Narcos (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


1 Stop! OK! - How are you? - Very well.
How are you? Your ID, please.
Give me that.
How many times have I told you not to throw the ball over there? Are you trying to scare your sister or what? - She's crying.
- Of course she's crying.
Don't you see she's just a baby? You yourself were a baby not too long ago.
Yes, Dad.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- What's wrong, Juan Pablo? - I want her to die.
Never say that.
We are a family and we have to look out for each other, always.
You hear me? Hello.
Cousin, Poison just took out some cops.
- Yes, go on.
How many? - Two.
Yeah, but two what? Sergeants or officers? Officers.
You know Poison.
- Officers are a million each.
- OK, so two million? - Yes, I'm writing it down here.
- OK, talk to you later.
All right.
What were you talking about? Just business.
I want to be a businessman like you.
Pablo's path was total war.
He established a bounty system for killing cops and over 200 were slaughtered.
The police had to build a special morgue just to hold the bodies.
The cops, they took vengeance.
My name is Alba Borraga, born 1962 in Popayán.
Father Sandoval, mother María.
We own a large tobacco farm.
I graduated Universidad del Cauca with an emphasis in chemical engineering.
OK, try it again and look at me.
I've already done it 17 times.
You got me and my wife into this.
Now sit down and do it again until you get it right.
My name is Alba Borraga, born 1962 in Popayán.
Father Sandoval, mother María.
We own a large tobacco farm.
I graduated Universidad del Cauca with an emphasis in chemical engineering.
What if they ask me a question about chemistry? - I hope you're good at bullshitting.
- OK Sit down.
Do it again.
It's getting better.
We were protecting Elisa because she could tie Escobar to the Palace of Justice but by protecting a communist, we were traitors.
Go figure.
Let's go.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Honey, thank you.
- You better help us get Escobar.
- I want him dead, too.
Yeah, but we're not a death squad, OK? You clearly don't know your country's history in Latin America.
- Sorry, I didn't hear that - Honey, mellow out, OK? Steve, I know you're mad, but this is the right thing to do.
The right thing to do? I didn't have a choice in the matter, did I? This is the only choice.
You should think about going back to Miami.
They're in their car.
Hold on.
Maybe I will.
Just get in the car, OK? OK, OK, they're on the move.
Go, go, go.
Should've never brought Connie down here.
She's not cut out for it.
- He's got that commie bitch with him.
- Don't do anything stupid.
Just keep your head down and this'll all be over soon enough.
We're gonna cut him off up here on the left.
Get out of the car, Murphy! Get out! - Step away from the vehicle.
- You following me? - Move him away.
- Easy.
- Easy.
- Back! - Come on.
Move the fuck back! - Get your hands - Get your fucking hands off me! - Hey! - You spying on me? - Relax, Murphy! Who the fuck were you talking to? The fuck is she? Stand down.
Who were you talking to, huh? Peña.
I got wife troubles.
- Wife troubles.
- Yeah.
Your husband was clever to get them to follow him.
I hope he's OK.
Good morning, ladies.
Where are you headed? I'm sorry, sir.
I'm American.
I don't speak Spanish.
You speak Spanish? Yes.
I asked where you are headed.
- Popayán.
- Popayán? Your papers, please.
Uh, documents.
Connie Murphy.
Alba Borraga.
Have a nice trip.
- Thank you.
- Be well.
Gracias, señor.
Hello? OK, yes.
OK, you got her to the orphanage.
Elisa's fine.
Oh, God.
No, I'm just glad you're OK.
Listen, I want you to be smart, OK? I want you to call me every other hour from the road.
Actually, call me every hour.
Yeah, I know.
I love you, too.
I'm proud of you.
Now that I knew Connie was safe, I could focus on César Gaviria.
At the time, the only thing more dangerous than being a Colombian cop was being a Colombian presidential candidate.
Gaviria had come out in favor of extraditing the narcos to the United States, and it was in our best interest that he win the presidency.
- But to win - Gracias.
he had to survive until election day.
