Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

The Big Dig

1 I can feel you breathe I can feel your heart beat faster [SINGING ALONG WITH RADIO.]
Take me home tonight I don't want to let you go 'Til you see the light [SAL OVER RADIO.]
We need you at 3500 Lockwood right now.
Sal, what is it? [SAL.]
It's your brother.
I'm on my way.
Sorry, man.
No liquids.
This goes through.
Go ahead.
Hello, Neto.
Brought you this in case you already drank all the other ones I sent.
I don't like this shit.
Can we talk? I know why you're here.
They got Zuno.
In the States.
He talks, you're done.
Yeah? What else have you heard? That the plazas are restless.
Trouble at the top makes room for new blood.
Some you know, some you don't.
You were right about Camarena.
It really fucked up everything.
And now you want my help.
Know the thing about prison? You're never alone.
But it always feels like you are.
You sit in your fancy house with your trophy wife, with that monkey, Azul You've got all these people around you but the truth is you've got no one.
'Cause you chose a bunch of dirtbag lawyers and politicians - over your friends.
- Yeah? Since then, I don't solve your problems.
What do you want me to do, ask your forgiveness? I did what I had to do, you know that.
Must be tiring, convincing yourself you're the good guy, hmm? I made a deal with the Gulf.
You got Guerra to move into coke? Yeah.
And I'm going to use it to force the Colombians to pay us in product.
So we can move into retail.
You and your fucking plans.
Neto, are you listening? We're going to be selling over there.
When I'm done, I'll be the most powerful man in Mexico, - and I promise to get you out of here.
- Uh-huh.
But I can't with that fucking American still choking me.
He really got to you.
I need it to go away.
Here's what you should do.
You're gonna turn yourself in to the Americans.
Turn myself in.
It's easy.
Walk right up to Uncle Sam and say, "I surrender.
" That's it.
You've gotta give the Americans what they want.
And if they want you, you're fucked.
This will never end.
So get your ass into an American prison 'cause, if you get done in Mexico, I've got a feeling you'll end up in a cell right next to mine.
And when the animals in here, like Rafa, come to cut you open I'll make sure they go nice and slow.
order for Kiki Camarena's murder.
He must've had approval.
Someone in the government? [OVER INTERCOM.]
Can you give us a name? My uncle.
The Minister of Defense.
Could you give us his name, please? [BLEEP.]
He's given up everything.
So there you go.
And what happens now? Just have to get him in front of the grand jury, get his testimony on record.
State holds Mexico City's feet to the fire, and they hand over every asshole involved just to make it all go away.
Put all those motherfuckers in jail.
- Good work, Walt.
- I'm gonna go grab a smoke.
So we'll do it in Panama.
I'll set the meeting with the Colombians.
I'll get Noriega to send security.
Type of thing that'll impress Colombians.
That's a good idea.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing you wipe the smug looks off those sons of bitches' faces.
So sometime next week? [GUERRA.]
I hope it's taken care of by then.
Hope what's taken care of? [GUERRA.]
Your problem.
In America.
I'm on it.
All right, then.
But, Félix, have you heard about this thing with Matta's plane? [REPORTER OVER TV.]
The plane was shot down over the Nicaraguan jungle.
Indications are it was connected to the CIA.
The weapons were headed to the Contras battling the communist Sandinistas.
The downing of the plane has raised questions in Washington about a possible secret arms deal.
I intend to pursue this inquiry with cold objectivity.
My loyalty to my country exceeds my loyalty [IN SPANISH.]
You know what, Azul? Tell that idiot Matta I want to meet right now.
Go on, then.
- Hey.
- Can I come in? - Yeah.
Come on in.
Hey, I I got you a little something.
Splurged at the airport, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
One-stop shopping.
So, um So the case I told you about, Camarena One of the guys just flipped, could get the whole conspiracy.
It'd be a big win for us.
That's good, Walt.
Can you hand me that? Anyway, the DEA needs to question him, so I got a couple days off before they put him in front of a grand jury.
