Narcos: Mexico (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


1 US Customs agents are continuing their intensive search for an American narcotics agent who was kidnapped in Guadalajara, Mexico more than a week ago.
But Mexican officials today criticized one part of the search: the detailed inspection of cars entering the United States from Mexico.
Since Friday, motorists at the busiest border crossing, at San Ysidro, near San Diego, have had to wait up to nine hours.
Customs officials have checked almost half the cars coming through.
For the third straight day, traffic backed up at border checkpoints, while customs agents searched vehicles and questioned motorists, hunting for any sign of the kidnapped agent.
But the real focus of American concern lies south of the border, in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, now regarded as a major source of illegal drug traffic bound for the US.
A broad range of US officials believe that drug dealers have corrupted some elements within the Mexican government.
I hear we need to talk.
Close the door, Andres.
Your tip says how many are inside? A dozen, maybe more.
If Kiki's in there, we need to find the attic fast.
Before someone puts a bullet in him.
Wait for my signal.
Stay here.
Let's go.
Got enough guns to take on a fucking army.
This look like a trafficker spot to you? We'll know soon enough.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
Fuck! Shit! Go, go, go! To the right! Move! Careful! Find the attic! Check below! I found the attic! I found the attic! Quickly.
This way.
Through this door.
Kiki? Kiki? Kiki! The medical forensics team Here's another one.
Come and help.
These people were tied to Félix Gallardo's operation.
Oh, they were, huh? - It was a good tip.
- Not good enough.
Hey! We found him! Hey! Over here, sir.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
bodies of US drug agent Enrique Camarena and Mexican pilot Alfredo Zavala being loaded in the back of a pickup, guarded by heavily-armed Mexican Federal police for the 70-mile drive from Zamora to Guadalajara.
The bodies were discovered early yesterday morning by a farm worker along a well-traveled road.
They had not been there 12 hours earlier.
The spot they were found was just 500 yards from a ranch house, where federal police killed five members of a family on Saturday after receiving an anonymous tip Camarena could be located on the ranch.
Police said the family was involved in drug trafficking.
Neighbors said it was a massacre.
How long was he out there in the dirt? We're not sure.
Not long.
I want to stay here with him for a little while.
You know who did this? We're going to find out.
Three ribs on the left side, broken.
Right forearm, broken.
Multiple skull and jaw fractures.
Cause of death? Blow to the right side of the cranium.
Blunt instrument.
Tire iron, crowbar, something of that nature.
Any idea where the murder took place? Hard to say.
All of the clothes Agent Camarena and Captain Zavala were wearing have been destroyed by the Mexican police.
Destroyed? And the plastic sheet covering their bodies at the scene has been lost.
One place he didn't die is the Bravo property.
Dirt taken from his fingernails doesn't match soil found at the ranch.
Thank you, Doctor.
Would you give us a minute, please? Absolutely.
This is a fucking cover-up.
And the Bravo raid was bullshit.
If those folks were connected to Félix, it's news to me.
The only thing we dug up from that raid was that the father used to be a state congressman, was a thorn in the side of some folks at the PRI.
MFJP says there were automatic weapons at the ranch? Well, I was there.
- I never saw or heard any.
- Jesus Christ.
Mexico City's trying to put a bow on this, feed us some horseshit story, and move on.
Why? Because they're afraid of where the truth might lead.
The cartel leaders need to be brought down.
But they didn't act alone.
They never have.
DFS, cops on their payroll Hell, however high this goes in Mexico City, they all killed Kiki.
Time for some answers.
Because this bullshit isn't going to fly.
I promise you that.
I want to talk to the Attorney General.
Right now.
Good luck with that.
Fucking rules are changing.
When cops start getting pinched, maybe rules don't exist.
Not just cops going down Yeah.
Fucking Morlet.
Didn't stay in custody long Bet the fucker wishes he had.
If DFS isn't bulletproof anymore, you have to ask yourself, "Who do you think is next?" Heard from your friend in Mexico City? Can't even get him on the fucking phone.
We need to get out of Guadalajara, Neto.
Strange times.
Fucking government turning on its own.
The men who matter won't be touched.
Well, no one in our business gets to choose how it ends.
Where will you go? Probably Sinaloa.
Like the old days.
Bandit country.
Never thought you'd go back.
You? Puerto Vallarta.
If this is the end, I want to see the ocean.
Girls in bikinis.
Take them to the mountains.
Safer there.
Why the fuck would I go to the mountains? Nowhere's safe.
Those days are gone.
We had a good thing with the weed.
And it could have gone forever, but it wasn't enough for you.
We had to expand.
We had to expand? Really? I needed to expand? Rafa needed to expand? I love you, Skinny.
They're coming for us now, but you're the one they really want.
Watch your back.
Let's go! Pack your swimsuits.
