Narcos (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

La Gran Mentira

There's no respect.
I couldn't even grab the cigarettes.
I'm gonna shoot every fucking hostage in the head.
That's right.
Who's doing this? Carrillo and Search Bloc, I'm sure of it.
- In the middle of our negotiations? - Either Gaviria is trying to catch me or Carrillo doesn't give a shit about the negotiations.
You know what we have to do, Pablo.
We have to close the deal fast before they find us and kill us.
Not before we build our own jail.
And that fucking pussy president will have to agree to that, even if I have to stick a bomb up his ass.
It's so fucking cold.
Is there a jacket there for me? - Check it out, fag.
- What's up? It's a miniskirt with your name on it.
- "Gustavo Gaviria.
" - Give me that.
All right, let's call the boys.
And what about you? Are you all right? If Gaviria'd let us put US boots on the ground, we would've caught the son of a bitch in five minutes.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Escobar is a lot smarter than he looks.
- Oh, shit.
- Hold on, hold on! We picked up a signal in the woods surrounding the target area.
OK, boys, we're in the clear.
Pick us up at El Mariano pass.
- We got new Escobar coordinates.
- Smarter than he looks, huh? Yeah, don't count your chickens just yet.
We have a tracking signal on the phone presumed to be Escobar's, five clicks from the finca.
Request Colombian units to be sent ASAP.
Search Bloc, we are registering the latitude and longitude at a fixed point.
The subject appears to have stopped moving.
You've gotta be shitting me.
I know.
He got away.
- Shh.
- You hear what I said? Come on.
Yeah, I'm a little preoccupied, Steve.
I think she's got colic.
What is that? Well, it means she can't sleep, which means neither can I.
Did you call the orphanages? You think I could explain the situation in English, let alone Spanish? I still don't understand why you brought her back here.
Well, let's take her to a hospital.
No, Steve, we can't just take her to a hospital.
It's not like a puppy shelter.
Look, I know you're busy, but we've gotta figure out what we're gonna do with her.
There's a war going on, Connie.
You said it was only gonna be for a couple of days.
It's already been a week.
What are we doing here? - Is that my t-shirt? - We're out of diapers.
Why don't you go get some more before she shits through your whole closet? How nice to see that you have made friends.
Careful, son.
This woman is very clever.
She can grab your gun and shoot you in the head.
My apologies, boss.
How do you feel? As well as one might expect.
I need you to record another tape for me.
No, not until you free more hostages.
Maruja is very ill.
Ricardo has an ulcer.
I'm the only one you need to negotiate.
Then why does the Colombian government keep trying to capture me? Look I admire your bravery very much.
But Gaviria is a piece of shit, and, with all due respect, so is your father.
And what did you expect? To get into Congress like it was nothing? Without it mattering that you, in fact, traffic drugs? I expected respect.
You had respect when you built homes for the poor.
But when you didn't get that respect from a herd of egocentric bureaucrats, you threw a tantrum.
I was going to do marvelous things for this country.
If I have made myself into a monster, like all of you say, that is the fault of people like your father and those politicians "of always.
" Those oligarchs and those people were never going to tolerate that little paisa from Medellín who had more money and was more intelligent than all of them.
You would have done marvelous things.
And that is the saddest part.
Escobar has promised to free two more hostages.
But in exchange, he has asked that you continue negotiations with transparency.
President Gaviria he knows what you are doing.
He knows.
If you insist on trying to capture him with the help of the Americans they're going to kill us all.
You are risking my daughter's life! No, Nydia, with all due respect, we are not risking anyone's life.
Our priority is the life of your daughter and the lives of the rest of the hostages.
But our priority is also to capture Escobar.
You cannot have both things at once.
Negotiate with Escobar while trying to capture him? Do you know what he is demanding? That we call a constitutional referendum to abolish extradition.
That he only plead guilty to having trafficked drugs one time.
And worst of all, he wants to build his own jail and have his own guards to watch over him.
This is a deal with the devil.
You are the president of a country that became a living hell some time ago.
With whom else did you expect to be making a deal? Gaviria could easier cut a hundred deals with the devil before he could cut one with Pablo.
Bowing to Pablo's demands was political suicide.
So, he did what politicians do best: he stalled.
