Narcos (2015) s01e10 Episode Script


When the public found out about the excessive lifestyle of the prisoners at La Catedral, the police began an investigation into the supposed capital crimes being committed by Pablo Escobar within the prison walls.
The central part of this investigation involves the disappearance of Gerardo Moncada and Fernando Galeano.
- Agent Peña? - What's this? It's from upstairs.
Oh, I get a card.
Oh, CIA.
"Congratulations, Central Intelligence Agency.
" This is, uh this is blowing up a little bit more than we expected, no? Well, hopefully, the son of a bitch rots in jail.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We gotta transfer him first.
- I forbade you to leak this.
- How do you know it was us? - Escobar has a lot of enemies.
- 'Course it was you.
Whoever did this, it doesn't really matter now.
What's done is done.
Ambassador, like you said, this is a Colombian matter.
What do we care? I'm filing a report with the Board of Personal Conduct in Washington.
- Ambassador-- - Good, report to Washington.
'Cause if something isn't done, every American down here associated with the government is gonna look like a fool, including you.
I wasn't finished.
Until further notice, you're both suspended.
Go home.
President, I just spoke with the attorney general.
Moncada's wife reported his disappearance from La Catedral.
It's clear that Escobar killed those men in that prison.
- I don't think he'd take it that far.
- Escobar is capable of anything.
But you know what? This could be a good opportunity for us.
Forgive me, Eduardo but I'm having a hard time finding the silver lining in all this.
This is our opportunity to end Pablo's vacation.
- Boss.
- Good morning, boss.
Ahh! Good morning, boss.
Bad news.
Have the bodies disappeared? Our agreement with him states he can't be moved to another prison.
Excuse me, but killing people in prison is a direct violation of our agreement.
Yes, yes, but we have to tread carefully.
If he feels we're violating his terms, he'll start putting bombs on street corners again.
Let's tell him we've uncovered threats against him from his biggest enemies.
That would give us the opportunity to bring him to Bogotá while we improve security at La Catedral.
The fourth brigade, commanded by General Ariza, would be the best choice to carry out this operation.
- Ariza? - Yes, sir.
- Is he from Medellín? - Yes, sir.
Can we trust him? Yes, sir.
Sure, it cost me a suspension, but who cares? I just call it a week's paternity leave.
I was ready to crack a beer and watch Escobar's endgame on TV.
See, because of me and Peña, the Colombian government was sending in the army.
Not the cops, but the fucking army.
There was no way that Escobar was getting out of this one.
But, then again, in Colombia nothing goes down the way you think it will.
I'm calling him.
Don Pablo, here Tata's on the phone.
I was just thinking there's nothing in the world I'd love more than to hear my wife's lovely voice.
Pablo, what's happening? Why would something be happening here? The soldiers.
Soldiers? Lots of them.
Headed to the prison right now.
I don't know, Pablo.
Tell me what's happening.
No, my love, it's nothing.
Everything is cool.
I'll call back soon, all right? I love you, baby.
Yes, my love.
Get out the weapons.
As you wish, sir.
Listen up, company! You will be under the command of Lieutenant Dominguez.
Let's secure the perimeter.
Tell your men they have orders to shoot anyone - trying to leave the prison, understood? - As you wish, General.
- Juan Pablo, where are you going? - I'm going to the jail to help Dad.
- No, dear, you can't go there now.
- I said I want to go! - Juan Pablo, your father's fine.
- He needs you to stay here to look after your sister.
Isn't that what he always says? - But the soldiers are going to kill him.
- Don't ever say that in this house! - They're going to kill him! - Quiet! The car was outside the garage, still idling, the keys still in the ignition.
- I've called his phone 20 times.
- Did you call embassy security? - No, I wanted to talk to you first.
- Good.
What? Why not? Nothing.
I just I don't wanna ring any alarms before I check things out.
- What are you guys up to? - Connie Just try to relax, OK? I'm sure everything's fine.
I'm gonna take care of this.
I'll find out where he is, all right? Look, I'll make you a drink.
Boss they're gonna try to take you out of here and look for evidence on Moncada and Galeano.
If I leave this place, someone will kill me.
Or the Americans will use their power to restore extradition and send me to the US.
What the fuck, let's give those bastards lead.
- Are you crazy? - Yeah, we can take them, Don Pablo.