And I was, uh Well, I was kind of thinking I'd really like to take Danny fishing tomorrow.
Kid could use some guy time.
- He gets out at 2:00, right? - 3:20.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
A little to the left.
A little more.
There it is.
Lower, lower, lower.
I'll warn you.
Lower, lower, lower.
We can fill up three or more of those.
- Three? - Yeah.
There it is.
We'll have to hire a shitload of people then.
No problem.
Acosta waves his finger, shit gets done.
Respect and fear go a long way.
So we store the coke there? Yeah.
- Can't bust what they can't see.
What now? Who the fuck is this? Fuck me.
Acosta's gringa.
Pablo? [ACOSTA.]
How are you, love? [ACOSTA.]
Mimi Mimi, Mimi.
Is this going to be a problem? I'll handle it.
A fucking tax, Palma? To use the Tijuana plaza? When the time is right, I'll talk to Félix, get him to lift it.
They kick us in the balls, and we sit here and do nothing? For now, we pay it.
And adjust our volume through the ports.
Look, Palma, I got an idea You're not an idea guy, Chapito.
Hmm? Have you made sure all the trucks are running well? Done.
Very good.
Follow me, please.
Nice place.
Thank you for seeing me.
So how are you? I've got 200 kilos of coke I want you to help me move over the border.
Who sold them to you? Cali? They're not the only ones that have coke.
My brothers would kill you if they found out Benjamín already knows.
I see they don't tell you everything.
Their mistake.
Oh, really? We start with this load, then expand.
Move a ton a month, our way.
- If Félix finds out - He comes after me.
You hide in Benjamín's shadow.
Félix pushes your family around, but what's he delivered? Seizures are up.
I hear he hasn't even paid you.
He was done the second he killed that DEA agent.
I offer you the future.
Your own supply.
Look you've asked twice.
My family's patience has run out.
I suggest you leave Tijuana.
I thought you were the brains behind your brothers.
What'd you expect? Turn my back on my family because we're both women? Why not? Come in.
I'll make room.
I'm not a bath guy.
Hey, watch it! My boots! have this fucking grumpy face on? What are you thinking about, baby? [IN SPANISH.]
What do you think about Amado? [IN SPANISH.]
He's different than you, that's for sure.
They all are now.
Game's changing.
Passing you by? No.
Pissing me off.
Maybe it's time to stop.
That why you came out here? To tell me I've had enough? You do what you want, Pablo.
I know that.
And you? You've got this way of getting me to do what you want.
Like I could tell Pablo Acosta what to do.
to get in the fucking bath with me.
Hey! I said quit it! [CHUCKLES.]
Pablo, no! [IN SPANISH.]
Not with the boots on, no! No, Pablo, no! Please! There! Always get your way.
If you stopped working there'd be more baths and less runways.
Smell better, for sure.
They don't respect me.
Palma thinks I'm a joke, won't listen to my ideas.
Fucking tired of it.
Language, Joaquín.
Sorry, Ma.
"Do this, drive here, shoot him " Like a child.
You've always been strong, son.
You used to take a beating from your father so your brothers and sisters didn't have to.
Know why? Because you're different.
You surprise people, Joaquín.
They underestimate you.
You're a protector.
Always looking out for your own.
But who protects you, my little lion? You, Ma.
Who else? Cochi? Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Was gonna say that next.
He came from nothing, like you, son.
Turn to Him for answers.
And He'll help you build your kingdom, too.
You were in Honduras? Building another school.
You should try it.
- It's good for the soul.
- I'm sure.
Feeling guilty about all those M16s you've been sending south? I just carry the guns.
These other assholes shoot them.
You have any issues with that plane that got shot down? Some, in the States.
I'm confident it'll blow over.
I need to talk with your friends in the CIA.
The people who want to arrest you? - The DEA and CIA aren't the same.
- You can't trust them.
They'll have you on a direct flight to the States before you can say a word.
Not when they see how much money I have for their Nicaraguan friends.
