Narcos (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Exit El Patrón

1 - [sirens wailing] - [chaotic chatter] [Steve] Escobar had made a career out of terror.
And for the most part, it had worked.
But when he parked 220 pounds of TN outside of a downtown Bogotá shopping center a week before school started up again, no one could deny he had gone too far.
The whole nation was enraged.
There was no explaining this one away.
And no hiding from it.
DEATH TO ESCOBAR - [in Spanish] Forgive me.
- [man talks loudly nearby] Children and innocent people died in that bombing.
That was an act of pure terrorism.
It must be answered for.
Surrender, unconditionally, now.
What kind of country is it when a death squad is not only tolerated but is actually sanctioned by the goddamn government? Do you want to see Bogotá turned into a crater? Is that what it will take to protect my family from those bastards, Los Pepes? No.
Your family's safety is our utmost concern.
They're simply in protective custody.
Get my family out of Colombia.
We can get your family out of Colombia.
But I can't guarantee any country will accept them.
I don't have that kind of power.
You better find that kind of power, because I won't even discuss surrender until my family is out of the country.
Until then, we have nothing to talk about.
[Steve] That's right.
A guy who knew no bounds, no limits, had finally gone too far.
He probably didn't know it then, or maybe he just couldn't accept it, but the end was coming for him, and it was about time.
[Latin guitar theme music plays] [in Spanish] Congressional leaders are calling for immediate action and President Gaviria has called an emergency meeting of the national police.
Yesterday's bombing has resulted in a total of Now he's really fucked up.
Pacho I want you on a plane to Miami.
It's time.
And Escobar's family? Should we get them? No, not now.
They're surrounded by police.
They're not going anywhere.
Son of a bitch.
[siren wails in distance] [in Spanish] Stay there.
You can go.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
Agent Jimenez, put out that cigarette and go downstairs, please.
- And don't smoke in the room again.
- [Jimenez] Yes, sir.
[cartoon plays on TV] Thank you.
Excuse me.
[door closes] - Who wants dinner? - Me! [Hermilda] Stop looking out the window.
There's no one out there.
Come eat something.
- [Juan Pablo] Mama? - Yes, my love? Who are Los Pepes? No one.
No one you have to worry about.
All right, my love? And how much longer do we have to be here? Not much longer, love.
Keep eating.
Can I speak with you a moment? - We have to do something, Hermilda.
- Pablo will fix this, like always.
We can't even call him.
Even if we could, all the telephones are tapped anyway.
[soft scoff] We're alone, Hermilda.
And you're telling me everything will be okay? [in English] Our situation with Escobar is coming to a head.
Due to our efforts, his organization is shrinking.
Intel suggests that his inner circle has been reduced to a few loyal sicarios.
Bit of a mixed blessing.
Fewer sicarios, less radio chatter for me to trace.
We had a tap put on that lawyer's phone, but I guess he isn't taking any more calls.
[Martinez] It's Los Pepes.
They kill Fernando Duque, but they also killed his son his wife.
But they also stabbed, viciously, his innocent mother.
But I accepted a sad truth.
No one is willing to police Los Pepes, so we're gonna concentrate on Escobar.
I would also like to say that I know that someone has been in contact with Los Pepes.
And while it sickens me there's nothing I can or will do about it.
But the man standing over Escobar when this is over needs to be a Colombian police officer.
And not some vigilante.
- Thank you.
- [man in Spanish] Excuse me, Colonel [Steve] Guten tag.
[Javier] Join the DEA, see the world, right? [Steve chuckles] The airport, anyways.
[lighter clicks] Listen I need you to prepare yourself for some blowback.
It goes high up.
And these people aren't gonna like it when I try to get myself out of it.
If they come after you about what I've been doing, you protect yourself first.
You didn't know anything.
Understand? What are you gonna do? I don't fucking know.
We've all gone off the rails down here, Javi.
You heard what Martinez said.
