Narcos (2015) s02e07 Episode Script

Deutschland 93

1 [indistinct chatter on radio] [in Spanish] Good morning.
Good morning, Mom.
- Your cat bit me again.
- You stole my pencils.
- Why are you fighting? - Because he stole my pencils! - She's making it up.
- Stop fighting.
- Let's see.
- Let's go, sweetie.
What time is it? - 6:40 a.
- God, I'm late again.
Remember to ask your brother what we talked about.
- Tell him school starts next week.
- Yes.
I'll ask him, all right? I still have to buy the books, everything.
I told you I'll ask him, my love, all right? And you still haven't tied your shoes.
So, like I taught you, right? We have the rabbit ear, we go around the tree, and? And it goes in the hole.
[explosion thunders in distance] - [car alarms wailing] - That was a loud one.
[Steve] You threaten a man's family, and you find out what he's made of.
Pablo Escobar was made of rage, revenge and terror.
Unable to lash out directly at his enemies in Cali, he went after their prized legitimate business, one they couldn't hide: their beloved chain of drugstores.
And he blew them to shit along with anyone unlucky enough to be standing nearby.
We're talking dozens of bombs.
He put the city of Bogotá on edge and the Colombian government on notice.
Continue to ignore Los Pepes, refuse to acknowledge their crimes, and you're next.
LUIS LONDOÑO WHITE, KIDNAPPER OF THOSE SERVING PABLO ESCOBAR But terror brings more terror, and Los Pepes responded with their own special brand.
We came up with a name for their displays.
- [in Spanish] Sit him there.
- [Steve] Colombian folk art.
[in Spanish] Over here.
[Steve] Like I said, you can't make this shit up.
The point of all this? Psychopaths sending a message [laughing] No matter how far you go [in Spanish] Look at that ugly son of a bitch.
we'll take it one step further.
The gates of hell were officially opened.
One two and three.
And everyone was scrambling to get out of the fire.
Or climb into it.
[Latin guitar theme music plays] [Hermilda in Spanish] This family is the only thing I care about.
- You're the one that - [Tata] Me? Me, ma'am? Me? - [Hermilda] We shouldn't leave, Tata.
- [Tata] All of this is your fault.
If you'd listened to Pablo, my brother would still be alive.
[Hermilda] Because you do that so well? Do you listen to him? When you're always criticizing him, doubting him, worrying.
[whispers] Tata.
[door closes] [Hermilda] I would never put this family in danger.
Tell her, Pablo.
Tell her it's not my fault, Pablo.
- [whispers] I know, Mom.
- This isn't my fault.
Tell her, Pablo.
It's not your fault.
I know.
It's not your fault.
[sobbing] Everything's all right, Mom.
It wasn't your fault.
[takes deep breath] [shaky exhale] [sighs] - [flies buzzing] - [Judy] Look at these smiling faces.
We didn't want to make you uncomfortable, Judy.
How considerate of you.
So that's why no one called me? Because this lab belongs to the Moncadas.
Mmm? So I was supposed to be notified when it was taken back.
- That wasn't made clear to us.
- I'm making it clear now, Carlos.
- What are we going to do with that? - All the cocaine is going to Cali.
That is my cocaine.
Look, Judy, we decided that not a single kilo of cocaine will be moved in Medellín until Pablo Escobar is dead.
That's our strategy.
To asphyxiate him.
That's the Cali cartel's strategy? To keep making money while the rest of us go hungry? - You know we can't trust them.
- No.
Not them or any of you.
We don't trust any drug trafficker.
Well, let's not get personal, Carlos.
All right? We all need friends.
Sir, would you like some? [low chatter on radio] [gasps] Go, go, go, go, go! [broken radio chatter continues] [man] Sir? Are you all right? [people chatter indistinctly] - [gasps] - Are you all right? [car honking] [siren approaching] [indistinct chatter] [in Spanish] We're done working together.
