Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Alea lacta Est

Poor guy.
So I guess you know what this is, Comandante Verdín.
We are going to ask you some questions.
Answer them, and when you get to the States, you get the full deal.
Witness protection.
It's the best and only deal you're going to get.
And better than you deserve.
You're on the tape.
We want to know who's in charge, who was calling the shots, and how high did it go.
Give us some names.
And if I don't? We don't want to hurt you.
But we will.
The first rule of interrogation: keep the subject in the dark.
Make him think you already know everything.
But I can see that you know nothing.
Well, here's what I know.
That you kidnapped a federal policeman in public.
You drove to this location without detours.
A total driving time of 14 minutes.
So I know that I'm very close to where I was taken.
I know that you left witnesses alive.
Witnesses who heard you speaking English.
Witnesses who will talk.
More importantly, I know you lack the will for what you're doing.
You couldn't kill even at the risk of your own lives.
And now, you expect me to be afraid of you? So let me tell you what is going to happen.
It is 7:00 a.
My people will soon turn this entire city upside down looking for me.
You cannot move me until dark.
I believe they will get here long before then.
And when they do, I won't have told you a thing.
You don't have me.
I have you.
I'm looking for Don Juan.
Uncle Juan's inside, sir.
Good morning.
I'm looking for Don Juan.
Is he here? Go ahead.
Wait here.
Good morning.
Try it.
Masita tamaulipeca.
Let's see Mm.
It's very good.
You're being kind.
It needs more salt.
Try now.
Better? Hand me a napkin, please.
Pleasure to meet you, Don Juan.
I'm glad we can take this opportunity to To talk business? And we will.
But first, we must talk life.
Óscar! - [ÓSCAR.]
Yes, Don Juan? - See that this gets to the party.
Don't be eating any of it, 'cause I want to see you stuffing your face tonight.
All right.
Huh? Let's take a ride.
I have something to show you.
Let's go.
- Any money for us, Uncle Juan? - [EXCLAIMS.]
Not today, kids.
Don't have any on me.
- Huh? - Got any coins? I don't have any money.
I owe you, kids.
If the señor will tell us your destination, - we can send men in advance.
- Give me a break.
It'll be a cold day in hell when I fear for my life in my own hometown.
Let's go.
- Are you getting in or not? - Stay here.
- Yes, sir.
you in? Who was in charge? [VERDÍN GROANS.]
Give me a fucking name.
This guy's ex-DFS, trained by the CIA.
How to interrogate and how to resist it, man.
So you don't think he will crack? Not betting on it.
The gringos don't have what it takes.
Well I hope he does.
Fuck it.
It's a paycheck.
Walt bails, I'll find another one.
Still got your badge? Jalisco State Police, right? Always pays well to carry a badge.
They give up and go home, this thing ends.
Pretty soon, people start asking questions.
Who helped them? Who worked with them? That guy in there's seen your face.
So either he talks or you and everyone you care about dies.
You got into this for a paycheck? Man, don't be fucking stupid.
We're all in this with our lives.
It's called the Gateway International Bridge.
I was 11 years old when they finished it.
Five years later, I was going back and forth, moving alcohol across it.
That's how I started.
When the Americans stopped needing booze, we moved on to smuggling other things: people, coffee opium.
An endless appetite.
The gringos always need something.
Who could blame us for giving it to them? [HONKS HORN.]
It pays to have friends.
It pays well, Miguel Ángel.
You've done amazing things here, Don Juan.
Which is why I've come.
The game has changed.
I believe that it's time to rethink our relationship.
A union between our two organizations would make Do you know anything about Rome? - [FÉLIX.]
Excuse me? - Rome.
Rome? Yes, of course.
They presided over the largest empire the world had ever known.
A beacon in the world.
They conquered barbarians from what is now Germany, France, England.
Rome bested these savages, brought them under their own flag.
Gave them an identity.
Just like you did when you turned a disorganized rabble of Sinaloan dealers into your own empire.
It served all of us to band together.
As a union.
I'm sure I wasn't the first to think of it.
But the first to do it.
And that is a huge feat.
Look, Miguel Ángel, the little I do know about you doesn't tell me very much.
When you want something, you take it.
Nothing comes between you and what you want.
But what a man wants tells us nothing.
What a man needs tells us everything.
I know that you want to talk business, and we will.
If there is a deal to be made, we will make it.
But first, I want you to know who I am, what defines me.
What I need.
Hopefully, I will learn the same about you.
