Narcos (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Free at Last

1 Okay.
Here we go again.
Let me break it down for you: Four thousand soldiers a 250-man team of Colombia's elite forces tens of thousands of rounds fired - seven dogs and four fuckin' helicopters.
Pablo Escobar was surrounded in the middle of fuckin' nowhere.
There was no way he was getting out of this one right? Hey, Jimenez.
Do you think the Special Forces guys killed him? If he can even be killed, that is.
What do you mean? What are you talking about? I don't know.
I heard they shot him 20 times.
They pumped him full of lead.
Then they burned his body and spread his ashes all over Medellín.
They say that he rose from the ashes, and he went to the houses of each of the men who had shot him, - and he killed them as they slept.
- Bullshit.
Quiet! Someone's coming.
We're soldiers from the National Army! Stop and identify yourselves! We're well armed! Mr.
I'm sorry, but we've been ordered to not let you through.
We have to take you into custody.
Son, I'm sorry to say unfortunately, I can't allow that to happen.
Excuse me.
You don't speak a word of this to anyone, understood? Yep.
Life ain't fair, man.
Pablo Escobar? He was headed home.
As for me and Connie, well, we were in some deep shit, and I hadn't even heard the news.
This is what I do.
This is my job.
No, don't you dare say this is your job.
I know what your fucking job is.
And it doesn't entail being kidnapped by a Colombian drug cartel.
Listen, I'm sorry, I am.
I know it must've been tough for you.
Listen, but Connie, I was never in any danger.
I'm here now, back with you.
Hmm? All I want is for us to be safe.
I want to get the hell out of this place and I want to go home.
-Escobar's out.
-What? -He's fucking out.
He took Sandoval hostage during the siege and when the army went in he escaped.
Walked right out.
Pick me up in ten minutes.
I'll meet you downstairs.
Escobar's escaped.
And you know what? I was happy about it.
The fox was out of the cage and the hunt was on.
Yeah, it was the biggest law enforcement blunder of all time.
Fortunately, it wasn't our blunder.
This is an enormous embarrassment for all of Colombia, gentlemen.
So -how will we proceed? -Mr.
President Mr.
President, Escobar will surely attempt to reestablish himself within the city, and we can't allow him and his sicarios to move freely.
So my recommendation, Mr.
President, is that we occupy Medellín.
Flood the streets with officers.
Conduct searches.
Close down the streets.
Establish vehicle checkpoints.
Pressure him until he appears, Mr.
And who would conduct such an operation? Colonel Pinzón, sir.
-He should begin immediately.
-Of course, Mr.
--Are you injured? No, I'm not hurt.
You know I couldn't talk to him.
I couldn't negotiate with Escobar.
-I understand.
-Why did you go inside? I sensed something was off.
Ariza said his orders were to secure the perimeter, that's all.
Well, he lied.
I gave the order myself.
Go home and get some rest, but come back soon.
You know you're the only person I can trust.
Yes, sir.
It's all right, Tata.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me, Doña Hermilda.
-It's good to see you.
-It's great to have you back home.
Very good to see you.
He's here.
It's him.
-Praise the Lord.
I knew it.
I knew it.
-How are you, brother? Pablo! Thank God.
-Oh, my son! -How are you? -I'm all right.
-You're all right? -How are you? -I'm all right.
-You're all right? -I'm all right.
-I did everything I could, Dad.
-I know.
I know.
I am very proud.
I love you very much.
It's Dad.
you and your family.
May he always protect you in his holy glory.
Thank you very much.
You're great boys.
-Monitor the police frequencies.
And don't bother me unless it's necessary.
As you wish, boss.
Very good.
Very good, gentlemen.
Very good.
Please take the things out of the car and organize them over there.
I felt I'd lost you.
You're never going to lose me.
And what now, Pablo? What will we do now? I did what I had to do, Tata.
I'll take care of it.
We'll be fine, and content, and happy, and together and united.