What's bothering you? The killing of innocent civilians, for starters.
Whether they're innocent or guilty, I don't decide.
That's what priests are for, no? The Castaños are crazier than ever, and that wasn't part of the plan.
But it's working.
Not if I stop providing you intel.
For what it's worth, I am on your side.
I don't like what's happening.
Medellín is my home and I love it very much.
As far as the methods of the Castaños go well, those are the methods that have Pablo's people hiding like rats.
Including that gonorrhea of a lawyer, Fernando Duque.
Our guys fired a whole fucking clip at him, point blank.
Can you believe that these sons of bitches didn't hit him once? I need you to help me find him.
He's Pablo's mouthpiece and his connection to the government.
What we want is to exterminate this rat.
That way, we'll get to Pablo and we can end this madness, Peña.
[doorbell ringing] I've told you! You have to [stammers] What are you doing? You have to bring the passports.
Juliana they're trying to kill me.
We have to get out of here.
I think you're the one who needs to leave.
[stammers] Can I see Simon, at least? - Where Simon! - Stop, Fernando! Simon is at school.
Besides, this isn't even your week.
So, please leave.
[door closes upstairs] [alarm disarms] [kids laughing, chattering] - Oh, what's going on? - How are you? - Bye, Anda! - Bye! Where's Mom? Why do you have her car? Get in.
[chatter in Spanish over radio] [Javier knocks] [in English] Hey, I need you to run a trace on this name.
- Okay.
- Find this guy.
All right? You look tired.
[in Spanish] Come in.
Go on, son.
Sit down.
So, you're being reassigned and you will be moved into the intel unit that was formed a couple of months ago.
You'll be all right there.
You're sending me to an office because I made a mistake? Anything else? Yes, sir, Colonel.
[door opens, closes] How are you, Papa? And you? - How long will we be there? - Not long.
Just long enough for me to get some things figured out here.
Do you remember when we went to the United States? It's going to be an adventure, just like that.
Do they have Disney World there? Mmm, I don't think so.
Listen to your mother and your grandmother.
All right? I made more than one reservation so no one would know what flight you're on.
I spoke to Fernando and he said it's perfectly legal.
You have every right to leave the country.
- It's like a normal trip.
- A normal trip? [sighs] [Pablo] Mmm.
Do you regret it? Marrying me, or what? Not for a second.
[softly] They may separate us but they'll never be able to destroy us.
[whispers] The little bunny.
The little bunny.
I'll take care of him, all right? Give me a kiss.
[engine starts] [sighs] [Steve] Pablo was right.
The government couldn't stop his family from leaving.
But if you remember, he had some bad history with Avianca Airlines.
And they made sure as shit that everybody knew the Escobars were trying to fly the coop.
[in English] What we know is that Escobar bought tickets for his family on eight different outgoing flights from Bogotá.
Destinations ranging from Barcelona to Toronto.
President, we need to prevent that from happening.
We need to keep the family in play.
If they're allowed to leave Colombia, we're gonna lose leverage in the hunt for Escobar.
Legally, there's no way we can stop them from flying out of the country.
By applying pressure behind the scenes, we can prevent the family from being accepted upon arrival.
And if they're kept in Colombia, he's gonna be worried about their safety.
He'll be more likely to make phone contact, more likely to make mistakes.
Because they're more likely to become victims of Los Pepes.
President if the family gets safe haven, there's no telling what comes next.
Maybe Escobar surrenders, maybe he goes to war.
The family is leverage.
We have to use it.
I agree.
I want one of your people with them giving us updates, running interference, and have them find out where they're going.
And stick with them.
[retreating footsteps] [phone rings] - Murphy.
- Hey, it's Messina.
I need you to grab your passport and head to Bogotá International.
Where? The Escobars are trying to flee the country.
Wherever they go, follow them.
- Yeah.
When? - Now.
Once you spot them, check in.