Where's your boss? [AGUILAR.]
He hasn't come back.
And not a fucking thing is happening since he's been gone.
Even on the runways that are working.
One of Matta's planes tried to land at Samalayuca, but there was nobody there to unload it.
So they flew away.
Couldn't some of your guys have unloaded it? We're cops, man.
We don't handle that shit.
The one responsible for this mess is Acosta.
He's the boss.
He splits everyone splits.
That's how shit works in Juárez.
Yeah, I get it, but do you understand, if we don't get this dump up and running, there won't be any more shit.
You don't say? We have to go out there, to Ojinaga, and bring him back here.
- Got it? - We? - [AMADO.]
Yes, we.
Not we.
I have important federal business back in the city.
What kind of business? The fuck is it to you? Call me when you find Acosta.
Let's get out of here! [RAP MUSIC PLAYING.]
the best cocaine in the world.
We're the best chefs in the world.
This is my brother, Benjamín.
Benjamín, these gentlemen came all the way from Los Angeles to show us something marvelous.
You're going to love it.
So we cooking this up.
Whip it like stir-fry, you feel me? Got to be clockwise.
Hit it with a little bit of baking soda to fluff it up.
Then you got the gel.
You let this dry.
I'm gonna sit this back here for a second.
Let it cool.
Got some finished product to show you.
Yeah, so a couple grams of coke cost $400.
It's not in today's business.
We don't got $400 in the hood, but people still trying to get high.
I took your $400 worth and made a hundred rocks.
That's $20 a pop.
$400 turns into $2,000.
You make more selling Toyotas than Cadillacs.
This shit's spreading all around America.
We'll have the West Coast locked down in no time.
Yeah, man, that's great, that's great.
But to do this, you need a supply.
I mean, you can't be fucking around with Colombians anymore.
You need it directly.
And we can give it to you.
If you say so, lady.
Looks like we have a great opportunity here.
Please continue.
I'll be back shortly.
Thank you.
Have you lost your mind? - Excuse me? - Who do you want to kill us first? - [SCOFFS.]
The Colombians or Félix? We don't deal directly with dealers in the States.
You know that.
And still you do it, Enedina? For God's sake, I was exploring the future.
Our deal with the Colombians is Félix's deal, and Félix won't hold on forever.
It's smart business.
- It's not smart.
And it's not your fucking place.
Stick to your business.
- My business? - Yeah.
- My business is this family.
- That's right, the family.
What the fuck are they doing here? This is my home.
Francisco is getting out of jail today.
You should be planning his party, not doing this shit, Enedina.
You're doing such a great job, Benjamín.
Look around.
Bravo! this shit ourselves now.
But if you want to try it - [IN SPANISH.]
He wants to try first.
Come close.
That's why it's called crack.
Daddy like it.
Ramón, how is it? just got out of jail in California, and we're having a party tonight.
You should come.
- [RAMÓN.]
- For sure.
- Bring more of this shit, man.
Where the fuck is Acosta? You telling me that none of you motherfuckers know where your boss is? [MAN.]
I know.
Yeah? Well, where is he? He's at Mimi's.
Where can I find this Mimi? [MAN.]
She's in Texas.
is harder than it looks.
In the old days, people didn't know shit about it.
The thinking was, cause someone enough pain and they'll talk.
But there's a lot more to it than that.
Sergio Verdín was a good torturer.
An excellent one.
And he used all his skills on Kiki Camarena to try and get him to talk.
So if you're feeling sorry for him now that it's his turn don't.
He's got it coming.
- Come on, man.
Give me a fucking name.
Ernesto Fonseca.
Caro Quintero.
Read the fucking newspaper.
They went down for it, but we know it was Félix.
Who's protecting him? Who's he working with? Give me a fucking name.
There's his fucking truck.
Yeah, he's here.
Acosta! Acosta! Go around back.
But be careful.
We're in the States now.
- Ah! Motherfucker! goes in your fucking head! [IN SPANISH.]
Don't shoot.
- What do we fucking do, boss? - Nothing, dipshit.
We're not going to shoot a gringa in the States.
Don't do anything.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot! - [MIMI.]
Let me see those hands! - [GUN COCKS.]
Hey, it's okay.
Hey, no shoot, no shoot.
No shoot, okay? Pablo Acosta.
Friend with Pablo.
Okay? Pablo! You know these guys? Oh, yeah, I know him.
Hey, Amado.