For every one of our men, they have 20! - Let's do it now.
- Don't be an idiot.
Wait for the boss! Stop bickering in front of the boss.
We have the escape routes.
We could get into the hills before they even know we're gone.
There is a time to fight and there is a time to be clever.
Yes, sir.
- What's your plan? - Let's talk to Gaviria.
Be smart.
Try to settle this matter peacefully.
If that fails? What are you doing back here? - I forgot my socks.
- I want you out in five minutes.
Son of a bitch.
These Colombians are knee-deep in a shit storm.
We gotta talk.
Back here.
What? You get a hooker pregnant? I think Agent Murphy got snatched.
I checked all area hospitals, police stations.
We were pursuing leads on the Cali cartel.
It could be related to that, or it could be Escobar.
Did you report it to the Regional Security Office? If I tell the ROS, it becomes a five-alarm fire, and whoever has him might panic.
If it is Escobar, he's dead already.
Well, can you check your sources? See what comes up? Jesus Christ.
Let me see what I can do.
General Ariza has orders to secure Escobar.
I want you to go there and legalize his transfer to Bogotá.
- What do you mean, "legalize" it? - Formalize it.
You'll reiterate that this is a temporary relocation while we renovate La Catedral to make it safer for him.
We both know that's not true.
But it's what you'll tell Escobar until he's safely inside a military brig.
Yes, Mr.
What's wrong? I've got a bad feeling about this.
Eduardo, I trust you and this is too important to leave to someone I don't trust completely.
I'm at your service, Mr.
You know that very well.
Nothing will make me happier than to see that asshole get the justice he deserves.
Checked my sources with the Colombian military.
Nobody knows jack shit.
So no indication Escobar had anything to do with Murphy's disappearance? It's time to sound the alarm.
Just hold off for a couple of hours, OK? We call out the troops, he ends up dead like Diana Turbay.
Tell the boys in the comuna to stay quiet until further notice, understand? All right.
What else do you have? - I know that.
- Velasco.
I'll call you back.
Yes, boss? What's happening outside? We don't know.
I fucked up.
What's that, boss? Gather the boys.
And tell the prison guards they're to fire on anyone who tries to come in.
Boss, do you think the prison guards will follow your orders? They'd better.
I hired them.
Excuse me.
Boss, the people from Medellín just informed me that some guy named Eduardo Sandoval is on his way.
Good evening.
Where is General Ariza? General! Let him through.
Good evening, General.
- Mr.
Vice Minister.
- How are you? Pleasure to see you.
Good evening.
- Where's Escobar? - Escobar? Inside the prison, obviously.
What do you mean, he's in the prison? I thought you were taking him into custody when you arrived.
I'm sorry, sir, but those were not my orders.
Then what were your orders? My orders were to secure the perimeter, not let anyone in or out, and wait for you.
That's not what the president believes.
He's not going to be happy to hear Escobar isn't in your custody.
I'm sorry, but those were my orders.
I turned myself in to that punk the vice minister of justice.
But since there is no justice in this country, he is the vice minister of nothing.
This is good.
Gaviria wants to negotiate with us.
This is very good.
General, I don't believe you understand your orders clearly.
- But I do.
- Wait a second, sir, where are you going? I'm going to try to make a miracle happen.
I'm going in there to convince Escobar this is a temporary transfer of location.
And I'm also going to say that I'm here to guarantee his safety.
I can't allow you to put yourself in danger.
Do you think that Escobar is dumb enough to kill the vice minister of justice right in front of the fourth brigade? For God's sake.
At least let me make a call so they don't shoot you when you walk in! Make it fast.
Open the door.
You two are coming with me.
Didn't you hear me? Open the door! General! Listen to the vice minister! Hurry up! Open it.
Vice Minister, good evening.
Pablo is waiting for you.
Go on.
Wait here.
Good evening, Vice Minister.
It's been a while.
Good evening.
I'm here on behalf of President Gaviria.
My orders are to escort you to a temporary prison in Bogotá.
The government has decided to make some improvements here at La Catedral for your safety and everyone else's here.
I would think Gaviria could come up with a more believable lie.
I know why you're here.
Because of Moncada and Galeano.
But I didn't kill those men.
That story is a lie.
And why should the government care about some dispute between gangsters? We don't care about that.
