again, the narcos were united against a common enemy: jail in America.
But it was not quite like "one for all, and all for one.
" It was more like each man for himself.
Next! Gacha, being Gacha, decided that all he had to do to defeat extradition - was kill anyone who tried to arrest him.
- Fire! So he hired a bunch of Israeli mercenaries and prepared for war.
Next! Lehder, being Lehder, got high as a kite and took to the airwaves.
The gringos are the ones who use the drugs.
So why are we the ones who need to be extradited? I'm not sure how helpful that was.
I mean, all of our problems are because of those imperialist gringos! No, stay there stay there.
As for the Ochoa brothers, they went with a fancy PR firm and got ripped off because, well that's what PR agencies do.
"Better a grave in Colombia than a grave in the United States.
" No, I've got it, Fabio, I've got it.
Let's see "Better a grave in Colombia than a cell in the United States.
" - What do you think? - I love it.
Very good.
And for $50,000 more, we'll make your logo.
By the way, here's the logo $50,000 got you.
In the upcoming presidential election, extradition became the defining issue amongst the candidates.
Those the narcos could buy, they bought.
The ones they could scare, they scared.
But Luis Carlos Galán was neither.
And so, unable to buy him and unable to scare him, Escobar tried out that fancy new stationery, and he wrote Galán a letter.
"And to conclude, I want to express my most energetic protest over the improper interference of North America in a way that entails the most flagrant violation of the sovereignty of our Motherland.
" He's got some balls.
Escobar is shameless.
The United States is inclined to support your bid for the presidency, Mr.
But even if we indict these narcos in the United States, we still can't get them there without Colombian approval.
We're curious as to your view on extradition.
My campaign manager, Dr.
Gaviria, doesn't want me to stick my foot in my mouth.
America wants Pablo Escobar to prove they're winning a battle, when clearly, they're losing a war.
I'll do what's best for Colombia.
If you speak in favor of extradition, you will be their puppet, and that will be your death sentence.
I don't care about the Americans, but I am still going to support extradition.
Besides, if the gringos want to take away all the goddamn killers of this country, then let them take them.
Since he couldn't get to Galán, Pablo reached out to many of the country's judges.
He figured out that a sanctioned law would do no harm if no judge was willing to apply it.
"As you pass judgment on one of our sons and consider sending him to his fate in the United States, know we, the Extraditables, will pass judgment on you and bring a sentence far harsher.
" The judges were so scared and intimidated that special court procedures had to be created.
For the first time in the history of Colombia, it was the good guys who had to hide their faces behind the masks.
Defendants, please rise.
You've been tried and convicted of cocaine trafficking.
You will immediately be turned over to the DEA for extradition to the United States.
Despite his threats, many brave men defied him.
And true to form, when the pen failed Pablo was always ready with the sword.
In light of this terrorism, you'd think that everyone in Colombia would've made catching Escobar the number one priority, right? Well, guess again.
They're the real threat to the security of this country.
All due respect, but Colombian cocaine has killed more Americans than Soviet troops.
We got FARC, we got M-19, we got EPL, we got ELN, all supported by the Soviets and Cubans.
Sorry, Agent Peña, but our resources gotta be directed at America's problems, and you don't get to tell us what those are.
Remember them? With Reagan in the White House, it was hard to forget.
In his words: They are the focus of evil in the modern world.
The Soviet evil empire was Reagan's thing, always had been.
In Hollywood, he named some actors as communist sympathizers.
In Washington, he created the Reagan Doctrine, which opposed Soviet-backed communists all over the world.
Drug traffickers just didn't rate.
You want to turn on the tap of the richest country in the world, you'd better be chasing reds.
Ambassador, if the CIA and the Mil Group provide assets, the Colombians will get Escobar.
We're talking about a huge blow to the cocaine trade - and saving thousands of lives - Ambassador.
The CIA agrees with Mil Group.
Pablo Escobar is no longer a congressman.
He's just a wanted Colombian drug trafficker, and as such, he is not a direct threat to our country's strategic interests in South America.
The CIA would prefer not to get involved in local police problems.
Let the Colombians get him.
Noonan really thinks allocating $100,000 - will be enough to go after Escobar.
- Yeah, it's a fucking joke.
That's about what he spends on shoes, isn't it? The CNP has zero chance of capturing him with that bullshit.
So what do we do now? Use what little we got to try to even the odds.
It's true, the hundred grand wasn't that much.
But delivered into the right hands, it could make a difference.
There were a lot of good cops in Colombia, honorable men.
But the head of counternarcotics, General Jaramillo, wasn't one of 'em.