Are you fucking kidding me? Were you up there the whole time, asshole? Yeah.
I'm just doing some roofing up here.
Roofing? Why didn't you fucking answer me? I wanted to see what happened.
I could have shot her! [ACOSTA.]
I don't think so.
Amado, this is Mimi.
Mimi, this is Amado.
He is always dressed like this.
Like a crow.
Stay here.
What the fuck? [NÉSTOR.]
There's been a delay.
I told you yesterday to move this shit.
- Well, the trucks - What about the trucks? The Sinaloans have them.
Our guys went to get them back.
The Sinaloans have our fucking trucks? They reminded me of the arrangement.
They said they I know the fucking arrangement, Néstor.
How long have they been gone? Since last night.
- Cochiloco - Last night? And you're only telling me now? Are you fucking kidding? Relax, brother.
Don't tell me to fucking relax.
Did that shit you smoked already rot your fucking brain? The longer this product stays here, the better the odds of something bad happening to it.
We lose it we pay for it.
If those fucking trucks aren't here in five minutes [MAN.]
What do we have here? Okay, go in.
See, problem solved.
Close the doors.
What the fuck are you waiting for? Now get this shit loaded and out of here.
Yes, boss.
Boss! - What? I think there's something in there.
What are you talking about? [CLANKING.]
Open it up.
- Fucking do it.
- Get moving.
- I get it.
"Crazy Pig.
That fucking Cochiloco and those fucking Sinaloan monkeys! They think this is a big fucking joke? I will shove this up their asses.
We're done sharing our shit with these assholes.
If they have a problem with it I'll fucking kill them.
Néstor, get this fucking mess cleaned up and ship the product.
Yes, boss.
What should we do with the pig? Ramón, shoot this fucking thing.
What are you looking at? What's so funny? [PIG SQUEALING.]
Mimi's like American royalty.
Her uncle's a senator.
Senator? Yeah.
That's not a good thing.
You know that, right? A person can't help where they're born.
Or to whom.
Only how they live and who they are when they die.
Uh You're having very deep fucking thoughts today.
So you've decided to die here in Texas? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
A drink? Hey, for me? [IN SPANISH.]
Get yourself one.
The bar's over there.
Mimi was an art major.
- Who did you say I looked like, baby? - [MIMI.]
Van Gogh.
That's right.
Van Gogh.
He cut off his ear, then painted himself.
Right? and then painted himself, right? [IN SPANISH.]
Very interesting.
Hey, Mimi, do you think you can give us some time alone? I need to talk to Pablo.
Mimi knows about my business.
Say what you need to say.
Beyond the fact that one of Mexico's most wanted traffickers is on U.
soil you also know that nothing is getting done back in Juárez while you're gone.
Nothing is getting built.
Product isn't moving.
You see, baby? They need me back in Juárez.
Of course they do, baby.
Mimi doesn't want me to go back.
She wants me here.
Pablo should be able to do what he wants.
I don't think Mimi understands who you are and what you do.
I don't know.
Mimi understands a lot.
You need to stop playing house and come back to Juárez now, man.
The Colombians will think we aren't serious about our business.
Fuck the Colombians.
- I don't work for them.
- No, but you work for Félix.
New airstrips and storage were supposed to be built by now.
And none of it's happening, Pablo.
That's you and Aguilar's shit.
You handle it.
No way, asshole.
You run the plaza.
The men take orders from you.
There's a shitload of business to take care of, and the guys aren't lifting a fucking finger.
Well, I got business to take care of out here! Fixing roofs? I mean, in Ojinaga.
I'm not going anywhere till it's resolved.
What could you possibly need to resolve in that shithole? Things you wouldn't understand.
Try me.
It's complicated.
Some trouble between me and someone else.
- Who? - My business.
None of your concern.
You want me to get 50 men together and pulverize this fucking guy? Knew you wouldn't get it.
This is a feud between families.
Between men.
It's about honor.
And you have none.
What kind of man lets a bunch of sicarios do his work for him? And who, besides ass-kissers like you, would follow a man who did that? I'm serious, man.
Whatever bullshit you gotta handle, let's go fucking do it, right now.
I'm not going back to Juárez without you.
from passing out during his torture, Verdín and the good doctor kept jabbing him with adrenaline.
Cute trick, right? It's one of hundreds that Verdín knew.
And do you know where he learned them? From us.
We wrote the fucking book on interrogation.
In fact, we got so good at it, we started our own special school, where we could share what we learned with our friends down south.
