Narcos (2015) s02e10 Episode Script

Al Fin Cayó!

1 [band plays marching music] [woman in Spanish] Citizens of Colombia, we present your new president, Pablo Escobar! [crowd cheering] [crowd chanting] Pablo! Pablo! Pablo! [Pablo] Thank you.
How are you, sir? [crowd cheering] Thank you.
Thank you.
Much appreciated.
Thank you.
Please come in, Mr.
[door closes] - [band continues in distance] - [crowd continues chanting outside] Mmm.
- All yours.
- Thank you.
[marching drums playing] Happy birthday to you - Happy birthday to you - What's this? Happy birthday, dear Pablo [singing continues over radio] Happy birthday to you [family cheers over radio] [Hermilda] Bravo, Pablito.
I love you, son.
Don't eat the whole cake.
[Juan Pablo] Don't forget to blow out the candles, Daddy.
[Manuela] Happy birthday, Daddy! [Tata] Pablo, we miss you so much.
We wish we could be there with you.
[Pablo] I know, my love.
Soon this will all be behind us.
I promise.
[Latin guitar theme music plays] [Steve] Look up "magical realism" in the dictionary, and it'll describe a literary style incorporating fantastic or mythical elements into otherwise realistic fiction.
Colombia is where it began.
And anyone who's spent real time here knows why.
It's a place where the bizarre shakes hands with the inexplicable on a daily basis.
But just like in the novels of Gabriel García Márquez, the weird shit usually pops off at certain critical moments.
When the whole place is on edge.
When everything's about to change.
Of all the people who had a vested interest in nailing Escobar, Javier Peña deserved to be there when it went down.
No American had given more or done more.
[Steve] Well [sighs] To, uh the Drug Enforcement Administration? I'll drink to that while I still can.
You're a fucking lifer, Javi.
Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out which long-term DEA agent was linked to the Los Pepes death squad.
Well, the Board of Professional Conduct has never been accused of being geniuses, so Yeah, and who reads the Miami Herald anyway, right? Murphy, listen.
I meant what I said.
Anyone starts asking questions, just tell them what they want to hear, okay? - It was always on me.
- Fuck you, Javi.
[chuckles] And anybody who comes around asking.
Well, you do me a favor.
You You get him.
[woman over PA] Attention passengers.
We will now start boarding Flight 464 to Washington, D.
at Gate Two.
All right, well, I gotta I can't finish this.
It's I gotta go.
[Steve sighs] [Javier] Take care of yourself.
[Steve] All it took was the whiff of a scandal out of the mouth of an exiled drug queen and Peña was gone, like fucking magic.
- [upbeat Latin music playing] - [food sizzling] - [garage door closes] - [dogs barking outside] Good morning, boss.
I made some eggs.
- There's leftover cake.
- Yes, sir.
I got everything we need, boss.
You went to a different store, correct? Yes, sir.
I go to a different one every time.
So, the shopkeeper's mom, she's a healer.
I paid her a visit.
I told you not to talk to anybody.
Yeah, boss, but only thing is, since I was a kid, I've believed in these things.
Look I asked her for something to protect you.
The sword of St.
Michael the archangel - the Virgin - and the Holy Child of Atocha.
You know my mother and I built a church? Yes, sir.
In Barrio Pablo Escobar.
That's where I grew up, boss.
Happy birthday, sir.
Thank you, Limón.
Pardon me.
[Pablo's family] Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Pablo Happy birthday [in English] This signal is coming from Medellín.
[in Spanish] Casablanca neighborhood, to be exact.
- [in English] Pablo's come home.
- [Hugo Jr.
] I think so.
Hopefully he will speak to them again tomorrow.
[in Spanish] If he does, we'll be listening.
[sighs] This stays between us, understood? We will set up a temporary base in Casablanca.
We need to act as quickly as possible as soon as Escobar appears, understood? - Yes, Colonel.
- Good work.
Lieutenant Martinez? How long since we heard anything from Escobar? A month? A month and a half? A month and a half, sir.
And that whole time you've been in the van listening to static? Yes.
Stubbornness seems to run in my family.
It's in our blood.
Excuse me.
[upbeat Latin music plays softly on radio] Six.
Can you imagine what would happen if cocaine were legal? It's your turn.
I think if coke was legal, boss, you would be the boss of the world and the cops couldn't touch you.
Yes, sir.
We're sure that the call came from the Casablanca neighborhood in Medellín.
This is the best intel we've received in months.
Don't underestimate him.
We've made that mistake in the past.
Gentlemen, I want to be loud and clear.
If your men are able to find Escobar I don't care about the consequences.
I want him dead.
