Narcos (2015) s02e09 Episode Script

Nuestra Finca

1 [vehicle rumbling] [in Spanish] Here to the right.
[brakes squeaking] Stay here.
Who's there? Relax, sir.
We come in peace.
Stay right there! Relax.
How are the cows? [rain patters softly outside] The cops came here a few months ago.
What did you tell them? The truth.
That I haven't seen you in years.
You've gotten old, Pablo.
[sighs] It happens.
You look younger.
It happens.
[chuckles] Life in the country keeps you young.
Be careful, it's hot.
What's your name? Limón, sir.
Don't give me that shit.
What's your real name? - Jhon.
- Jhon.
Do you know how to milk a cow, Jhon? - No, sir.
- Well, you better learn.
All right, gentlemen.
I get up at 5:00 a.
Good night.
Good night, Dad.
[Latin guitar theme music plays] [Steve] I read in a book somewhere about a rich guy who goes broke.
When he's asked how it happened, how he had lost everything, he answered: "Slowly at first.
And then all at once.
" For Pablo Escobar, "all at once" had finally come.
His empire in shambles, his army all dead or in jail, Escobar did the one thing he could still do: a disappearing act.
One month, 14 days and seven hours with no sightings, no intercepts, nothing.
While we waited for his eventual reemergence, the machine built to capture him found itself idle.
And that brought a different kind of danger.
One that comes with too much time to think.
Some started to look inward at the path we had taken to get here asking, "How much of this blood is on me, and how do I get clean?" [in Spanish] It is the state, not individuals, that has justice in its hands and the legitimacy to use arms.
[Steve] Under mounting political pressure, Gaviria finally publicly denounced Los Pepes.
And Los Pepes responded with their own press release.
They said their job was done.
They were packing up and going home.
But Los Pepes wasn't something you could turn on and off.
Its members were looking to the future.
One without Escobar.
And they each had their own version of it.
Los Pepes had knocked Pablo out of the narco business and that had created a vacancy for a new cocaine king of Medellín.
Or, depending on who you asked, maybe a queen.
[in Spanish] Gilberto's no longer our partner.
I don't care what he thinks.
Have you seen the news? They issued a statement without us.
Los Pepes is done.
That's only for show.
The Castaños are still in Medellín.
Hmm? No one told me anything.
Listen to me, Berna.
If Escobar comes through that door, we'll kill him ourselves.
We don't need anybody else.
Start moving this product now.
That's all fine, Judy.
But if Gilberto finds out, what then? Did you know they're offering $1.
4 million for Los Pepes? I know where they are.
[softly] Be careful what you say.
That's a dangerous thought, Judy.
I'm not interested in the reward.
I'm interested in my labs.
Then at least tell Gilberto yourself.
[man] Sir? Hello.
And to what do I owe this lovely surprise? We're at the warehouse in Manrique.
This place is full of product.
What do you want us to do? Where do we send it? Keep it.
Think of it as a contribution to your great cause against the communists in the jungle.
I'm sure you'll find its value can be put to good use.
And what do we do about Judy? Do whatever you think is best.
Well, Gilberto, if you say so.
Thank you very much.
Gilberto said we can keep all of it.
What? I thought we were going home.
We don't know anything about cocaine.
We'll learn.
If they can, why not us? And what about Judy? Hmm? Judy feels Medellín is only big enough for one narco.
We'll let the Castaños decide which one.
[Steve] Los Pepes may have disbanded, but that didn't mean they were done.
The story of a vigilante army taking down Escobar made for great headlines.
And while no one was named, it's not to say it wasn't cause for concern.
Yes, ma'am, as far as I know.
No, we're, uh, crystal clear on that.
- [whispers] Messina.
- [silent mouthing] Yeah.
Uh, he just got in.
- Hey, boss.
- [Messina] Murphy fill you in? Yeah.
This article's getting more traction than we thought.
International news outlets keep calling, want a statement from the ambassador.
- Are we giving one? - No.