We called it get this the School of the Americas.
There, we taught some of Latin America's best torturers how to be all they can be.
But the fucked up thing is, while we were teaching them our technique, we were also giving them ideas on how to resist it.
ain't working, Walt.
You busted him up.
Probably broke a few ribs.
He ain't talking.
We gotta go to plan B.
I don't have a plan B.
All I got's a fucking plan A, and without it, we got shit.
We still have a play.
We wait until dark, then we move him up north.
When he's looking at real time, he'll crack.
We can't wait till dark.
You heard him.
His guys are coming.
He was bluffing.
Hoping we'd get scared and split.
Didn't sound like he was bluffing.
Okay, so maybe his guys are coming.
But we take the risk, we move him now, show him what the rest of his life in a cell in the States looks like.
We're good.
He's got us here, and he knows it.
What he knows is that he's safe.
That you won't hurt him.
- Not for real, no de verdad.
- You want to hurt him, de verdad? - [DANILO.]
Somebody should.
- Yeah, well, we don't do that.
Well, let somebody else do it.
That's the American way, no? [CONTINUES SINGING.]
Let's move him.
We need a name.
We need the next name, the guy that ties it all together.
We start this, you know where it ends.
Look, if he goes to the goddamn States without giving us a name, we got no next move.
All right? At that point, we're out.
It's over for us.
This isn't about us, man.
We need the next name.
Danilo, give me your blade.
- [KENNY.]
What the fuck are you doing? - This motherfucker's gonna talk.
Come on, man.
Don't do this.
Ossie, come on.
it here.
Put his fucking hand on it.
This is your last fucking chance.
Put his fucking hand on there.
All right, look at me.
Who was in charge? Huh? Who was calling the shots? This is your last fucking chance.
All right.
All right, motherfucker.
Come on! I'm gonna throw some hot water on you two.
- Hello, Don Juan.
- No shame.
I'm here.
Good afternoon, Don Juan.
- Poncho! - How's it going, boss? [GUERRA.]
Look at these beautiful horses.
Do you know how to ride one? [FÉLIX.]
That's good.
There's a horse show tomorrow in town.
We provide many of the horses for the children.
Esperanza! Look who I brought you! Woman! Esperanza! My queen.
So beautiful.
Come here.
Muah! Muah! [LAUGHING.]
- My Esperanza.
- Nice to meet you.
- Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.
- Nice to meet you.
So is that bridge still there? Here we go again.
She takes it for granted.
But we know differently, don't we? [LAUGHS.]
Now that Grandpa is back, we can start.
All the kids are here! - [CHILDREN.]
Grandpa! Grandpa! - Here you go.
A little present.
Let's go have a beer.
Am I drinking these alone or what? The trick to overcoming torture is not to think about the pain itself, but about what it protects.
I don't have children.
I don't have a wife.
But I love my country.
And I know that you are trying to hurt it.
So I prefer that you hurt me.
You love your country? Bullshit.
And what? The Americans give you your honor because you work for them? You're their trained monkey.
Their dog.
And when they go home, they leave trash like you behind.
And they fucking laugh at you.
Nobody laughs at me.
They do.
But that's okay.
Because when you and I meet up again in a room like this there won't be any laughing.
I will hurt you in ways you can't even imagine.
I will find out what you care about.
Who you care about.
And then I will go to work on them.
Mom dad wife kids And when they ask me why I am doing these awful things to them, I will tell them, "Because Danilo chose the Americans over you.
" Walt this is the end.
You maybe have two hours [GUNSHOT.]
- What the fuck? - [DANILO.]
Motherfucker wasn't talking.
You know he's no use to us if he doesn't.
- [KENNY.]
Now we gotta move him.
Where to? The morgue? Walt, if we lose him, we got nothing.
Kenny, leave him.
Stand back.
See, you've gone and gotten yourself shot in the gut.
That shit hurts like hell.
But it bleeds slow.
You got about two hours before it kills you.
That's not enough time for your boys to get here but just enough time for us to get you some help.
You love your country so much, you can die for it.
Your choice.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
How are you? - Fine.
And you? - Nice to see you.
- I'm very well.
Thank you.
- Hey! [IN SPANISH.]
That's half the Brownsville Sheriff's Department.
Off duty, of course.
- He's a very popular man.
- He is.
He has the respect and love of his people.
And their obedience.
I'm Juan Ábrego.
The nephew.
- I've heard of you.
- Really? - Yeah.