If we're standing over Pablo at the end of this, we win.
We can get out of this clean.
So I want you to think about that before you make any more decisions that you might regret.
[dialing phone] [line ringing] [phone rings] [in Spanish] Blackie.
What's going on? - Do you think you can get inside? - No, boss.
I don't think so.
With all the police swarming around, it's impossible.
Can you see the top floor? Through the windows? No, I can't.
It's too difficult.
Keep your eyes on it, Blackie.
You might see something.
Sure, boss.
All right, as soon as you see anything, call me.
Blackie, it's important that I know they're okay.
Hey, boss.
Can you believe it? Just this second, Tata came into view, boss.
What do you see? Is she alone? She looks beautiful.
She's at the window.
She's got that dress on that you had me bring from Miami, remember, boss? The one you like so much.
The children, Blackie.
Can you see them? - [police chattering] - There, I can see Manuela, boss.
[chuckles] - Can she see you? - She looks so pretty, boss.
Blackie thanks for this.
[line disconnects] [indistinct chatter in Spanish] [police radio chatter] [Steve] Remember when people used to call Pablo Escobar the paisa Robin Hood? Well, that shit was over.
The bombing had shocked even his staunchest supporters.
Many of the folks of Medellín who had always protected him were seeing him in a different light.
And no one knew that better than Los Pepes.
They took out ads in local papers, getting the word out to Escobar's former allies: Pablo was through.
Join Los Pepes or die.
WANTED: PABLO ESCOBAR - IN DEFENSE OF THE COLOMBIAN PEOPLE, LOS PEPES And the traffickers who didn't read the newspapers, like the Gallón gang, for example, who I doubt could even read, got an in-person visit from Los Pepes' most glamorous ambassador.
- Héctor.
- [in Spanish] Sir.
Do me a favor and bring Miss Judy a beer.
- Of course, boss.
- Thanks.
This isn't about Pablo.
Pablo is a dead man.
It's just a matter of time.
We're here to talk about the future.
And if you're interested in the future, then you'll have to join us.
Listen, Judy, you know we never had problems with Pablo.
Plus, we had a very good relationship with Kiko.
Right, Berna? - Yes.
- And that's why we made the decision to stay out of this shit.
And that has been a good decision for business as well? Because things are very difficult.
And when all this shit is over, the organization will change, the routes will change, this whole city will change.
And how do you know you'll still be in business, Judy? That's why I'm talking to you.
If all of us from Medellín are united, we'll be able to say what happens to each one of us.
Meet me at Montecasino with our associates, and you tell them you're on our side.
[Héctor] She wants them to join Los Pepes.
They say Pablo Escobar is fucked, that his time has come.
And that they have to decide whose side they're on.
- What did they say? - They're joining.
Here's the information.
They have a meeting with the Castaños on Friday.
[La Quica] This is big, boss.
If the Gallóns are with them, maybe some of the other guys are too, huh? [Pablo] When is it? [La Quica] Friday at 9:00 p.
, boss.
[Pablo] Take that address and go to Montecasino.
Take Limón with you.
And find out what's going on over there.
Are you all right? Yes, boss.
How many men can we rely on? I think I can round up a hundred.
But we need cash.
How much money do we have on hand? If we collect all the money in the stash houses, that should be enough.
It's around this much.
I'm still waiting on a cash shipment from Miami.
But it's harder than ever to get it through.
Make sure we have the weapons and the men we need when the time comes.
Got it? The only thing that matters now is getting Tata and the children out of the country.
Then we can take care of business.
Go on.
[Rojas] Yes, sir.
[phone rings] [inaudible conversation] [phone continues ringing] [Steve] You want to get that? - Murphy.
- Get to Bogotá right away.
- Yeah? What for? - A tier-one sicario in police headquarters.
- Oh, who? - Nelson Hernández.
You know a Nelson Hernández? - No.
- Yeah, tier-one my ass.
