Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Se cay el sistema

Félix Gallardo came to my ranch sometime back with Don Neto.
That'd be Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo? Yeah.
Always liked Neto.
Not smart enough, I guess.
Félix was talking about weed.
Building something.
Full of the same old shit.
And then what happened? Félix gets in with these motherfuckers in Colombia, Mexico City.
That's a new kind of shit.
They're the ones fucking everything up.
And you can give me their names? Oh, yeah.
Pablo my newspaper will print it.
The Sun-Times has a good history with that.
But you're making some serious accusations here.
Dangerous accusations.
Why are you doing this? These assholes Félix, his Mexico City friends, are desperate.
The whole thing is, uh shaky.
One kick in the right spot As long as you're sure.
Next question.
What do you have on the Palma thing? [EL AZUL.]
You were right.
Clavel tipped him.
Turns out he was fucking the wife.
You see this fucking Acosta article? We need to find him now.
Acosta's pissed off a lot of people.
We'll get him.
Yeah, but when? Uh You have any idea what this could do to us? We lose the election, we lose protection.
Americans back at my throat.
These people looking for him, they'll find him.
They'd better.
- Are you there? - [KNOCKING.]
- [MAN.]
Wake the fuck up.
[MAN 2.]
Every time I use someone else's shitter, they're out of fucking paper.
Look who's up.
Special Agent Breslin.
You always start your day with a little B and E, Breslin? The window was open.
Thought I'd take a look around.
Who the fuck are you guys? This thing real, Sacksy? [SCOFFS.]
Shit feels like tin.
It's DEA.
One step up from park ranger.
Out of Houston.
How's that "War on Drugs" coming, sport? You boys about to declare victory? Yeah.
Any day now.
The fuck are you doing here? I'm looking for the girl who lives here.
What about? Known associate sort of thing.
[MAN 2.]
Hoping she'll steer you to Pablo Acosta? You guys are onto him? What, are you working a US warrant? Never mind what we're working.
What does FBI want with Acosta? I mean, shouldn't you guys be bagging some rich asshole for miscounting his money? Well, let's just say we got a call from some decision-makers.
Asked us to set up a joint-op with the MexFeds.
[MAN 2.]
But we make the calls.
See, we've got the kind of say-so you low-rent powder cops only dream about down there.
Check this out.
You know they got dogs at the airport that can do your job now? [LAUGHS.]
[MAN 2.]
That don't bother you? No.
They're smart dogs.
Well, it's been a real pleasure here, boys, but I gotta get going.
Sit down.
Sit the fuck down.
Now, you don't play along, we turn gears in DC, and you end up chained to a fucking desk in Tulsa.
Look, I ain't got shit.
I got tipped off that Acosta was looking to turn.
I thought maybe his girl would help me find him.
Now I got nothing.
My play's fucked, so You guys want him? Take him.
Plenty of other dirtbags out there in the world for me to go after.
Special agent's starting to catch on, Sacksy.
Making the right noises.
So am I free to go? Acosta or his girl reach out to you You'll be my first call.
Well, good luck with him.
He's a fucking wild one.
- Harder they come - The harder we come.
That's disgusting.
A huge turnout is expected for today's presidential election, as polling stations across the country prepare to open Good morning, Félix.
Leave us.
Five minutes.
This is my office.
Our friends want to make sure today goes smoothly, so I'm going to observe.
I understand.
I'm not sure you do.
They saw this interview, Pablo Acosta.
- One of your - It's being handled.
Traffickers giving interviews.
Another article like that, doesn't matter what you pull off today.
There it is.
It's just what you asked for.
You can call it anti-SNIPE.
A duplicate version of SNIPE that displays false election results.
Each version has its own password.
Enter one get fake results, where we seem to be winning.
But enter the other one get the real results.
You need to get Lupita some money.
Tell her to take the kids and lay low.
And that I love her.
I'll take care of it, don't worry.
I want to put a bullet in those sons of bitches for what they did to you and Cochi.
Chapito, listen to me.
This shit with Félix it's all good for us.
We just have to wait it out.
When the time comes, we'll have to get in line to put a bullet in his head.
Polls are now open nationwide.
We'll be reporting throughout the day on the numbers.
At 6 p.
local time Think it's too early for a drink? [REPORTER CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY.]
Hello? [PACHO.]
You sound tired, Félix.
What can I do for you, Pacho? Hold on a second.
The reason I'm calling is your load is ready.
My what? Hold on The coke? [PACHO.]