And as such, he was exactly what we needed.
Thank you for seeing me, General.
You're welcome.
Listen, I have General Gomez assigned to the operation against Pablo.
With all due respect, General Jaramillo I propose Horacio Carrillo.
But Carrillo only acts on his own orders.
He doesn't follow anyone.
Well, I don't want him to follow.
I want him to lead.
Go ahead.
Yes, General.
As you wish.
What happened, honey? Things with work.
When will Horacio arrive to have dinner with us? I'm making the chicken he likes, but he's out with the girlfriend.
Tell me what's wrong.
They want me to catch Pablo Escobar.
The Ochoas aren't happy at all.
They're saying that since you've become a wanted man, bribing the police has gotten very costly.
They want to renegotiate the price of our routes.
When it came to me killing to get their sister back, well, then I didn't hear them complaining, did I? Yeah.
The problem is that it is one thing to kill communists - and another to kill politicians.
- So what now? What I would do is increase the payments to the police, you know? And most of all, to the top brass.
We're already giving too much money to those bastards.
Oh, shit.
What's that? Is it snowing or what? Egrets from the Himalayas.
It took two years to train them to stay there.
They cost me a million dollars.
Stay in the fucking tree! Seems like you lost that dough, eh, cousin? That's your problem, Pablo.
You think that everything can be controlled, but it turns out that nature cannot be controlled.
OK, OK, OK, Gustavo OK.
Your English is really good.
Thank you.
I took a course at the University of Antioquia.
How long you been at the comuna? Just a few weeks.
Is your husband gonna help us here, too? I saw him when he dropped you off.
What does he do? Oh, he's, uh head of janitorial services at the US Embassy.
- I fucked up.
- How? Carrillo got the job just like you wanted.
No, Jaramillo's sending a message.
He's telling me I got his price wrong.
He's setting Carrillo up for failure, and when he does fail, he'll fire him for incompetence, and me and you, we lose the only cop we can trust.
- Hey! - Hey! - Sorry I'm late, honey.
- Mm Javier, this is my friend, Elisa.
- Javier works with Steve.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Are you another janitor at the embassy, like Steve? No, actually, I'm CIA.
But that's classified, so don't tell anybody.
I'm here to hunt communists and prevent a Marxist invasion from Cuba.
- The janitor thing, what, that was you? - Mm.
No, it's just a cover.
- Thank you for being so honest.
- Mm-hm.
Just so you know, I'm a communist guerrillera.
If we had known at the time she was telling the truth we probably wouldn't have cared.
We cared about Pablo Escobar.
And catching him wasn't gonna be easy.
He had better resources and better information.
And at the time, he owned over 800 homes and fincas, surrounded by dozens of sicarios willing to die for him.
And cops he owned a lot of them, too.
But not all of them.
Jaramillo's intel says Pablo's gonna be at his finca called El Bizcocho tomorrow.
The only way to surprise him is an aerial assault.
Jaramillo didn't give us a helicopter.
Then we need to figure out where he's hiding today.
Trapped a little bird.
And I'm gonna make sure that he sings.
Just remember that you wanted all in.
Hand me that coffee.
He already gave up the name of three fincas, but Pablo's not gonna be at any of them.
But you do know where he is hiding, don't you? Look, little brother, I know it scares the shit out of you that Pablo will kill you.
But I will also kill you.
And very slowly.
Pablo is going to kill me more slowly.
Well, then, you should pray we find him, and quickly.
We knew that Escobar would get a heads-up the second we moved out, but there was a small part of me that thought, in his arrogance, he would stand and fight.
Or maybe we just wanted to send him a message.
Boss! Poison Boss! They were headed for El Bizcocho, but they got off the main highway.
- They're already on their way here.
- How far are they? Two hours, boss.
Round up the guys, and tell them to get ready.
- We're leaving.
- All right.
We have to go.
Go where? The police are coming.
- But Pablo, I've been cooking for hours.
- I'm sorry, my love, - but we need to leave now.
- What about our things? Our clothes? We'll buy new ones later, won't we? I'm sorry.
Do you hear me complaining? As long as you're with us, Pablo, I'm prepared to do whatever it takes.
- Bring all of the boxes here.
- Yes, sir.
- Cangrejo! - Yes? Go to Pablo's room and see if anything is in there.
- Efrain! - Yeah? The two blue notebooks are the only ones I'm taking.
Search the whole house to make sure that not a single loose document remains.
Yes, sir! What's wrong, Gustavo? You fucked us, Pablo.
Not only you and me.
You fucked the whole family.