But-- Always.
-Tell me you'll never leave me.
I promise.
I promise, my love.
Pablo Escobar has escaped from prison.
He is out of that prison again after a bizarre showdown between By morning, word was out on the streets and all eyes were on Medellín.
This wasn't just a manhunt this was an invasion.
Gaviria was willing to go door to door to catch Escobar.
And we wanted to be a part of it.
After all, we represented America down here.
We thought of ourselves as the guys who could get shit done.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa - Jesus Christ.
Agent Murphy, Agent Peña.
I understand you're from the DEA, but I have to ask Colonel Pinzón.
Wait one moment.
-Name Pinzón mean anything to you? -No, don't know him.
You see this? Well, it looks like we're not invited to the dance.
Gentlemen, wait here for a moment.
We'll let you in once the area is secured, understood? Yeah, you mean when nothing's left inside.
We're going to have to move everything.
-What do you mean by "everything"? -Everything.
The labs the offices, the hideouts, the deposits we're moving everything.
Boss, even the labs? They're well-guarded.
There's no problem.
Come on, don't you know what's going on at La Catedral? The cops are going through all of the maps and documents you idiots left behind.
Now we can't trust anyone, you bastards.
Who are you calling a bastard, you son of a bitch? Huh? We're moving everything.
-Right? -Yes, sir.
Yes, Don Pablo.
We're also going to need more men.
Last night we lost a lot of brothers.
-May they rest in peace.
And one last thing.
I'm going to need a good driver with a clean record to drive me around the city.
He needs to be smart, fearless, and loyal.
- Done, boss.
- Boss, I'm sorry, but you can't risk yourself like that.
Yes, Don Pablo, I agree with Velasco.
I want people to know that Pablo Escobar doesn't hide like a rat.
Because we are the Medellín cartel, motherfucker! Now keep in mind the Medellín cartel wasn't just one big gang.
It was made up of a bunch of smaller gangs.
A collective, so to speak.
And as far as Pablo was concerned, he was still their leader.
In his mind, every trafficker in Medellín had to pay tribute to him.
Only a guy who'd killed thousands of people could think Judy Moncada would forget what he'd done to her husband Kiko and his business partner Fernando Galeano, the guys who were running his business while he was inside.
Fuckin' psycho.
He thought that they were stealing from him and naturally, they got the short end of the stick.
Pablo, no! You believe whatever the fuck you want to believe, you son of a bitch! Why he thought Judy'd be okay with that Well, she wasn't.
And alongside her brother Jaime, and head of security Diego Murillo, a.
Don Berna, they'd broken away from the Medellín cartel.
And now that Pablo was out, they wanted payback.
And as for the other gangs, they were all up for grabs.
Take the Prisco brothers, for instance.
The oldest of whom, Ricardo, was a respected member of the medical community.
He didn't know who to side with.
Neither did the Gallón gang, who became famous a year later when they murdered Colombian soccer player Andrés Escobar for accidentally scoring a goal against his own country in the 1994 World Cup.
But this wasn't a soccer game.
This was the blow business.
And whose side they chose would come down who offered the better deal and who had the better chance of winning the war.
This again? Stop obsessing.
Relax? What do you want me to do? Should I sit here and wait for Pablo to walk through that door and kill me and my daughter? He's going to come and kill you, too.
-What do you think about that? -Pablo won't be killing anyone, all right? - Jaime, what country do you live in? If he hasn't killed anyone yet, he's planning on it.
Haven't you noticed, Berna? Judy, haven't you noticed? Gaviria's got this city swarming with cops.
There's a cop on every fucking street corner.
Pablo can't move.
Then we have to find and kill the bastard before the police find him.
Judy, listen.
Listen to me! Listen! Pablo, right now, it's like he's like a caged rat.
Understand? Jaime.
Despite everything, you still don't know what Pablo's capable of? -He's someone we can't underestimate.
-You said it, Berna.