We're going to the beach.
Stay safe, Neto.
I'll be in touch.
I'll fix this.
Maybe you will.
Start packing up, Tony.
We're leaving.
Go ahead, Braulio.
Pack it all up.
It's over.
The government's turned on him.
Just a matter of time now.
Don't tell me you're still loyal to Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo? Who do you think ordered the cops to arrest your friend Falcón? To shoot him in the head? Félix has the coke.
I brokered the introductions with the Colombians.
I brought them to Félix.
For a fair price, I'll do the same for you.
If you don't take control of the organization, someone else will.
And your end is what? A seat at the table.
And 20 points off any deal coming from my introductions.
That's a lot of money.
For all of us.
I'll talk to the others.
What do you think, boss? It's good.
All right, gentlemen, we're going to fix this place up to the boss's liking.
Kitchen things in there and set up the bedrooms.
Get to work.
You shouldn't have come to my home and involved Rodolfo in all of this.
Miguel's not only my godfather, he's my friend.
Yours too.
- It isn't that simple, son.
- What then? We can't just abandon him for no reason.
Let us talk, and I'll call you.
- Dad, I can - Let me talk to him! Okay.
Still seems like a boy to me.
Thinks life ought to be fair.
- He didn't grow up like you and me.
- Thank God for that.
Difficult choice we face as fathers: do we prepare our children for the world as it is, or do we shield them from it? He'll be okay.
A good man.
You shouldn't be here.
I know.
But I need help.
I just need some time, until I can make arrangements.
Word's out, Miguel.
They've changed the locks on you.
It's over.
- I can pay for your protection.
- Yeah, I know! But you can't hide forever.
Then I'll leave Mexico.
I'll go to Guatemala, Panama, wherever.
But I need time to set it up.
I need papers.
A way out.
How much time? No more than a month.
One week.
I have a house in the hills, would go there to hunt.
Five hundred thousand dollars.
Up front.
What did you expect? I hide you, I'm endangering myself.
When you have your things in order, I'll have some state police escort you south.
Once you're at the border, you'll give my people another $500,000.
Then you're on your own.
One week, Miguel.
How did it come to this? It's my fault.
I'm the fool who trusted the wrong people.
After you leave here, never contact my son again.
Understood? Go get the money.
- Sir.
- Hmm? Some intel came in from the Mexicans.
Félix has fled Guadalajara.
Most likely returned to Sinaloa.
Credible? Feels right to me.
Comandante Calderoni has put together a task force.
They're heading out tonight to continue the search.
And I'd like to go along, sir.
- It's a Mexican operation.
- We get our hands on Félix, son of bitch gives us the whole picture.
From Mexico City on down.
I understand my role will be limited You're being sent home.
What? You're being pulled out of Guadalajara, reassigned to Laredo.
- Wait.
Hang on.
Ed - Jaime, you lost one of your agents.
You're too emotionally attached.
Camarena's been recovered.
- It's a homicide investigation now.
- Too emotionally attached? When's the last time you got more than a couple hours' sleep? How long you had that on your belt? My brother was killed working undercover, 1973.
I know what it is to want justice, Jaime.
I also know I was the last person capable of getting it.
Calderoni is going to take down Félix.
You're burned out, Jaime.
It's time.
Take a couple weeks, tie up loose ends.
Yeah, I am burned out.
Kiki was burned out.
We're all burned out by the end, Ed.
- It's Mexico.
- Sir, I can still contribute.
I'm sorry, Jaime.
The decision's been made.
Let's go.
At least they started making some arrests.
And every confession pointed right at Rafa, Don Neto, and Félix.
Just enough dirty cops and DFS sprinkled in to make it play.
Knowing what goes on in those interrogation rooms, I'd put more stock in a fucking palm reader.
You probably should.
I know by the time you catch up with Félix, likely he's not coming back alive.
Look, I get how it works down here.
But I need to know the truth.
Everyone involved.
Who ordered the kidnapping, what they wanted from Kiki.
How high did it go? Some dangerous questions.
You'd earn yourself some real credit up north.
I'd see to it.
My father was an oil company executive.
I speak five languages, Jaime.
I don't need a 20 slipped into my shirt pocket.
He was my agent.
My friend.
He deserves justice.
I owe him that.
Comandante, we're ready.
When I find Félix, he'll talk.
Let's go! Proceed.
Inspect all the rooms.
Braulio! Sir? - Check there for a phone that works.
- Yes, sir.
- If not, find one.
- Yes, sir.
We're looking for this man.
Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.
He's a dangerous criminal.
What the fuck are you guys doing If I come back tomorrow and you don't have information for me, the same happens.
I'll keep breaking your shit, until you do.
You okay, boss? Yeah.
All good.
Félix is fucking done.
We need to meet, talk.
I have a place in Ensenada.
