Narcos (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

The Good, The Bad, and The Dead

1 Tata.
Where is everyone? Pablo.
- Are you all right? - Yes, I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Go back to bed.
Do you know why they brought you there? He said they were going to send a message to other kids.
Who is "he"? Do you remember his name? Colonel Carrillo.
I know this is difficult but tell me what happened when they brought you there.
They killed my friend.
- I'm very sorry - This is a farce.
- Escobar trained this kid very well.
- I'll speak with Carrillo.
Whether he did or didn't do it is beside the point.
Colombia is tired of Escobar.
Besides, Valeria Velez? My God, she has no credibility in this country.
I need to know if Carrillo killed that boy.
If we say that she's doing this to discredit Carrillo, they'll believe us.
But if the press finds out that you spoke to Carrillo about this They'll assume it's the truth.
What do you propose? That we don't play Escobar's game.
And that we leave things as they are for the time being.
I think we're going to need more than an interview.
- No, no, no.
No violence.
- That's not what I mean.
I suggest Now we need to have the people on our side.
Yes, of course.
It's just the president has denied it ever happened, and the American news hasn't even picked up the story.
Of course.
If David were the son of an important politician, but the men of always aren't interested in the children of never.
- Of course.
- Right? Hmm.
I'm writing a letter to the editors of the most important newspapers to tell them how that boy came to me, scared for his life.
The world has to know what sort of monster that son of a bitch Carrillo is.
Don Pablo, that's excellent.
Give me that pencil.
When Pablo Escobar starts believing the pen's mightier than the sword you know you're getting to him.
Carrillo's attacks on Pablo's facilities in Medellín were putting him - under more and more pressure.
- Burn everything.
The way Carrillo saw it each sicario we took out got us one step closer to Escobar.
Don't move! Felix, take this one.
Don't even think about it.
Up against the wall.
While everyone could agree it felt good emptying Pablo's pockets We don't know yet.
We're working on it.
they weren't all sold on the method.
Is it true? - Not to my knowledge.
- Don't play word games with me.
If that kid's telling the truth, Peña and Murphy were there.
They're the only Americans that asshole trusts.
I find it hard to believe that Colonel Carrillo would want American witnesses.
Exactly what he wants.
Guarantees they won't say shit if people start asking questions.
And guess what? People are asking questions.
Look, if Carrillo wants to walk out in the streets and gun down every sicario in Medellín, God bless him.
But our guys can't be there when he does it.
Understood? Understood.
It's been quiet for about a week.
Nothing of significance.
But a phone we connected to Edgar Prisco popped up three times last night.
All within Manrique, the same three-block vicinity here.
They just can't fucking help themselves, can they? My men did a drive-by early this morning and identified a potential location.
Right here.
The pool hall.
Are we having a good time? That's a very pretty girl.
But you're paying for those lines, asshole.
Clean this shit up! Who taught you to live like this? Not from our mother! Wake up, asshole! And you, Edgar! Call Pablo and ask him where he wants us to take his half.
All right.
All right.
What are you doing calling from that phone? Use the pay phone! - Relax, brother.
- Edgar What? - Have you been calling from this phone? - No.
Son of a Move it, faggot! Where you going? Hey, there.
Murphy! Not a good neighborhood to get yourself lost in, eh? Fuck.
Shh, shh, shh.
- Quickly, inside.
- Friend.
Calm down, friend.
Everything is all right.
Murphy! Gavera 37! You need to get up here! Murphy, get in the car.
The fuck were you thinking? This fucking close.
We were definitely getting closer.
And so who could blame the "Gentlemen of Cali" for starting to think about a future without Pablo Escobar? I can't believe it.
You son of a bitch.
It's carbon rock.
The cocaine is dissolved and mixed in.
Did you think I bought chemistry labs because I enjoyed the class in school? You're going to put chemists out of business.
I'm more interested in putting Pablo out of business.
Now's the time to move in on Miami.
It won't be hard for us to take that business.
- But don't you think it's too early? - Pablo's in hiding.
The Search Bloc is killing his men.
Soon they'll catch him, and I want us to be in an advantageous position when that happens.
Could you take care of that? Yes, of course.
But don't make it too obvious.
I don't want Judy Moncada asking fucking questions and negotiating for a piece.