Uh, Señor Gaviria? Through that door.
- You must be Agent Murphy.
- Hola.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
I'm Eduardo Sandoval, head of security of Dr.
What can we do for you? I'm hoping that our agency can offer some resources to Mr.
Gaviria and your campaign.
Shouldn't the DEA be out chasing traffickers or is just my thought? - I think the two coincide.
- Agent Murphy.
- Pleasure, sir.
- The pleasure is mine.
Please, have a seat.
Your Secret Service has briefed us on security measures.
No open-air speaking engagements, different routes home every day.
As if, after the deaths of Lara and Galán, we needed an education on these things.
- Come on.
- Exactly.
These men will stop at nothing to kill you.
I'm aware of that.
And we're taking every precaution.
Your government even offers the use of an armored Cadillac limousine, built for your president.
The thing is that driving around in Bogotá with an American-made tank won't exactly endear us to the voters.
And to be honest we don't know how to respond to that one.
Somebody offered me a brand new Caddy, I'd say thank you.
Well, thank you.
And this? What are we supposed to do with this? Bullet-proof pants.
I suggest that you wear them.
Thank you, Agent Murphy, for your consideration.
And we'll keep in mind your advice.
Thank you for your time.
WITH GAVIRIA THERE WILL BE A FUTURE César Gaviria was riding a wave of public support for his stance on extradition.
This made him a target.
But we had a target of our own: José Rodríguez Gacha, who we tracked to Cartagena through one of our informants.
Have you heard of this thing called a computer? Some guy was trying to sell me a computer.
I don't know what it is.
It's a new kind of technology that's coming out.
- It's coming out now? - Yeah, Dad.
Hey, honey.
You look very beautiful today.
Relax, baby.
We don't bite.
- Do you need anything else? - I want you.
- Nothing more, thank you.
- Yes, sir.
I want to fuck her.
We have more important things to worry about right now, my son.
Understood? Talk to me.
What do you know? Don Gonzalo, we have people all over the property.
It's secure.
We've got a few men in town as well.
Now, what can you tell me about Medellín? The same, boss.
Carrillo's entire Search Bloc is out looking for Pablo.
Thank you, Navegante.
- Here to serve, boss.
- Keep us safe.
Don Freddy.
Son a question.
Are we sheep or are we wolves? - We're wolves.
- We're wolves! Right.
I like it.
They're in a house outside of Cartagena, right here.
Just know there are a lot of people guarding him.
Navegante, you've been working for Gacha for many years.
I'm sure in that time you've earned way more than we are giving you.
So tell me, why do you want to betray him? That fucker's crazy.
He's gonna get us all killed.
I don't believe him one bit.
What do you care why he's doing it? Because we have 23 agents with outdated weapons waiting in Barranquilla.
And he has twice as many men with brand new weapons.
And frankly I'm tired of sending young men to face certain death.
So then we have to be smart.
We have to create a trap.
If we catch him alive, he'll give us Escobar.
And the Ochoas.
- The entire cartel.
- I don't give a fuck, Javier.
I want him dead.
He doesn't care about death.
He only fears rotting in jail.
- That's the real victory.
- Right, I forgot you're a gringo.
- What's that supposed to mean? - What are you risking? These aren't your men.
You have no family here to lose.
If this goes badly, there will be more widows and orphans, and I'll have to carry that on my shoulders.
Well I trust his information.
And I trust you.
But if this turns out bad it'll be on your conscience.
What do we got? Routine airport surveillance.
We tagged Poison.
Who's this guy? I don't know, but if Poison showed his face to pick him up, he must be really important.
Here's your payment, sir.
It'll be taken to the coast of Spain on a cargo ship.
From there, our trucks will take it to the Basque country.
It's all set up.
5,000 kilos or I go back to Spain on the first flight.
What's that? As far as I know, you and my cousin have an agreement.
The agreement is for this amount.
What kind of bullshit is this? 5,000 kilos or no deal.
Then there is no deal.
Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Forgive my cousin, sir.
5,000 it is, then.
We shouldn't go.