Nobody is.
But we're watching it closely.
I don't need to tell you it could look very bad for us.
I want to make sure we're covered.
Well, Los Pepes is disbanded.
It's basically over.
Look, I tend to agree.
But the press may shake a few more trees, see what falls.
What if someone talks? The only people that are gonna talk about Los Pepes is Los Pepes.
And they're not talking.
So we're covered.
We better be.
- Fabian.
- [in Spanish] Yes? - Bring the Mercedes.
Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
Right away.
Hurry up, Berna.
Relax, Judy.
That meeting can't start without you.
How many people do we have in the laboratories? - Forty-five in each one.
- How many supervisors? Three in each.
- We need twice as many shifts.
- Yes, ma'am.
Oscar, Luis! Get in the cars.
The boss is leaving.
[man] Yes, sir.
[men shouting] [indistinct] [dialogue distant, muted] [audio distorted] [phone ringing] - Peña.
- [Berna] Javier.
- [in Spanish] What do you want? - Something happened, we need to talk.
I'm busy.
I can't talk.
There's been an attempt on Judy.
She's saying a few things you might want to hear.
Give me time.
What's going on? Nothing that's my problem anymore.
Where you going? I just want to make sure.
Fuck it.
I don't want to know.
- Peña.
- [in Spanish] Mr.
Peña has arrived.
Let's go.
Kiko and I built all of this together.
This is all that is left for me.
What are the Castaños thinking? That they can chase me out? I'm not leaving.
They don't want you to leave, they want to kill you.
And what about you? You're in this with me too.
Look you brought these guys here.
You got in bed with Cali.
This is all your doing.
This is a fight between narcos.
It's not my problem.
Don't call me again.
Berna, last I heard, leaking classified intelligence is a federal offense.
Especially when it ends up in the hands of a death squad that's killed innocent people.
I'm sure some newspaper in America might be interested in hearing more about that.
Are you threatening me? Yes, I'm threatening you.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
What do you want? You're a cop.
You know perfectly well where Montecasino is.
Where the Castaños are, and the Rodriguezes.
Arrest them.
And when you do, accidentally shoot them in the head.
- It doesn't work that way.
- Oh, no? Then how? We'll do it my way.
[Berna] So you want Judy to be a rat? I don't agree with this, Javier.
We are narcos, but we have our honor.
Berna you're a fucking drug dealer who sells poison by the kilo.
Fuck your honor.
[soft chuckle] Says you.
You've been happily working with the information we've provided.
And what have you done? If you have a better idea, go for it.
Otherwise, this is the deal.
Judy becomes a confidential informant to the DEA.
She gives us Cali, everything she knows.
If you don't like it, you can take on the Castaños alone.
[in English] And you can go fuck yourself.
[Steve] Best way to make a bad story go away is to come up with a better story and sell it hard.
This is one of the cornerstones of American foreign policy, and one we learned through years of trial and error in Latin America, Chile, Guatemala, Panama.
Getting caught with your pants down sucks, but if at the same time you give the folks a big win, like, say, dismantling the second biggest drug cartel in the world, well, then nobody's paying attention to the bad story.
They're too busy patting you on the back.
Risky plan? Yes.
But pressure will force you to take risks.
It'll force you to do a lot of things.
[in Spanish] We haven't heard anything from him for weeks.
We don't even know where he is.
[Hermilda] I don't know why you're letting De Greiff come here.
He's coming to scare you.
And now you're losing faith in Pablo.
[gentle scoff] You don't understand, do you? We don't have any more money, Hermilda.
If they take our protection away, we can't do anything else.
Pablo has many properties.
Don't be so dramatic, Tata.
You think someone is going to invest in us? They're going to give us their money? No one is going to help us.
Everyone knows what that would mean.
Whatever he's doing wherever my son is, he's doing it for his family.
Don't forget that.
[softly] Pablo? Pablo? Can you hear me, Pablo? Please answer.