Do you have a problem with that? With all due respect, Mr.
President, if he resists, that's how it will go.
Otherwise, we're going to capture him.
Keep me informed.
[man] Gentlemen.
[sighs] Mrs.
Escobar? The attorney general called this morning.
He's decided to end your protective custody.
So we have to leave by the weekend.
No, you can't do this to us.
They were waiting for your husband to turn himself in, and he never did.
Ma'am? Ma'am.
May I give you some advice? I think it's time for you to think about you and your children's safety.
Forget about him.
[broken radio chatter, static] [Tata] The kids miss you.
Should I wake up Juan Pablo? [Pablo] Probably not a good idea right now, my love.
[Tata] So do you feel a year older or what? More like four or five.
We've missed you very much, Pablo.
The days feel longer.
For me too.
I still don't understand why you're in Medellín.
That place is too dangerous, my love.
That's exactly why.
No one would think I'd be here.
Pablo I think the time has come.
We don't have a choice.
Turning yourself in isn't the end of the world, my love.
You can survive prison.
We both know that won't happen.
[Hugo Jr.
] Stop, stop, stop, stop! Shh! - [Tata] Listen to me, Pablo.
- They're talking.
- You will always be Pablo Escobar.
- Boss.
You will always be that man that's admired and followed.
My man.
My love, there's a lot of journalists who want to speak with you.
The people love you and follow you.
[Pablo] Tata, Limón wants me off.
It's Escobar.
Let's go west! Fix the position, Morales.
My love, look at Nelson Mandela.
They put the man in jail, but the people still believed in him.
They gave him the Nobel Prize.
They say he may even become president.
President, Pablo.
Of the same country that imprisoned him.
[Pablo] I need to hang up.
We'll talk about this later.
[Hugo Jr.
] Alvaro, stop.
Stop for a second.
[Tata] All right, Pablo.
But think about what I'm saying.
It's very important.
It's our only way out really.
Alvaro, let's go slowly.
Colonel! Colonel, this is Lieutenant Martinez.
Think about turning yourself in, my love.
Think of your family.
I'll think about it.
All right? I love you very much.
Where are you going? To Medellín.
What? No, no, no, Hermilda.
You can't leave.
My son needs me.
How so? What you want for him to turn himself in to those monsters I don't want them to kill him.
They're going to kill him either way, and you know that.
They won't if he turns himself in.
- It's a trap! Tata, my God! - Lower your voice.
No! No, ma'am.
I will not stay quiet when when I see you betraying my son! I have never betrayed Pablo.
Let's make that very clear.
We're locked in this hotel as if it were a jail.
We can't even leave the country.
And the only shot I have at getting my children out of this alive is for Pablo to turn himself in.
My son needs his mother.
Please be very careful.
Tell the children [whispers] I'll tell them.
[in Spanish] We have intel that Escobar is in this building.
Listen up.
I want you to do what you can to get him alive.
Escobar must be brought to justice before the people of Colombia and answer for the atrocious crimes he has committed against this nation.
Now, if he resists if a single one of our men is in harm's way I want you to take his life.
Understood? - [all] Yes, Colonel! - Let's go.
[engines revving] [Limón] Everything all right, boss? Tata wants me to surrender.
[sighs] She said I can be like Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela? Who's that, boss? Did you buy more rolling papers? Sorry, no, boss.
[knocking at door] [gasps] [fork clatters] I can't think with that fucking smell of Chinese food in here.
[man over radio] He's not here.
Come inside.
You can't risk being seen, sir.
This is my city, Limón.
These are my people.
Medellín will never betray me.
- [low chatter] - Colonel.
- We fucked up again, sir.
- He's not here.
Looks like your little machine is broken.
[men chuckle] Go and fiddle with the little knob.
Go on.
Excuse me, Colonel.
[man] Listen up! Take down the staging area and head back to Holguín.
[Hugo Jr.
] Son of a bitch wasn't talking from this building, but he was close.
- [kids chattering] - [water splashes] - A ghost.
- What's that? That's what you call a signal that's been reflected and appears somewhere else.
That's what happened with Escobar's signal.
It bounced off the water.
I'm going to get the rolling papers and clear my head.
Give me the keys! - If you want, I'll go.
- Where are the sunglasses? [dogs barking outside] [starts engine] [engine races] [Latin rock song playing] - [tires screech] - [horn honks] [rock song fades] [rock song slowly fades back up] [music stops] [indistinct TV chatter] - Hello, sir.
- Hello, how are you? Can I have a strawberry with cream, please? - My pleasure.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
How much do I owe you? - Just two thousand pesos.
- There you go.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
[object clatters] - Hello.