You want to buy their help.
Walk right up to Uncle Sam and give him what he wants.
Untraceable cash.
They love that, don't they? How much did I give them last time? Two million? What if I give them ten this time? Just to start.
CIA's nothing if not opportunistic.
But you'll have to be careful, Félix.
You killed one of them.
They don't forget that.
Then I'll make them forget.
What the hell are we doing here? I bought it.
You bought this warehouse? Come.
This way.
Look that way.
See the border? - [COCHILOCO.]
- [CHAPO.]
See that house? With the green roof? Yeah, I see it.
Bought that one, too.
You bought that dump? It's 442 meters from here to that house.
And I'm gonna connect them.
I'm going to build a tunnel, Cochi.
You're going to build a tunnel under the U.
border, from here to there? This is your big idea? That's right.
All the fancy shit they got to keep us out planes, cameras, fences still one place the gringos never look.
You've fucking lost your mind.
Think about it, man.
This protects us from everything.
From the brothers, the tax, and U.
All of it, Cochi.
What'd Palma say? Doesn't want to listen to my ideas.
So I'm gonna build it and show him after.
He'll come on board when he sees it.
Come on, man.
You didn't make it past the third grade.
How the fuck are you gonna build a 400-meter tunnel? No, brother.
I love you, but we're hitters.
That's what we do.
Not forever.
Guess we're building a fucking tunnel.
- Let's do it.
We'll start today.
You like the fourth grade? I'm in fifth now.
Fair enough.
To fifth grade.
Here's your rig.
All right.
Here we go.
Let's see what's out there.
Follow me.
Félix Gallardo.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
He's just going to pat him down.
You like killing Americans, Pancho, huh? Good? [IN SPANISH.]
All right.
Follow me.
It's okay.
Hand me that.
I'll be back.
How goes it? Well, it's going, sir.
I wasn't sure we'd pull it off, but here we are.
- [CHAPO.]
Of course.
I found the best contractor in Tijuana! Run! [WORKERS COUGHING.]
Come out! Come out! Come out! What the fuck happened? And Juan? Where's Juan? [WORKERS COUGHING.]
Uh They must be all in my room.
So this guy goes on the stand today.
He's gonna lay it all out.
So I was thinking maybe we could celebrate tonight.
Uh, Danny has a sleepover.
Okay, well maybe some other time.
You know, me and him had a really good time fishing the other day.
What is it? You know this isn't how this works, right? Just 'cause Greg took him fishing doesn't mean you can just show up - and do the same thing.
- Hey, look, I didn't mean [ALEJANDRA.]
What do you want, Walt? Coming here, sending money every month.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to make sure the two of you are taken care of.
That's what he would've wanted.
Look, I get it.
He was your brother.
But you're not responsible for us.
And I'm trying to move on here.
I'm not doing so good with that.
How about you talk to me about your work? Take down enough of these assholes to get even? There is no even.
Look, Walt Greg was an addict.
That's what got him killed.
Not you.
I still fucking miss him.
Listen, uh the way things are working out with this case, I'm gonna have my pick of spots.
And I may get posted back up here.
Now, I understand that it's hard for you, but I'd really like to be a part of Danny's life.
Okay? I think it'd be good for him.
Danny would like that.
I appreciate it.
We had a good time up behind.
It'll kill the fire.
Wait! Where are you taking me? To the airplane.
No, no.
No way I'm getting in there.
I'd rather talk out here.
He's traveling through, about to take off in ten minutes.
I'm not getting aboard.
You talk on the plane, or not at all.
The man who made Mexico matter.
Gotta stop meeting in the jungle like this.
Have a seat.
Take a seat.
I'll translate.
He said you have to stop meeting in the jungle like this.
with this whole Camarena thing.
Made yourself dinner talk in D.
It's an unfortunate event.
an unfortunate event.
That's one way of putting it.
Tell him I've got what he needs in here.
he's got what you Oh, no, I got it.
You've already done so much, Señor Félix.
You got onto my plane.
