Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Salva El Tigre

1 The ear has fluid, but it's not infected.
If he develops a fever, or the pain gets worse, call me, and I'll write a prescription, hmm? Yes, thank you, Dr.
- Tell the doctor thank you.
- Thank you.
Um How's Max? He must be turning nine? Yes, this month.
See you tomorrow, Lucía.
See you later, Doctor.
- Dr.
Delgado? - Yes? - Hurry! - Let's go! This is a mistake.
- I'm not a wealthy man.
- Shut up.
You don't want to do this.
I know people.
Powerful men.
You don't want to mess with them.
I bet you do, Doc.
All clear.
Turns out, those are just the assholes we want to talk to you about.
You remember this guy? No? Well, we sure as fuck do.
Don't move.
Check this out.
Fucking pharmacy in here.
I got dibs on anything fun.
This is not right.
- Take that shit off.
- It's not right.
The men who killed your agent they're all in prison.
Not all of them.
It wasn't what you think.
I was brought to the house where the American was held.
They didn't tell me why.
I had nothing to do with it! I only gave him medical care.
And pleaded with them to let him go.
With everything I had, I pleaded! Need him conscious.
Fucker keeps passing out, Doc.
Adrenaline will keep him up.
Hold him.
Got this from our buddies at the CIA.
See? I told you so.
Hey, asshole! Not gonna talk? Wait, hold on.
Let him finish waking up.
Got any cigarettes? I'm out.
Go on, Doc.
We're following your lead.
That the point where you plead to let him go, Doc? We've been on you for weeks, Doc.
We know what you are.
We know what you did.
So I'm not gonna ask you this twice unless you want me to blow the back of your skull all over that wall over there.
Give me a name.
The other person on the tape tell me his name.
No, please! No! Miguel Ángel, what time is it? Very early, darling.
Couldn't sleep again? Yeah.
Not even a little.
Happy birthday, my love.
I've never fucked a 40-year-old.
Excuse me.
Zuno's here, sir.
- Have him wait on the patio, Clavel.
- Got it.
I think she needs to be changed.
Yes, ma'am.
Excited for the party tonight? Sure.
Cynthia, I'll take my coffee on the patio.
- Yes, sir.
- Love, wait.
Open it.
Oh, wow.
You don't have that one, right? No, I don't think so.
It's very nice.
Put it with the others.
Thank you.
What's the word on your uncle? Sends his regrets.
Turns out he won't be able to make it tonight.
Oh, really.
Cabinet meetings.
I want three fucking governors tonight.
The government is my partner.
It doesn't look good if they're not here.
Hey everybody loves a party.
That's good.
The envelope for this month hasn't arrived yet.
I'll look into it.
Usually, it comes first of the month.
- People are asking - You'll get your money.
Like always.
But I don't want to have political problems.
The government's shitting itself over the quake.
People know they're being lied to.
Ah They'll get over it.
Where else can they go? It's the government.
Life goes on.
The past is the past.
Hmm? Yeah.
Except when it isn't.
The Aztecs thought a lot about the end of the world.
Fuck, who doesn't? They believed the world had already ended four times: once in darkness, once with a hurricane, once in fire, and once in a flood.
And they were pretty sure they knew how it was going to end the next time.
On September 19th, 1985, an earthquake measuring 8.
1 hit Mexico City.
Entire neighborhoods collapsed.
The government claimed 6,000 people died.
Community activists put the death toll closer to 35,000.
It looked like a fucking bomb had hit Mexico City.
People dug through rubble with bare hands, searching for loved ones.
When the army showed up, folks figured, "Great.
Here comes the cavalry.
" But instead of searching for survivors, the soldiers just watched.
Their only order? Prevent looting.
A week after the quake, thousands of protesters hit the streets, demanding water, electricity, some fucking answers.
And when all the government gave them was more bullshit, they started wondering if it wasn't time for Mexico to move on from decades of one-party PRI rule.
Maybe the quake wasn't the Armageddon the Aztecs predicted, but the PRI's shitty response to the crisis created an opposition movement.
And one day, that would come back to bite them in the ass.
Just 'cause things have stopped shaking doesn't mean there isn't some serious structural damage underneath the surface.
Don't forget these.
Fuck you.
Enjoy your trip up north.
Call me when it's done.
What happens if we get pulled over? Don't get pulled over.
Miss Isabella, how are you? The boss is expecting you.
