Narcos (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

You Will Cry Tears of Blood

It may have been a bomb that blew up a plane in Colombia today.
The Boeing 727 of Avianca Airlines In his unsuccessful attempt to assassinate presidential candidate César Gaviria, Pablo Escobar murdered 107 innocent people.
The "Paisa Robin Hood" had become a terrorist.
But American intelligence authorities say the drug bosses in Colombia have to be considered prime suspects.
She's lying.
He's got this poor sucker to carry a bomb without him even knowing it.
- Well, maybe he knew.
- I don't care if he knew or not.
It's time we put a bullet in Escobar.
- Mama.
- Pablo? The Avianca bombing created a tidal wave of support for César Gaviria.
He became the 28th President of Colombia by a landslide.
We killed José Rodríguez Gacha with a minimal loss of life.
Bringing Escobar to justice is my number one priority.
But we will do so on our own terms and own resources.
We wanna help you catch Escobar.
I have enormous gratitude to you, especially with Agent Murphy, whose warnings kept me off that plane.
You, sir, yes.
Unfortunately, not the rest of the passengers.
The people in Colombia are horrified about the bombing of Avianca's plane.
But they're also against American soldiers on our soil and spy planes intercepting calls, so-- America doesn't intercept civilian phone calls.
That's absurd.
Presidente, you need additional resources to get this man.
Well your government's research says 660 tons of cocaine were consumed in the United States last year.
Perhaps if your resources were focused at home, we'd all be better off.
Gaviria made good on his promise to go after Escobar.
Colonel Carrillo's Search Bloc was set loose with a vengeance.
Carrillo mounted dozens of raids.
But with an army of informants, Escobar somehow always got away.
We sat on the sidelines, hands tied by bureaucracy.
In response, Pablo took his narco-terrorism to a whole new level with a bombing campaign that would shake the country to its foundations.
In doing his best to avoid war, that's exactly what Gaviria got.
And the toll on both sides was devastating.
The thing about war is it's just bad for business.
And when you got a bull's-eye on your back your rivals get bold.
Pablo and the Medellín cartel weren't the only game in town.
This is Helmer "Pacho" Herrera, one of the four leaders of the Cali cartel.
While Pablo left a trail of bodies and chaos in his wake, Cali made problems disappear with an army of lawyers and a mountain of legal briefs.
The Medellín cartel was Miami: swimming pools, bikini girls tacky as a two-tone Cadillac.
The Cali cartel was New York: elegant, smooth, subtle.
Where they could fuel the 24-hour nightlife with cocaine, and still make sure everybody showed up for work on Wall Street the next morning.
At first, Medellín and Cali worked side by side.
But in Colombia, when money's involved, blood inevitably flows.
There had been violence between Medellín and Cali before.
But right now, a war on two fronts was not something Pablo could afford.
We got Escobar's most trusted soldiers: Poison, La Quica, Sure Shot, Blackie.
Cocky, careless motherfuckers.
Now we're hearing about two new guys: Fernando Galeano and Kiko Moncada, basically picking up where Carlos Lehder left off.
Kill the body, the head will die.
Without Colombian permission to put assets in the air, we can't help.
In terms of intercepts, yeah, but what do you guys got on ground intel? - You mean spies? - Yes.
We don't have any narco assets.
Our human intelligence is limited to communists.
Besides, Gaviria doesn't want you chasing Escobar with CIA spies.
But you got satellites in the sky, right? Yes, but to use them in pursuit of narcos would be a direct violation - of the order of our host country.
- Man, you're CIA.
You break rules all the time.
These are aerial photographs of comunas controlled by Escobar and his associates.
- We'll use them to track his men.
- These are aerials.
- We can't track individuals with these.
- Take a look.
The Los Priscos gang controls El Poblado.
Here in Santa Cruz, we got the comuna where they recruited the Avianca bomber.
And both places more densely packed than a Marrakesh bazaar.
So let's take a tip from the Colombians.
You notice anything special about these? Search Bloc follows vehicle traffic in the comunas.
You've got Japanese imports four-by-fours.
Cars over 40 grand.
Narcos are the only ones who can afford these cars.
Whenever aerials see these cars, we know sicarios are inside.
- That's right.
- We start tracking these rice rockets, we might be able to get to Escobar.
Gustavo was right.
They needed a new strategy, one that brought terror directly to the people that mattered the most.
Let's go! When you kill someone, you lose all your leverage the moment they're dead.
Now, you take someone's children away from them, you'd be amazed what they'd do to get them back.
! A good president can stand up to external pressure.
It's the internal pressure that can wear you down.
We knew the clock was ticking before Gaviria had to cave in to Escobar but hopefully not before our unauthorized operation struck gold.
Catching a top sicario could be the break we needed in leading us to Pablo.
We'd continue to join in an "observational capacity.
" The sicarios had figured out we were tracking their rides.
So they traded down to junkers to avoid our eye in the sky.
But we weren't the only ones that had Pablo in the gun sights.
And there it was.
Negotiate with a terrorist while trying to catch him at the same time.
Hammer, we have calls originating in Comuna 3, Manrique, from known sicario satellite phones.
Do you have a location? Campo Valdés.
That's in the central eastern area, bordered by the Comuna Popular.
Roger that.
Campo Valdés.
Going into the comunas without Colombian backup, that's about the most dangerous thing you can do.
That's how bad we wanted to catch these guys.
Fuck! Hey.