He kept our planes in the air and prayed to God that we got a hit.
It's Gorilla.
Ground units, begin trilateration for signal origin.
And when we did, it was not the hit that we were hoping for.
Forgive me, Gorilla, I don't feel well.
Miss Diana why are you so unpleasant with the boss? You are loyal like a sheep, aren't you? That man is your kidnapper and mine, and that of the whole nation.
Here, you go first.
Hide in here, quickly! Who would've thought a failed raid would result in Escobar's biggest victory? Pablo didn't even have to pull the trigger.
We did it for him.
Guys, we have a problem.
For the battle-fatigued citizens of Colombia, Diana's death was the final straw.
This wasn't just an oligarch dying.
Her presence on the nation's TV screens and in their homes transcended class.
The people were devastated.
For President Gaviria, there was little room left to move.
President! You killed my daughter.
Let her pass.
Wait If you had accepted his terms, my daughter would still be alive! Give him whatever he wants.
Don't let others go through the suffering we've had to endure.
President we need to leave.
God be with you, Nydia.
There's something I want to make very clear.
You are not to blame for Diana's death.
OK? That has to be clear.
Escobar has the resources for this to go on forever.
Yes, and so do we.
We are the state.
We are going to fight, do whatever we have to do, and we are going to finish him.
We have options.
For instance, why don't we allow the American military to come in? I know-- We don't like it.
I personally don't like it.
But if it's a specific, clear mission-- - No.
- Something covert.
No! It's time to end all of this.
Give Escobar what he wants.
Let's go.
If your Congress abolishes extradition, we lose our teeth.
- We're a paper fucking tiger! - Everything we have done is lost.
We have no choice.
The people, the public it's tired of all these bombs and bloodshed! Right, and business goes as usual, - he just runs it from that jail.
- Exactly! All things considered, it's a victory to put Escobar in jail.
For public relations? It's capitulation.
You want Escobar.
Why? Why? Because you want to parade him in your DEA jackets? You think this is a game, right? This is Colombia, and our people want peace! This is not a fucking game! Well at this time, our friend, Fernando, is going to tell us a little something.
The Colombian government is going to allow Pablo to turn himself in, accepting only one simple charge: drug trafficking.
And they are going to let him build a jail which the police cannot be within three kilometers of.
At last we have liberated ourselves from tyranny! - Long live Colombia, motherfuckers.
- ¡Viva! - Fernando - Mm? - thank you very much.
- No problem, Pablo.
And do you know when Congress is going to vote to abolish extradition? Mm! Yes, it's-- It's a matter of of weeks.
And at that time, you will be able to turn yourself over to the authorities.
It pleases me very much to finish my work with you with such a great victory.
No, brother.
Now is when I am going to need your services the most.
- How-- How's that? - Fernando now it's time for us to find legal means to reduce my sentence even more.
Right? And what does this mean for us, huh? It means, my love that now I have a jail.
And for you, visiting days will be every day.
- I'm serious, Pablo.
- So am I.
The problem, Pablo, is that now that you have admitted to trafficking in narcotics, my image as a journalist cannot be associated with yours.
So then now you think I am going to damage your credibility as a journalist is that it? You understand what I'm saying.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Of course I do.
I think that it's time for me to set you free, so that you can find a boyfriend who's honest so that you can get a little house, have little kids, - little dogs - Don't joke around, Pablo.
No, I'm not joking.
I just want you to know that you, Valeria are a bandit, just like me.
So don't come to me with bullshit.
Looks like you got away with it, eh, asshole? Shit, I'd thought you'd gone crazy.
Geniuses are always branded as crazy.
- Am I right? - Yeah.
- The Ochoas - The Ochoas what? You can bet they're going to be pissed off.
Because of the treaty? Or because you're fucking their sister? That was a stupid mistake, Gustavo.
Let's hope they don't charge you for it later.
The race was on.
Pablo needed to build his jail as fast as possible.
As for his enemies, they needed to get to him before that happened.
As soon as he walked inside, Pablo would be safe.
And everyone on the outside wouldn't.
We got an official cease and desist order for any further operation when Pablo officially surrenders.
- Search Bloc is gonna be disbanded.
- We heard the terms.
- No cops within two miles of the prison.
- This is a fucking sham.
It's a death warrant for my men.