Lead the way.
Careful not to slip.
Wait here.
Business looks good.
Everything looks good.
I just wish we were meeting somewhere more comfortable.
This is where our business is done.
Ramón! 'Mon! Let's go! - All our stuff's broken down? - Yeah, boss, ready to move.
How long am I gonna have to look at this Sinaloan shit, Néstor? Haven't heard anything since they dropped it off a few days ago.
Maybe Héctor Palma forgot how a phone works.
I mean, if I left 618 kilos in someone else's warehouse, I'd show a little more courtesy.
You counted it.
You didn't? Take that shit somewhere else.
Maybe using our plaza isn't enough, Benjamín.
We're supposed to move it for them now too.
Put it somewhere else, Néstor.
Just get it out of the fucking way.
Yes, boss.
You ready for tonight? Yeah.
Know what you're going to say? Yes, Enedina, I know what I'm going to say.
It's important, Benjamín.
Our family is losing money every day.
We're getting fucked, and it needs to be dealt with.
Well I just hope we're sending the right person to handle it.
Ramón! Don't wake up Mom when you get home.
- And don't let him drink too much.
- Anything else, Enedina? - No.
- No.
Hey, 'Dina.
You look so handsome.
- Have fun tonight.
- Yeah.
Hey, man.
What? It's for the drive.
Tonight is business.
I need you to be cool.
I'm always cool, you be cool.
Lighten up a little.
Let's go, then.
Hit the horn again, Güero.
Hey, man! When we get there, we need to check on the boss's birthday present.
- The guy called me, it's already there.
- Good.
Everything's cool.
We got it a room.
A fucking hotel, Cochi? Sure, why not? Your blessing, Ma.
May God bless and take care of you.
Be safe, my son.
- Have fun.
- Climb in, motherfucker.
- Hello, Mrs.
Guzmán! - Hello, ma'am.
What the fuck's that? Trying to get your dick sucked or what? Fuck off.
Let me pack this in.
You know we were bringing wives? Fucking Güero.
True love, Cochi.
Hey, Güero.
Fucking Chapo.
Hey, Guadalupe.
It's Amado.
What happened? What do you mean nothing? I've been waiting like an idiot at the airport.
Where's Acosta? Fuck.
He isn't coming? He's the boss.
How does that look? Asshole.
Hey, let's go now.
I just need my, uh tourist visa renewed.
One moment, sir.
Please come forward.
Through this door.
Passport office downstairs.
By definition, drug trafficking networks are conspiracies.
So rolling them up? That's basically DEA 101.
You start by taking whatever junior varsity dipshit you can off the street.
Then use leverage.
Double digit prison sentences usually do the trick and get him to flip on the next asshole up the ladder.
That was essentially the Operation Leyenda playbook too.
Put guys in custody, get them talking, and move up the chain.
Except, this being Mexico, we couldn't actually arrest anyone.
And if you want to be a lawyer about it, the whole fucking thing was probably illegal.
Afternoon, Walt.
Mike, can you step out? So? The doctor's taking a trip.
- There wasn't any trouble? - Nah.
No, sir.
He's gonna be a big hit at L.
County lockup.
This name Delgado gave you Captain Sergio Verdín? Camarena's torturer.
Whoever hired him can put a name in the hat that connects Félix Gallardo and Mexico City.
Guy's an active duty intelligence officer.
Grabbing him's not gonna be as easy as throwing a hood over some pediatrician.
No one knows we're here.
Sooner or later, the doctor's gonna be missed.
When do you want to move? Next 24 hours, 36 max.
Jesus Christ.
Listen, my guys have worked up a solid plan to grab this asshole.
But we have to go now.
Mexico City says the Camarena case is closed.
When what we're doing here comes to light, there'll be repercussions.
Legal, diplomatic.
It's a good thing we're not diplomats.
I don't want you taking unnecessary risks.
It's my understanding that you have, uh experience with this kind of thing.
It's a unique situation, but I'm confident that we can get it done.
And the Mexicans on your team, you trust them to stay quiet? My guys are solid.
All of them.
And they know why they're here.
You fuck with the DEA, nowhere is safe.
Move on Verdín.
- Quietly.
- Yes, sir.
Do not get fucking caught.
Yes, sir.
What happened? I got the green light.
And you told him about our surveillance on Verdín? Bodyguards, fucked-up schedule we can't pin down? I mean, I kept it simple.