They shouldn't underestimate us either.
And Pablo's got very few friends left, and you know it.
Pablo will always have friends.
Berna, I want everyone to know what happened to Kiko.
It should be clear that being loyal to Escobar will only earn you a bullet in the head.
They'll know what side they should be on, right? Judy what do we do with the labs? What do you suggest? I think we shut down the labs, at least for a while.
We have to lay low until Pablo is killed or captured.
That's stupid, Berna.
Tell me how that makes any sense.
Huh? A lot of other people also stopped paying Pablo at the same time as us.
Let's join forces with them.
There's the Priscos, for example.
Last night I met with Ricardo.
I'll talk to him.
Jaime, be very careful with those people.
-Hello? -Okay? -That looks nice.
-One moment.
Ricardo? Don Pablo.
Of course.
There was no decision to make.
You know that you can always count on us.
Sweetie! --Hey! Fag! What's going on, Limón? -Son of a bitch.
-How's it going, brother? Good or what? Quica, my love, come give me the best 20 minutes of my life.
What are you doing here? Are you going in? No, brother.
I didn't come to see the whores.
-Then what? -I came to see you, brother.
And from what I can see, you're still driving whores everywhere.
You know how it is.
I have to pay rent.
Listen, Limón, don't you want to make good money? -Mmm-hmm.
-Mmm? Doing what? -The same thing, brother.
-Driving who? Pablo Escobar, brother.
-Eat shit, you son of a bitch.
-Limón, I'm serious, brother.
The boss asked us to find someone someone clean, who the police don't know.
He would go in the trunk.
-Where would I have to take him? -Wherever he wants to go.
You don't ask.
What do you think, brother? There's cops everywhere.
Why don't we put a girl in the back so no one gets suspicious? -Which one of the whores do you trust? -They're whores, brother.
Then who, brother? -No! -No? -Thank you.
-Why not, Maritza? -No.
-Hmm? What's wrong with it? Nothing.
-I'm very busy, Jhon.
-That doesn't matter, Maritza.
- Yes? Ask one of the girls you drive around all day.
-I can't.
-Get out of my way.
Maritza I need you to do it.
It'll be the easiest money you'll make in your life.
You can quit your second job, understand? You'll be able to take care of your daughter.
Haven't I always done right by you? I've always helped you and your family, right? So? Right? You're a son of a bitch, you know? So what? Hmm? -And who's that? -He's a friend.
He's trustworthy.
What's up, Quica? This is the girl I told you about.
Let's go.
Take care, skinny! - All good? - All good, brother.
I'll follow you, brother.
-Who's that bitch? -Close your fucking legs, Rosa.
You'll kill all the flowers.
You shit-eating bastard.
This pussy smells great.
Now you're going to the market to buy your whores, you bastard? Don't get pissy.
If you're in a better mood when I come back this afternoon, you'll get to fuck me.
Fucking Quica.
Shut up! Go inside! Watch yourself! Looking for a place for your next corporate retreat? Or maybe a quiet getaway for the whole family? How about 360 degrees of unobstructed views of the Antioquian countryside? Sixty thousand square feet of creative living space.
Perfect for entertaining.
Look no further than La Catedral.
One man's prison is anyone else's palace.
Yep it was a beautiful place.
And when the Colombian cops were done with it, they were gracious enough to let us pick through the leftovers.
This and Mein Kampf.
Two classics of 20th century literature.
Yeah, what do you think the rent's like? I'm thinking about moving in.
Hey, Javi, you think the, uh the Hague would want a couple of these? How are you not wearing rubber gloves touching that shit, man? We should take this stuff to our office.
It's better than any of the shit we got.
Fuckin' Pinzón's guys have taken everything that's useful.
There's nothing.
Look, I think I found something that might help.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Wait.
Ready? Close your eyes.
That's right.
It's a little bunny, my love.
She's very delicate.
Boss? Look, Don Pablo this is the guy I've been telling you about, Limón.