What? - [MAN.]
Man who killed a federal agent? - Let's go.
What? Guess not as smart as they say.
What's he saying? Wait, wait! Listen carefully, my friend.
I don't need your fucking coke money.
It's not worth nearly as much to me as flying you back to the States and dropping you like a trussed hog in the DEA lobby.
I get all kinds of love from Justice, some good PR for the agency.
Now if you don't want to go Will you translate? What's he saying? I can have Rick here discharge his firearm into your temple and bury you in the jungle.
Wait! Put that down! Tell him to open it! There's something in here you need.
Open it.
Tell him to open it! [CLEARS THROAT.]
What the fuck? Maps.
Of the routes I'll use to fly your guns through the region.
One of Matta's planes was shot down, correct? And your Congress knows about it? [IN SPANISH.]
How long before that comes back to Matta? How long before your whole arms program here is torched because of it? [IN SPANISH.]
I'll take over his entire organization.
It will be mine.
I'll make sure you'll continue to get your guns and money.
But I'll hide them in one of my shell companies.
See what I'm getting at? The investigation won't matter.
Imagine: new routes, new airstrips.
Your program goes on, and no one will know.
to say it's been eons since someone actually surprised me.
What did he say? [INTERPRETS IN SPANISH.]
That's good.
So do we have a deal? hanging over your head, hmm? [INTERPRETS IN SPANISH.]
you won't get a visit from the DEA in the middle of the night, leaving me back where I started? [IN SPANISH.]
Wait, wait! The DEA, I understood.
The DEA worries me a lot.
This is the deal: I take care of this, you take care of the DEA.
The CIA can manage that, right? Arce, you provided your answers in private interviews with law enforcement, so you'll just be confirming your testimony for the grand jury.
Understood? Yes.
You owned the house at 881 Lope de Vega Street where DEA Special Agent Enrique Camarena was murdered? Yes.
But that was not your only involvement in the murder, correct? Yes.
Is it your understanding that Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo approved the murder of Special Agent Camarena? No.
But in your interviews, you said, explicitly, that Mr.
Félix Gallardo gave the order.
You understand, Mr.
Zuno Arce, if you deny again, you can be charged with perjury in front of a grand jury, which is a felony.
I have never met Félix Gallardo.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
We can't use any of Zuno's testimony if he doesn't stand behind it in open court.
Information is still valuable, Jack.
Yeah, and we have names that we didn't have before.
Then we use it.
Treat Zuno like a source.
Take what we got from him and keep going, Walt.
- All right, moving forward, do you - [DOOR OPENS.]
Sorry to interrupt, Jack.
Just wanted to come down and thank all these good people for all their hard work.
Now, where is the man who tagged the big buck, the one who got Zuno in cuffs? This is Agent Breslin.
He's been heading up Operation Leyenda.
- Ted Kaye, State.
- Mr.
Ah, please, Ted.
You did a heck of a job down there, Agent Breslin.
Boy, that thing with the plane? Whoo.
As my kid says, a little too much for my liking, awesome.
People needed to know what happened down there, and now they do, - thanks to you.
- Thank you, sir.
We were just discussing how to move forward.
- Move forward? - [LAWN.]
My people tell me that Zuno is going down for the kidnapping, torture and murder of Kiki Camarena.
That's correct, sir Yeah, so he'll be spending the rest of his life in prison.
The nephew of the Minister of Defense? That's a big win.
Black eye for the PRI.
You want us to end the investigation? I mean, your star witness fell apart, Jack.
This doctor is making noise about illegal kidnapping, so I don't, you know All due respect, these assholes killed one of our agents.
With approval from some of the most powerful men in Mexico.
Okay, hold on, Jack.
You gotta be careful with that kind of talk.
Read the testimony, sir.
Okay, look the fact is we all wanted more.
Right? The American people wanted more, so we just gotta look to other ways to find it.
Now we've got this new anti-drug abuse bill that's gonna cost Mexico a lot of money.
- Money? - [KAYE.]