- And Murphy, keep this under wraps.
- Yes, ma'am.
Who was that? Messina.
- Where you going? - Going out.
- With your passport? - Yep.
- Oh, that's all I get? - Yep.
[indistinct chatter over PA] Uh, I'd like to get some tickets, please.
For which flight, sir? Let's see.
Madrid, London It's Murphy.
Get me Messina.
Hey, it's me.
It's the Frankfurt flight.
Yes, Mr.
Foreign Minister, but I'm not talking about some Turkish date farmer looking to drive a taxi in Berlin.
I'm talking about Pablo Escobar's family.
[sighs] No.
No, they haven't committed any crimes.
[Steve] Due to events in their fairly recent past, Germany had some of the softest immigration standards in Europe.
If you had a pulse, they tended to let you in.
Now maybe that was good for mankind, and it was certainly good for the Escobars.
It was very bad for us.
[opera music plays on radio] [in Spanish] Sergeant.
Private Hugo Martinez Jr.
at your service, sir.
[clears throat] The colonel's son.
He said you have some technical background.
I took a couple of engineering classes, sir.
And I built a ham in my parents' house.
What do you know about RDF? The basic concept, sir.
The basic concept.
All right.
Get acquainted.
We go out tomorrow afternoon.
And don't worry.
Unlike Carlos Castaño, this won't hit back.
What's going on? I'm going to freeze to death out here.
[man] That's Bogotá.
What do you expect? Hey! What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you not working? Get to work.
I'm not paying you with candy.
- Okay, okay.
- [Blackie] Pass me the phone, boy.
Make some fucking bombs.
You need an invitation to start working? - [men murmur indistinctly] - Hurry, boy! You get to work too! And don't smoke near the gunpowder.
[grumbles] - [men chatter in Spanish] - [Blackie dialing] [line ringing] Hey, boss.
I just came back from the airport.
Tata, the kids and your mother are on the plane, boss.
Thank the Virgin Mary.
That's the most important thing.
They're flying now.
One more thing.
We hit those fucking drugstores pretty hard.
You tell us.
Should we come home or No.
Stay put.
We're not done yet.
- I may need you again.
- Mmm.
Copy that, boss.
Thank you, Blackie.
[low grunt] Figure out what what time it is in Germany.
On it, boss.
[Limón, voice distant] Boss! Boss! [indistinct chatter, echoing] [Limón] Boss! [practicing German phrases] [in English] Got a bump on your guy.
About an hour ago.
Credit card belonging to Fernando Duque.
Used twice, restaurants.
Here, here, a couple streets over.
Check this out.
Ran him through the CNP database.
A complaint got filed this morning.
Your boy's wanted.
- For what? - Kidnapping and car theft.
Filed by his ex-wife.
It's a blue Volvo.
He's running.
And he's taking his kid.
He's 14 years old.
[line ringing] [Javier] Peña.
[in Spanish] Any word on our friend? Did you find him? - Peña? - Not yet.
[phone rings] - Messina.
- [Javier in English] Hey, boss.
I think Fernando Duque's on the run.
He's got his kid with him.
If he's that scared, maybe he's willing to drop privilege and cooperate.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
I I might have an idea where he's holed up.
If he comes through for us, you think we can get him out of the country? - If he'll cooperate, yes.
Look into it.
- You got it.
- And Peña.
- Yeah.
How did all this come up? My CI knows a girl he sees.
Kind of fell into my lap.
- Mmm-hmm.
Get on it.
- Yeah, boss.
[Trujillo in Spanish] What's up, Peña? Are we getting a beer or what? Another day, brother.
See you tomorrow.
[Trujillo] Okay.
[siren wails in distance] [low TV chatter] No, no, no.
What are you doing, Simon? Leave it where it is.
I'm listening to the news.
What are we doing here? I told you.
We're going on a trip.
And what's happening? Where's my mom? Simon calm down.
I already spoke to your mother.