AKA Blackie.
No shit.
CNP just picked him up outside of the Tequendama.
Get in a room with him and see what he can give us.
We're already gone.
Bogotá police just busted Blackie.
Maybe he'll cut us a deal.
[Steve] Nabbing Blackie was a huge deal for us.
Bad news for Pablo.
And there was more bad news coming his way.
[upbeat '90s groove music playing] The thing about drug dealers is you can't trust them for shit.
The Lion had been running Pablo's Miami operation for years, and gotten rich too.
But the moment Cali offered him a better deal, he welcomed his new partners with open arms.
I mean, who could blame the Lion? Pablo was on his way out and Cali was the future.
He had introduced them to Pablo's bankers Oh, thank you.
his smugglers, all of it.
Though Pablo didn't know it yet, his biggest rivals had pulled off a silent coup.
[in Spanish] Pass that to me.
They had stolen the crown jewel in his empire right out from under him.
And they didn't even have to fire a shot.
[Valeria in Spanish] Nothing relevant happened today.
Corrupt politicians, celebrity divorces.
You don't like it, go work at CNN.
- [girl] Miss Velez.
- Yes, honey? I'm sorry for interrupting, but you have a call Take a message, I'm about to go on air.
Yes, but it's Pablo Escobar's wife.
She says it's urgent.
What are you doing? Answer the call.
[softly] You have to get her to give you an interview.
Hello? Hello? I know that you and I have had a lot of problems in the past.
But I need you to help me.
[Steve] While everyone could agree that Escobar had to go down, there was a lot of disagreement on how to make that happen.
Escobar was still dangerous and many in government wanted him to surrender.
To them, holding his family was not only immoral, but it could lead to more violence.
An upcoming presidential election made it a big issue.
Gaviria was under a lot of pressure to let the family go.
And it was getting harder and harder for him to resist.
[De Greiff in Spanish] I brought all the influence the party can bear on Gaviria.
And it seems he has agreed to find asylum for your family.
[Pablo] Where? No, that remains to be seen.
But we will meet in his office, I suppose to discuss the terms of their relocation.
Thank you, sir.
- You're a man of your word.
- I am.
Now you must be of your word.
I will.
Be sure of that.
The moment my family is safe, we will speak again.
- Until then.
- Thank you.
She's here.
Bring her here.
Hello, Valeria.
I liked it more with the hood on.
I told them, don't take me anywhere that doesn't have a beautiful pool.
It's very dangerous to be my friend these days.
Come on.
These are the codes for the radio.
I'll put them here.
And here is some cash.
[Pablo sighs] This is for you.
- No, Pablo.
I don't want your money.
- It's for your help.
I'm doing this for you.
[low grunt] [sighs] Thank you.
I'm worried about you, Pablo.
[Pablo sighs] [Blackie in Spanish] You guys can't do shit to me.
De Greiff offered us amnesty.
That's right.
But you have to talk to get it.
You want to negotiate, gringo? You want to negotiate? Let's negotiate.
I'll give you something.
Something small.
Blackie Blackie, Blackie, Blackie.
[Sighs] What name did your mother give you? Nelson Hernández Lucumí.
[Javier] Lucumí? From the Pacific.
Lucumí, they found explosive residue on your hands.
On your jacket, everywhere.
They're going to blame you for that bomb, Lucumí.
Hey - I had nothing to do with it.
- We know that.
We know it wasn't your idea.
We know you're not the boss.
Don't let them blame you for this.
Don't let them see you as the one who killed all those innocent children.
Help us and we'll help you.
- Give us Pablo.
- [scoffs] No fucking way.
I can't give you Pablo.
No fucking way I give you the boss.
Then give us something.
You have to give us something or they'll hang you.
I'll give you La Quica.
[softly] Faggots.
[men chatter indistinctly in Spanish] There's a lot of them.