Then you should call Pablo and tell him we'd be happy to turn Judy over to him.
We'll dump her in the same ditch we'll be dumping him in.
The Search Bloc took another Moncada lab.
The sons of bitches killed three of the Prisco brothers.
Ricardo got away.
- When was this? - Last night.
It's that son of a bitch, Don Berna.
He's telling the cops everything.
Let's hide out on the coast.
I'll convince Don Pablo.
Since when do we hide, brother? Huh? Let's trust the boss.
Don Pablo always finds a solution.
- Hello? Who is this? - Get me Don Pablo.
Fernando Duque.
- Fernando.
- Get him now.
Yes, sir, right away.
Limón, please.
Boss? Your lawyer, Mr.
- How many were published? - Don Pablo, we sent all of them to the newspapers.
How many of my letters were published, Fernando? Yes.
Uh, none.
They're very, very well written.
It's not about how well written they were, Fernando.
It was the fucking truth! If it seemed like Escobar's world was crashing down around him, it was actually about to get worse.
Remember when Pablo collaborated with M-19 communists during the Palace of Justice siege? By doing that, he pissed off the Autodefensas an extreme right-wing paramilitary group that was in direct conflict with the communist guerrillas.
This is why we saw ourselves forced to take up arms and defend ourselves The leaders of the Autodefensas were the Castaño brothers: Fidel and Carlos.
Carlos is the one barking orders at people.
In the late 70s, their father, Jesús, a prominent landowner, was kidnapped by the FARC guerrillas who demanded 50 million pesos for his ransom.
But his sons were only able to come up with 16.
Well, that didn't cut it.
So the guerrillas beat the elder Castaño to death.
From that day forward, the right-wing, psychopathic, commie-killing Castaño brothers swore never to rest until their father was avenged and every last guerrilla driven from the countryside was killed.
Move it, you sons of bitches! Even innocent villagers who simply lived in guerrilla strongholds were put to death because they lived under communist subjugation.
And in their efforts to wipe out the communist guerrillas the Castaños caught the attention of some like-minded friends.
- Mr.
- Good to see you, my friend.
- Welcome.
Have a nice trip? - Thank you.
As always, as always.
All right.
Very good.
These weapons are better than the last ones.
They should be.
Thank you, Mr.
Green, for the continued support of your country.
I haven't used that name since the School of the Americas.
I know you're waging a great war against communism in these jungles.
We will not stop until the last communist is dead.
Another struggle is emerging.
One that is essential to our, uh shared cause.
Escobar deserves to die.
But our fight is here in the jungle, against the guerrilla.
Yes, and Pablo's still strong in Medellín.
Yeah, strength is exceedingly relative.
An alliance is forming with the objective of taking out Escobar.
Who? Rival elements from the trafficking world.
Look, what matters most is that when Escobar's taken off the board, the right parties are in a position to make sure order is maintained.
And that strategic Colombian resources and revenue streams don't fall into the wrong hands.
All right, now I would like to know the reason for this meeting.
- You don't see this every day.
- Look, Pacho, it's simple.
We need to get rid of Pablo Escobar.
We know you all joined forces against him.
And we want to know if it's possible for my brother and I to join the cause.
Why? What do you want out of this? - We want what's best for Colombia.
- That's it? Pablo Escobar, aside from being a terrorist, is also allied with the guerrillas, whom he has helped on many occasions.
Putting an end to Pablo Escobar is a patriotic act.
Imagine, Pacho, your financial resources combined with all of the information you have on Pablo Escobar's operation - with our military experience - We'd make one hell of a death squad.
No, no, no, Mrs.
A death squad? No.
An army.
And when this army gets to Medellín, Pablo Escobar's death won't be a matter of months.
It'll be a matter of weeks.
What do you say, Pacho? Can we count on the support of you and your partners? All of this sounds interesting.
With all due respect, gentlemen, our organization already has an strategy in place, and it's working.
It doesn't seem to me like it's working.
Because, to this day, Pablo Escobar is still alive.
- That's right.
- At this rate, not for long.
Look, I'll share this conversation with our partners.
But I think that, for now, our answer is no.
Excuse me.
- Calm down.
I'm not going to hurt you.
- How did you find me? I'm not going to hurt you, I promise.