I want you in the US.
You'll be safe there, far from all of this.
- What if something happens - Nothing is going to happen to me.
Let's go.
Please, protect him.
Don't worry, everything will be fine.
Come on, I'll walk you.
Bye, Daddy, I love you! Gaviria's life was on the line my wife was with Colombia's most wanted fugitive, and my partner was in Cartagena.
He had his own mission, with a group of cops who had seen their friends and relatives die at the hands of Gacha.
Like Trujillo, whose father and two brothers, all cops, had died in gun battles with the cartel.
As hard as we were going after Gacha, the narcos wanted Gaviria.
It killed me to ask for help from this guy.
Suárez was as slimy as a hagfish, with none of the charm.
- Hello, Suárez.
- Look who's here.
The Golden Gringo.
You don't call, you don't write.
I called your office.
I only speak to Peña.
I need to know who this is.
I need I need I need to know who he is.
"I need to know who he is.
" Don't make me laugh, faggot.
"I need to know who he is.
" The fuck back! Fuck back.
You work for me, asshole! Right? Clear? Is that clear? You know who he is? Gonna tell me? Gonna speak? Yeah Suárez knew exactly who this guy was, and he wasn't the only one.
- Jesus Christ.
- Next time you wanna fuck somebody, take 'em on a date.
What's going on? I have reason to believe the Medellín cartel is planning an imminent attack against Gaviria.
We have no intel to that effect.
Maybe you should do your job instead of spying on other agency personnel.
- What's he talking about? - Nothing, Ambassador.
CIA's been so kind to give us these documents, but 90 percent of them are too classified for us to read.
I need to get into the White Room.
What's that? Cut the shit.
You're gonna give me these files.
You've been reading too many spy novels.
Spy novels Have you read The Spaniard? Where the hell did you get that? Ma'am, he has been in the country for several days.
He's been escorted by one of Pablo's top sicarios.
Let me see this.
I know the CIA has intel on this man.
Now, are you going to give me access or not? Technically, the room isn't white.
It's more of a burgundy.
- Agent Schroeder, will you join us? - Mm-hm.
The White Room was a top secret repository for the CIA's deepest, darkest secrets.
So secret, in fact, that its very existence was never acknowledged.
Sit here.
Agent Schroeder will watch you the entire time.
Where are the files? I feel like he's still too soft.
He'll be fine.
I don't know, Pablo.
I feel like we need to suspend the operation.
- It's too delicate.
- You worry too much, Gustavo.
That's the reason your hair is falling out.
Very funny, motherfucker.
Keep laughing.
How's our boy doing, Mom? He's learning, with a little tough love.
- What's up, Aunt? - What's new? That's so he can mix with the sons of the oligarchs, right? - Yes, sir.
- So he can get us some information.
What about these clowns? Are they treating you right? More or less.
What do you mean "more or less"? We treat you good.
Are we going to eat, Gustavo? - Some rice? - Yes.
Thank you.
Welcome to the family.
Thank you, boss.
Can't you do anything? No.
While we're at war, we can't do anything.
This is bullshit.
People are turning up dead every day and my friends think my brothers are responsible.
Let's talk about something else, baby.
All right, let's talk about running away together.
Let's get away while we can.
"Let's get away.
" Listen to this.
Why would you run away with a criminal like me? And why not? I wish it was that easy.
- Ah.
- I can't just leave like that.
I know.
You say that because of your wife.
I don't give a shit about my wife.
I'm talking about your other wife, Pablo.
Who is the woman in that relationship? You? Gacha was always paranoid when things were quiet.
And now, he began to wonder about Navegante.
Hey, doll.
What are you doing? I'm married, sir.
That's no problem.
I can make you a widow pretty quick.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me.
Freddy, leave her alone.
Come here.
What's up? The Search Bloc is here, not in Medellín.
But Navegante said they were over there.
Navegante Navegante is a liar.
He wouldn't betray you.
Freddy think, think.
Everyone in the world has a price.
All right, let's go! They want war, we'll give them war! The Spaniard was a name that got everyone's attention.