You're mistaken.
You are betraying me, Vice Minister.
Gaviria is betraying me.
If your safety is a concern, I will gladly escort you out myself.
We have an agreement, and you're breaking it.
What guarantee do I have that the Americans won't kidnap me and take me to the US? Bush would be very happy to stick me in a gringo jail, like he did to Lehder, like he did to Noriega, right? That's not gonna happen, you have my word.
- Your word.
- Mm.
As vice minister of justice? Yes.
I give you my word as vice minister of justice.
Haven't you noticed that the army has completely surrounded this jail? We can end this peacefully if you just cooperate and walk out with me.
Don Pablo, these bastards will kill you! I respectfully decline your offer, Vice Minister.
The press is saying I killed those men, but that's a lie to sell newspapers.
If Gaviria wants me out of here he can come here and do it himself.
Meanwhile I'll view any incursion as a declaration of war.
I'll inform the president of your position.
Excuse me.
Vice Minister.
Why walk all that way when I have a telephone in my office? I'd rather call the president from outside the prison, thanks.
Let me out! Surely your mother taught you never to turn down a polite invitation.
My mother taught me an invitation is optional.
I hope you'll forgive me for making this invitation mandatory.
It's not every day we're honored with the presence of a vice minister of justice.
Come on, Vice Minister.
Calm down, let's go.
Where have you been? You don't even answer your phone? Sorry, I've, uh I've been working on it.
What the fuck does that mean? Doing what? I'm sorry.
Just trying to hold it together.
God, I just wanna go home.
I want my husband back.
- Do you think he's alive, Javi? - Yeah.
You're just not sure he's dead.
What's taking this guy so long? General, with all due respect, I don't think we should've let him go inside.
I don't think Pablo is stupid enough to fuck with the vice minister.
Can I get you something to drink? I don't need anything.
Look, don't be so nervous.
As soon as you have the president on the phone, you will make it clear that if he doesn't remove the troops surrounding the prison immediately, there will be grave consequences.
But if he withdraws the troops, we'll stay here quietly and complete our sentence.
Good evening, President Gaviria's office.
It's Eduardo, vice minister of justice.
I need to talk to the president.
One minute, please.
President, excuse the interruption.
There is a call from Vice Minister Sandoval on line three.
- Thank you, María.
- Excuse me.
Hello? Hello? How long will I be here as a hostage? You are not my hostage.
You are my guest.
Escobar has Sandoval inside the prison.
Hang up right now, Mr.
- Hang up, please.
- I need to know if he's OK.
President, hang up the phone.
If Escobar knows you're on the line, he might force you to strike a bargain.
Or worse, if you lie to him, he might kill Eduardo.
Hang up the phone.
Sir! Leave us alone.
- They hung up.
- Bullshit.
Shut up! So, then the president is too busy to speak with me.
I don't understand how he ended up in that jail.
Me, either.
I don't know what Sandoval is doing.
What did he think, that he could convince Escobar he was there to help him? We agreed that Ariza would have Escobar in custody.
Ariza must've had his reasons for holding off.
- Right.
- This is a very delicate situation.
You can be sure Escobar's men are armed.
Please, I suggest we call DAS to bring in a hostage negotiation team.
Do I have your permission? Good.
María Clara, connect me with DAS, immediately.
- No.
- Cancel the call.
- This time, we will not negotiate.
- I don't understand, Mr.
If Sandoval dies I will have it on my conscience for the rest of my life.
But my country comes first, and I will not empower Escobar.
Send in the Special Forces and finish this, once and for all.
I just realized something.
The president didn't just betray me he also betrayed you.
He knew if you came here Look at me.
there would be three options.
One: I leave with you, peacefully.
Two: I take you hostage.
Three: I shoot you, and then, he really would have a good excuse to kill me.
Right? Either way, he wins.
Right? Maybe the president is betraying us both.
You could be right.
But you know something? I'll sacrifice my life to make sure you're dead.
You think you're better than me, but you're wrong.
I come from nothing.
I fought hard to become what I am.
If the government hadn't come after me I would be where you are now the vice minister of justice.
You and I are nothing alike.
You are a criminal.
And criminals can't run forever.
Your friend Gaviria has ordered Special Forces to raid the prison while you're still inside.