They get a bad grade on our certification standards or lose millions in aid.
We shove it right down their throats.
A bad grade, huh? Man, you're unbelievable.
- Excuse me? - Agent Breslin No, I have men on my team, Mexicans who have risked their lives and their families, thinking that we could make a change down there.
But maybe the problem isn't down there.
Maybe the problem is that you guys just don't give a shit.
Well, check out Serpico here.
Whatever you and your Mexican friends did down there, it didn't work.
Your whole entire damn operation, Agent Breslin, is a shit sandwich.
Now, I came in here to put a little mustard on it for you, so you could smile, pretend to chew, and we could all go home friends.
But I see you're not that type of guy, so let me just be clear.
You call up your team from Guadalajara, and you crawl back into whatever cage they let you out of.
And you be happy that you still have a job.
For now.
All right.
Have some drinks on Uncle Sam.
Your work here is done.
Again, great job.
Fucking Ivy League piece of maggot shit.
Come on, honey.
Lunch is ready.
Bro it's over.
No point digging him out of a perfectly good grave.
We need to get the hell out of here.
I don't give a fuck.
He's blocking my tunnel.
We have to see the signs.
We can't keep going.
Chapo, is that Juan? This is the sign, Cochi.
He who perseveres, conquers.
Appreciate you coming back to Juárez, Pablo.
I mean it.
Gave me no choice, Dopey.
All a man's got is his word, no? Hello, love.
Hello, gorgeous.
- How are you? - Hi, Amado.
That's how you greet a lady? Hello, Mimi.
He didn't know I was coming, did he? Thought you two could get to know each other.
Besides, who doesn't like surprises? - Isn't he a pain in the ass? - [CHUCKLES.]
Time for a smoke.
Just gotta add a little something, so it's nice and perfect.
Mind smoking that outside, hon? That's fine.
I'll just fuck off for a bit.
Amado You know as well as I, Pablo doesn't wanna be here.
I think it's time he settles down.
Are you trying to get him killed? You know people don't retire in our line of work.
Yeah, well, Pablo's not most "people.
" You know that.
You just here to put that nonsense in his head? He gets to come home for good, and you get to run Juárez.
And I don't have to watch him risk his life for this bullshit anymore.
You got some balls.
I mean I know what you mean.
He pisses me off.
But yeah, I like him.
Well Look, I'm just trying to look out for him.
To protect him.
I could use your help.
Look, Mimi if Pablo decides to get out I can't protect him from Félix.
Not you, not anybody.
You want him safe? Then we have to keep him in Juárez.
It's the only way.
Understand? Okay.
I'll do what I can.
Don't worry, boss.
We'll figure it out.
Your friend, what's he like? He's a piece of shit.
But at this point Set it up.
You got it.
Why are you up? Can't sleep? [GROANS.]
Five a.
roll call in prison right about now.
You look the same.
Well, maybe a little more tired, but the same.
Gee, thanks.
Well, it's tiring trying to protect this family.
Try sitting in prison.
Then talk to me about "protecting family.
" You regret it? Yes.
Can't get back the time I lost.
But it was my call, no? Not Benjamín's.
Or Ramón's.
Must be nice making your own choices.
It's become more apparent to me that all we've got are the choices we make.
why the fuck you've been following me, hmm? Walt.
Don't believe we've met.
Yeah, well, I know who you are.
Sit down.
- Take it easy.
- Sit the fuck down.
Buy you a drink? - One Scotch.
- Okay, sir.
Why are you here? I'm an Astros fan.
Thought I'd catch a game.
Yeah? Astros are in St.
Louis through the weekend, shithead.
You know why I'm here.
To make sure Zuno doesn't talk.
You gonna shoot me, Walt? Well, you just gave me a good goddamn reason to.
That deal was made a thousand miles over my head.
I'm just the one who made sure it went down smooth.
You're not helping your cause, man.
I did not have a choice.
You know I went after Félix when Kiki died.
A lot of questions about how he got away.