- And I've heard of you.
Of course.
Are you enjoying the party? I didn't come here for a party.
I came to talk business with your uncle.
You came to try to convince my uncle to get into cocaine.
My uncle is an opium trafficker.
A lot of years in that game.
And for good reason.
He knows that product is safe for us.
We grow it.
Harvest it.
Control it.
No Colombians to deal with.
No airplanes through Honduras.
But more importantly no headlines.
Cocaine scares America.
And my uncle wants to keep his American friends.
So convincing my uncle won't be easy.
And you? What do you think? I think there is only one reason not to get into cocaine.
- [MAN.]
Stop the music for a moment.
The local children's choir has prepared a song in gratitude for Juan Guerra.
Go ahead, children.
They even sing in English.
I'm gonna need more.
Who hooked up Gallardo with the government? I don't know, man.
I didn't recognize anyone.
I'm sorry.
Now, please, get me to a doctor.
No, man.
You're holding out on us, I know it.
Just give me a name.
Just give me a name, and I will get you some help.
I can't.
Do you think they're gonna kill you if you talk? You are going to bleed to death in under an hour if you don't.
You don't have a choice.
Give me a name.
Rubén Zuno Arce.
Who? Zuno.
He owned the house where we did it.
He knew everybody.
You know this Zuno guy? Yeah, he's some rich asshole.
Very connected.
Related to people high up in the government.
All right, man.
You done good.
We're gonna get you some help now.
All right? You hang in there.
- We got a name.
- Is he alive? Barely.
We gotta get him some help.
What we ought to do is dump him in a ditch somewhere.
Not a fucking chance.
He gave us what we needed, now we get him to a doctor.
Come on, Walt, man.
We can't kill this guy, no matter what he's done.
Fucking great.
And here is the guest of honor.
I think you're always the guest of honor here.
Do you know why? Because I've been doing this a long time.
What we've built here in the east is nowhere near what you've built in the rest of the country.
But it has all that I need.
And none of what I don't.
What you're asking of me, of my people is a big deal.
We aren't barbarians.
I know that.
That's why I'm here.
Look, Miguel Ángel, the opium business has been good to us.
Lots of profits and reliable users in the States.
Most of them "undesirables.
" Blacks.
Former soldiers.
People the government doesn't give a shit about.
It makes it easier for the Americans to look the other way.
But cocaine? What? Scares the Americans? That's bullshit.
What scares the Americans is how much they love it.
They're obsessed with that shit.
America will get its cocaine.
One way or another.
Better that it's through us.
My nephew likes cocaine.
He doesn't care that famous people are killing themselves on it.
He likes the margins, you know? How can you not? [CHUCKLES.]
But do you know why we never got into it? Because of people like you.
We saw what you did to your partners, let alone your competitors.
And now you're inviting us in? So I have to ask myself, "Why am I so lucky?" A white storm is coming.
They will try to stop it, but they will fail.
The Caribbean corridor is closing forever.
No one can change that.
When that happens, we will be the only way in.
With your eastern network repurposed for cocaine fuck we can take full advantage.
What do you need? A union.
More cocaine means more money.
A fucking monopoly.
Where we set the terms.
More money means - The future.
What about the past? For example, the thing with the agent, Camarena.
I have a lot of people on the other side of the border.
They won't like me being in business with someone who killed one of theirs.
What do I tell them? Tell them what everyone already knows the men responsible are behind bars.
That might work with people who don't care about the truth.
Tell them that there is more money to be made.
Money? Is that all? You have money, Miguel Ángel.
I have money.
They have money.
You're talking about more money.
At a cost that I'm not willing to pay.
I'm sorry that you wasted your time.
Sit down! You want to know what I need, right? Okay, then, I'll tell you, Don Juan.
I need leverage.
I saw what you wanted me to see.
It's fucking great.
What did you say? "The love and respect of his friends.
" The Americans put on a good show.
You have them in your pocket.
But don't act stupid, Don Juan.
You're small-time.
And so am I.
You told me that I brought my people, my federation, out of the darkness.
Well, that's true.
But the darkness is still there.
And if the Colombians have their way, we would slide back into it.
All of us.
You too.
With all your friends.
Your people.
Chopping each other to bits.
This whole country is one step away from chaos.
A fucking free-for-all of independent operators who think they can go it alone.
And the Colombians love it.
They would rather deal with us separately.
Play us off of one another.
Keep us under their thumb by paying us slowly.