I won't be able to protect them.
I won't let that happen.
There are cops that hate Escobar just as much as I do.
They're not gonna stop just because they're told to.
You talking about vigilantes? Call it what you like but I'm still gonna need those intel reports.
- We'll get you anything we find.
- Javi, you gotta cool it with that shit.
They know we've been helping.
One more and we're out.
I thought you said you were all in.
The soccer field will be over here.
Here, I want to have a little doll house for Manuela, and downstairs, a bar with a Jacuzzi for the guys.
My family will live in a house down the hill.
I'm going to install a telescope so I can look at them whenever I want.
Yeah, right.
More like you can look at other girls' asses.
The family, the family.
To see my kids.
- What can we do to help you, Pablo? - Well while we're in prison, Gustavo and me, I will count on you, Moncada, and you, Galeano, to oversee operations.
Thank you, Pablo.
We're privileged to be given that responsibility.
You can count on us.
We've already spoken about the operational plan and everything's clear, right? Yes.
We won't let you down, Pablo.
Did you tell them about the tax? - No, I didn't.
- The tax? What tax is this? Who paid for the war we fought? You.
- You, Don Pablo.
- That's right.
We have peace now.
You're going to directly benefit from that.
It's only fair that you contribute to the legal and security costs that Gustavo and I will face behind bars.
And about how much will that be? We agreed to what, $200,000 a month, right? Yes, 200 grand.
200 grand? That's a lot of money, brother.
A lot of money.
But consider it done.
And again thank you very much for this responsibility, - and for considering us.
- All right, then.
Don Pablo.
All right.
Do you think that was a smart move, Pablo? Why should I let them reap the fruits of our labor without compensating us for it, Gustavo? I agree with you.
But right now, we really need those two fags to be loyal.
And what? You don't think I inspire loyalty? My loyalty? Yes, you know you have it.
But I'm not sure about everyone else's.
You know, the thing is, Pablo you won.
There's no arguing that.
But you gave in.
And there are people who will see that as weakness.
We've gotta keep our enemies close, now more than ever.
Thank you.
It's great to see you again, Valeria.
Likewise, Pacho.
I'm very happy to see you.
Although, I must say it was a little unexpected.
We are worried about you.
And why are "we" worried? Pablo's cutting a deal with the government.
He's going to have to admit to certain things.
Things that may damage your reputation by association.
If I'm good at anything, it's protecting my reputation.
Listen, this time it's different.
Look you helped create that "Robin Hood Paisa" bullshit.
And when it all goes to shit, you'll have to take responsibility for that.
Maybe he tricked me, too.
Like the rest of the world.
You have enemies, see? They're not gonna let you get away with it.
Look, Valeria we have a lot of connections in New York, a strong presence, you could say.
You should go there, at least for a little while.
And leave Colombia.
There are a million Colombians there.
A new audience.
And they don't care if you shared your bed with a monster or not.
Just for a while.
When this is all over, you'll be able to come back here with your head held high, I guarantee it.
And not only that, you'll have earned a brand-new audience in the United States.
- Betrayal is not my style.
- What betrayal? And what would you be betraying? Your role as his mistress? You remain loyal to a man who has never thought you good enough to be his wife.
His wife? Me? No, no, no, you're very much mistaken, my dear.
The last thing I want is to be married to him.
Besides do you think I'd want to be his wife? Do you think I want to be locked up, waiting all day at the Monaco building, while he's out with with me? No.
That's too boring.
I missed you so much.
I missed you, too.
No, it was terrible.
It was terrible.
Every day in a different house worried about you the kids The truth is it's very good to be home.
- You look happy.
- Of course.
That time has passed.
It's the happiest face I've ever seen on a man about to go to jail.
- The kids! - The kids, Pablo! - The kids! - No, Tata! - I have to go to them! - Stay here! - My children! - Stay here! I'll go get them.
Stay here.
Juan Pablo! Juan Pablo! - Are you OK? - Yes.
Come on.
Go to your mother.
Go to your mother.
Come on, come on.
The explosion was from a car bomb on the street below, about 800 pounds' worth of dynamite.
It made little Manuela forever deaf in one ear.
In this war, the innocent always seemed to be the ones who got hurt.