You didn't plan on asking for the 70 tons, did you? Of course, I just didn't think you'd get it together so fast.
But you said you needed the money, so I got it done.
Consider it a personal favor.
It's not a problem, is it? No, of course not.
Don't worry.
I'd hate to see you step in your own bullshit.
Félix you do know what happens if you fuck this up? [PHONE RINGS.]
- Hello? - It's me.
How many times have I told you not to call? Wait! Don't hang up.
This affects you and the kids.
Go ahead, I'm listening.
I asked the Colombians for more product.
Seventy tons.
- Seventy? - [FÉLIX.]
You can imagine what would happen if I can't get it through.
And I need the government to do it, which only happens if I win tonight.
Win the election, Miguel? Yeah.
You understand? 'Cause if this falls apart, they'll come after everything.
You understand? [CHILDREN LAUGHING.]
You don't have to explain.
You can't keep doing this, Miguel Ángel, making promises you can't keep.
I'm working on it.
Good luck, Miguel.
could be holed up on either side.
We're guessing they're trying to pin him down here, let the MexFeds do the dirty work.
Well, they're definitely not looking to put him in cuffs.
But maybe that'll give me a play.
You know, I could offer protection.
As long as we take down Acosta.
We were so goddamn close.
- What else you got? - [BRESLIN.]
Just the girl.
Who knows where the fuck she is? [IN SPANISH.]
Thank you.
Your dessert, my sweet.
Look who's here.
My little desert flower.
You look terrible.
How'd you find me? The article.
You said you were in a safe place.
I know you love it here.
Or you said too much.
It's fine, don't worry.
It's insane, Pablo.
You lit their house on fire.
What'd you expect was gonna happen? Talk to me.
What are you doing here? Huh? Besides smoking that shit till your brain's fried? That why you left me? Come.
Take a walk with me.
Amado! Call for you.
From who? [MAN.]
It's the boss.
Yeah? I just got a call from Pacho.
The load is ready now.
I agreed to pick it up Friday.
Friday? Boss, there's no way we'll be ready.
Figure it out.
Because if you don't, we're both dead, you understand? What is that, Pablo? Buried treasure? [ACOSTA.]
Cold as the river.
This where you took all the girls when you were a little shit? [CHUCKLES.]
How old do you think this beer is? [CHUCKLES.]
So you left me so you could talk with this reporter? No.
Not the only reason.
You've seen what they're capable of.
I didn't want anyone coming after you.
But I was always gonna find you after it was done.
I promise.
But no more bullshit, Pablo.
you tell me everything, or I'll drown you with your sack of old fucking beers.
What happened to the deal with the DEA? [ACOSTA IN SPANISH.]
This interview will be better.
Everyone believes the American press.
But, Pablo, you didn't say anything they can't deny.
'Cause it's the first article, baby.
There's a whole series.
They're gonna put them out one by one.
Huh? Each with more dirt than the last.
Gonna pick those sons of bitches apart till there's nothing left.
See those bluffs? Only one road through them, and I got eyes on it all the time.
They gotta cross the Rio Grande to get to me.
These are my people, Mimi.
This is my fucking fortress.
I know Félix is going to come after me at some point.
I can wait here, long as it takes, watching those articles go off like fucking bombs.
Boom, boom, boom.
Blow his shit up.
ain't any crazier than usual.
Everything okay? The first results are starting to come in.
run a clean election in a country that's been defined by corruption? Transparency.
In 1988, the Mexican election was gonna be unlike any that had preceded it.
Election monitors were placed at each polling station and logged all the votes on a single document called an "acta" or tally sheet.
That way they could quickly call in the numbers to the mainframe.
The computer tabulated them and sent the results upstairs to the observation room, where the results terminal displayed them for the reporters and opposition parties.
The most important among them for the FDN, working for Cárdenas, former congressman Francisco Ovando.
Now every political party and journalist would have the results in real time.
Because the vote was closely monitored, it felt aboveboard, a new era of transparency.
See all this glistening new tech? It has to be fair.
Or at least that's what they wanted everyone to think.
How's he seem to you? Little tweaked, but okay.
He's ready.
For what? Whatever comes.
me you got something.
It's me, Walt.
You got that deal you promised Pablo? [BRESLIN.]
I got it right here.
Do you know where he is? Listen, Mimi, I'm not the only one looking for him, but I'm the only one that can keep him alive.
Santa Elena.
You gotta come from the American side.
Show me.
PRI's getting killed in Mexico City.
Switch it over.
You're doing better than I thought in Mexico City.
Still a ways to go, Francisco.