He was a member of Eta.
Never heard of 'em? They made bomb-making a goddamn art form.
They were a group of supposed freedom fighters from the Basque country, trying to secede from Spain.
Their specialty was targeted assassinations of public figures.
Eta was responsible for the assassination of Spanish Prime Minister Luis Blanco, returning home from Christmas Mass and a remote-controlled car bomb that killed Defense Minister Alejandro Rivera.
The man behind those bombs? You guessed it the Spaniard.
Whose real name is Efram Gonzalez, a celebrity now, for hire.
Expensive, but the best.
'Cause Pablo only hires the best.
That was Pablo's plan, to blow up Gaviria.
The question was, where, when and how? I appreciate your concern, Madam Ambassador, but canceling our campaign travel is not an option.
Well, given the new information that Agent Murphy has uncovered, I hope you'll reconsider.
He has appearances in Cali, Boyacá, and a dozen other cities.
You are a target in every one.
Yes, and we've done everything your Secret Service and Spain's Civil Guard have recommended.
We also have bomb-sniffing dogs at every campaign stop, so I think we're good.
You think the Spaniard doesn't know that? Yes, I know.
But tell me, Agent Murphy, how do you expect him to win the election if he hides like a scared rabbit behind all this violence? Tell me, how? How do you expect him to win if he's dead? I'm not telling your wife you died on my watch.
This is not your watch, OK? Thank you, Agent Murphy but Eduardo's right.
I'll take my chances.
His name is Steve Murphy.
He's DEA.
I hope you'll pay for this information.
Suárez is talking to the DEA.
You know what you have to do.
He got away.
They killed the goddamn maid.
Colonel! Colonel They called from the road block.
They have a car stopped and they're saying the driver's a senator.
- Does he have his identification? - Everything checks out.
So what's the problem? They found a machine gun in the trunk.
Let's go.
Look at my credentials.
No, I don't know this Gacha person you're referring to.
Why do you have a gun in the trunk? Gentlemen, are you asking why a politician in this country carries a weapon? Please.
- It's my bodyguard's.
- Where's your bodyguard? You're alone in the car, right? Listen to me, officers if you don't let me go immediately, you're going to regret it.
Thank you.
- Give us a moment.
- Go on.
I don't believe him.
I don't either.
He could have bought his credentials.
What if it turns out he is a senator? We'll pay for that.
I can't run that risk.
It's true.
You can't.
The next one goes in your head! - All right, all right! - Talk, bitch! I'll talk, I'll talk! I love you, my sweetheart.
I love you.
You have a guest.
It's Don Pablo.
Hey, Jaime.
- Don Pablo.
- This is your house? - Your family? - Yes, sir.
Tell me about them.
This is my daughter Marcela.
Look at what a cute baby.
- How proud you must be.
- Of course I am.
Of course.
Very soon, they will have the money to buy everything they want, Jaime.
Thanks a lot, boss.
- May I please have a glass of water? - Of course.
Thank you.
- What about you? - Good, sir.
- How have you been? - Good, thank you.
All right, Jaime.
This is for you to wear during your mission.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Very kind.
Seriously, Pablo? Thank you very much.
Everything is so beautiful.
You have to be very careful, and get by unnoticed.
For sure, sir.
I'm ready to do what you're asking.
All right, then, son.
Sit down.
These guys are going to give you very specific instructions.
Tomorrow morning, you're boarding the plane that is leaving for Cali.
We want you to record a conversation.
It's very simple, nothing to worry about.
All right.
- How are you feeling? - I'm I'm very happy.
Thank you very much for the opportunity, Don Pablo.
And for the clothes.
Really, for me, it's an honor to work for you.
Thank you very much.
Don't mention it.
Come here, give me a hug.
Thank you, Don Pablo.
Thank you.
- Ma'am, have a good night.
- Take care.
Thank you very much.
See you later, boys.
- Take care.
- Yes, sir.
My love, look! - Look at this jacket.
Beautiful, right? - It's beautiful.