It's time to change things up.
Going for a walk, Tony.
I'll take Braulio.
Want to buy eggs, sir? Four hours in a hood.
Thought we were friends.
As requested.
These should do the trick for you.
Don't wait long.
Those IDs won't be worth much soon.
Word is, DFS's being shut down.
Already started firing men.
Fucking madness, right? Who could've seen it coming? Where will you go? South.
Any trouble getting them? Hmm.
He who asks for the heavens better be ready to pay.
The DFS is dismantled.
I need a new home.
They'll close it, and before long, open another.
They'll make up a new name.
Hire the same men back.
Times like this, who can be sure? I need to consider my next move.
You know the answer, Azul.
Switch sides.
You'll always have a future with my organization.
Do you, though? Do I what? There's a meeting in Ensenada.
Whatever's left of your cartel won't be yours much longer.
It's me, Governor.
I'm ready to go.
I'll send men in the morning to escort you, Miguel.
Good luck.
Sounds good.
Thank you, Governor.
We got a phone call, sir.
How do you know he's there, Governor? I just do.
Let's leave it at that.
Félix has a dozen gunmen with him.
Couple Jalisco cops, too.
But they won't give you any trouble.
They should stay in position until we get there.
I can send some more police with you, as backup.
Not necessary.
Good luck, Commander.
Glad I could be of service.
Fuck your handshake, Governor.
You're a bigger dirtbag than any of them.
Tony! These go in my car.
Félix, move! Go! Move, move! Go! Move! Tony! Go! Move! Drop it! Motherfucker, drop it! - Stop, motherfucker! Turn around! - I can pay you! On your knees.
Okay, okay.
Hands on your head.
I have some money there, let's make a deal.
Fuck your deal.
You can go slowly.
After you've felt pain you can't imagine.
Or you can die clean.
With a bullet.
The price of that bullet is you talking.
Tell me everything.
I have the tapes.
There's seven tapes from Agent Camarena's interrogation.
In two of them, he's asked about names of politicians involved with traffickers.
They're the names of important men, Commander.
Men like your boss, the Minister of Defense.
I paid them millions and now they've turned on me.
Those men sitting in Mexico City might be done with me, but I'm not done with them.
So go ahead.
Shoot me and tomorrow those names are released.
But save a bullet for yourself.
'Cause the system doesn't like heroes.
Or better yet, I hold onto those two tapes the ones with the names.
But the rest I can give to you.
That's enough to give the Americans someone.
Think about it.
You get to protect your bosses and walk out of here two million dollars richer.
Hey, gentlemen.
We need some more onions, cilantro, and cigarettes from the store.
I'm talking to you, assholes! You do it.
Fermin, I need you to run to the store again.
I forgot They found us! Hey! I found something up here! How'd they find us? Skinny made his move.
Can I help you, miss? Miguel Félix Gallardo.
He still live here? We don't have any guests by that name.
Excuse me.
We should start by saying, we're all sorry to hear about the arrest of Don Neto.
Rafa, Neto, Félix the men who started this are all gone.
But, with all due respect, it was never about them.
The organization is only as strong as the plazas it's made of, the plazas we control.
My family in Tijuana.
All of them.
As long as we have the Colombians, and can move their product through each other's territory.
The only thing that'll change is the extra money left on the table.
For us.
What is this? Opportunity.
Why work for someone else when we can work for ourselves? What about the cops? Money buys protection.
Nothing changes that.
But I'm not paying every asshole who flashes a badge on my doorstep.
When things settle down in Mexico City, I'll arrange new protection.
What the fuck? Go see! They're coming.
It's the fucking army! They're all over the place! On the ground! Hands up! Keep still! - Take them.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, let's go.
Stand up, Palma.
Come here, Chapo.
Take a seat.
Miguel Ángel.
How's your family? Take a seat.
Go grab a seat.
You look lovely.
Aren't you gonna say hi? It's so good to see you.
But if you'd excuse us, there's business to discuss.
You can see my issues with the government have been resolved.
After a period of misunderstanding I've secured their cooperation.
They're my partners again.
Which, of course, I'm glad to share with you.
That's what old friends are for, right? Remember when all this began, bringing together plazas to sell weed? We were so small.
But we were trying something new, doing things no one had ever done.
And we grew fast.
Along the way, we lost good men.
I'll carry each in my heart, always.
We shouldn't forget them.
Or the lessons they can teach about what happens when we lose our way, let our minds wander, when we start fucking up doing stupid shit.
They called us "La Familia.
" Sure, 'cause we started so small.
And today, with the arrangements I've made with the government, I'm more powerful than any trafficker in the history of Mexico.
Today, we've become "La Federación.
" And you all are welcome.
Thank you for your trust.
That's all then.
Oh, wait one second.
Benjamín you wanted to say something, right? No.