But of course, since you needed to present yourself to Congress since you want to be president of this motherfucking country, the rest of us get screwed, isn't that right? But what the fuck a man only dies once, right? Come here.
My brother.
I'm going to let you sit next to the pilot.
Come on, come on.
There we go.
I like to think that as Pablo looked down on Hacienda Nápoles for the last time, he got our message and I hope it really pissed him off.
You may have 800 houses, my friend, but none of them is home.
We will keep you on the run for the rest of your life, or until we catch you or kill you.
From now on, nowhere is safe.
The only people to detain were the maids and the gardeners while we searched the finca from top to bottom.
The dirt-poor cops were astounded by the luxury.
Hey, if you're risking your life for $22 a week you'd pig out, too.
There's an old saying in law enforcement: "The bad guys need to get lucky every time.
The good guys just need to get lucky once.
" And in the ashes of Pablo's hasty exit, I got very lucky.
The address I found led us to a nondescript building in downtown Medellín.
We raided it, and guess who we found? Blackbeard.
Pablo's number one accountant and keeper of all secrets.
In custody, he would describe a cocaine empire that was bringing in $60 million a day.
Pablo was bigger than General Motors.
The mountain of evidence filled an entire room in the Palace of Justice, home of Colombia's supreme court, the only place thought safe enough to store it.
We had enough evidence to put him away for 100 lifetimes.
- What's up? - Jaramillo's running the show.
He's pissed we only gave him 100 grand.
He's not letting us make any copies of anything.
Javi, there's some good stuff in here, stuff we can use.
None of it can leave the room.
The narcos have been paying some guy named Ellis McPickle - to run coke all over the place.
- Ellis McPickle? I'm assuming that it's an alias.
Take 'em.
- What? - Just stuff 'em down your pants.
What are you talking about? Do you want to catch Pablo or not? - Why me? - Because they'll suspect me.
- They won't suspect you.
- What if they search me? They're not gonna search a white boy, OK? - You're a guest in their country.
- Guests don't steal.
Just do it.
Sometimes you gotta do bad things to catch bad people.
- And sometimes, bad people - Señor.
help you do good things.
These are from the narcos' account in Miami.
A cashier's check payable to "Ellis McPickle.
" Yes.
I've heard that name mentioned in some of the narco wiretap transcripts.
Obviously, it's an alias.
No Colombian would go by the name "Ellis McPickle.
" Because he's not Colombian.
He's an American pilot who transports tons of cocaine for the cartel.
- A gringo? - Mm-hm.
- What's his name? - We don't know.
But we do know that Gustavo frequently mentions "McPickle.
" Suarez, do you ever worry what will happen to you if Pablo finds out that you work for both sides? - I'm on your side.
- Yeah? Then prove it.
What else can you tell me about McPickle? We have his photograph in some of our files.
But maybe you should check with the CIA.
He started his career with them.
Wha What the fuck is this? This is me giving you homework.
Former CIA pilot flying coke for the narcos.
And I need you to find out who it is.
First off, I don't fucking work for you, Murphy, you hear me? - So don't come in here thinking that - Is that Barry Seal? What's he up to these days? Barry Seal.
Barry Seal, a good ol' Southern boy who loved college football, mind-altering chemicals, and pussy which made him perfect CIA material.
But his expensive lifestyle also made him perfect narco material.
Finding Barry was easy.
We just had to stake out his favorite whorehouse.
It just so happened to be Peña's favorite, too.
A friend of mine told me about this place.
I've never been here before.
No, I'm serious.
Oh, my God.
That's Freckles.
I know her.
Until next time.
- Goddamn, is that Barry? - Or should we say McPickle? Come on, we got you a ride waiting over here.
Hi, Vanessa.
It's fun to say, though, ain't it? "McPickle"? Have a seat, Barry.
You seem awful relaxed for someone who's facing life in the clink.
Well, you guys ain't got shit.
We got records from Escobar listing shipments from Medellín to Louisiana - to the tune of 500 tons? - Yeah.
Yeah? Well, let's see if that holds up in court, huh? The funny thing is you can't make a direct flight from Medellín to Louisiana without making a refueling stop.
Yeah, according to the records, you made stops in Cuba and Nicaragua.
The manifests don't lie.
An ex-CIA man making stops in communist countries with or without cocaine, that would be considered treason by the US Justice Department, wouldn't it? Well, damn you guys are good.
Communist sympathizer.
We're gonna wrap you up in a big, red bow and drop you right off at Reagan's doorstep.
Using Cuba and Nicaragua as refueling stops for coke shipments, that's treason and trafficking.
What's that, two life sentences for the price of one? That's right.