You got yourself into trouble, didn't you? It's because you work for Pablo Escobar.
That's why this is happening.
You're his lawyer.
What are we going to do now? I have a plan.
Calm down.
You don't have a plan, Dad.
You're a son of a bitch.
A fucking thief.
[softly] Did you say "son of a bitch"? "Thief"? I'm a lawyer.
I'm a good lawyer.
All of the money this family has, we have because I've been a good lawyer.
- I do my job.
- I want to call my mom.
You want to call your mom? Do you want to call your mom, or do you want to behave like a man? Are you going to be a pussy and call your mom? That's a great idea.
Let's call her so she can tell you where all the money for your toys came from.
Your room full of toys.
Where do you think it came from? Hmm? You didn't complain during the Christmases or the birthdays or when I bought you a motorcycle.
But now you're complaining.
Very well.
Very well.
It's over.
It's over! Now that they're going to kill me, it's over.
[Simon sniffles softly] I'm sorry Simon.
[whispers] I didn't mean to say that.
Forgive me.
Everything will be all right.
Forgive me.
[air hissing] Was it a heart attack or what? [Ricardo] You fainted, Pablo.
How many of those are you taking? I've had a terrible headache.
- Those aren't any good, Pablo.
- [removes blood pressure cuff] You shouldn't put so much shit in your body.
You're better off taking these drops.
They're homeopathic.
Three drops under your tongue in the morning and two at night.
Have you ever been to Disney World? I haven't.
It's beautiful.
It's very organized.
Very clean.
What's wrong with me, Ricardo? Stress.
[Pablo] Mmm.
Stress is dangerous.
How's the weed working out? I haven't been smoking a lot.
The first man who smoked marijuana was a Chinese emperor.
He burned the plant because he was attracted to its smell.
But when he inhaled the smoke, he saw a blue jay.
And the bird told him to conquer his neighboring empires.
And that's what he did.
All right.
With you until death, Don Pablo.
Thank you.
I'd like to stay and stand guard.
All right.
Thank you.
Let's see, darling.
Color inside the lines.
There it is.
[woman speaks in German over PA] [woman in English] Attention, ladies and gentlemen: We will be passing around immigration cards.
[low chatter] [quietly in Spanish] This is our stop.
Foreign ministry isn't cooperating.
We need more time.
Don't let them leave the airport.
- They do, it's over.
- Right, right, right.
Talk to you soon.
Sir, I'm with the United States DEA.
There's passengers on this flight who can't be allowed into this country.
Heard of Pablo Escobar? Cocaine? That's his family.
You can't allow them in.
Unless there is a problem with their passports or any type of contraband, they may enter Germany.
[murmuring indistinctly in Spanish] What about if they're transporting a large amount of foreign currency? - [man] You would be certain of this how? - I saw it.
I saw it with my own eyes.
I work with the DEA, been with this family, I've been tracking Escobar for a long goddamn fucking time.
It is in that bag.
- [man] In which item of luggage? - [Steve] The maroon bag.
- [man speaks in German] - Perdón? - [man in English] Do you speak English? - No.
I'm a hundred percent certain.
That burgundy bag.
Fucking hell.
[speaks German] - Hello.
Pablo Escobar? Familia Escobar? - Sí.
[speaks in German] - [in English] You speak English? German? - No.
[speaking German] - [in Spanish] What's going on? - What's happening? [man in English] Come with us.
[in Spanish] What's going on? [Tata] Can you give me back my passport? [Steve] To be honest, I'd never actually seen any cash in the bag.
[in Spanish] That money is ours.
[Steve] But I knew Pablo would never let his wife go anywhere without some serious walking around money.
[Tata] Pablo, they're not letting us in.
No, no! They can't do that.
- That's what they're doing.
- They can't Listen, Tata, that's illegal.
That's illegal.
Don't worry.
Don't worry, because Do what you need to do to get us into Germany.