Well, they were not wrong.
Your boys brought me in because they trusted me.
Shit, I even liked Kiki.
But you got a taste of how Félix operates.
One second you're in control You made a choice.
Well, I've been trying to live that down ever since.
What's that house you go to, Walt? I mean, I didn't expect you to be a family man.
Cute kid.
What do you want? Félix still thinks he owns me.
Means I can help you.
Yeah? I think you've helped enough already.
Look, if it wasn't me, it'd be somebody else.
Until you get help from the inside, you're gonna keep running into a brick wall just like Kiki.
Those pieces of shit are gonna get away with killing him, Walt.
My intel, your men and resources.
We're gonna make those motherfuckers pay.
You know, I'm not in the habit of trusting a cop working for the biggest narco in Mexico, but good luck with that.
Well, if you ever get serious give me a call.
Sergio didn't mention you were so pretty.
Nice to meet you.
Please, join me.
Thank you, that's all.
Would you like anything to drink? No, thank you.
How can I help you? I hear you've got a six-figure debt at the tracks.
Well, yeah I pick winners on occasion.
Well, I've got product that can pay it off.
Just need you to move it.
Moving coke without the brothers' approval? That's a big risk.
Split's 60/40.
Fair, considering you need me.
And the money.
Forty percent? We've got a deal.
But I'd like to get to know you better first and then I'll move your coke.
I've got a shower in the back big enough for the both of us.
Who the fuck are you? Hello.
Think you could make a deal in my town without me knowing? And with this piece of shit? Enedina, she came to me.
You ever been shot in the nuts, Nieves? I understand it's the most painful thing you can do to a man.
They explode like grapes.
A bullet in each of them if you step out on us again.
Is that clear, man? Absolutely.
Take her.
Let go of me! Fuck, Enedina! I told you to leave Tijuana.
You obviously don't know me.
I'll move your coke.
But make no mistake I call the shots.
All right, let's do it.
Hey, hold up.
Hold up.
You built that? Honestly, I didn't think you could do it.
But you still stuck by me.
I'm gonna need people like you.
Half a fucking tunnel, and you think you're a boss.
Fucking Chapo.
Shut that off.
What's up, Palma? Hey, Palma.
This is Welcome to my tunnel.
I call it "Cocaine Alley.
" "Cocaine Alley " Boss, we move the coke through here instead of the port, and we save a lot of dough.
This is good work, Chapito.
What're you assholes waiting for? Get to fucking work.
Dig! Your nephew shared your name with them.
If the Americans didn't know what a piece of shit you were, they do now.
We need to make sure the party still supports you.
So, what do we do? [TIRES SQUEAL.]
Let's go.
Rather than having the CIA do it, Félix decided to have his partner, the Minister of Defense, tip off Matta's location to the DEA, giving the U.
a big victory in the war on drugs and getting the minister back in the party's good graces.
Not to mention, Félix was right about the shit-storm Matta's plane would cause.
But by the time you heard about the secret arms for hostages deal known as the Iran-Contra Affair, it didn't matter.
Félix had already filled the void.
Even with Matta gone, the flow of guns didn't miss a beat.
And Félix not only got a new partner, he also took control of one more leg of the business, the coke routes into Mexico.
Yeah, Félix sure knew how to make the most of his old buddies.
He used them to crush Leyenda and strengthen his leverage with the Colombians in one move.
We're done.
State put a bullet in us.
A couple weeks to close up shop and put in for new assignments.
Finally get this motherfucker's name, and we can't do shit about it.
Well, that's pretty much the shape of it.
- [KENNY.]
Y'all see this shit? - What? They arrested Matta-Ballesteros.
Did you know about this? Not a fucking clue.
One of Félix's partners goes down, and we don't know a goddamn thing about it? They made a fucking deal.
Your people, his people, they make trades.
We get fucked.
There's nothing we can do? It's over? COMMANDER FEDERAL JUDICIAL POLICE [BRESLIN.]
No, it's not over.
Not yet.

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