Do you think we can take all of them? What's wrong, brother? You're turning into a pussy.
If you're scared, why don't you run away? Abandon the boss.
It's that easy, brother.
No, brother.
I'm loyal to the boss.
And if I have to die, I'll die, brother.
You better, motherfucker.
[Steve in English] This is the biggest lead we've ever had.
- La Quica can give us Pablo.
- We can help triangulate from the air, but really only units on the ground can find him.
So that means that we have to drive around Medellín hoping to get lucky and La Quica is using his phone? He will be because we'll be calling him with Blackie's phone.
He picks up, we get a signal.
Tracking phones like this is all about proximity.
- If you have the number.
- The number we got.
And who else has his number? I mean, who else is gonna show up when we track it down? Just us.
- Trujillo.
- [in Spanish] Yes, Colonel.
[in Spanish] Prepare the emergency team.
They need to be ready when we get the signal.
- Yes, Colonel.
- Martinez, get your people ready.
We'll start tracking them first thing tomorrow.
[Hugo Jr.
] At your service, Colonel.
[in Spanish] Good work on Blackie.
I need to know you didn't make the call.
The only thing I want is to get that son of a bitch Escobar.
It's the only thing I want, Peña.
- For all the lives he has taken.
- I know.
But not with them.
I believe firmly in what the colonel said.
When Escobar dies, a Colombian cop should be standing over him.
- [man] Good evening, Ms.
- Good evening.
Welcome, they're expecting you.
[Hermilda] What is she doing here? [door closes] I sent for her.
Please, take the children to their room.
[whispers] Please.
[Hermilda] Let's go.
Let's go.
This is from Pablo.
It's a radio telephone, so you can speak with him.
This is a cipher sheet for the frequencies he'll be on all day.
You must keep it hidden.
He also sent you money.
Thank you.
Well, let's do the interview already.
You know what? Another time.
When all of this is over.
I'm supposed to be interviewing you.
I can't leave so quickly.
Then stay.
You can show yourself out when you're ready.
[radio static] [Tata] Pablo? Tata.
[exhales sharply] Pablo, is it you? So good to hear your voice, my love.
How are you, Tata? How are our children? My love, we're all okay.
We need you.
And I need you.
Listen, I'm going to get you out of there soon.
I talked to the attorney general.
Everything is ready.
Just hearing your voice, I feel calm.
I love you very much.
[softly] I love you, my darling.
I love you [continues indistinctly] Mr.
President, I ask you not to take this as a failure.
Escobar will be brought to justice.
And once his family is out of Colombia, he will reinitiate negotiations for his surrender.
- I already did that.
- Yes.
Well, I've got a list here of possible locations that would be safe for the Escobar family.
If you ask officially, those countries will allow them to enter.
Attorney General De Greiff it seems you've been misinformed.
Escobar's family isn't going anywhere.
Pardon me? I won't lift a finger to find them asylum.
I am categorically opposed to you or anyone else doing so.
Do you know what that means? There will be no surrender.
The violence will not end.
And you will be the one responsible.
You will be the one responsible.
Your promises and negotiations have only brought us more violence, while making him stronger.
This, Mr.
De Greiff, doesn't end with Pablo Escobar's surrender.
This This ends with his death.
[Pacho] No, you don't need to worry about anything.
Put yourself at ease.
We got it.
Miami is ours.
I'll be back in Colombia tonight.
[knocking at door] ['90s rock music plays on radio] - [in English] Hi, there.
- [in Spanish] How's it going? What's up, little Lion? Doing good.
Just hanging out.
Is everything packed or what? I don't get why you're staying in this dump, brother.
- [water running] - I would have thought that Pacho Herrera would be staying in a five star hotel with all the bells and whistles [Lion grunts, gasps] [music playing louder] [grunts] - Do you want juice, my love? - Yes.
[Hermilda] I'll take more.
