Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Rubén Zuno Arce

1 I know what you're thinking, Miguel.
Something's going wrong.
This is all very strange.
Yeah it is.
Everything's changed.
Is it you? You remember this place, don't you? The children loved it here.
They would beg us to come.
And when you found those old bikes riding them up and down these hills the kids chasing dying of laughter screaming for you to stop.
They're chasing you, Miguel.
Run! You have no idea what's coming for you.
What you've started.
I don't want to be here.
You haven't gotten far enough away.
I fucked up.
He told you so, didn't he? Oh, Miguel.
You're too smart not to see it.
There's no going back.
Too slow.
What's wrong with you, asshole? Grab your shit, Dopey.
Let's move.
The fuck you want? Get in.
Need to get to the hospital and quick.
We're gonna kill some people.
Room 23.
He's at the end of the hallway, to the left.
There's two guys guarding him.
My family and I are sorry for what happened.
My brother had no business getting tied up in all this.
Life's been hard.
It hasn't been easy.
She just drop a dime on her fucking brother? - I'm talking to you.
- That's why we're here.
- To get some fucking answers! - Fucking answers to what? Just cover my back.
Come here.
Quiet! - Drop it, asshole! - Lower the gun! On the ground! We only want him.
Don't be a hero for a dead man.
Unhook him from all that shit.
Please, if you unhook him, he'll die.
He's gonna die anyway.
Come on, man.
You were looking for a conspiracy? Well, we found it.
Rubén Zuno Arce.
Your living, breathing grassy knoll.
A bloodline to the throne.
Married to former president Luis Echeverría's daughter.
Zuno's uncle? The Minister of Defense.
Couldn't make this shit up.
Besides acting as a go-between for Mexico City and the narcos, Zuno fancies himself as a businessman.
Very well.
Sits on the board of several companies.
Sir Hi.
Even owns a few himself.
Better put, he inherited a few.
Family has a thing for art.
Generous with their donations.
The Tate in London, the Galleria in Rome, and two Picassos at the Palacio, here in Mexico City.
ACQUIRED VIA THE ZUNO ARCE FOUNDATION But don't let Zuno and his philanthropic endeavors fool you.
Has a taste for more than just art.
Never met a line of coke he didn't love or a call girl he didn't want to fuck.
Oh, yeah, and he loves golf.
What's wrong with golf? Uh Nothing.
I'm just mentioning that he likes it.
Arrive at your point.
Zuno owns property.
A lot of it.
881 Lope de Vega.
Ring a bell? The house Kiki was killed at.
Yeah, the asshole isn't just connected.
He was fucking there.
All right? Zuno doesn't just link Félix Gallardo to the Mexican government.
It puts them both at the scene of Kiki's murder.
So how do we get him? That's, um sort of a problem.
You know, he heard rumors that we're here, he spooked and figures he's next.
Zuno's underground? He's holed up in a compound in Puerto Vallarta.
Oh, he asked his uncle for support, and he sent the fucking army.
Oh, fucking Christ.
Guess that's the cost of making noise, huh, Walt? Thought you could shoot it out in the street? Not draw eyes? Things didn't go as planned.
We adapted and did what was necessary.
Verdín's in the fucking morgue.
Was that necessary? I sleep just fine, sir.
I did what I was brought down here to do, and I'm not gonna apologize for it.
Then don't.
Make it worth something.
We got the green light.
- This is it, fellas.
- Whoo-hoo! The golden ticket.
The whole reason we're down here.
We know where he is, so today we go get him.
What about the army? Not leaving.
We go in guns a-blazing, we'll get eaten alive, so we gotta do this one different.
I don't know.
See how this man handled an assault rifle? Yeah, seen where that leads? Kenny's right.
All right? I fucked up.
Shit got loud and a whole lot harder.
We're on their radar, but we're in this fight, so let's finish it.
Okay, so what's the play? Well, what do we know? Target and location.
And we know he's scared.
