Narcos (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Our Man in Madrid

Pablo Escobar said, "Sometimes I'm God.
If I say a man dies, he dies the same day.
" In his career, this asshole killed thousands of police officers at a rate of over 400 a year.
With numbers like that staring you in the face, you have to ask what possesses a man to put on a uniform that all but guarantees his days are numbered? Most of them were just kids, raised to reach a fork in the road and choose the right path.
Fight for the good guys.
They were young, they were full of hope and they thought they were invincible.
And those that were left behind would feel their loss the most.
Everybody's got a breaking point, when shit sickens them so much that they just have to act.
For Pinzón, that breaking point meant resignation.
But there were those who couldn't resign, who couldn't just walk away.
Presidents have breaking points, too.
And Gaviria had finally found his.
- We're safe! - Pass me the ball.
- Here you go.
- Here it is.
This is Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela.
And if you've never heard of him, it's because that's exactly the way he wants it.
Ask him what he does for a living and he'll tell you that he's a banker, and that would be true.
In fact, he and his brother Miguel controlled their own bank.
Or he might tell you that he and his brother owned and operated one of Colombia's largest chains of drug stores.
The brothers could also tell you they ran their own soccer team.
Which they did.
América de Cali, one of the best teams on the continent and a fierce rival of Pablo's Atlético Nacional.
But what they'd never tell you is that these businesses were a front and that the Rodríguez brothers were the second biggest cocaine traffickers in the world: the leaders of the Cali cartel.
Like Pablo and the Medellín cartel, they started out as run-of-the-mill criminals, bank robbers.
And with all that money they scored from their heists, they quickly graduated to smuggling weed.
And when they realized that ten pounds of blow was worth as much as a ton of marijuana, they jumped headfirst into the cocaine business.
These guys were no piece of shit street dealers.
They planned meticulously, maximizing profit, minimizing risk.
As the business grew, a young ambitious Colombian kid, a guy you might know named Pacho Herrera, was such a good earner that the brothers eventually promoted him to partner.
But they had a competitor, and not just any competitor.
One that wasn't interested in abdicating the throne as the king of coke.
- Don Pablo.
- But Gilberto was smart.
He didn't care that Escobar wore the crown.
So they went to him with a proposal, Miami, the cocaine capital of the world, would remain Pablo's territory, and in return, the Rodríguez brothers would make do with a little territory in the northeast called New York City.
The extra 1,089 miles may have made it a little harder to get to, but it turns out the folks in New York were just as head over heels for cocaine as the folks down south.
And while there were 1.
8 million people in Miami, there were seven million in New York City.
As much as the Cali guys loved money and the finer things in life, they hated the wrong kind of attention.
For the "Gentlemen of Cali," it was about appearing like legitimate businessmen.
And business was good.
But that didn't mean that it couldn't get better.
This was one thing that the Cali guys and the DEA could agree on.
As controversial as Colonel Carrillo's methods were, he was the only guy that Escobar was afraid of.
And returning command of Search Bloc to him was exactly what we needed.
The president has offered us every available resource to defeat Escobar.
All we have to do now is manage it properly.
So I'm still gonna rely on intelligence from you.
But we're gonna do things a little bit differently.
No more large-scale operations.
Search Bloc goes back to small-scale tactics.
- Amen.
- Stealth operations, surprise raids, that sort of thing.
We change the game.
But there's one thing that we need to do first.
A hundred men? That's not exactly small-scale tactics.
First thing is, we let Pablo know that we're back.
[Steve] Now you can bet that the second a convoy of a hundred men and six marked police trucks leave that base, that Escobar's army of spotters would be burning up the phone lines just to tell Escobar all about it.
And you'd be right.
But that was the point.
You see, these spotters made it impossible for us to operate in the secrecy we required.
So we needed to blind them.
And the first step to blinding someone is getting them to open their eyes.
Probably this rooftop here.
Once those signals went up, we could pick them up, get a fix and get a location of each one.
And I guess you could say that the second part of Carrillo's plan was to show Pablo that the sheriff was back in town.
And he did that the best way he could.
- We got 'em.
- Keeps going like that until you reached Barrio Pablo Escobar.
We captured six radio transmissions.
But we haven't pinpointed the exact location.
- No, sir.
- So our best bet is to corner each of these buildings.
This time, we hit the ground.
Peña, you're with me.
Murphy, Jacoby, you stay here to guide us.
Careful out there.
Oh, we got one.
Spotter One is down.
- - Shut up, kid.
- - Tata.
Javi, where are the fucking spotters? Carrillo went a different way.
He, uh he cut them loose.
Oh, we're letting people go now? Yeah, Murphy, we're letting people go.
And what does that mean? - Don't worry about it, man.
- Hey, fucking talk to me.
- Let go of my fucking arm.
- What the fuck happened? Carrillo put a gun to the kid's head and he pulled the trigger.
To make a fucking point.
We good now? Yeah, we're good.
I'd like to talk to you about what happened tonight.
- What do you think happened? - I know I got left behind on purpose.
For your own best interest.
You don't know a goddamn thing about my best interest.
You know, Murphy, what happens out there isn't really for everyone.
- But it is for Peña? - You're not Peña.
- 'Cause I'm a damn gringo.
- Because I trust him.
Why don't you try me? This fight against Escobar, you want to win it.
These guys aren't fighting by the same rules, so why should we? - You know what that means? - Oh, I do.
So whether this is about protecting me or protecting you, stop icing me out.
This is Moncada's biggest lab.
It'll have to be inventoried before it's dismantled and moved.
How you know that? - One of my CI's.
- Hell of a tip.
It's a hell of a CI.
Look, you want Escobar's men, there they are.
- Let's do it.
- All right.
Get up! Move! Move! Get up! Your CI hooked us a pretty big fish.
Yeah, he's a winner.
Wonder if he'll give us Escobar.
- Don't know, we'll see what Carrillo gets.
- Yeah.
We'll see.
Carrillo told me that he talked to you.
He thinks he can trust you.
Yeah, he can.
- That's not what I mean.
- Ahh.
Let's go.
I'm a big boy.
I can handle it.
- You get anything out of him? - Something.
Not everything.
Are you coming? I'm in, yeah.
Let's go.
- - Pablo.
Hello? Hello? - Steve? - Hey, baby.
What time is it? Uh It's late.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
I just need to hear your voice.
I wanted to call, Steve.
I It's okay.
You don't have to explain.
What's happened? Tell me.
I'm good, baby.
I'm Don't worry.
You have to go.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Good night.