You can go now, gentlemen.
Too bad what happened to my uncle.
It is.
We'll miss him.
We'll miss him a lot.
Welcome back.
I know you.
You yelled at me in the street.
How long have you been on me? A while.
Long time.
At the border.
That was you, too.
I already told them everything.
I have a wife kids.
Young boys.
You shouldn't be down here then.
This isn't your country.
I was born in Baja.
I'm Mexican.
You're too smart to believe that.
They keep asking about men in Mexico City.
Your partners' names.
I can help you.
Help me? When they flip on you.
You're too smart not to see that.
You're not calling the shots here.
What does that tell you? Let me go home.
Let me go back to my family.
Tell these men what you know.
Then you go home.
I have.
I told them everything.
I don't know anything else.
These help with stress.
Lately been keeping me up.
Slept like a baby before I became rich.
I'm from a small place.
I used to be a cop.
I had a family.
Lived day to day.
Bills to pay.
Medicine to buy.
Like you, I bet.
But know how I got where I am? When I look at something I don't see it for what it is.
I see it for what it could be.
When I look at something I see how it ends.
You want this to end, right? Okay.
Tell them everything they want to know.
You hear me? Everything.
Then you'll go home.
That's how this ends.
No, it's not.
I'm already dead.
We both know that.
I won't survive this.
But know what else? Neither will you.
You have no idea what's coming at you.
What you started.
Everything you've worked for whatever dream you had it's over.
You fucked up, man.
All right, then.
Getting harder to keep him conscious during the interrogation.
So increase the adrenaline.
His system can't take more.
Just do it.
Finish this.
We got word that Calderoni's being reassigned.
So you're telling me the search for Félix is over? Mexicans say it's ongoing.
" Yeah.
We're being played.
Mika's not going to stay quiet.
Someone asks, she's going to tell the truth.
All right? Trust me, I know her.
For what it's worth, should anyone give a shit enough to ask, so will I.
I am done lying to myself.
We've been doing this the wrong way all along.
For years.
The director and I tend to agree.
We're setting up a task force to gather evidence, bring indictments against the men responsible for Camarena's death.
All of them.
We're calling it Operation Leyenda.
It's time for a different approach to Mexico using a different kind of agent.
It's time to take the gloves off.
How's it going, Governor? Miguel? Thank God you're okay.
Yeah, sorry I haven't called.
I've been busy.
About that I never made the final payment on our arrangement, but now I have.
Now we're even.
Thank you for everything.
Keep calm, ma'am.
Ma'am, please calm down.
My son! My God.
My son! My God! American Enrique Camarena Salazar went to Mexico to fight international drug traffickers.
Today, the US Drug Enforcement agent was flown home to California with honors, a hero in a flag-draped coffin.
I told you back in the beginning this story doesn't have a happy ending.
No one who went through it, even the survivors, came out intact.
What happened in Guadalajara in the early '80s was the beginning.
The last moment before it all got fucked up, spun out of control.
It was that moment when it all fell apart.
Security was tight in Mexico City today as the second major suspect in the murder of an American drug agent was brought to court.
Fonseca has testified that he and fellow drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero agreed to abduct Camarena.
What is your relationship with Félix Gallardo? - None.
- Do you know him? No, sir, I don't know him.
What happened in Guadalajara gave birth to the first cartel.
And from that, others would follow.
And the violence and money and drugs, they'd just fucking explode.
It changed the DEA too.
Maybe it woke us up.
I don't know.
But it's where the first shot was fired.
The one that started the drug war.
And after that, none of it would be the same.
How could it be? You get to feelin' weary When the work day's done All you got to do is get up And into your kicks Come back, baby Rock and roll never forgets Passports? Both American? Yeah, what can I say? Guilty as charged.
You guys heading down to Ensenada? Yeah, to see if I can't get any of that tilapia to jump on my damn hook.
- Catch one for me too, okay? - Yeah, will do, brother.
Take care.
Beers, bars, and guitars.
Tilapia! If you need a fix Come on, baby Rock and roll never forgets Whoa The band's still playing it Loud and lean Listen to the guitar player Making it scream All you got to do Is just make that scene tonight Hey, tonight - Kenny.
- Walt! - Nice digs, man.
- Hell, yeah, for sure.
Four stars.
Only the best for you, buddy.
Good to see you guys.
How How'd it go? No problems.
Traffic was a bitch coming out of Pendleton.
What do you think? I think, "Fuck that's a lot of fucking guns.
" Learn it, memorize it, and then burn this shit.
Understood? Time to cross some names off this fucking list, boys.
Didn't matter if we'd ever met him or not.
Kiki Camarena was one of us.
He was ours.
And when he was killed, we knew we were in a war.
Now it was our turn.
Pretty soon, they were going to know they were in one too.

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