We're middlemen to them.
Baggage handlers.
We deliver their coke across that fucking border to more Colombians waiting on the other side so they can mark it up and sell it for ten times the money.
But we are the only ones who can move their shit, so we should be able to rewrite the rules.
It's time we tell them how it's going to be.
Finally, here's the man I've been waiting to see, the man I've heard so much about.
Very well.
And this leverage? What would we do with it? We force them to start paying us in cocaine.
We get into retail.
What'd I tell you, Juan? This guy is a genius.
Why would the Colombians let us do that? They won't have a choice.
Félix will have a monopoly.
When they want to negotiate, fine, we'll negotiate.
What would we ask for? We keep half the loads.
Then we start selling it ourselves, up north, using our people.
How many Colombians in the States? No more than 800,000.
And our people? [CHUCKLES.]
At least 15 million.
Well, I am impressed.
I have to say, I thought I had figured you out.
You've surprised me, young man.
I'm glad.
Just one thing.
You have a lot of enemies.
I get it.
But a man isn't defined by his enemies.
He is defined by his friends.
His family.
His people.
From now on my family is yours.
Partners? I need a few weeks.
I want my people to hear it from me.
But yes partners.
That's great.
Right? We got it done.
Get out of the way.
Here I come.
Long live love, motherfuckers! WELCOME HOME Love the sign, bro.
- Thank you.
I did it myself.
But you've gotta try this shit.
- It's called crack.
- Ah! Let me heat it up.
I spent 18 months drinking wine made in a toilet.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Hey, my little witch.
Welcome home, brother.
This is my man, David Barron.
He's from San Diego.
This motherfucker had my back on the inside.
He's family.
Welcome to Tijuana, bro.
So from San Diego? - Logan Heights.
- Oh, yeah? Oh, shit.
Take it.
I know you ain't gonna understand this, but I'm going to tell you, like a bad bitch told Tony, - "Don't get high - [TOGETHER.]
on your own supply.
" That's Michelle fucking Pfeiffer.
That's Scarface.
Have you seen Scarface? [WOMAN.]
Scarface? Tony should've listened.
What the fuck are you doing here? Oh, Mín is that any way to greet an old friend? Come on, a kiss.
- If somebody sees you - Nobody saw me, don't worry.
What do you want? To talk business.
Wipe that stuff off your face, Tigre.
Hey? Get up.
Get out of here.
Who are those guys? Sinaloan crew.
Ramón! Hey, kid.
What's up, Ramón? - What are you doing here? - This is our club.
We own it.
You really didn't know? [CHAPO.]
Owners? Oh, man.
Thank God, bro.
I was worried it was a gay club.
Did you guys get my present? You motherfuckers keep our trucks all day, fucking up our business, and then you come here and disrespect us on the day my brother is released from prison? What the fuck? - [SINALOANS LAUGHING.]
Hey, quiet.
Shut the fuck up.
We're sorry.
We didn't know.
You're right.
Cheers to your family, your brother, and his continued freedom.
And I'm sorry about the pig.
It was a joke.
You can send it back if you don't want it.
I shot it.
Can't take a joke.
Some dogs only behave on the leash.
Cheers, kid.
All good? [RAMÓN.]
Got them on a leash.
All good? - [RAMÓN.]
What's the problem? Let's party.
I have some cocaine to move.
I'd like to move it through your plaza.
Talk to Miguel Ángel.
It's such a small amount.
I don't think Félix even needs to know.
Besides, I'd much rather pay you for the privilege than someone who has no faith in me.
That is, unless you're scared.
I heard he threw himself a birthday party.
Didn't invite me.
Made you all attend too.
- Like peasants.
Bro, I think maybe you should come downstairs.
Look, the only reason Félix didn't kill me for the move we made against him is because he still needs me.
The only reason he didn't kill you is because you don't matter in the slightest to him.
For your sake, I'm going to pretend we never had this conversation.
You can go out the way you came in.
Don't let anyone see you.
Bring the stretcher! Ah.
We brought you a present.
A toast, to your family.
To blood and the ties which bond us.
Cheers! And to Francisco Arellano Félix, who sucked more dicks than any inmate in the history of the California prison system! [SCREAMING.]
Motherfucker! - Thank you.
- You're welcome, sir.
Welcome back, boss.
It go well? It did.
Did the señora eat yet? She took Amalia to Cuernavaca for the night with some friends.
Can I get you anything? No, I'm good.
Good night.

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