These poor assholes had no idea they were looking at fake results.
And then, now this is important, they were sending that bullshit out into the world.
We're getting word now on results from the new SNIPE system.
Because people are watching these news reports all over the country.
PRI is seeing a huge surge in Mexico City.
they see the PRI's winning again, what do you think they'll do? Say, "Fuck it.
I don't need to vote.
It's a done deal.
PRI's gonna win yet again.
" It's called voter suppression.
Something we have a little experience with up north.
Make it easier for those whose vote you can count on.
Make it harder for those you can't.
That's how you rig an election without leaving a lick of evidence.
Internal party polling confirms that voting outside Mexico City is down.
It's working.
At 8:00 p.
, we'll have de la Madrid go on TV to call the election in [BLEEP.]
Once he's in office, I expect to be his first call.
What do you have for me? I've got news from our friends in Juárez.
Even with swollen feet, the man can still dance.
Remember the day we met? Yes.
Party just like this.
Only white girl for miles.
Everyone looking at me strange.
Not how I was looking at you.
I saw you with different eyes.
Hurry up.
We don't have all fucking day.
One hundred pallets? It's set.
Boss? Can you come have a look at number four? There's something with the electrical.
Can't I drink my fucking coffee in peace? Calm down.
Let me see them.
Scroll down.
What the hell was that? That what? There were different results on the screen.
- What are you talking about, Francisco? - Those look like passwords! Please don't touch my workstation.
I was making adjustments to the software, they're code.
Right, they're code.
Then enter them.
Let's see what happens.
Go on.
Do it! - What's going on? - Don't yell at me! What's going on? There were different results on the screen.
That's what's going on! They're trying to screw us again! - Stop! Stop right there! - No, I'm looking for Mimi.
It's okay.
He's a friend of Pablo's.
get Pablo out of here now.
You got someone else looking for him? FBI, joint-op with MexFeds.
They're not fucking around.
Shut it down! Turn it off, goddamn it! It can't just be shut down.
Show everyone what you're doing.
Let's go.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh, you don't? - We have to find the Minister.
Let me enter them.
This is government property.
You do not come near it! Hold on a second.
Wait! What happened? What just happened? - What did you do? - [MOREÑO.]
The screens shut off.
Fucking piece of shit! We strip it down, find the short, go cable by cable.
There's four kilometers of cables on this plane, boss.
You want to take a break or something? - No, boss.
- No? - No.
- You want to tell Félix his coke isn't coming because we couldn't fix a goddamn wire? - No, boss.
- All right, then.
Get started.
Yes, boss.
Those sons of bitches have been pulling this shit for too long! You don't know what you're talking about! You're the one manipulating the computers! Gentlemen.
Quiet, please.
Thank you.
I've been down to the mainframe.
It seems we've had a technical problem.
Our system crashed.
Secretary, what does that mean? Moreño, please explain.
Go on.
The code we are utilizing is a complex system with a lot of data.
And it overwhelmed the mainframe.
He's covering! He doesn't want us to see what he was doing with the passwords.
It's bullshit! Francisco, I'm going to ask you to please not use that kind of language here.
It's a technical issue, and it's out of our hands.
Now if you'll excuse me.
It's a lie.
You know it's a lie! [MAN.]
Maybe it's like the Apple III.
Apple III, my ass! It's not fucking true! [TRADITIONAL MEXICAN MUSIC PLAYING.]
It's the federal police.
Hello, you sons of bitches! [LAUGHS.]
been waiting to say that? All right, only the ones with guns, Wheels! You are good to return fire.
Run! Everybody grab one! [ALL SCREAMING.]
Hurry! [GRUNTS.]
Hurry! Let's go! [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
Meet them at the square.
[PILOT 2.]
Copy that.
Where's Acosta? - I don't know! Keep that fat boy rolling! [GRUNTS.]
It's right there, Walt! Just a hundred yards more! - Hold on! - Come on! Wait.
Pablo Acosta! Acosta! [GRUNTS.]
All right.
Come on, let's go.
Gonna take a lot to get Acosta, fuckers! [PILOT 3.]
Chopper Two.
We've got eyes on Acosta! He's on the north end of town.
Meet at the rallying point.
We're gonna surround him.
We are receiving reports of irregularities with the SNIPE system.
Questions have arisen regarding the validity of the results.
It's all fucked.
This is just going to drive them all back to the polls.
Can't we restart it? So they can see what we were doing? - There's something - The computer's done, Félix.
It's over! So are you.
That's Pablo's house.