He's Guarazapo's cousin.
Limón! Come here, brother.
Come on! It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
Don't worry, boss.
We've known each other for a long time.
Besides, he's never had any run-ins with police.
He's clean.
And where are you from, son? I was born in Envigado, sir.
My mother lives in the barrio you built for us.
I'm very glad.
- What about the girl? - She She's a friend, boss.
We went to school together in Envigado.
I know her very well and I know where she works, so she's someone we can trust, boss.
Listen, Limón Do you know what it means to work for me? It's an honor to work for you, Don Pablo.
You've done so much for the poor in Medellín if I have to lose my life for you I will, boss.
All right.
Open the trunk.
After La Catedral, the next stop was Carlos Holguín the old police training academy that had been repurposed as ground zero in the search for Escobar.
The new honcho was Colonel Pinzón, the guy who was famous for his love of Uncle Sam.
As a courtesy to your government, I'm allowing you to participate in this manhunt.
But I set the limits and all decisions rest with me.
If this condition is unacceptable, take it up with the president.
Of course, Colonel.
I hope we didn't get off on the wrong foot.
Not at all.
Every operation needs a well-defined hierarchy.
I hope this will be an adequate space for you to do your work.
-What, you're talking about this? This-- -This is more than adequate.
- Gracias, Colonel.
- Welcome.
Oh, wow, this is from 1962.
Like most tricks Pablo employed, the audacity and simplicity of the taxi was pretty damn good.
I mean, who in the hell would think that the seventh richest man in the world would be riding around in the trunk of a piece of shit taxi? Don't worry, brother.
Everything's good.
As smart as it was, Pablo wasn't the kind of guy who left anything to chance.
Despite his absence, he still had a loyal following in Medellín.
And a network of spotters kids mainly.
And they were everywhere in the comunas.
The spotters could identify which streets to take and which ones to avoid.
All yours.
Where are we? -What the fuck are we doing here, Jhon? -Get down and hide.
-Jhon, I don't-- -Shit, Maritza, I don't have time to give you explanations.
Just do it, all right? Don Pablo.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
No, don't get up.
Don't get up.
- How are you? - Very well.
Great, I'm very glad.
-Don Pablo.
-How have you been? Well, sir.
How are you? I wasn't expecting you.
-I'm well.
Very well.
-Guys, please.
Yes, sir.
-Don Pablo.
-Do you want anything to drink, sir? -A coffee? -No, thank you.
-Can I get you anything? -Thank you, I'm fine.
- How are you? - I'm well, sir.
Everything is well.
-How is Maribel? -Maribel is well, sir.
Thank you.
Good, brother.
What's going on with the deposits? They're looking a little light.
Well, after everything that happened with with Mr.
Galeano and Mr.
Moncada, well people are nervous, you understand? This woman, Judy Moncada, has been talking to people.
Not everyone wants to pay.
-So that's it? -That's it, sir.
I thought you knew.
-I told them to tell you-- -Calm down.
Don't worry about that.
We'll fix that problem soon.
Yes, sir.
In the meantime I want you to move to the offices in Laureles.
It's no longer safe here.
-Done, sir.
Whatever you say.
And fill this up, please.
Don Pablo! -Sir, how are-- -Is that you? - How are you, sir? - Sweetie! Sweetie! Sweetie! Don Pablo is in front of our house.
Don Pablo? - Don Pablo! - Hello, ma'am.
How are you? -Fine, and you? -I'm well.
-It's him, old man.
-Sir, how are you? -How is your health? -It's good.
Very good! Good.
How are all of you? Good? Good? -How are you, Don Pablo? -Good.
-It's him.
-How are you? -In the flesh? -How are you, son? -Good? -Boss, we should get going.
Let them see me.
Let them see me.
-I never thought I'd meet you in person.
-How are you? I'm well, ma'am, how are you? -Here, boss, behind you.
Let's see.
-Generous as always, Don Pablo.