Give me a juice, please.
- Hello, how are you? My pleasure.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
[people chattering] - [man laughs] - [child giggles] - [boy] Kick it here! - [man] There you go.
- [man chuckles] Yeah! - [bicycle horn honking] [church bell ringing] [Gustavo] You'd have to be really stupid or have a lot of balls to sit here as if nothing's happening.
They're offering seven million dollars for your head, and you're sitting here like a fucking tourist.
You look just like Che Guevara.
What's beautiful is always beautiful.
You look like you ate Che Guevara.
What? You don't miss me or what? Yesterday, I turned 44 years old.
Son of a bitch, you're old, Pablo.
Thank you, Gustavo.
Did you know that Julius Caesar invaded Britain when he was 44? He lost power many times, but always got it back.
Never letting anything stop him.
Yeah, but that motherfucker had a fucking army.
You remember when we used to talk about going to the jungle if shit got too heavy? - Yeah, and joining the guerrillas.
- Mmm.
[sighs] Tata wants me to surrender.
Tata's a smart woman, Pablo.
She loves you very much.
Maybe it's a good idea.
You surrender, go to jail and take the time to rest, think, to restructure the business, and escape whenever you want.
The legend grows.
- She said the same thing.
- Yeah.
We both know that things aren't going to be as easy as before, cousin.
Let's cut the bullshit.
We are bandits, Pablo.
Right? What do you think? [sighs] I think that everything started to fall apart the day you left.
So you do miss me, you son of a bitch.
Every fucking day of my life, brother.
[children laughing] [broken chatter, static on radio] [dogs barking outside] [exhales] Boss? Don't do that again, sir.
- I was worried.
It's dangerous.
- Look It worked perfectly.
You're a good man, Limón.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
- Are we going to eat the pasta or what? - Yes, sir.
- Put salt on it, pussy.
- Yes, boss.
Whatever you say.
I'm hungry.
[Pablo] Tata? Pablo? There's the love of my life.
- You sound different.
- I'm good, my love.
I feel good.
And ready to talk to those reporters.
Good, my love.
Does that mean you're turning yourself in? No, Tata.
I'll never surrender.
We won't be under protection, Pablo.
You have to.
I'll never surrender, my love.
I know, Pablo.
But what's your plan? All right.
I know what we're going to do.
We will talk to all of those foreign journalists.
That's what we are going to do.
[signal breaking up] - [Pablo] foreign journalists - Alvaro, slow down! so the world will know what these bastards are doing - It must be around here, Morales.
- You sure? We will make the international press put pressure on the Colombian government.
And listen, we will succeed, Tata.
We will succeed.
We will fight and we will succeed.
You have to believe me.
- We will succeed.
- [softly] Stop, stop, stop, stop! As soon as we do that, I'll go to the jungle, join the guerrillas Son of a bitch, it's Escobar.
We have to get you and the kids out of the country.
And listen I will not rest until that happens.
Alvaro, drive slowly.
Park up ahead.
[Tata] I only have one notebook.
Let me go get it.
The helicopters are triangulating that area, correct? Yes, Colonel, just in this area.
- Very well.
- Excuse me, Colonel.
Lieutenant Martinez is on channel four.
All right, excuse me.
Thank you.
[Martinez] Go ahead, Lieutenant.
Colonel, I found him.
Who? Escobar? Yes, Colonel.
He's in Los Olivos.
Son, are you sure? We can't afford the luxury of making another mistake.
I'm sure.
I saw him.
What do you mean you saw him? Yes, he looked out a window.
He's got a beard now, but it's him.
And did he see you? No, I don't think so.
Listen up, Lieutenant.
There's still some men in the staging area.
I need you to wait until they get to you.
Understood? Copy that, Colonel.
One more thing.
Be safe.
Over and out.
- Fix the position.
- Right away.
Hello, Dad.
How's it going, son? You wanted to ask me something or what? Yes, sir.
What wish did you make for your birthday? If I tell you, it won't come true.
Right? Tell me! Don't be like that! Well, the only thing that I can tell you is that it was a very good wish.
You know, you deserve the best birthday in the world.
Thank you, my love.
- [Martinez] Captain, can you hear me? - Yes, Colonel? How many men are left in the provisional base? - Counting me, about 12.
- Listen up.
- Lieutenant Martinez found Escobar.
- Shit! Let's go! - Everybody to Los Olivos! - [overlapping shouts] [Manuela] Hello.
Hello, my little princess.
How's my little girl? Good.
I've got your little rabbit here.
He's getting very fat.
[giggles] Perez! Attention! Two groups.
Captain, Sergeant in the back, and I'll take the front.