- [sirens wailing outside] - [chatter on street below] [chaotic chatter in Spanish] PABLO'S WHORE [trembling breaths] [Pablo] So my business is done? Is that right? I can't get anyone on the phone, sir.
I called many times.
Many times.
I called everyone in Miami.
There's no trace of the Lion.
[low grunt] [radio static] [Tata] Pablo! Tata? Pablo, they killed her.
They dumped her in front of the hotel.
Who? [voice quavering] Valeria.
[Tata's breath trembles over radio] Are you all okay? Yes, we're okay.
I need you to be strong.
Everything will end soon.
But you need to be stronger than ever, Tata.
I'll call you back soon.
I love you very much.
[line disconnects] [Pablo] Tonight we're going to fight like we've never fought before.
We'll fight with everything we have.
Fuck the Cali cartel! Fuck Judy Moncada! Fuck Los Castaños! We're going to show these motherfuckers who they are messing with, because we're still the Medellín cartel and tonight we're going to Montecasino! Bring all the men we can buy.
Go to Medellín, to every money stash we have and bring me every penny you can find.
Limón and Quica will take me to Montecasino, because tonight we'll be fighting side by side to the death.
And when those motherfuckers open their doors to the Gallóns, we'll go in and hit them with everything we have! - Got it? - Yes, boss.
Boss I think I should go with Rojas.
It's too dangerous.
Take Ricardo with you.
As you wish, boss.
Let's go, brother.
- Let's go, go, go! - Quickly! [engines starting] [man] Let's go! - Let's go! Let's go! - [motorcycle revving] There.
After that corner.
Right there.
What are the odds that we survive tonight? Fifty-fifty.
But that's pretty good for us.
Let's do this quickly.
[Steve] With Hugo Jr.
's RDF surveillance team using Blackie's phone, we had a real chance of tracking La Quica.
We just needed a little luck.
- [in Spanish] I think we're ready.
- We've cast as wide a net as possible.
[Steve in English over radio] Guys, are we good? [in Spanish] Go ahead.
[Hugo Jr.
in English] Go ahead, Murphy.
Copy that.
Centra Spike, you standing by? [Edward] We are in the air.
Condition one, Murphy.
Make your call.
[Steve] All we had to do was call him, hope he was in the area, pray he picked up, and then keep him on the line long enough for our triangulation to pick up the ping.
And then snatch him up without getting killed.
Easy, right? [ringing] [in Spanish] Hello? Hello? I can't hear you.
Hello, hello? Damn it.
[in English] It was him.
[Ricardo in Spanish] Let's go.
[Rojas] Let's go to 10th and 32nd street.
[radio static] [Edward in English] I need him on longer, guys.
Get him back on the phone.
Keep him on.
[phone rings] [in Spanish] Answer it.
Fucking answer it.
Could be the boss.
[La Quica] Hello? Quica.
Who the fuck is this? Hello, Quica.
How's it going, my friend? Motherfucker.
Who is this? [Javier] Calm down, Quica.
Don't be nervous.
What's up, Quica? Who the fuck do you think you are, bitch? [Edward in English] Hey, guys, we got a hit.
He's in Laureles.
- [in Spanish] Velén, let's go! - Let's go, they're in Laureles! Hey, Rojas, wait for me.
You're leaving me behind.
[kids chatter indistinctly] [radio static] [in English] Murphy, Peña, one more time.
Copy, copy.
We're calling again.
[phone rings] Hello? [Javier in Spanish] Quica.
What's up, Quica? Quica, Quica, Quica.
What time is it, Quica? - What are you up to, Quica? - Bastard.
[breathing heavily] [Latin music plays on radio] You're the accountant.
How much is there? I don't know.
Maybe $500,000.
Looks like you're almost out of money.
Leave some for the market, fat ass.
So funny.
Why aren't you watching the car Sorry, but this toss of the coin doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
Let's make a deal [grunts] [upbeat Latin music continues on radio] [Javier in English] Motherfucker.