-For you.
-Thank you, Don Pablo.
-For the doctor, sir.
For the doctor.
-Thank you, Don Pablo.
-Take care of yourself.
For you, ma'am.
For you too, sir.
--Seriously? Directly in front of me? I don't spend enough time looking at your face? That's better.
There's a girl on line three.
She wants to talk to an American.
Nothing? You picked up the "American" part, right? Murphy! - What's wrong, brother? - Suck my dick, please.
- DEA, Agent Peña.
- Pay attention.
I know where you can find one of Escobar's men.
Oh, yeah? Which one? There's a reward, right? Yes, there's a reward.
What's your information, miss? Who are you talking about? La Quica.
La Quica? You know La Quica? He came to the brothel on 23rd street.
He left with a man in a taxi and said he would return later.
Do you work there? Yes.
How long ago was this? A couple of hours ago.
All right, we'll look into it.
-You think it's legit? -Let's find out.
How credible is your source? It was an unsolicited phone call.
She asked to speak to an American.
We would just need a couple of cars and a few men.
Well, my men are either busy here or outside in the street.
And I'm not relocating men to chase down bullshit tips.
If this turns out not to be bullshit, La Quica could give us Pablo.
So go.
Go ahead.
Since when do you need an excuse to go to a whorehouse? It would be worth investigating, Colonel.
We're not asking for a lot.
One vehicle, three men.
Did you close the lab? Jesus Christ.
No, Berna, and I won't because it's not necessary.
-Listen to me, Jaime-- -No, you listen to me.
Enough of this.
I already spoke with Ricardo Prisco, all right? He's with us.
He supports us.
Everything is firm.
Everything is good.
What more could we want? I told you to be careful with those people, Jaime.
Pay attention to me.
First, these guys have been with us since Pablo killed Kiko, right? Second, Ricardo knows that being loyal to Pablo means a bullet in the head, brother.
And third, and to ease your mind, they're sending us men, for security-- What? So you gave these people the address to the lab? Don't be an idiot.
How else would they get here? Jaime, listen to me.
Get out of there now.
Get moving and come here right now! Listen to me, Berna! Stop with the paranoia, brother! Jaime! Jaime! Get out now! -Come here now! -Come play, motherfuckers! Jaime! Jaime! Get out now! What's going on, Ricardo? You're fucking up, man.
Ricardo, put the gun down, brother.
Ricardo, put it down.
Pablo is weak right now, brother.
You know this.
The city's filled with cops.
Pablo can't move, brother.
Ricardo, put the gun down.
Hello, Jaime.
- Berna, how have you been? - Who's this? This is Pablo speaking.
I imagine you want to talk to Jaime, right? Berna, help me, man.
Berna, talk to Pablo.
Explain everything, Berna! Help me! Pablo, no! Wait! And now, you fat son of a bitch we're coming after you and that bitch you protect.
Pablo, you've just made the biggest mistake.
Tell the others Who is it? that Pablo Escobar is to be respected, you son of a bitch.
That son of a bitch! His entire family, do you understand? I want everyone in his fucking family dead! - That fat fuck! Son of a bitch! --Listen, Judy I'm very sorry about Jaime, and I'm very sorry about all of these deaths.
We have to accept that we lost this time.
But you know what? I'll be with you until the end.
And if you want to go ahead on against Pablo, just say so.
We'll find strong allies.
And people.
We'll need a lot of people.
You're right.
I think we have to see things for what they are.
The truth of the matter, just as it is.
And this is the truth, Berna: I know of someone who's very powerful.
Someone who wants to kill Pablo as much as I do.
Alleys run along the house here and here.
We'll keep the other car waiting around back.
- You sure it's not a trap? - I'm not sure of anything.
-Hey, it's me.
Hey, honey.
Um I'm just in the middle of something.
Let me call you right back.
We're at the airport.
You're where? I can't do this.
I'm taking Olivia and we're going back to Miami.