The man thinks we got a plan, so let's come up with one.
I put you down for two million.
That money we're collecting to push those Sandinista fuckers out of Nicaragua.
Everyone's chipping in.
It's good for business.
Let's hope so.
I've got planes in the air for you night and day.
We're pushing more volume through Mexico than ever.
My problem isn't volume.
It's cash flow.
That bullshit at the border can't go on forever, right? He's coming tonight, right? They told me he'll be here.
Are you sure? Try to relax.
You want an outsider's opinion? What you're asking right now it's a lot, given how things have been going.
My people are asking questions.
I'm out of time.
I have to talk to him tonight.
Good luck.
So, how much did you have in mind? How much have you got? Two hundred kilos.
That's a lot of powder for a house party.
What are your plans for it? I hope you know, anyone can buy merch.
It's easy.
What's tricky? Transportation and distribution.
Tell me something I don't know.
What will you tell your friend in Guadalajara? What will you tell your friends in Cali? Nothing.
You and I are going to make a lot of money.
It's been a pleasure.
- Hey, man.
- Nothing, just hanging.
- Lupita, how are you? - Good, and you, Amado? - All good.
- Where's Acosta? Something came up.
- Everything cool? - Yeah, all good.
- See you inside.
- You got it.
What's up, Chapo? - What's up, Amado? - Nothing, just here.
Hey, Cochi.
Nice shirt, man.
He carried it here in a bag.
- His mommy ironed it for him.
- Shut up! Let's go.
You hear what we got the boss? Fucking blow your mind, brother.
If you want, we can cut you in on it.
Sell you, like 20, 25%.
Maybe 15, since it was our idea.
I'm good, Cochi.
- See you around.
- All right.
Look at these two motherfuckers.
Tijuana pussies made an appearance.
Fucking donkeys.
If they didn't kiss Félix's ass they'd starve.
For sure.
You awake? Let's go! Put your fucking head down! Wow.
That looked like it hurt.
Looks like you got a live one here, Frank.
I got a feeling there's a grand jury indictment up in L.
with his name on it.
So long, you motherfucker.
Thanks again, Frank.
Let's get him in the truck.
All right, get up.
Come in.
Zuno's here.
With the governors.
Stay sharp.
They might steal the silverware.
They're asking for you.
Everyone is.
You find out what time his plane lands? Not yet.
Do it.
Let me know.
- The governors - I heard you, Azul.
In the web that is my own I begin again Said to my friend, baby Nothin' else mattered He was no more than a baby then How are you all doing tonight? You came through.
Of course.
- Governor, how are you? - Hey, how are you? Nice to finally meet you.
All right, fellas.
Listen up.
Here comes our dirtbag.
Two bird dogs tag along carrying Walther PPK's.
Same piece Hitler used to blow his brains out.
It's a quality sidearm.
Our boys take the service elevator from the fifth floor down to the parking garage where a burgundy Marquis with Jalisco plates awaits.
Nazi gun-packing buddies follow in a blue LTD.
Jalisco plates.
Hey, Walt.
Yesterday, some whip-dick was riding shotgun in Verdín's car.
Duly noted.
Everyone got that? Whip-dick in shotgun.
Sal and me will follow the two cars until they pass Calle Matamoros.
At the intersection of Constitución and Calle Analco, Danilo steps up, does his thing, and makes some new friends.
Did somebody grab the cement? Yep.
Two dozen bags.
Heavy as fuck.
Verdín continues north onto a quiet street with shitty visibility and one-way traffic, where, uh-oh, he comes to a stop.
Hope everyone's wearing seat belts.
Verdín's out of the car and into the baker's truck.
And we are gone.
Not a goddamn whisper.
Fucking A.
This guy tortured a DEA agent.
Tonight, he starts paying for it.
Gear up.
Got a light, man? Yeah.
Think this shit's gonna work? You go back with all these gabachos? Just Walt.
A few years.
Me too.
Gets around, huh? Who you with? What kind of badge you carrying? Used to be MFJP.
Up near Juárez.
Jalisco State Police.
"Used to be"? You retire or something? You writing a book? Ah.
Hey, there.
This is where all the action is? Just having some drinks, man.
Heard you got the boss some crazy present.
It's a surprise, man.
Wait around a bit, and we'll bring it out.
Yeah, we'll bring it out later.
Who's that? Clavel, Félix's new guy.