I have to hang up.
- [man speaks German] - [in Spanish] Don't touch me! - [in English] Please come now.
- [Tata in Spanish] Let go! [grunts, hangs up] [car alarm blaring] [grunts, exhales] - [door opens] - No, no, no! No! - Shh.
- [sharp breaths] Fernando Duque.
Javier Peña.
[in Spanish] It took me one day to find you.
If you don't want them to kill you, you need to start doing things better.
[softly] Please get me out of here.
Please get me out of Colombia.
Do you know who I work for? Who I worked for? Well, our help isn't free.
We need full cooperation.
[Simon] Dad! Hey, Simon, it's all right.
It's all right.
Uh, go back inside.
I'll come up soon.
It's my son.
He's He's scared.
First, we'll get you to Holguín.
You'll be safe No, no, no! No.
No, no.
No, we're staying here.
There are cops working for Los Pepes everywhere.
It would be better if you get us to the United States at once.
I'll cooperate with you.
[stammers] Anything you want.
I'll cooperate with you.
Please get us out of Colombia.
Is that a deal? [silent] Do as I say.
Start by hiding your fucking wife's car.
[Steve] While the authorities were using all the political pressure they could to keep Escobar's family in play, Pablo was practicing his own special form of diplomacy.
[dialing phone] - [ringing] - First, he called the German embassy in Bogotá.
[in Spanish] Hello, German embassy.
First of all, I'll kill every last German son of a bitch that lives in Colombia.
Then I will bomb Frankfurt, Munich [Steve] Then he threatened to bomb a couple of Lufthansa planes.
[Pablo] I'm going to shove bombs up your asses, you bastard motherfuckers.
Nazi, racist gonorrheas.
I'm going to kill all of you.
You hear? I'm going to kill all of you! [dialing] [Steve] Then he dialed up President Gaviria.
Who couldn't take the call.
Because he was already on the phone with the German ambassador.
And then, Pablo did something he'd never done before in his life.
He called a cop and he asked for help.
Not just any cop, but the top cop in the country: Attorney General De Greiff.
I once heard you say that I had the same rights as any other Colombian citizen.
I imagine that also applies to my family, correct? The government hasn't done anything to stop Los Pepes, those terrorists who have attacked my family and murdered my associates.
Is that how the Colombian government ensures the rights of all its citizens? The president is trying to prevent my family from entering Germany and yet you do nothing about it.
That man wants to dangle my family before Los Pepes and use my children as bait, and you, who call yourself a man of principle, do nothing about it.
[hangs up] [chatter in Spanish] - [static] - There's a lot of interference.
Medellín has too many electrical wires, phone wires, antennae.
- That must be why.
- What's your success rate? [sighs] To be honest, we haven't located a signal yet.
Not one? Not one.
[sighs] Here's what we're going to do, Morales.
Let's both start here: L9.
There it is.
I was talking to my police contact and you won't guess who's hiding the lawyer.
None other than that son of a bitch, Peña.
What do you think about that? Who's your contact? Who he is isn't important.
The important thing is that I trust him.
And you know what the worst part of this is? We can no longer trust Peña.
Then we'll have to put a bullet in him.
We can't kill DEA agents.
Oh, no? Why not? If it were up to me, I'd feed him to the crocodiles.
[Fidel] Berna, look Schedule a meeting with Peña, just as you have been.
We'll take care of the rest.
[siren wailing in distance] [indistinct chatter] [engine revving] [in English] Agent Peña.
[soft Latin music plays on radio] I don't think Don Berna's gonna make it tonight.
What is this? Just a friendly chat.
You're making some very scary people pretty nervous, Javier.
Which puts me in a spot because I'm the one who suggested they approach you in the first place.
Now, I don't know what you know about what it is I do, but understand this: I have our nation's long-term interests in mind.
That's the beat I walk.
And sitting here tonight, that means making sure the right folks are left standing when Escobar gets his bullet.