- Look, we're not gonna make it.
- I'm going.
No, Mimi.
You can't.
Come here.
Come here.
Run! Look, I gotta get you out of here.
No, I'm not leaving him here, Walt.
Just give me some time to figure something out.
- Okay? Look at me.
Look at me.
- I'm not going! Go with them down to the church, and I'll come find you.
All right? - I'm not going, Walt.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
Trust me.
Take your positions! Establish the perimeter! [MAN 2.]
To the left! Come on! "Just Say No.
" A day late and a peso short.
Guys, listen.
Instead of doubling down on civilian casualties, how about I go in there and talk to him? See if I can end this thing peacefully.
What movie you've been watching, sport? See all that metal we took from these beaners? Señor Acosta's not going anywhere peacefully.
Fuck off back to whatever bullshit buy-bust you were on.
Leave him to the FBI.
Hey, are you sure you haven't seen my hat? [WHEELER.]
I don't know where your fucking hat is at, Sacks.
- Here's your fucking hat.
Hold your positions! clowns couldn't be in charge.
They sure like to pretend they are.
Typical gringos.
Not here, Walt.
What do you want? A fucking heads-up would've been nice.
I should give you a heads-up after you lied to me? I couldn't tell you at the time.
Oh, yeah? And when exactly did you plan on coming clean? After you got Acosta out and Félix came asking why I didn't stop it? Because I would've been dead by then.
You lie to me, you get me fucking killed.
I screwed up.
But shit's changed now.
All right, you got cover.
The FBI, the gringos.
Your boys in Mexico City, they opened the door, they invited us in.
All you have to say is these two dipshits opened their mouth, and someone in FBI tipped DEA.
Okay, I showed up, I fucked everything up, I got him across the border, he disappears up north.
No skin off your back.
You want to take down Félix? This is it.
All right? Give me five minutes in there, and I swear to you I can get him to take this deal.
I take Acosta off the table, I get more pull with Félix.
We go back to what we were doing with better intel.
- No.
Bullshit! - That's how Félix goes down.
You listen to me, Walt.
Pablo Acosta is gonna die.
Do you hear me? That's what you wanted.
What the fuck is this? It's a tracking device.
It's hard trying to impress these people.
I'm just a poor girl from Durango in a thousand-dollar dress.
You're an ex-cop who became a drug dealer.
Like we know shit about computers or elections.
So busy pretending, we forgot who we were.
Anyway, I was rooting for you.
We still have time.
We just need to change them.
There's not enough time to change ballots, Félix.
No, not the ballots.
We need to change these the tally sheets.
There are thousands of precincts.
How the hell are you going to get to them all? [EL AZUL.]
Boss wants a word.
Miguel Ángel.
What's up, my friend? Where have you been? Can we talk? Chapo, look I know what happened with Palma was unfortunate.
But we need to move past it.
We're more than a Federation, Chapo.
Sometimes we fight, have our differences, but in the end we're still family.
Family? Is that why you had Cochiloco killed? He gave me no choice, you know that.
Fuck that, that's bullshit! [FÉLIX.]
Look I understand you're angry, but if our people don't win this election, we all go down.
The Federation's over.
I need your help right now.
Well, if you want us to still be "family," as you say, let Héctor Palma come back.
No questions asked.
Okay, Chapo.
You do this for me, I'll consider it.
What do you need? [BENJAMÍN.]
And what's in it for my family? What's in it for ? Look, Benjamín we can't continue this way.
- What are you talking about? - [FÉLIX.]
What am I talking about? I need plaza bosses who I can turn to for advice.
People I know I can trust and trust me.
That means, going forward, I'll be giving you the kind of say in our business you've always wanted.
We're gonna need a lot more cocaine.
And we're never sharing the plaza again with anyone.
What do you need me to do? [CALDERONI OVER BULLHORN.]
Pablo Acosta! This is Commander Guillermo Calderoni of the Federal Judicial Police.
You're surrounded on all sides.
Come out with your hands in the air! [ACOSTA.]
Go fuck your mother, Calderoni! You want me, come in and get me! Stop! Cease fire! Get the gasoline.
DEA! I'm going in! No, no, no, no, no.
Hold your fire! [IN SPANISH.]
It's a DEA agent.
Stand the fuck down, Breslin! Pablo, it's Walt! I'm coming in! [GRUNTS.]
That took some fucking balls.
Hey, it's okay.
They won't shoot with the gringo inside.
Get two glasses.
to say must be important.
US attorney in Houston.
Full immunity.