So, that's our hand.
We play all three of them against him.
Sounds really good, Walt, but did anybody else see the end of Butch Cassidy? The guy's got military positioned all over the fucking compound.
Well, we get creative.
It's not exactly our style.
Come on, guys.
Every smash-and-grab crew's gotta grow up sometime.
Comandante Sergio Verdín Félix, he's dead.
He was at Lope de Vega.
That makes two.
I have to see Calderoni.
Tell him to come here today.
Something out there got you guys scared? What've you heard? Rumors.
It's an American operation.
Though, officially, the embassy's denied knowledge.
- So, what are they looking for? - Well, you.
Can't imagine why.
And what are you doing to stop this bullshit? The Americans' identities are unknown.
They are small-scale attacks.
So you're not doing shit? Look, comandante, in case you forgot, you work for me.
I own you.
Don't play stupid.
They're connecting the pieces.
Anyone who was at Lope de Vega.
You want to know what this is? Huh? It's revenge.
Zuno's in hiding.
I'd recommend you join him.
You're not safe here.
Not an option.
- Right now, my organization - The scumbag business goes on.
Don't like my advice? Stick around.
See how it all plays out.
Do you think I hired you for your bullshit advice? Do your job.
Next time I see you, I want a solution.
Now, leave.
Do you trust him? Hmm.
I don't trust anyone, boss.
- Who else knows about this? - Just Calderoni.
All right.
It stays that way.
The old man and the plazas can't find out, or everything goes to shit.
Let's hope this blows over before I sit down with Cali.
Do you think he can get it fixed? This mess with the Americans? Have them fuel the plane.
I'm getting my things.
Fucking bastard.
How much longer you wanna be here, asshole? Who paid you? Answer, you fuck! Give us names, you fucking bitch! It was Arévalo.
They paid me.
Said there'd be more work as soon as it was done.
It was just a job.
Please - I have children.
- You think I don't have children? How much did they pay you? - Two hundred and fifty thousand pesos.
- Son of a bitch.
You are an idiot! If you'd come to me, asked, I'd have paid as much not to kill me.
Now, because of you, no one gets the money.
Go on, do it.
Give me a warning, asshole.
What's wrong? Did your boots get dirty? Who the fuck is Arévalo? Does it matter? Little shit took a run at me last week.
Out on the highway.
Damn near got me.
Even worse, in a bus full of kids.
What kids? Who the fuck is Arévalo, and why does he want you dead? It's complicated.
Told you it was Fermín.
- Get moving.
- No, wait.
Where to? - Enough with the questions.
- Then give me some answers! This about that feud, with the rancher? Time we bring this nonsense to an end.
Before sundown one of us dies.
What? How Wait, wait.
Let me call in a team.
We go in prepared.
Let's not leave this shit to a fucking psycho like Marco.
- Sound good? - Marco's involved.
Important he be there.
If you knew anything about honor, you'd understand that.
Don't give me that bullshit about honor.
You wanna kill that guy? Okay, sure.
I'm in, okay? I'll help you.
Just promise me, when this is over, we go back to Juárez.
Okay? If it goes the way I think it will I'll need some rest.
The fuck are you doing? Mimi sure knows how to keep me up.
It's fucking hot.
Now that's an improvement.
Had you pegged for a city guy.
- Please, you see this tan? - Is that what it is? - Oh, man, it's so nice here.
- All right, boys, stick to the plan! - All right.
- Yep.
All right, I'm up front.
What? Kenny, stick to the goddamn plan.
No cowboy shit, man.
That's the plan.
I'm with Danilo.
All right, Amat, you're with me.
You babysitting me now? This is gonna be so much fun.
No one understands what you do for this federation more than me, Benjamín.
And I need to know action's being taken to resolve this shit.
They were out of line, coming into your spot the way they did.
Those manners obviously won't be tolerated.
It was a disrespect towards you and Pancho.
I've talked to Palma, and it's been handled.