For Escobar, the Monaco bombing told him two things: First, it showed him that the cops weren't his biggest problem.
They would never use a bomb.
This was a new player, one that wasn't above going after his family.
Don't worry, cousin.
We're going to kill them all.
Second, and the one that fucked with his head the most was that for the first time in his life someone had given him up.
And worse yet, he had no idea who.
Hello? Valeria, there was an attempted hit at the Monaco building.
- Just now? - Yes, a few minutes ago.
A car bomb.
- Who was inside? - We don't know.
What other information do you have? That's all the information we have right now.
OK, thanks.
He always takes her to the same motel.
- Marina.
- Where are you going? I'm going to the city.
I have to get out of this prison.
- Come here, Marina.
- Yes? Have a good time.
Be safe.
You know what he's going to do, right? He's going to continue conducting his business behind those walls that are protected by the Colombian government.
We should give him credit.
The man is a genius.
Well all the more reason that we should negotiate our surrender.
But you know that Pablo took it upon himself to close that door.
So we need to take advantage of your political contacts, especially General Jaramillo.
Can you talk to him for us? Yes, of course.
But I don't think it will be enough.
What are you saying? That you're going to have to offer something more, something that interests them enough to make a deal with you.
Gustavo Gaviria.
He is the key to Pablo's business.
If that son of a bitch goes down, the whole empire goes down.
Indeed, that could work.
That could work.
It is often said there is no honor among thieves.
That's doubly true of drug dealers.
The Ochoas, with the help of Cali, made their own surrender deal.
No extradition, no stiff sentence.
The Colombian government was willing to overlook their part in the largest cocaine empire on the face of the earth.
Instead, they would serve reduced sentences.
- The charge? - Follow me.
Illegally importing bulls from Spain.
I shit you not.
They went to jail with smiles on their faces, 'cause all they had to do was use their sister as bait to catch a fish the cops actually wanted.
Kiss me.
- You look pretty, baby.
- Yeah, sure.
What I mean is you've always looked pretty.
What's happening? Nothing.
Nothing is happening here.
Isn't that right, Colonel Carrillo? That's up to you.
- Say goodbye.
- No.
No, no, no.
Gustavo, look at me.
Gustav-- Does your family know where you are? - Gustavo! - Calm down, Marina.
You're making a big mistake, Carrillo.
We're already in negotiations with the government.
- You have no reason to be doing this.
- You're right.
That's why I'm not here.
Then what the fuck do you want? Don't act stupid.
Give me your cousin and I'll let you live.
All right.
Kill me, then, motherfucker.
I won't do that myself.
But I want to introduce you to some people who would love to do it for me.
This guy? This is Lastia.
His sister died in a bookstore in Bogotá in a bombing you coordinated.
She was 17 years old.
And this guy here this is Trujillo.
You killed his father and his brother for being cops.
- That has nothing to do with me.
- No? You know if you support evil, you are evil.
Look at them.
I just want you to look at their faces.
A few of the victims you've left in your wake.
Tell me have you ever felt the swift vengeance of justice? Give me your cousin or I'll let these men show you that vengeance with their fists.
Do it, then you sons of bitches.
OK, then.
We'll see how you feel after ten minutes.
Do it.
Tell me where your cousin is.
It doesn't have to end like this.
Tell me where your cousin is.
We are bandits not snitches, motherfucker.
You're-- You're all gonna die, motherfuckers! You're all dead, motherfuckers! You're all dead, motherfuckers! You, your families, your wives are all dead, motherfuckers! You're all dead! Dump his body on the road to Sabaneta.
Colonel, they're going to make us pay for this.
Report his death as a result of a shoot-out with the police.
Make sure you report that he fired first.
But Colonel, he's all beat up.
That work for you? There is nothing more beautiful and more important in my life than this.
We're all here together united.
Now let's eat and enjoy this marvelous food.
- Wait, wait.
- Oh, yeah, the beets.
- Tata? - Boss? Hello, son.
Have a seat.
- Sit down-- - Boss, I don't know how to say this.
Tell me like a man.
- Gustavo is dead.
- What? They found his body on the outskirts of Sabaneta, badly beaten.
How's that? They also shot him, boss.
No, no! How dare you come to my house saying that! How dare you! Leave! Get out of my house! You you are leaving right now! Get out of my house! Go on! No! Gustavo, no.