Here we go.
[starts engine] [tires squealing] [Steve] We got eyes on La Quica.
He's traveling in a blue Sedan, heading east.
[in Spanish] Go right.
[in English] He's making a right on calle cuatro.
All units! [in Spanish] Copy that! We're on it! [in English] Trujillo, double back on my six.
[in Spanish] Perez, close all of 4th street.
Go straight.
We'll go this way to cut him off.
Come on, pussy.
- There! Follow him! - [car honks] Follow him! Follow him! Follow him! To the right, the right! [in English] Come on, box him in! [in Spanish] All units, be ready for the play.
[grunts] [men shout in Spanish] - [shouts] - Stop! [Steve] Now I had my own history with La Quica, and believe me, I would've liked to beat him to death right then and there.
And I bet nobody would've cared.
La Quica's exploits were legendary.
He was Escobar's most prolific killer and the guy credited for putting the Avianca bomber on the plane.
But he was also his most trusted guy.
And if we could get him to flip [in Spanish] Fucker.
that would close the book on Pablo.
[takes deep breath] [Pablo] Limón.
[Limón zips suitcase shut] Okay, boss.
- Are we ready? - They're all waiting for us, boss.
I think we have enough.
La Quica isn't answering, boss.
[whispers] Okay.
Go start the car.
I'll be there in a second.
Yes, sir.
[in English] Where is the staging point for this raid? [Javier in Spanish] Where's the staging area? You want me to hand you information, just like that? Free? No, brother.
I want a deal.
Then give us Pablo asshole.
I want something different.
I want to start a new life, in the United States of America.
[in English] He says he wants a new life in the US of A.
You give us Pablo Escobar, and I'll take you there myself.
[slams table] [Javier in Spanish] We don't have time for bullshit.
Blackie already rolled on all of you.
[scoffs] If you don't give us something fast, of substance, we'll buy you that ticket to the United States but extradited.
- Extradition doesn't exist.
- Fine, then a jail cell here.
With a sign that says "snitch" around your neck.
[Steve] The narcos always talk about loyalty till their own asses are on the line.
[men chatter indistinctly in Spanish] [phone rings] Quica.
[La Quica] Hello.
Where are you, boss? I'm en route, and you? Me too.
I'm not too far off.
I'm almost there, boss.
Are you still far off? Pass the phone to Ricardo.
Boss, Ricardo went to get one last stash.
He's on his way.
You want me to meet you? Are you with Limón? Yes, we're almost there.
You have what you wanted.
He'll be there soon.
Limón is driving.
[Javier] Now give us the staging point.
[Pablo] Pull over.
Give me a moment.
Sure, boss.
[Pablo over radio] Tata.
Yes, my love? I just want you to know that I love you very much.
You and our children.
You may not hear from me for a while.
What's happening, Pablo? What are you going to do? Something I have to do.
But you know that I will never, never leave you, right? I know.
I love you, Tata.
I will always love you, Pablo.
Keep going down that road.
I'll show you the way.
Yes, boss.
[men chatter indistinctly, laughing] [vehicle approaching] [in Spanish] Fuck.
I've got something.
Attention all units.
A vehicle is approaching.
Be alert.
[in English] There you are, motherfucker.
[man calls out in Spanish] - [man] Hey, girls.
- [women chattering] Negative.
They're whores.
[Steve sighs] [in English] It's after nine.
He's not showing up.
He's fucking onto us.
[in Spanish] All right.
Let the women through.
Stand by, everyone.
This isn't happening tonight.
[in English] Goddammit.
Almost fucking had him again.
- Oh, fuck this! - Peña, goddammit! [in Spanish] Fire! Let's go! Fire! - [men shouting] - [overlapping gunfire] [upbeat Latin guitar song plays] What will happen with Quica, boss? Quica is gone, Limón.
They're all gone.
- [sounds fade] - [Latin guitar song continues]