But this bullshit between you guys, it has to stop.
It's not just them.
It takes two to tango.
- Félix, no - Benjamín, each of you has a plaza.
Jealousy hurts business.
Money is lost.
This comes to an end, today.
Sorry, but it's not enough.
The Sinaloans don't show us respect because you haven't given them a reason to.
When you first came to my family, you promised stability.
A better system.
Listen, Benjamín I'd be careful what you're saying.
My family provides the infrastructure, the transport.
We do the work.
If this is about the money, then give us an opportunity.
We'll make you a lot more.
It's not so simple.
I know it's getting harder to sell.
You heard about Ramón? Almost lost his eye in that fight.
Doctor called him lucky.
My brother, in and out of the hospital.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So, help me out, man.
All right.
A ten percent tax on anything Sinaloa moves through your plaza.
No more or less.
I mean it.
Consider it done.
Pablo! Wake up, asshole.
I won, pussy! Lucky for me your aim sucks.
You got me half asleep.
Get over here, Dopey.
Get that down! You're not going to heaven yet.
Those guys they're mine.
We roll out to Fermín's ranch unarmed, it won't be much of a fight, will it? What, you don't recognize Paco? It's me, dude.
Desperate to get back to Juárez and no idea who's there.
Boy, some leader you'll be.
You have any idea how many men this Fermín guy has with him? How many guys work for Fermín? A shitload.
See? That's why we need the big guns.
This shit is insane, man.
You're gonna go there with your fucking honor and get us all killed.
And I'm the idiot that's been covering for you, telling Félix you had it all under control.
But the truth is, Pablo you don't have a fucking clue what you're doing.
You think I give a fuck what a crook thinks? - Ask your uncle what that gets you.
- Enough about my uncle.
What happened with Félix, that's between them.
At least Félix knows who he is.
Oh, yeah? What's that? You just said it, a crook.
Just like you.
We're all crooks.
At least he knows it.
I'm a bandit, not a crook.
Like there's some difference.
There is.
My blanket.
Gimme that.
- Cheers, boys.
- Cheers.
I don't know, around seven Americans.
Huh? Who said Americans? Baby, we're just talking.
Did you or did you not mention Americans? Well, one of the girls at the club was telling me she was with some Americans.
Shit, I am talking! So, about these Americans Baby, don't worry.
You paid up front, so we're all yours.
Zuno, man! Zuno, man! They're hiding something from you, man.
Not them! Those assholes over here! You need to see this.
Holy shit.
What the fuck is this? Nothing to worry about for now.
We don't know who they are or why they're here.
How long they been out there? Two hours.
And you were keeping this from me? This is bad, man, real bad.
We need to be on this.
I'm going to handle this.
I'm going out there.
Please don't.
- You need to let me do my job.
- Do it then! - Go back in the pool.
- No, they're circling us, Zuno! There's more shit they aren't showing you.
Fucking show him, man! These guys don't respect you.
Holy shit, there's more of them.
They're running surveillance.
Those fuckers are prepping for an assault.
Maybe or maybe not.
We don't know.
They know I'm here, man! They know I'm here! Who knows how many Americans are out there, waiting to attack me like fucking Indians.
Zuno, what are we gonna do? I'm gonna make some calls, get some fucking answers.
What'd he say? Agreed to a tax.
Ten percent on anything the Sinaloans move through the plaza.
He flinched.
So, what's our next move, Benjamín? We wait for things to improve.
What do you mean, wait? That's enough for you? I just made this family a lot of money.
Oh, yeah? And whose fucking idea was it to use this as leverage? Yours.
Ramón's eye? Great touch.
I've got a lot of good ideas.
I can't keep apologizing for the world, Enedina.
I'm doing my best.
The sister left 40 minutes ago.
No one's come or gone since.
Seen Fermín in there? Just Antonia.
But there's no way he left on foot.
All right.
Let me go down there, talk to him.
Hey, hey.