What's up, Amado? Hey, man.
What's going on, you hiding from me? Not at all, just admiring the view.
How's Juárez? It's Juárez.
You know.
So, what's the deal? Why isn't Acosta here? He trying to tell me something? No, some shit came up.
He sends his best.
I've been thinking, man, what if I came home and got back to transpo? With planes and shit.
Acosta's on top of Juárez.
He can handle it.
That's not what I'm hearing.
I paid for two new runways that are still unpaved.
The man's respected in his plaza, but he's old-fashioned.
Doesn't see the future.
Juárez is very important.
Trust me, Amado.
Hmm? One day, you'll see why.
I need someone I can rely on.
If that's not you, let me know, and I find someone else.
We're good.
Talked to your uncle? Just a few times.
Says he doesn't want visitors.
If you talk to Neto, tell him tell him I think about him a lot.
Will do.
Hey, testing.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Some fucking party the boss put together, no? I'm going to ask you to take a seat and clear the area a bit, please.
Clear that side, please.
We have a very special surprise today.
Boss Bring it, Chapo! A fucking tiger? Every jungle needs a king! Here's to ours.
Happy birthday, Miguel Ángel.
Your friends from Sinaloa salute you.
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Thank you, Güero! - Best wishes, boss.
- It's a lovely animal.
Thank you, everybody! Hit it! - Miguel Ángel.
- What's up? Where are we going to keep it? What kind of people give a wild animal like that? I know.
What can you do? That's how they are.
It's a gift, darling, no big deal.
Wait till they get back to Sinaloa, and we'll donate it to a zoo.
They're endangered, you know? I know.
Miguel Ángel.
You remember Lupita? - Of course.
- Happy birthday, Miguel Ángel.
- Thank you.
You look pretty.
- Thank you.
- Amazing gift, man.
- So beautiful, no? Félix Know what's cool? Look at them in the eye, they won't fuck with you.
Tigers kill from behind.
By ambush.
Dudes in India walk around with masks tied to the back of their heads, with eyes painted, to keep 'em safe.
- What a good idea.
- Yeah, like a second face.
I'll have to get one, right? I should have it on right now.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you.
That's María? María is the old wife.
This is the new one.
She doesn't like your gift.
After all the trouble you went through.
She doesn't get it, Lupita.
It's a symbol.
Seemed like Félix liked it, right? Mm-hmm.
- She's a fucking snob.
- Yeah.
- So, anything? - No.
It's late already.
Find out if his plane landed.
I'll ask.
He's coming.
Don't worry.
Let's hope.
Heard your new pet ate one of the peacocks before it came out.
What? Just kidding! Miguel Ángel.
Happy birthday.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you.
There someplace we can talk? I'll see you later.
Okay, follow me.
Anything yet? Nothing.
Stay put.
Tijuana's the top plaza in the federation.
We have the best operations, the best contacts.
We work harder.
Right now, Sinaloa moves 20, 30% of their coke through Tijuana.
Why shouldn't it be moved by my family? And what about Sinaloa? What about them? My family can handle more.
My family wants more.
We've earned it.
Cash flow is down.
Give us an opportunity.
More money is coming, Benjamín.
But, for now, things stay as they are.
All we want is what's ours, Miguel Ángel.
What's yours is also mine, Benjamín.
Don't forget that.
Things stay as they are.
You had a baby, right? A girl.
After her mother.
That's a pretty name.
It's a party.
Come on.
Enjoy it.
Where the fuck is this guy? - Car's pulling up.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Good.
It's a nice party.
Every one of these assholes would put a bullet in my head if they could get away with it.
Cheers! Thank you all! Who's the slick dude wearing silk? That's Pacho Herrera, one of the Cali guys.
Probably came up here to show his respect.
Hopefully he brought cash, no? Fucking Colombians.
What's up? I hear there's a tiger at the party.
I would like to touch it.
Watch him eat something.
That's fine, man.
Yeah, okay, it's out back.
Excuse me.
It was a pleasure.
Lights out.
He's on the move.
Over and out.
Thank you for coming.
Means a lot that you made the trip here.
That'll be all.
I wanted to speak with you in person.
About the business.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Some issues have come up.
We have to adjust the terms of our arrangement.
$3000 a kilo is our number.
I came all this way so you could ask for a raise? It's not like that.
No, that's not what I'm getting at.
Please, sit.
There's a more pressing issue.