Well see, I figured this day might come.
Why don't you uncuff me, boys.
I got something to show you.
Yeah? What's that? It's what I call a "get out of jail free" card.
Y'all gonna wanna see this.
Come on, uncuff me.
What Barry had was a picture of Escobar loading cocaine on a tarmac in Nicaragua.
Why does that matter? 'Cause at the time, Nicaragua was governed by the communist Sandinistas, who were letting Escobar use their country as a landing strip for cocaine shipments to the US.
Colombian cocaine coming through a communist country and into America? I couldn't have made that up.
- Holy shit.
- It was too good.
- Gotta turn this over to the ambassador.
- Wait, wait, wait.
This leaks wide and Barry Seal is a dead man.
We gotta be careful.
Why are you trying to protect some scumbag who's trafficked over 500 tons? I have a code of ethics when it comes to informants.
But not when it comes to torturing suspects with hot coffee.
- You know, I wouldn't judge Carrillo.
- Why is that? You had a partner killed.
He's had a dozen.
I always admired Peña's commitment to informants, but frankly, Barry Seal wasn't an informant.
He was just another busted trafficker who ratted on the guys he worked with a snitch.
If I could use the narco-communist connection to get the resources we needed, then fuck him.
Strange bedfellows, indeed.
You have single-handedly exposed a narco-communist connection.
Washington is gonna go crazy.
Thank you, Ambassador.
This has to be highly classified for the safety of the informant.
Of course.
Thank you.
In Washington, "highly classified" didn't carry much water.
Especially when a Marine colonel named Oliver North got his hands on the picture.
I know every American parent concerned about the drug problem will be outraged to learn that top Nicaraguan government officials are deeply involved in drug trafficking.
This picture shows Federico Vaughan, a top aide to one of the nine comandantes who rule Nicaragua, loading an aircraft with illegal narcotics bound for the United States.
No, there seems to be no crime to which the Sandinistas will not stoop.
Being a rat is a dangerous business, and Escobar's reach was long.
Barry Seal refused federal protection and met his end in a parking lot in Baton Rouge.
Motherfucker! I told you we had to be careful.
- You got Barry Seal killed.
- Peña, if he wanted a long life, - he should've worked at Kodak.
- You're responsible for his death.
I didn't kill him, Escobar did.
Now we can go after that motherfucker.
Look on the bright side, man.
From then on, according to Reagan, fighting the narcos was the same as fighting the commies.
We got a tidal wave of money and all the resources we needed.
The US Southern Command in Panama sent us a care package: planes, helicopters, you fucking name it.
Our resources and intel helped the Colombians raid labs all over the country and burn 'em straight to the ground, seizing over a billion dollars in coke.
We were kicking ass, and the narcos were feeling it.
The price of cocaine in Miami was skyrocketing.
Despite all this, we'd yet to net one of the Medellín kingpins till we put a tracking device on a Colombian-bound shipment of ether, the essential ingredient in cocaine processing.
Got it! The barrel that we tracked brought us to Tranquilandia, Medellín's biggest processing lab, and we hit it hard.
The ensuing gun battle cost dozens of men but in the end, it got us our biggest victory to date, the first of the Medellín kingpins: Carlos Lehder.
In my tent is a bag with $50,000 ten times this if you give me one hour.
There's no way out, Carlitos.
You're going to Disneyland.
Lehder was immediately extradited to the States, where a federal court sentenced him to life plus 135 years.
Extradition worked.
Carlos will die in an American jail.
And no one savored this victory more than the Colombians.
For anti-narco candidate Luis Carlos Galán, it would provide him the momentum he needed to propel him to the presidency.
Extradition would become his battle cry.
Gentlemen? Thank you.
And for the narcos, this was a declaration of war.
What happened to Carlos was terrible.
But I have already presented a motion before the Supreme Court of Colombia against the legality of extradition.
They are examining it this week at the Palace of Justice.
Can we buy someone in that court? Unfortunately, no.
It's the only institution in this country that is incorruptible.
Let's pray that the ruling comes out in our favor.
Brother even after he's dead, Carlos still has a sentence of 135 years in prison.
He's totally fucked.
This is gringo bullshit.
That happened to him for speaking about the revolution on the radio.
We're next, aren't we? You're right.
Pablito? Do you have an answer or what? Well in my opinion, a jail in the United States is worse than death.
We can never forget what happened to Carlos.
Carlos was one of us.
Fabio is right.
The Americans are fucking us.
But remember, there's something they want more than us.
So, brothers it's time to give them what they want, isn't it? I didn't think our paths would cross again.