Wait, what's to say this fucker doesn't blow your head off the second you walk up there? A hunch.
A hunch? I'm coming with you.
Gotta make sure you don't get killed.
So we can go back to Juárez? Tell me something.
Why do you care so much about Juárez? 'Cause I'm not in the pride business like you.
We get Juárez going, and I can get the fuck out of there.
Juárez is my way to do what I want.
At least it's finally the truth.
Yeah, there you have it.
Come on, leave that shit over there.
Drug traffickers roaming the halls of Congress What's this republic come to? You've got a lot of balls walking in here.
I'm doing my job.
Protecting our business.
That doesn't seem to be your priority any longer.
What are you doing about the American operation? I've assigned Calderoni.
It's not enough.
Things are going to shit.
The doctor, the comandante The Americans are connecting the pieces.
Anyone tied to that agent is going down.
Perhaps killing him was a mistake.
But, as I recall, it was you who insisted on returning the body.
This is our mess.
I'm respectfully asking for you to do your job.
I'd consider your tone.
You're speaking to Mexico's next president.
That's right.
You don't want this shit hanging over your head when you're president.
If the Americans The Americans don't know what they're doing.
You think this'll stand? Kidnapping foreign nationals from a sovereign country this is bigger than your fucking organization.
My nephew's in hiding.
I suggest you do the same until this whole thing blows over.
Run off.
Scurry into the hole rats like you crawled out of.
Things are going to change.
You see, right now my organization doesn't have the luxury of going into hiding.
I pay for protection, and you will provide it.
If you show up here again, there'll be consequences.
You know anything about ancient Rome? I guarantee more than you.
I'm sure you do.
It's just amazing, isn't it? What they did.
Unite all the provinces.
United the barbarians.
And for what? So that all the money ends up in one place: Rome.
Pretty amazing.
I've acquired the Gulf.
Every trafficker in this country now works for me.
And you're Julius Caesar.
I'd finish that book so you know how it ends.
This year, Pemex earned four billion dollars.
This country's biggest exporter.
My organization made $15 billion dollars.
I pull my money from your banks this country crumbles.
I don't think you want to be president of that country.
You're going nowhere without my money.
Fix this shit with the Americans.
Protect me.
Without me, you're nothing.
Zuno, brother.
Who do you keep calling? Huh? How can we help you? These guys are doing nothing! I'm calling to get some answers.
That's what I'm doing.
Answer, you fuckers! He's calling again.
Put him through.
Hotel Américas, how can I help you? I need to speak to Miguel, now.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Félix is in a meeting.
Interrupt him.
I'm sorry.
That won't be possible.
I've been calling you guys I apologize, sir.
I'm happy to take a message.
May I ask who's calling? Rubén.
Rubén Zuno Arce.
Tell him it's very important that I speak to him.
Rubén! We've been trying to reach you.
No, no, no.
Trying to reach me? No.
I've been calling you like crazy! Yes, sorry.
Félix asked me to pass a message on to you as soon as you called.
Let's see "They have the deed to the house, Lope de Vega.
The Americans, they know where you are.
" Hello? Hello? What's up, Zuno? What did they say? Zuno? What's up? I have to go.
I have to get out of here.
Right now.
Get the bags.
We're fucking leaving.
Let's go, fuckers! Daryl, you talk to the boys? Yeah.
We're good.
Walt, this is Alex.
Alex, this is the guy I was telling you about.
You clear on what we're asking? I mean, you think you can handle it? I've been doing it twice a week for the past six months.
Don't see why not.
Your boy said there was some money involved.
You'll be compensated when it's done.
See? I told you he was friendly.
Come here to kill me too, Pablo? Time we buried the dead, Antonia.
Moved on.
I came here to talk.
Fermín isn't home.
Tell him to get out here.
It's time we settled this shit.
I told you, he isn't home.
Got some nerve, bringing that son of a bitch to my house.
- I'm here to explain all that.
