Narcos (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

There Will Be a Future

1 Narcos 1x05: There Will Be A Future First thing is that we get you out of Bogotá.
- OK.
- There's an orphanage in Cumaral.
It's out of the guerrilla zone and away from the narcos.
And then what? We get you a passport.
From another country, we can depose you about Escobar and the siege.
You may have run away from your country, but I'm not running away from mine.
This is about keeping you alive.
Yeah, she's a live hand grenade.
She's the only witness we got that can tie Escobar to the palace massacre.
Hard to bring her in when she gets turned over to the Colombians and she gets disappeared.
Are you ready for that? No.
So what's our options, since we have none? Well, we keep her in hiding until things cool down, and get her immunity in exchange for her testimony Are you gonna get us immunity? We are going to jail if we get caught with this woman.
Well, the next time your wife decides to bring home a human hand grenade, how about she hands it to you? Are you fucking her? Sleep with a communist? That would be downright un-American.
Any intel to support the DEA theory that Escobar is behind the Palace of Justice siege? No, ma'am.
Agent Peña claims to have an informant that can testify to that effect, but he hasn't brought him forward.
In my book, there's only two of them that know that.
And one of them is Elisa Alvaro, girlfriend of Alejandro Ayala.
The other one is Ernesto Sobrino, a radical priest who gave shelter to M-19 fugitives in Los Altos comuna.
Is one of these people your informant? Ambassador, this is unofficial wiretap information.
We, uh, intercepted a discussion between narcos.
What? Which narcos? - Sounded like Pablo Escobar.
- We're almost certain.
It was, uh It was hard to tell.
The connection was bad.
They were calling from Panama.
- Panama? - They know Galán's gonna win and they know that he'll support extradition, and they're not gonna sit around and await being sent back to the US.
Ambassador, word is Manuel Noriega is providing safe harbor for the narcos, and possibly shipping points for their cocaine.
They're moving their drug operations to Panama? That's horseshit, Peña.
Excuse me, Ambassador.
On one hand, you're saying Escobar's in bed with left-wing communists.
Now you're saying he's in bed with Manuel Noriega.
You can't have it both ways, son.
Ambassador, Manuel Noriega has helped us fight communism all over Latin America for the last two decades.
I take great offense at any attempt by the DEA to smear his good name.
I couldn't help but laugh.
Right wing, left wing For Manuel Noriega, it was all about the money.
When Bush was head of the CIA, Noriega pretended to be a commie hater so the US would ignore the fact that he was heavily involved as a drug trafficker.
When Noriega realized he could make even more money shipping his drugs by siding with communists, he switched teams.
So, we invaded Panama, and arrested "Old Pineapple Face.
" But, that was later.
For now, the trusted friend and ally was a right-wing CIA asset who was taking money from Bush and right from the narcos.
Pablo had knocked off half the Colombian Supreme Court to fight extradition.
And now, he was offering to pay off Colombia's national debt in exchange for a truce.
Guess he missed home.
So, there it was.
The decision that would change Colombia forever.
Luis Carlos Galán took the stage in Soacha on August 18th, against the advice of his campaign manager, César Gaviria.
The bullets entered just below his vest and he was dead within minutes.
For a brief shining moment, there was hope extinguished by the pull of an assassin's trigger.
To mourn Galán's death, every hut in the countryside lit a candle in remembrance and in the cities, thousands took to the streets in a march of the silent, a mute protest against the violence of the narcos.
With Galán's murder came the end of hope for a peaceful future.
Pablo was right.
Who would have the balls to fill Galán's shoes? Gaviria! Gaviria! Gaviria! Dr.
César Gaviria the new hope of Colombia.
If he took Galán's position on extradition, the narcos would declare war.
If he didn't, the country would become a narco state.
Thank you for coming.
I understand the narcos are back from Panama.
Because these men aren't cleared, and if we speak Spanish, it could get back to Pablo.
So I started this to monitor Pablo's sicarios' communications.
SAT phones, landlines, you name it.
I've got dozens of wiretaps, but I've only managed to seize about ten kilos in the last month.
Probably because I've listened to my own men tipping the narcos off.
So I've had to start surveilling them.
I listen to them tell their girlfriends they're afraid cry to their mothers when one of our men gets shot down.
But every once in a while I hear them trade secrets with Pablo.
Do your bosses know you're doing this? I trust them even less.
Most of my men are from here, where they can get to your mother, your aunt, your cousin.
How do I fight when my soldiers are already working for Escobar? Well, do they have to be from Medellín? Hm? Mm-hm.
They just picked up that commie priest, Father Sobrino.
He's gonna talk.
And when he does, I hope you DEA boys understand what's important in this hemisphere.
Well, how about you, uh clue us in? Drug dealers, I mean, bad as they are, they want your money.
Communists want everything.
I don't know about you, Peña, but I I like to own shit.
Good talk, Lou.
- Very, uh enlightening.
- Yeah.
Oh This priest? If it comes out that he was your informant and you protected him I'm gonna make sure you're tried for treason.
Peña had to figure out how to get fake papers for Elisa.
So he did what he does best.