- And La Quica? - He's not here.
He's back there, looking for you.
If he finds out I'm here, he'll want to kill me too.
Let's talk.
Because of you, I'll never be able to go back to Medellín.
Maritza! Because of you, my daughter and I have to live in hiding.
Relax, relax, relax! I really am sorry, and I'm here because I want to help you.
Like you helped the girls you used to drive around in your taxi? - I had nothing to do with that.
- And why would I believe you? Because you know me, and I wouldn't do something like that.
You killed me, Jhon.
You killed me by putting me in your fucking taxi.
You knew how badly I needed that money and you took advantage of that.
I really am sorry, Maritza.
Believe me, I think I have an idea to get us both out of this.
What is it? We'll give them what they want.
We'll give them Escobar.
- What the fuck are you saying? - Believe me, Maritza.
I'm the one who drives Escobar.
I know when his sicarios aren't with him.
- You can call the police.
- Maritza, what's going on here? Mom, go back inside.
Go inside.
Doña Liliana.
- I don't trust the police.
- Listen to me.
This is your chance to get a visa from the Americans, so you can leave with your daughter.
And you? What do you get out of this? Working for Escobar isn't what it seems.
They're killing all of his men.
I'm afraid.
I need to get out.
We both need to get out, Maritza.
All right.
My turn.
You both look beautiful.
All right, my love, go to your room so I can talk with your dad, all right? - Why didn't you tell me? - What? Velasco told me.
There are 20 men out there, Tata.
Yes, Pablo 20 strangers.
Let's see.
How do you hold it? What? Are you sure you want to laugh at your wife while she's holding a gun? - It's not a joke, Pablo.
- Tata.
Those 20 men out there don't care what happens to us.
When the time comes, it will just be you and me.
And I will be a part of this, Pablo.
All right.
But I think you need more practice with that.
- Javi, it's Gabriela.
- What's up? It's been a while and I want to see you.
Now? I can't right now.
I'm working.
Don't be like that.
All right.
Give me 20 minutes, all right? Get the lecture from Messina about not leaving base? Yeah.
Crosby must've really laid into her on that one.
- Where you going? - Out.
Off base.
Okay, I guess it means "Fuck that.
" Hello.
- I've got half an hour.
- Wait.
- Javi Javi, Javi - Come here.
What's wrong? Hello.
She's a friend of a friend.
Maritza, meet Javier.
And why are you introducing me to a friend of a friend? She's in trouble.
Just hear her out.
Goddammit, Gabby.
You could have told me over the phone, no? - I knew you wouldn't come.
- Well, I'm leaving.
- Bye! - No, no, no.
It's important.
Hear her out.
What's your name? Maritza? What kind of trouble are you in? Who are you in trouble with? - La Quica.
- La Quica.
You know La Quica? - He wants to kill me.
- Well La Quica wants to kill a lot of people.
Why does he want to kill you? Because I can tell you where Pablo Escobar is.
And how are you going to do that? I know exactly when and where he'll be tomorrow.
Her name is Maritza Rincón.
She works at the market across from the brothel where the girls were killed.
Where we almost had La Quica and the other guy Jhon Burgos.
Goes by "Limón.
" He used to drive the girls around until La Quica made him Escobar's chauffeur.
This girl Maritza was actually in the back seat serving as a cover while Escobar was in the fucking trunk.
- And he knows her how? - They grew up together here.
So this guy Limón, there's no record of him.
There's no known connection between him and Escobar, yet somehow he ends up the driver.
Makes sense for La Quica to hire someone the police didn't know about.
What does she want out of this? A ticket to Disneyland? She knows she doesn't get shit if it doesn't pan out.
If this is true, she can tell us when Limón and Escobar go somewhere.
You were there.
You trust her? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
When we get the location, I want Centra Spike up in the air to confirm.
Let's go.
- All right.
This is good.
- Let's go.
Can you explain this? A subpoena.
You're going to answer the questions I have regarding La Catedral.
You mean your witch hunt.
Tell me, how did Pablo Escobar get out of that prison while being surrounded by 400 soldiers? How many times do I have to tell you that I don't know how Escobar escaped? He must have paid someone off.
I would say that's almost certainly the case.
This is about transparency, truth, law.