Witness protection with the highest reimbursement we've ever offered.
Guarantee for Mimi's protection.
Gonna throw in a couple cartons of Mexican Marlboros every month.
You sign these papers, I walk you out that door.
We cross the river.
We get in my car.
And you and Mimi start a new life in the US.
And this night was one big bad fucking dream.
They're going to shoot me the second I walk out that door.
Not with me standing in front of you.
In Mexico, these assholes are in charge.
Once we get you across that river, you're in my custody.
You're safe.
You'd do that? Stand in front of me? [BRESLIN.]
I walked in here, didn't I? Mimi told me your plan.
She okay? Yeah.
She's safe.
At the church.
She's waiting for you.
I imagine still trying to figure out how much of what you told her is bullshit.
And so am I.
I spoke with the reporter Poppa.
There's no more articles coming.
You've said all you were gonna say.
I'm not a fucking snitch.
I figured that's why I never heard from you.
It's also why I didn't just risk my life trying to get you to sign some fucking plea deal.
The reporter also told me about that roof you built on the school here.
The little girl whose eye surgery you paid for.
All your good deeds, man.
You're not a bad guy.
What's it matter now? Mimi's pregnant, Pablo.
I swore up and down I wouldn't tell you.
But you deserve to know.
The world's a fucked up place, man.
Code or no code.
But I'm telling you, you going out there and dying, that ain't gonna change anything.
And yes, I want you to talk.
But it's not about that anymore, man.
You sign those papers, you can still be with your girl and your kid.
Do it for your fucking kid, man.
Don't shoot! Coming out! [IN SPANISH.]
Keep your guns up! [CALDERONI.]
What the fuck do you think you're doing, Walt? I told you, I'm getting him across the river.
You are on Mexican soil.
You stand down.
What are you gonna do? Shoot me? [CHAPO IN SPANISH.]
Add a zero right there, please.
Get out! Add a zero to PRI.
Shoot me.
Get to the river, Pablo, and we're good.
Let's go.
Cover him! Maintain your positions! [PANTING.]
Pablo, what are you doing? Tell her I'm sorry.
What? No.
What? No.
Get down, Walt.
Pablo, no.
- Get down.
Now! - No.
You got one thing right, Breslin.
Guy was hard as they come.
Ran like a fucking bull.
What the hell did you think would happen? You'd get him out with 30 cops standing around? [BRESLIN.]
I got pretty fucking close, didn't I? [CALDERONI.]
Like it would matter.
They would never let him talk.
You know all that shit you said about what Félix did to you? You're more interested in protecting those assholes in Mexico City.
You really think it's that simple, huh? You, Camarena, and these FBI idiots, you're all the fucking same.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
You think you can come down here and fix it 'cause you got balls and some fancy paperwork, but you have no clue what you're up against.
Why you're always getting people killed.
That a threat? It's a warning.
Just take a look at how your little plan went down here, Walt.
You should quit while you're ahead.
Yeah, well, I got a couple days off.
Maybe I'll head back up to Houston and do some fishing.
You're a smart man.
Maybe you'll catch more there than you ever will here.
Goodbye, Walt.
Acosta's dead.
Happened about a half hour ago.
Thought you'd want to know.
They put Pablo's body on ice flew him in the chopper back to the church where the townspeople honored him one last time and then carried him to a cemetery on the hill where a thousand more people were waiting.
At about the same time, Mexico's most corrupt and controversial election was coming to an end.
What they did was so goddamn brazen.
Adding a fucking zero to the tally sheets gave them thousands of extra votes with a stroke of a pen.
Immediately, there were protests and hearings.
Years later, even former President de la Madrid would admit that there had been fraud.
But then it was impossible to prove because they had burned all the ballots.
And the one man who could've done something about it wound up dead.
So the fraud hadn't gone away just changed its stripes.
Less predictable, more evil.
Because history's got a way of finding just the right assholes to shake things up.
Well done, Félix.
Guys who can take a robbery designed to go down under the cover of darkness and pull it off in broad fucking daylight.
There weren't no more articles, were there? No.
How far along? [IN SPANISH.]
Ten weeks.
It's gonna be a boy.
Looks like we don't have to go into hiding.
Hiding? We won.
Join me.
I'll buy you a coffee.
Listen, no more delusions of grandeur.
I deal with what's in front of me.
And what's that? Well, keeping my organization healthy.
My people happy.
The kids.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Fair enough.
In the meantime, I'll take that coffee.
Óscar, a coffee for the lady.
Right away, sir.
With milk.

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