Let me guess: it's a very sad and complicated situation involving you and a beautiful local.
You got your nails done.
It's It's your color, Colleen.
- What do you want, Javier? - It's simple.
I just need your signature right there.
You want me to create an embassy ID? - Who is this woman? - What I want you to do is sidestep a little bullshit bureaucracy and help someone stay alive.
You really think I'd be asking you if it wasn't important? She's my informant.
And she could be the key to bringing down the whole Medellín cartel, so come on, Colleen, whose side are you on? Gaviria read Pablo's letter.
The terms were simple.
He promised peace if the narcos were left alone and if not he promised all-out war.
Carrillo with his wiretaps knew a storm was on the horizon.
Pablo became his duty and his obsession.
He came to recognize Pablo's voice, his sleep patterns, what he liked to eat, his tastes in art, his love of silk sheets, and his favorite music.
He would die for the love of his wife when you'd hear him over the airwaves.
But did she know how easily he ordered his men to kill? He came to understand that Pablo spoke in code.
"Cattle" were judges or politicians who supported extradition.
A "goal" was a targeted assassination.
If you spoke out against him, you were dead.
- The list grew by the week.
- Ooh! Guillermo Cano, editor of El Espectador, and his reporter, Luis Camacho.
Jaime Rodríguez, the former head of the anti-drug squad before Carrillo.
The drumbeat went on and on.
For Carrillo, the war had already started.
But he just couldn't trust his army.
And that's how the Search Bloc came to be.
But Carrillo wasn't the only one recruiting soldiers.
La Quica and Poison had kids deliver packages.
And if they didn't look inside, it meant they could be trusted to deliver anything from cocaine to well, anything else.
This is crack cocaine, seized a few days ago by drug enforcement agents, in a park just across the street from the White House.
And our message to the drug cartels is this: the rules have changed.
I was driving to the church.
Was with my buddy, John.
He was my best man.
We were late.
It was fucking blazing outside, 110 degrees.
Whole bridal party was there sweating their balls off, I'm sure.
And all of a sudden, I stopped the car.
Please don't tell me you left her at the altar.
I don't know if she actually made it to the altar.
Well, you saved her a lifetime of hell.
Yeah, she forgave me.
- Married a stockbroker from Dallas.
- Hm.
Randy I think.
Trust me, she's better off.
What if Father Sobrino talks? He's gonna talk.
Sorry I'm late.
I couldn't came before.
What do you got? Gacha's going tonight to Cartagena.
I can help you get him.
You said you had information.
You didn't say Gacha.
I guess is your lucky day.
- What's the informant's motivation? - Could be money.
The reward for Gacha is one million US.
I'd say that's pretty good motivation.
He spends his life on the run if we don't catch him.
- Something else going on with this guy.
- It's worth taking a risk.
Peña, you go to Cartagena.
Solely in an observational capacity.
We want this man captured alive, if possible.
Murphy stays here in Bogotá.
Gaviria's press conference is tonight, and I wanna be sure whatever he plans to say, he gets to say it.
Yes, ma'am.
That's a beautiful dress, Ambassador Noonan.
Come on, Father.
Ah, yeah.
Talk! Huh? Huh? More? You want more? No! No more, please! No more! No more! Ah, he's all yours.
He's ready to talk.
Father how did Elisa Alvaro get away? She left with the American woman.
Murphy's wife.
I just don't understand.
How'd you get involved with communists? Have you actually met a communist? Yeah, I have, actually and she lied to me.
Well, I'm not a communist, Connie.
I'm fighting against poverty, corruption, injustice and greed.
But I guess Americans don't have the same problem.
Don't we? It's not the same.
Look, I just wish you'd been straight with me.
I'm sorry.
Perhaps I should go.
You can't just go.
Look, if they find you, they'll kill you.
I fell in love with a man with a good man.
And I was hoping to do something good.
But instead, I fell into something else, something more violent.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
I'll see you when I get home.
Here, Elisa's ID.
- What am I supposed to do with that? - Take her to Cumaral.
My contact there agreed to hide her.
While you go to Cartagena? I can't believe this shit.
- Who made this? - Brother, what do you suggest we do? Jump out of a window? Look, she's - She's important.
- To who? To us.
I take care of Elisa you better fucking get Gacha.
It's been said that nothing gives the fearful more courage than another's fear.
Luis Carlos Galán had made a decision that cost his life.
And now, it was Gaviria's turn.
Welcome, American press.
Tonight, I have the great pleasure of introducing candidate César Gaviria.
It has long been our government's policy to deal with every man equally in the eyes of the law.
So Colombians say God made our land so beautiful it was unfair to the rest of the world.
So to even the score God populated the land with a race of evil men.
The primary impediment to a free and uninhibited future is the violence and terror that currently grips our beloved country.
A violence initiated by these evil men will be brought to justice in the name of decency and in the memory of Luis Carlos Galán.
We will extradite.
This decision will not come from fear.
It has come from a clarity of judgment free from the cloud of terror that surrounds us and obscures our view.
I can say only one thing to Colombians in these times of peril: There will be a future.
Thank you.
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