- What's to explain? How you two took my son? I know you think I had something to do with killing Lili, but I didn't.
Lili's wife was standing right there with him.
Saw that motherfucker put two in my son's chest.
Without my permission! I've gotten mad about it with him, too.
Lili was stealing from us, Antonia.
Got people killed for his lies.
But he's never coming home, hmm? So to hell with you, and all you say he did.
All right then.
If you think it'll help him rest go ahead then.
Kill me.
It's all you gotta do to end this.
Pull the trigger! End this! It's not my responsibility, Pablo.
Only you or Fermín can end this.
Otherwise, this will never end.
The hell with it, then.
Guess I'll see you.
No, Pablo.
I don't think so.
He's not inside.
He's out there waiting for us.
He'll try and take us on the road.
So all this shit is because you murdered their son.
How's your shot? Need you up top, Marco up front.
Fuck that, why me? It's your job to protect me, isn't it? Move that shit over.
Keep your eyes on the horizon.
What am I looking for? You'll know when you see it.
Sir, I'm asking you not to leave the premises.
See, if you stay inside, I can control the situation.
That's bullshit.
I need to go, that's what I need to do.
I need to get the fuck out of here.
Sir, listen to me.
If you insist on leaving, at least let me find out what's happening out there! Oh, gonna start doing your job? Fuck you! You wait for my "clear.
" Fuck the "clear," just start the fucking car! Useless asshole.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Man, we got activity.
They're blocking us in.
Don't move! Show me your hands! Let me see some identification.
Good afternoon, is there a problem? They got you now, pussies! Let's go! Secure the plane! Fast! Open the fucking door! - Do you have a gun? - Yes.
Sir! Thank you for nothing.
From now on, my guys take care of things.
Go fuck yourself, corporal.
Let's go, Dani! - Do you know the itinerary? - I've got it memorized, sir! All right, let's go! All right, here we go.
The honeymooners.
- What are we drinking? - Whatever you want.
You're paying.
Says the guy who did nothing.
- How are you, cousin? - Hey.
Thank you for your help, cousin.
Cece, Kenny.
Kenny, my cousin, Cece.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh, did you talk to Walt? Yeah.
Zuno's on the one-way.
Everything went smoothly.
All right.
Well, to the smash-and-grab crew.
All growed up.
Salud, you guys.
How's it going, Amelia? - Welcome back, sir.
- Any calls? Yes, Héctor Palma called a few times.
Open the door.
Who are they, Zuno? Where the fuck are we? The fuck did they take us? Pilot? Let's go! Don't open the door! Pilot! Welcome to Texas, boys! You got a permit for that weapon, son? Put it on the ground, now! Put your hands behind your head! Your head! Hey, bud.
Looks like they're waiting for you down there.
- You can't do this.
- Yeah, well, I just did.
We have to move, or we're gonna die.
You see that tractor? Get to it.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Move, man! Pablo! Pablo! Praying for this asshole? When I first got into the game, I was a stupid kid.
Must have been 20 when I got popped crossing the bridge, over in Tabalaopa.
It was just my second run.
Twelve ounces of heroin, duct-taped to my arm.
Some genius, huh? Didn't have a penny.
Sure as hell wasn't paying for a fucking lawyer.
Fermín walks in pulls out his wallet.
He says "You're not dying in here for 12 ounces.
" He gave me my life back.
So you owed him.
What all this was really about This nonsense with Fermín, I started it.
Was on me to finish.
Only thing that keeps order in this game it's respect.
Fermín was a father a husband, before he was ever a trafficker.
He deserves to leave this world with respect.
Hello? How's it going? How are they? They're good.
They ask about you.
It's late.
They've gone to bed.
Yes, I know.
I'm just calling to They got the gifts? Abril loves her doll.
All right.
Thank you, Manuela.
Good night, sir.
Good night.
It was him again, wasn't it? Asking about the gifts.
Tell him not to send more.
The next time he calls, you tell him.

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