So do Uncle Sam a solid.
Don't complicate that.
These folks are prone to emotional decision-making.
Which can lead to bush league nonsense like killing a federal agent.
By the way, they found the lawyer.
Even without your help, so [low TV chatter] COURTESY OF LOS PEPES [in Spanish] Córdoba recovers, we'll have a goalie in place.
Leonel Álvarez can do his thing and move the ball along.
Ooh-wee! [in English] Trujillo! You follow me to the fucking hotel? Huh? [whispers in Spanish] Did you follow me to the hotel? You told Berna? Let go.
Tell me, asshole.
- Let go! It's all right.
- [man] What's the problem? [Trujillo] I'll catch up.
Everything's fine.
What's going on, Peña? Playing the fucking American? [softly] Did you see what they did to his son? How many families has Pablo Escobar destroyed, Peña? Do you know? You don't decide who lives and who dies.
Don't be fucking stupid.
This is how we do it.
[De Greiff] I understand that you're trying to prevent Escobar's family from entering Germany.
Let's make something clear: If you've come to plead for them as part of some deal, the only No, Mr.
I haven't come to plead for them.
I've come to plead for you.
For me? How so? I know that you want Escobar dead.
And while I don't agree with that, I understand it.
But this this I can't understand.
This isn't just wrong.
It puts you, the president of Colombia, in league with a death squad.
Call the German chancellor.
Tell him to let the family in.
[speaking in German] [man in Spanish] I'm sorry to inform you, your entry into Germany has been denied.
I know my rights, sir.
But you don't understand.
My children are in danger.
Send me any place other than Colombia.
[speaking in German] [in Spanish] Tell him the children are under age.
We just want to live in peace.
We just want to live in No, no, no.
Tell him that's all we want to do.
To live in peace.
Get the children and your belongings.
[Hermilda] They kick us out of the country, and they keep the money, too.
[man speaks in German] [Hermilda in Spanish] I know.
I'm going.
What is this? Why are we being treated this way? [Tata] You can't treat us like criminals.
[man] Let's go.
[clears throat] [Tata in Spanish] Pardon me.
I hope you enjoyed Germany.
[plane approaching] [indistinct chatter over PA] - [in Spanish] How much for this? - Two thousand pesos.
Thank you.
[Tata and Hermilda speak softly] [in Spanish] Ladies.
[vehicles racing up] - [tires screech] - Stop! National police! - DEA! - Get on the ground! [overlapping chatter in Spanish] It's all right, ma'am, we're with the national police.
Come with us.
The attorney general asked us to put you under protective custody.
Don't worry.
Everything will be all right.
Come with us.
You'll be safe.
Let's go.
- Come with us.
- Let's go.
Let's go! [tires screeching] [phone rings] How can I help you, boss? [Pablo] I want this faggot of a president to know what happens when you're on the side of those bastards, Los Pepes.
I want to see blood.
I want the sky to burn with gunpowder.
I want you to put the biggest bomb you can get your hands on as close as you can to the Presidential Palace.
Are we clear? [sighs] As you wish, boss.
[engine stops] - [street noise] - [pedestrians chattering] [father] My love, let's go.
Let's go.
Do you want one? Yes? How much? [man] One hundred pesos.
- Here.
- Thank you.
[mother] Are we going that way? [father] That way, darling.
You better be a doctor when you grow up.
This is very expensive.
Elena! Elena, let's go! [loud rumbling in distance] [car alarms wailing outside] [Steve] 220 pounds of C-4.
Same as a bomb on an F-16.
Dozens were killed.
Scores were injured, many of them children.
Pablo never took credit for the bomb.
He didn't have to.
- [woman sobbing nearby] - [siren wailing in distance] Elena? - [woman shouts nearby] - [moaning] Elena! Elena! [woman sobs nearby] [man shouts in Spanish] Lift him up carefully! [father whimpers]