What did Pablo say? You know what? We're going to get ahead.
You, me and the baby are going to get ahead.
Thank you, my love.
- Look at this.
- Let's go try it on.
I have some news about Gaviria.
They're going to kill him on the way to Cali.
Did you say Cali? Hey, can I get a translate in here? Suárez, OK.
I can translate.
Wait a moment.
Someone is at the door.
"Tu puerta"? - "Door.
" - Door.
Suárez! Suárez.
Pablo doesn't like you talking to the DEA.
Suárez! Talk to me, you bastard.
Suárez, hello? Hello? Hel - I want that call.
- Right away, sir.
Carrillo and his men arrived in Tolu to kill Gacha.
And Peña still hoped he could be taken alive.
It was her fault, Dad.
Are you still thinking about that? Let it go, son.
All she had to do was say yes and I wouldn't have had to shoot her! Be a man! Son of a bitch! They found us! Come on, son! - Sir, are you OK? - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- He's trying to get away! - He won't get away.
Get me a radio, quick! Correal, bring a radio! Correal! A radio! Dad, let's go! Hurry, Dad, hurry! Hurry! Stop! Peña! Gacha is in a red Chevy pick-up! What did I tell you? We got out OK.
- I'm scared.
- Scared of what? You're a wolf, right? Yes, I am a wolf.
It's a helicopter! It's a helicopter! They're going to kill us! Nobody is going to kill us! Don't talk like that! Take this.
Take it! - I have a Chevy in sight.
- Stop him! Don't let him get away! Try and disable the vehicle! No good.
We're going in again.
Stop him! Do whatever you have to do! - Don't leave me alone, Dad.
- No, no.
Never, son, never! Breathe! Breathe! Do you want this, asshole? Do you want this? We're taking fire! We'll circle around and approach from another direction.
You don't need to worry about anything, my son.
Don't take any chances! We can't afford to lose him! Copy.
Look outside.
Look outside! What's happening? Peña, what's happening? We stopped him.
He's not moving.
Freddy? Let's go, Freddy.
Freddy? Freddy? Son! You're a wolf.
You're a wolf.
Asshole! Asshole! Hey, asshole! Freddy! Wake up, Freddy! Hey, asshole! What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Asshole! What are you gonna do?! Asshole! He's out of bullets.
We can take him alive.
It's your call.
What are you gonna do?! Asshole! Give him lead.
Maintain positions and patrol the area again.
Very good.
Are you OK? I'll sleep tonight.
This was the first successful major operation by the Search Bloc.
It signaled to the country and to the world that the fight against the narcos had moved to a new level.
According to recent polls, we're doing well.
We're gaining points in six districts within Cali.
That's important, because it means we could pull ahead.
- Don't put too much faith in the polls.
- I know.
The last time, we fell five points in one day.
- Yes.
We - Dr.
Gaviria! Stop him! Sir, we can't let you through! Relax.
Let him through.
- Agent Murphy.
- What are you doing here? - No, no.
He can't go, no.
- What? There's gonna be a bomb waiting.
He goes, he dies.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you talking about? This is your job, your call.
But I know something's gonna go down.
Do you have proof? I got my gut.
You got your gut.
- What if you're wrong? - I hope to God I am.
What if I'm right? You nervous? A little bit, but I'm fine.
Wait here, wait here.
You know what you have to do? Yes, sir.
Remember, you have to record the entire conversation.
Don't forget.
- No, sir.
- Have a nice flight.
Aren't you coming with me? No, the boss just told me to bring you here.
Hey, but don't worry.
Tomorrow, I'll come and meet you there.
- All right, then.
- All right.
Don't be nervous.
You'll see how fun it is to fly.
All right? Go on.
The line is right there.
Good luck, then.
It's up to you, Eduardo.
Whatever you decide, I'll do.
Avianca announces the departure of Flight 203 to Cali, now boarding at Gate 6.
I'll follow your gut this time.
I'll organize the exit.
You guys stay with him.
Well it seems like you and I are not the only ones afraid.
Put on your seatbelt, please.