[bird calling in distance] - [goat bleating] - [cow mooing] - [radio static] - [Pablo] Tata, can you hear me? [static] Tata? Can you hear me? [static] [men chattering outside] [grunts] [grunting] [Miguel] That's a lot of product for men who don't know how to run this business.
We have to be clear with them.
Their work isn't done.
Our donation to them is an advance.
Besides, we have to keep them happy.
Their connection with the Americans is invaluable, brother.
What a fucking joke, the CIA and their war against the communists.
It's a joke, but that friendship could save our lives one day.
What? Any news about Judy? The Castaños took their first shot, a bomb.
But they didn't kill her.
Since when did it get so fucking hard to kill someone? What about her assistant? The fat one, what do they call him? Berna? He's the one we should kill.
She's just a loud-mouth bitch.
Don Berna.
Him we found.
Where? Here.
Out front.
[Gilberto] Don Berna! Welcome to Cali.
Gilberto, thank you, brother.
Forgive us, but we weren't expecting you.
Don't worry about it.
I'm here to speak to you all.
Very well, brother.
It's about Judy.
[in English] Where's Peña? What do you need? I got a tip.
A guy.
He says he may have a lead, man.
Yeah, well, why don't you, uh, give it to Martinez? Or you could give it to your Los Pepes pals.
He wants to give it to an American.
Yeah, what's he got? Who is this guy? He's a guy I know.
Come on, Murphy.
He's safe.
He knows I work with you.
What, he doesn't trust you? All right.
Bring him in.
He's in Bogotá.
So I gotta go to Bogotá to meet your friend? Forget it.
Come on, Murphy.
You want Escobar, don't you? Please, talk to him.
It's really important.
- All right.
Set it up.
- Okay.
[in Spanish] Thanks.
You won't regret it.
In English, please! [radio crackles, static] [in Spanish] Tata, are you there? Can you hear me? [laughter, chatter outside] [indistinct upbeat chatter] [Limón laughs] [radio static continues] Tata, are you there? There's no signal here.
I don't know why you keep trying.
Why don't you come drink with us? I'll be right there.
[puts down radio] [mooing] There's coffee in the Thermos.
[man in Spanish] He's communicating to his wife via radio.
Those are the codes and frequencies.
[in English] Pablo is using a radio.
That's the way he communicates with his wife.
And these are the codes, Murphy.
Yeah? Where did it come from and how did you get it? Lugo is a fiscal at the Tequendama.
He guards the family.
What do you want for this? Money? Visa? [in Spanish] What do you want, Lugo? Money? Visa? It don't work that way, bud.
[in Spanish] No visa, no money, you understand? [in Spanish] Is that what he thinks? That everyone wants to go to the United States? I don't want anything.
All I want is for this to end soon and you to understand the family is in pain.
Find him and kill him.
[in English] So? What do you think? Javi, he's given us everything.
We got codes, frequencies.
- I think it's real.
- Take it to Martinez.
I'm at the embassy.
I gotta call you back.
What you doing at the embassy? What's going on? Nothing I can't handle.
I'll fill you in when I can.
- Javi, let's get on this.
- Murphy, take it to Martinez.
I'll call you later.
Peña's in Bogotá? Yeah, Javi's into something.
I'll take the codes back.
You stay with Peña, okay? No fucking way.
The codes are staying with me.
I'll take it to Martinez.
We give Judy immunity, take her testimony and we are covered.
Don't lie to me again, Peña.
This is a tier-one narco who's ready to flip on other tier-one narcos.
She's been in the business for 30 years.
She knows Cali's operation.
It's not intel anyone can provide.
She has leverage over you.
Her information on Escobar crippled his business.
She'll do the same to Cali, only this time for us.
The moment she goes on record, her leverage is gone.
She doesn't get immunity until after she talks.
Get her on record and we'll see what she's got.
Nobody seems to want to take on Cali.
They've been off-limits, but this may do the trick.
And Peña.
Be discreet.
Tell no one.
There are people in this building who won't like it.