And I sense from your reluctance to speak that the truth will not be kind to you or our esteemed president.
Look, sir, what happened that night was complicated and, yes, I must confess that we lost control of the situation, we made mistakes, but we're talking about a national crisis.
So what? Does that mean that we should just trust you? Look, sir I ask you to please trust me.
All you're doing by making this investigation public is destroying the life of a very good human being.
Our president.
Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Hello? Hello, Maritza.
It's me.
- I spoke with Peña.
- Pay attention.
In one hour, I will take Pablo to his accountant.
He lives in the south.
I need you to give the Americans the address.
Understand? Are we really going to turn in Pablo Escobar? Yes, Maritza.
We're going to do this together.
But I need you to trust me.
Give me the address.
Write it down.
9th street with 98-3.
Got it? Got it.
my love.
Do it again.
I'm sorry, boss.
You'll be late to your appointment.
Thank you, Limón.
A kiss.
Come on.
Ice cream.
Ice cream.
One, two, and Everything all right, boss? Peña.
9th Street.
Got it.
I need to know if there's activity around this address.
You get a match on a voice, you find me immediately.
You got it.
This was recorded about - five minutes ago.
- You can barely hear it.
Let me clean it up.
All right.
Now turn off the satellite phones.
- That's Pablo.
- We have to move now.
- Yeah.
- You two are staying here.
Gotta be fucking kidding me.
Crosby finds out you went on another raid, we all get a ticket home.
Crosby doesn't have to know shit.
It's not negotiable.
We'll be in radio contact.
We'll be out in 20 minutes.
So be on alert.
Yes, Colonel.
Attention! We're headed out! We're on San Juan.
Copy that.
Watch your six, guys.
How's it looking out there? Everything's calm.
Murphy, you're buying the drinks tonight.
Cheap bastards.
Don't forget to pick me and Peña up some cigars on the way.
Of course, blondie.
Reverse! Look above! It's an ambush! Sabada! Carrillo, respond! Carrillo! Trujillo! Do you copy? Son of a bitch! Goddamn it, speak to me! We need people there.
Carrillo! Go, go, go! Come on! Fuck! Look at me.
Look at me.
You asked a child to give me this.
You can have it back.
And this is for my cousin, Gustavo.
Son of a bitch.
Don't worry.
It's going to heal well.
I'll go back to Bogotá with the body until the funeral.
They call his wife? Yeah, she's on her way from Madrid.
This ain't on you, Javi.
It's on Escobar.
And one way or another, he pays.
We all do.
Right? This isn't your fault, Peña.
- No? - No.
- I got played.
- We all got played.
We all had the information, it was backed up by Centra Spike Stop.
Just You know, you coming here you say all the right things.
Doesn't make a damn bit of difference.
Colonel Carrillo's funeral will be tomorrow.
I don't do funerals.
They're saying that Pablo himself killed Carrillo.
Next, he'll come after the two of you.
Or me, or you, Pacho.
No, no.
We've got to come up with another plan.
Another approach.
Another way to achieve our goals.
Pacho, we need to call the Castaños.
Soon we'll know what's in it for them.
Carrillo hasn't been buried yet and they're already asking for my head.
They want a scapegoat.
And we have to give them one.
That's why we're going to say that you were poorly advised by your vice minister.
- We can find another way.
- Let me finish.
We're going to say that I acted alone and without authorization when I entered La Catedral.
And that it was I who insisted that Carrillo return.
I don't accept your resignation.
Now, more than ever, the country needs you, Eduardo.
I need you.
We have to do it, César.
You know it.
The attorney general, the press, the opposition, the citizens, everyone's looking for someone to blame.
All of them.
And it's not going to be you.
It's been my honor serving you and the people of Colombia.
Good luck.
Limón told me you have a daughter.
How old? - Two.
- And what's her name? - Salome.
- What a beautiful name.
This is the second time that I've felt indebted to you.
Now, Maritza our daughters will be safe.
Thank you.
Know that you have a friend in me.
What did you do? I took care of it.
You're safe now.
What are you doing here? Where's Olivia? She's at home.
With my sister.
Hey, you okay? Hey.
What now? What the fuck do you want? I want to help you.
Oh, yeah? Come with me and I'll show you.
Make yourself at home.
Agent Peña.
Welcome to Montecasino.