I would have done the same thing.
Don't kill him.
If he dies it will be at the hands of his own government.
Good luck, Vice Minister.
Now what? I'm sorry, Ambassador.
We have a situation.
Damn right we do.
Hey, partner.
Remember how I told you that no one in their right mind would ever kill a DEA agent? Well, to be honest, after they snatched me, I'd forgotten that, myself.
But then, I calmed down and realized that if they wanted to kill me, they would've blown my brains out right in front of my house.
This was something different.
I figured this was Escobar knowing that they were coming to get him, and grabbing a get-out-of-jail-free card: me.
Man, you fucked up.
You think that they're gonna make a trade for me? No.
No! They're gonna storm that bullshit fuckin' prison and blow his fuckin' head off! I'm sorry you were taken against your will, but I knew you wouldn't meet willingly, given your last meeting with Navegante.
Herrera, I'm glad to see your Cali cartel is doing so well, but you've made a huge mistake.
I don't see it that way.
I know you like whiskey, but I'm taking the liberty of making you a cocktail.
I just learned how to do a really interesting passion fruit daiquiri.
That's wonderful, but I don't want your fuckin' daiquiri.
You're free to leave anytime.
We are a long way from Bogotá.
I'm leaving.
I'll show myself out.
I thought you might like to see some pictures I have.
Several weeks ago, a wire tap caught you calling Colonel Horacio Carrillo to ID a location where Pablo's sicarios were gathering.
Two hours later, they were dead.
Along with an innocent woman.
Poison will be at La Dispensaria at around midnight with his crew.
Who's your contact at the embassy? Did you know she had two kids? What do you think our newspapers will think of that? Our government doesn't take too kindly to American-backed death squads.
I could blackmail you with these pictures.
You'd lose your career at the DEA, go to jail maybe here in Colombia.
But don't worry.
I won't ask you or Javier Peña to cross any line you haven't already crossed.
So you think the DEA and Cali cartel would be a good match.
There are many, in every segment of Colombia, who have been persecuted by Pablo Escobar.
The families of Moncada and Galeano, the families of judges and police people with resources who need to be unified.
They want vengeance.
- And you'll help them get it? - With your help.
I can't make any commitments right now.
But I can tell you this: When Pablo goes down, and he will go down you'll hear a knock at your door, and it'll be me.
You haven't tried my daiquiri.
That Herrera's a pretty good host.
Makes a mean cocktail, gives you door-to-door service right to the embassy.
- What did Herrera say? - What'd he say? What'd he say? You fuckin' gave him that information.
He's got pictures on me, he's got tape on me, Javi.
Answer me.
- What? - Did you give that shit to Herrera? - Do you think I would do that to you? - Are you playing with Cali, Javi? That your version of "all in"? I got one goal: get Escobar.
That's not an answer.
Who gave him the fucking photos? Hey.
See you around, Jav.
I'm gonna go call my wife.
Sir, I have her on the line.
- Hello, my love.
- Hello.
Look, we're having a little problem here.
We're trying to solve it, but you know what to do if it doesn't work out, right? Yes, Pablo.
I love you very much.
Me, too.
- Very much.
- Goodbye, my love.
We are bandits.
- Wait a minute! What is this? - Your brigade is no longer in charge! You've gotta get me out of here, do you understand? Come on, come on.
- Hurry up! - Get down! No! Get in there! Don't move, don't move! - All clear! - All clear! - All clear! - All clear! - Don't move! Don't move! - It's me, it's me, it's me.
Keep low, and no matter what happens, keep moving.
Yes, it's him.
Speak up, please, I can't hear you.
Is that confirmed? Wait a minute.
President, they stormed the prison.
Sandoval's been freed.
Gentlemen, gentlemen.
And Escobar? - All clear! - All clear! - All clear! - All clear! Look what we found.
Do you think he's OK? I'm sure he's fine.
See you tomorrow.
Good night.
It's OK it's OK.
It's OK.
Steve I just wanna go home.
This is home.
Less than an hour after Escobar escaped La Catedral, word had spread all over Colombia that war was coming again.
But this time would be different.
This time, there would be no surrender no negotiations no deals.
This time we were gonna kill him.
Escobar said, "Better a grave in Colombia than a cell in the US.
" Well, guess what, motherfucker? That works for me.