[elevator dings, doors opening] [Bill] Going down? [clears throat] So how's it going? [buzzing] [cows mooing] [father] What are you doing, Pablo? [chuckles] You don't know how to tie a knot.
This is a cowboy's knot.
This is really good.
[indistinct chatter in Spanish] [laughter] [father chuckles] [man] Wanted: Pablo Escobar.
Reward 2,700,000 pesos.
Call for free from any city at 9-800-10-600.
In Bogotá, 222-50-12.
In Medellín, 461-11-11.
[birds calling] The kids would love to be here.
I've been thinking I could buy some land here next to you.
Some cows, maybe some sheep.
And have my own farm.
We could run it together.
What do you think? We need to finish putting up the wire.
Do you remember when the soldiers came to our village? You were a tough little boy, probably only seven or eight years old.
But even in that moment, you were already the man of the house.
In the face of all that violence and death, you were strong.
You are a survivor.
A man of action.
I knew that day you were destined for great things, Pablo.
- [Martinez in Spanish] Good evening.
- [men] Colonel.
So, did you decipher those codes? Are they real? Yes, Colonel.
I verified the frequencies.
The codes are the same ones Escobar's wife is using.
- He'll use them when he calls her.
- Did you confirm it's Escobar? Did you hear him? No, Colonel, not yet.
[in English] All right, say he picks up the phone.
How close can we get? If Pablo talks in Medellín, we'll know every word he says.
- Can you get his exact location? - If it's within range, yes.
All right, if Pablo uses the phone outside of Medellín with the same codes, can you hear him? No.
The antenna is not that strong.
Why didn't you answer me when I asked about me coming here with my family? I wasn't paying that much attention.
But you're paying attention to me now, right? So, what do you think? - It's a nice idea.
- Yes, it's a nice idea.
It's a nice idea, now help me.
Put that bucket down here.
Now hold on to the pig.
Fuck! [father] Funny that you don't like blood.
How strange.
What are you trying to say? Clean yourself.
[soft chuckle] You know what's funny? That my dad has no fucking idea who I am.
- I know very well who you are.
- Mmm.
Did you know that I was one of the world's richest men? Is that right? You know the President of the United States knows who I am? - The United States? Disgusting.
- Mmm.
I was elected to the House of Representatives of this country.
Your last name is known throughout the whole world because of what I did.
- So what? So what? So what?! - So what?! And what about you? What about you?! Ignorant old man.
Who lives alone.
On this shithole farm.
Who doesn't know his own grandchildren.
Not even one fucking picture of them here.
So I'm nothing more than an ignorant old man? That's right.
Now tell me [shaky chuckle] Tell me what you think of me.
- Who cares? - I do.
[drops knife] It's important to me.
You wanted to come live on this farm with your wife and kids.
But that's not possible, Pablo.
You chose your life! Be in charge of it.
You want me to tell you what I think of you? I'm ashamed.
I think you're a murderer.
At last, the truth.
At last, the truth.
[voice quavers] A truth that breaks my heart.
Leave me alone.
Yes, sir? You like it here, right? [soft chuckle] Yes, boss.
It's a peaceful place.
[whispers] Peaceful.
[sighs] Kneel down.
A few kilometers from here, in a field, you will find a big tree.
Under that tree is a buried case of money.
Go get it.
Are we leaving, boss? [softly] Yes.
Go on.
[sighs] [De Greiff] That's correct, Mrs.
How long did you think this arrangement was going to last? [Tata] Do you not realize that if we leave here, they're going to kill us? If you desire, you have the right to contract private security services.
Tell us how.
We don't have a dime.
That is not our problem.
Escobar, I'm sorry.
You're sorry? Then help us find asylum in another country.
I don't have an issue with you leaving Colombia.
But But you can't help us find asylum.
[slams table] That's bullshit! They're going to [whispers] kill us all.
Mama, what's wrong? [whispers] Nothing, my love.
I'm sorry, Attorney General but I don't know what else to do.
If you're in contact with your husband, I advise you to express your concern.