[in English] This is the house.
[Pablo in Spanish] Get your mom on the phone, okay? Pablo.
- Do you have the questions? - Yes, my love, I've got them here.
The first one is from a Spanish journalist.
"How do you feel after all these days on the run?" Write this down.
"It's been very hard being far from my family, who I love more than anything in the world.
" - Sergeant, go around.
- "But I feel good.
I feel strong.
And I have the will to fight all of these injustices.
The government has made a mockery of our rights.
It's allowed our justice system to become corrupted by murderers.
The people of Colombia deserve much better than that.
The government is holding my family hostage.
That's a crime against human rights committed by a government that calls itself democratic.
My little kids are innocent children that have nothing to do with their father's problems.
All we want from the government is that they bring those killers, Los Pepes, to justice.
But above else, that they allow my family to leave the country immediately.
- Without that " - [dogs barking outside] [softly] One moment.
What happened, Pablo? [barking continues] Something strange is happening here.
I'll call you back.
Pablo, don't hang up.
Pablo, what's going on? [Juan Pablo] What's wrong, Mom? [whispers] Go on.
All right.
Go! Go! [shouts] Let's go! - [gunshot] - [grunts] - [Pablo] Let's go! Come on! Come on! - [groans] Come on! Come on! Move, move, move! [shouts] Go, go, go! Move! Go! Keep going! - [gunshot] - [groans] [gunfire] [gunfire] Nobody shoot! Nobody shoot! [groans] [wheezing breaths] Sergeant Sarmiento! You just shot Pablo Escobar! Is he alive? [Steve] All that time hunting him and just like that, I'm looking down at Pablo fucking Escobar.
For years I'd been building this son of a bitch up in my head.
What a monster he'd be.
[chuckles] But here's the thing.
When you lay eyes on him, the devil's a real letdown.
Just a man.
Beard grows if he doesn't shave.
Fat and shoeless.
You take a good long look at evil, and it reminds you of one [gunshot echoes] [in Spanish] Long live Colombia.
- [shouts] Long live Colombia! - Long live! We killed Pablo Escobar! - [men] Long live! Long live! - Long live Colombia! - [Trujillo] Long live Colombia! - [men shout] Long live Colombia! [slow Latin guitar song plays] Go ahead.
[indistinct chatter over radio] - [man] They killed Pablo Escobar! - [people cheering, chattering] - [sounds muted] - [guitar song continues] [pager buzzes] [no audible dialogue] - [no audio] - [guitar song continues] - [no audible dialogue] - [song continues] My son! My son [no audible dialogue] [Hermilda] I pray to God that other mothers don't have to experience the pain that I'm feeling.
And I know my son wasn't as bad as they made him out to be.
I know that they blamed him for anything bad that happened.
I want the good things he did to be remembered, because he didn't do the bad things they say he did.
He built playing fields.
He built a neighborhood for the poor.
No one has paid attention to that.
As a son, there will never be anyone better.
[dialogue fades] He was the noblest of men.
Not just as a son [up-tempo Latin music playing] [celebratory shouting] Sit down, ma'am.
Thank you.
Talk to me.
Before he died, my husband told me to find you.
He told you that? He told me that despite the fact that you became enemies, you were once associates and friends.
[laughter, loud chatter] You were saying? He told me that you were a decent man.
That you would understand the situation.
That you would forgive us.
And that you might help us get out of the country.
How much do you have left, Mrs.
Escobar? In property? In cash? I can find out.
That's good.
Because I want all of it.
[Javier in English] Sir, do I need a lawyer? You're the review board, right? Professional conduct or some bullshit? We're not the review board.
So who are you? We're from Operations.
What do you want from me? - [laughter, chatter] - [in Spanish] All right, gentlemen! Gentlemen! In the history of every business, there are decisive moments.
In 1992, do you know how much cocaine we estimated came into the US from Colombia? 311 metric tons.
The first sale.
The first million.
The first billion.
And when your rival no longer exists.
[laughter] And in 1993, during the hunt for Escobar, 372 metric tons.
Now that piece of shit is on his last leg.
Every one of his labs has been shut down.
And cocaine production goes up.
The important thing in these moments isn't how one reacts, but how well one has prepared for them.
Gentlemen, I have to tell you that we are ready.
Can you imagine what happens next year? [Gilberto] And we won't be needing kidnappings and bombs to succeed.
We will do it covertly.
And when they turn around to see what happened, we'll no longer be there.
- No, sir! - [laughter] - Cheers! - [all] Cheers! Now the king is dead.
Long live the kings.
Agent Peña, how much do you know about the Cali cartel? [pop song plays]