You see, we move your coke over the border, deliver it to whatever warehouse you ask, and then we wait.
For weeks, sometimes months.
The money we're owed by you, it's adding up.
You haven't been working with coke as long as us.
Maybe you don't understand how it works.
Product's easier to move than cash.
Weighs less, packs tighter Powder is fast, cash is slow.
We always pay our bills, though.
Yes, I understand.
The thing is, your organization owes us over $200 million.
Is that a lot to you? For me, no.
For my people, yes.
See, I control a lot of plazas and, right now, they're short.
I've used my own money to keep them going.
Look all the people you see out there generals, governors that's Mexico.
The neighbors to your biggest customer.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to disrupt what our organizations have built.
But this debt I'm carrying, it can't go on.
You have a nice house, Miguel Ángel.
Filled with nice-looking people.
Important people.
But I wonder how many of them tell you the truth.
I'm thinking none.
So, let me do you the favor of telling you the truth.
Your organization has money trouble because seizures are up over 40%.
Why? Maybe because the DEA doubled its number of agents in the last six months.
Now, why would that be? Should I tell you, or have you guessed? The kidnapping and murder of an American DEA agent.
Which my partners and I had nothing to do with.
But if we were asked, we'd have told whoever came up with the idea to put a gun in their mouth and pull the fucking trigger.
'Cause that was bad for business.
The consequences of that are your problem.
Not ours.
That's the truth, Miguel Ángel.
But, hey if you're having trouble, we can always send up more product.
If you can handle it.
Didn't think so.
We'll continue to pay you to transport our cocaine.
In the exact same way we always have.
And you'll get your money when you get it.
If that doesn't work for you, I'm sure we can figure something else out.
And you can go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before we made you rich.
Happy birthday, Miguel Ángel.
Many more.
He's leaving already? What did he say? Told me that it's my problem.
What about the money they owe us? When they get to it.
Félix, at the rate we're going, we won't last six months.
You're right.
We wouldn't.
But it won't matter.
In six months, I'll own the Colombians.
Those bastards will work for me.
I went on record tonight.
I'm going away on business tomorrow.
If it goes well, I'll explain everything when I get back.
What do I tell the plazas? They know you were talking to Pacho.
Tell them everything is being handled.
Coming your way.
Everyone in position.
Copy that.
Son of a bitch.
Move it, asshole! Move! - Move that piece of junk.
- I'm trying.
Son of a bitch isn't working.
What's this asshole doing? - I said move your shit - I'm checking it out really quick.
It's not working.
I don't see them, sir.
Keep going.
You know what, asshole? Close that shit.
We'll push you.
Let's push this idiot.
See if we can move it.
All that cement's heavy.
Move it, asshole.
What is this shit? You just sit there, motherfucker.
- We got a bogey.
- Ah, shit.
Come on, turn around, man.
Turn around.
- Fuck.
- It's on.
- Walt, we got a problem.
- Too fucking late.
Go back.
What the fuck? Move, you bastard! Move, idiot! - Out of the car! - Shut it off! - The horn! Kill it! - Quickly! Move! - Shut off the horn! - Move it! Get out! Now! Hear that? Get in the car.
Something's up.
Move! Now! Out of the car! Get out! Don't move! Now! Hey, I thought you were going to help me push.
They're headed your way! Copy? Get out of the fucking car! Too much time! We gotta go! Oh, shit.
Cover me! Cover me! Get down! Fuck.
- Kenny, you hit? - On the left! Two shooters, left side! Over there! Let's go! - Sal, you good? - Yeah.
Sirens, boss! Fuck.
Sal, go after me! On the right! Over there! Get out of the car! All clear! Holy fuck.
Get out of the fucking car.
Get out of the fucking car! Prick.
Move, you son of a bitch! No.
No fucking way! No! Please.
Let's get out of here.
We don't have time.
- He saw everything, man.
- He's a fucking civilian.
- He fucking saw everything.
- Put the fucking gun down, man! Please.
Walt, we can't leave him here.
He's a witness.
I won't say a thing.
Take out your wallet.
Give me your identification.
Look at me.
Look at me! If you make trouble for us, I'll find you.
Understand? Yes.
Everybody in the truck.
Come on.
You're a fucking piece of shit.
Hurry, you son of a bitch! Get down, asshole.
Hey! Stand up, fucker! Get up! Hurry! Hurry!
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