Tell him to surrender.
The power of the law is your last hope.
Think about your children.
[thumping] [sniffs] Shit.
- No.
[whines] - Yes, before you go to sleep.
- Do you like it? Yes? - No.
[babbles] [rustling] [soft noises in next room] Fuck.
What are you doing here? Where is the money? The money we gave you.
I need it back.
We spent it.
It's gone.
I'm not going to hurt you.
You've already hurt me.
You fucked up my life.
I want to put the baby in her crib.
Can I put her down? Hang on, Maritza.
And this? That's all we have, Jhon.
It's all we have.
We need it.
Please, don't take it.
It's for the baby, please! You lying bitch! Get off! Motherfucker! Bastard! I should turn you in for the reward! You deserve it! - Sooner or later, they'll find you anyway.
- [baby whimpering] What did you say? Are you going to say something? Hmm? Are you going to rat on me? I might! Why shouldn't I? What? So now you're a killer? Like your hero? [spits] Jhon! I know you! Get that shit out - [gunshot] - [gasps] [turns off engine] - Boss, I did what you asked.
- Show me.
But I have bad news.
- What happened? - Look.
It's rotten, sir.
There was half a million dollars in that fucking case.
This is what I could retrieve, sir.
There's about six thousand dollars.
I counted, boss.
Get your things.
We're leaving.
[Judy] Remember, you and I are partners in all this.
[Javier] Everything's set.
We have to do this tonight.
Where? It's a safe house in El Poblado.
We've used it before.
Berna knows where.
[Judy] I'll see you there.
Everything is ready, Judy.
Get in.
Let's go, Flaco.
[in English] She's on her way.
[in Spanish] I know what you're thinking.
I'm making a mistake.
[chuckles] You'll be taken care of like you've taken care of me.
The only thing that needs to happen is to get rid of the Cali cartel.
Up here, Flaco.
I can't protect a rat.
[static, stops] I didn't think you'd betray me.
You were going to get yourself killed, Judy.
So now, you're going to get on that plane.
And if I don't, what? What happens? If you don't get on, then you'll leave with the Castaños.
And I won't protect you anymore.
Tell me something.
Did Cali arrange this? How much did they offer you? At least tell me that.
It's a mutual understanding.
I'll work with the Castaños.
They don't understand our business, but they'll be useful in mine.
- So you fucked over your partner.
- I was never your partner.
I only protected your life.
You'll have money.
The Americans said they'd make sure you had everything you need.
- Where am I going? - Doesn't matter.
And never come back to Colombia.
Don't worry about a thing.
You'll still be a rat, but for the CIA, instead of the DEA.
[in English] Hey, man.
How's it going? Everything good at the safe house? - Where's Messina? - Oh, she's gone.
Headed home.
Likely to spend the rest of her career busting meth labs in Indianapolis.
Something about chain of command.
- And Judy? - You didn't hear? Judy has an interview with the Miami Herald in, uh oh, about five hours.
Now I can't be certain, but I bet she has a story to tell about the involvement of a certain DEA agent with Los Pepes.
All I know for sure is, whatever Judy has to say, it won't be pointed in my direction.
You should've stayed in your lane.
[whispers] Wow.
And Cali too, right? They get a pass? How much do they pay you for your protection? Pay me? [gentle scoff] Let me tell you something, Agent Peña.
Maybe it'll make you feel better, but maybe not.
We're gonna get them someday.
But not your way.
For everything you know, you're, uh extremely naive.
Anyway, I've enjoyed this.
The laughs.
Um Oh.
I think the ambassador wants to see you.
I guess word about this Miami Herald thing is spreading like a prairie fire.
And bring your passport.
I think you're going home, but you didn't hear that from me.
Tata? [static] Tata, can you hear me? [Tata] Pablo? It's me, my love.
Finally, I can speak to you, my love.
I've missed you so much.
Where have you been, Pablo? I had to do something very important.
But I'm back home, my love.
I'm home.