What you want isn't going to be easy.
It's very risky.
It's going to require weapons and men.
There will be casualties.
I understand what you want.
How much are we talking about? Two million US dollars.
It's very dangerous.
Fighting a revolution comes with sacrifice and it goes without saying that it will dangerous, right? But for us, brother it is our duty to fight to the very end.
We have an historical obligation.
We can't forget that.
I'm his girlfriend.
Meet Pablo Escobar.
- OK.
- We have a deal.
All right, then.
We were just leaving.
Good night.
What the hell is this? Why are you meeting with Escobar? We made a deal obviously for money.
In exchange for what? Unless you are willing to be part of it, I cannot say.
It's a partnership, necessary for the revolutionary fight.
I fight for the people not for drug traffickers.
Connie? Elisa? What's going on? - I need to talk to you.
- About what? You told me your husband works at the embassy.
I need you to speak with him and warn him.
About what? Pablo Escobar is planning something with a communist group called the M-19.
I don't know what it is, but I know it's gonna be bad.
Wait, Pablo Escobar? How do you know anything about Escobar? I I just know.
You need to warn him and you need to hide me.
Come on.
Steve's already at work, but Javi lives downstairs.
I just hope he's here.
I am.
- Well, what have we here? - I'll explain later.
I'll be right back.
- She told me that Escobar - Slow down.
hired guerrillas called M-19.
Thinks they're gonna do something terrible.
- Slow down.
- Escobar is using members of M-19.
- Say that again? - Pablo Escobar and M-19 guerrillas.
Escobar and M-19? She didn't tell me any details, just that it would be bad.
No that doesn't make any sense.
She asked me to hide her, so I took her to Javi's apartment.
All right.
- Agent Murphy! - All right.
Ambassador, I got information with Escobar and M-19.
I think they're - supreme court building.
- Oh, my God.
"Oh, my God" is right.
Financed by Escobar, the M-19 guerrillas stormed the Palace of Justice and occupied the supreme court.
They took over 100 hostages and made a bunch of demands about the redistribution of wealth and an end to injustice and tyranny but it was all bullshit.
The military attacked.
Dozens of lives were lost in the carnage, including half of Colombia's supreme court justices.
Most of the M-19 were killed.
Some escaped but not before accomplishing their true goal: setting fire to the room that contained 600,000 pages of evidence against Escobar.
The entire case against him turned to ash.
In the United States, the Mafia makes witnesses disappear so they can't testify in court.
In Colombia, Pablo Escobar made the whole court disappear.
The fires set by guerrillas earlier in the day grew even stronger as cannon shells exploded inside.
- Where is she? - Well, come on in.
You, up! Who in the fuck is she and why is the military after her? Put the gun away.
Put it away.
She told me who she is.
Put the gun away.
- Can I say something? - No, you may not.
Murphy calm down.
I have no idea why you'd get yourself involved in this.
Your wife brought her to me.
I appreciate you putting yourself out there for my wife, I truly do, but why are we risking our whole careers over this woman? Because she can prove that Pablo was behind the palace siege.
If she can tie Escobar to the siege, I say we bring her in.
Well, she's M-19.
Noonan would have to turn her over to the Colombian military and then she gets disappeared.
I'd like to avoid another Barry Seal situation.
So we're gonna harbor a communist fugitive? Look, all she did was warn us.
She's not on anybody's radar.
She's not involved in anything.
The red X's you see in these pictures indicate M-19 revolutionaries terminated by the Colombian Special Forces.
The remaining individuals you see are fugitives.
Folks, this is more complicated than what it seems.
This was Escobar, classic.
He's cut a deal with M-19.
Next you'll tell us Escobar sank the Titanic.
Was it coincidence the extradition evidence against him was destroyed? He doesn't hold grudges, not if it suits his purposes.
- How do you know he cut a deal? - We have a confidential informant.
You willing to identify this informant, Agent Peña? - No, I am not.
- Needless to say Southern Command has rescinded its offer of resources to the DEA in light of this communist aggression.
We need to target the M-19 leadership: Ivan "the Terrible" Torres and Elisa Alvarez.
They're looking for us everywhere.
What did you expect? That it would be any different? You did a very good job.
You can't imagine how much this is going to help our cause.
No, brother.
The truth is, you helped mine.
You, Ivan gave me the sword of Simón Bolívar.
The same one that freed this country.
Now it belongs to you.
With it, you will continue the fight to free this country.
I promise you, I will continue the fight.
You earned it, brother.
As for me I'll be in Panama until this blows over.
We are also Make sure you grab the briefcase.
And the fucking sword.