No, no, no.
Listen to me, please.
Please, you can't just do it like this.
You can't.
My sister's offered to help us out for a while, so we'll be there if you need us.
It's not right, Steve, to keep Olivia here with everything that's going on.
Not when I can take her someplace safe.
You're safe in Bogotá.
You're right beside the goddamn fuckin' embassy.
- Ladies and gentlemen - Look, I have to go.
Connie, please.
We can talk about this.
Do not get on that airplane.
Wait, okay? I'll be right there.
I'm on my way.
- I'm sorry.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm here.
Okay? -She's at the airport.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Guys, sorry.
All right.
Hello, Fernando.
You did very well, sister.
Look you don't just get two, you get three.
You have a special talent, and that's why you get three instead of two green ones.
What are you doing tonight, sweetie? I know of a nice calm place.
We could have fun.
I can't.
I have to take care of my daughter.
Give me 30 minutes, Limón.
-All right, brother.
I'm going to fuck one of them.
Sweetie Thank you, Maritza.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! - Flight to Miami.
- Gate 39, but Sir, you can't go.
Sir! I'm DEA.
I need to get on this flight.
I'm sorry, sir-- Sir, I'm sorry, but the plane has already left.
Sir, please.
You can't be here.
Sir! Right here, to the right.
It's the next right.
Know the area well, don't you, Peña? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just fuckin' drive.
-Get you feeling pretty good? -Huh? Oh, fuck.
Thanks, man.
Phew! You wouldn't imagine what a kilo of that stuff cost.
Come on.
-How about you, golden boy? -What are you talking about, man? Time it's processed, shipped, distributed to your buddies on the Upper East Side? Yeah.
Hey, man, we don't need any problems here.
We cool? Six.
That's how much it cost.
What do you think about that? That was six people.
Six people were murdered every time you and your buddy over there -I'm sorry to hear that.
-Yeah? Whoo! Yeah? You like that? Yeah? There's the taxi.
Park on the left.
Calm down! Calm down! Okay, let's go.
All right.
Wait for me here.
-Trujillo! -Go around! Go around! - Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Quica! Brother! God damn it.
What? -Quica! Quica! -What's the problem, brother? Let's go, brother.
Hurry up! Brother! Hurry, Quica! They're cops, brother! Run! That way.
Stop looking.
This is the best place to eat.
The situation is that your escape has left us without We don't have a lot of options.
If I hadn't escaped, they would have killed me, Fernando.
Or I'd rot in an American jail.
-You will tell Gaviria-- -Gaviria is being crucified by the media.
I don't think it's a good time.
You will tell Gaviria I am willing to go back to La Catedral to finish my sentence.
As you wish.
-Tomorrow morning, I'll return to Bogotá-- -No, no, no, brother.
We can't leave for tomorrow what we can do today.
Right? Mr.
President, Mr.
Fernando Duque is on the line.
-I don't have anything to say to him.
-I'll handle it.
You go ahead.
Eduardo Sandoval speaking.
Vice Minister, I have an important message from Mr.
He says he's willing to negotiate the conditions for his return to La Catedral.
Turn on the television.
-What did he say? -He told us to turn on the television.
Good evening, compatriots.
In the last year and a half, we've enjoyed the peace we'd long awaited for over a decade.
Now we can go to work, drop our children off at school, and enjoy life's small pleasures without the threat of violence looming around every corner.
This peace is now threatened by virtue of Pablo Escobar's escape.
Escobar has been named the bloodiest narcoterrorist of all time.
This history changes today.
But I need your help.
We must come together as a people, as a country, so his reign of terror comes to an end, here and now.
This is why I'm before you now offering a reward of $1.
4 million for whoever gives information leading to his capture.
It is my hope that through this reward the day will finally come when our country is free of Pablo's grip and will cease to be held hostage by terror, intimidation and murder.
I want to make it very clear that under no circumstances will I negotiate with Pablo Escobar.