Pablo Go on! Get out of here! It's OK.
Everything's going to be fine.
Are you sure about this? Yes, boss.
I want you to take him to the funeral home and guard his body the entire time until it's buried.
- All right.
- Go on.
How are you doing, son? I'm going to miss him so much, Mama.
When you were nine or ten do you remember? How you would ride around on your bicycles.
You'd go up into the mountains and just disappear.
The whole day would go by Oh, my.
And we would call you We seemed crazy, yelling for you all over the place until finally you would appear.
Oh, my God.
"Where were you?" "Where have you been, son?" I would yell out.
"In the mountains, Mama.
" "Higher than the clouds, Auntie," Gustavo would say, laughing.
He He always wanted to go farther.
He always did.
But with you.
Only with you.
I didn't think it would end this way.
Good afternoon.
Boss? Someone came all the way out here to see you.
Miss Valeria.
Good day, ma'am.
What's she doing here? I'm here only because I have important information.
I hope it's very important.
It's about Gustavo.
Tell us, then.
I've been told the Ochoa brothers have been seen in Cali.
They are the ones who turned Gustavo over, in exchange for the cartel helping them seal a deal with the government.
How do you know that? You know me, Pablo.
I have my ways.
Who in Cali? Pacho Herrera.
Pablo wanted to send a message to Cali, so he ordered his sicarios to hit them during a soccer match.
It was very effective.
He did get 14 Cali men that day.
The problem was, everyone on the soccer field was dressed the same.
By the time the sicarios spotted Pacho, he was already running away.
"Will you hide yourself forever, Lord? Will your wrath burn like fire? Remember how fleeting is my life, for what futility you have created the children of men.
" Pablo had Gustavo buried in the hills of Medellín, where the cousins had played as kids.
In his mind, losing his best friend was a price he had to pay to defeat extradition.
So he ordered the burial to take place at the exact same time that Congress was voting to repeal it.
Whether it was Gaviria's support, Pablo's "plata or plomo," or maybe people were just sick of the violence extradition was defeated by a landslide.
Hours after the vote, a military helicopter was dispatched to coordinates just outside Medellín, where Pablo was waiting.
As you know, I come on behalf of President Gaviria and the Colombian government.
This is the offer of our terms for your surrender.
Peña and I had to go see it with our own eyes.
A terrorist, a drug dealer and a murderer surrendering to a grateful nation who gave him everything he asked for.
It was the closest we'd ever come to him, and we never felt further away.
All right, then.
Let me hand over my gun.
- You won.
- We both did.
Now Gaviria can announce that Pablo Escobar has turned himself in.
Except that's not so true.
You and I know it's a big lie.
Lies are necessary when the truth is too difficult to believe.
Right? It wasn't a fucking surrender.
Pablo wasn't succumbing to justice.
He was escaping it.
And all anyone could do was watch.
Once again, Escobar had used violence to bend the world to his will.
They called it "la gran mentira," "the big lie.
" And it was a lie.
Except as I watched him fly away to his luxury prison I couldn't help but think there was some truth in it.
Damn it.
A truth that I hadn't been willing to accept.
He'd beat us because he was willing to do what we weren't.
Bad guys don't play by the rules.
That's what makes 'em bad.
Maybe that's what lets 'em win.
Lagarto, are we gonna party tonight or what? I got Poison at 400 to 1700 megahertz, gentlemen.
La Dispensaria.
So who do we give this to? DEA? - Yeah.
Let's give it to Javier Peña.
- Peña's an asshole.
- I'm gonna give it to the other guy.
- Sure.
I made a promise to myself that when the time came that I could strike a blow against Escobar, even if it meant breaking the rules, oh, I was gonna do it.
- Hello? - Hey, Central Spike here.
All right.
You wanna tell me a good guy wouldn't have pushed the buttons on these motherfuckers? You wanna call me a bad guy? Fine.
But if you do, it just means that you haven't met enough bad guys yet to know the difference.
There's one thing I've learned down here in Colombia, good and bad are relative concepts.
Yesterday, I fought the devil Who they say is very brave I hacked him with my machete so bad That even I got freaked out I jumped back, dodging his attack And in one fell swoop I cut off his tail