Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Growth, Prosperity, and Liberation

1 Oh, look who's here.
She finally calmed down.
She's been crying since you left.
- Oh, yeah? - Yes.
- She's acting like she's sleeping.
- Yes! The genius is out back waiting for you.
"Genius"? Can I come? - No, you can't go out there.
- You're staying with me.
Hey! Working too hard or what? Look.
What? Fuck.
No seeds.
Told you it was possible.
Told you it was possible! Fuck, what are we gonna do with this? Get super fucking high.
It's nice being here.
Reminds me of how things were.
You hated the way things were.
You hated it here.
I did.
Abril's having a recital at the school on Tuesday.
You should come.
Really? You don't mind? She wants her father to be there.
So I want you to be with her, too.
That's good.
Well, how about this I'll go, but in return, can you come somewhere with me? An event for the election in Mexico City.
Don't make this a negotiation.
That's not what I meant.
I already said I'm going.
I'm asking you because I want you there with me.
Why'd you come back here? Tell me the truth.
And don't say it's me.
Someone tried to kill me.
Who? Juan Nepomuceno Guerra.
I tried to cut a deal with the Gulf.
Tried to outmaneuver the Colombians, but I fucked up, and he outmaneuvered me.
That's why you took on this shipment.
Somehow prove you could still win.
Oh, Miguel You're never going to change.
Maybe I will.
Give me a chance? You know, I haven't forgotten what I did to you.
Neither have I.
I'm sorry.
So what are you going to do? This shipment doesn't get through, there won't be a you.
And if it does? I'll be on top.
I'm almost there.
Where is "there"? And what happens when you arrive? Drug trafficking works like any other business: supply and demand.
Supply starts in Colombia, America's got no shortage of demand, and Mexico plays the middleman.
That's the model.
And like any other business, traffickers are always trying to scale up.
Bring as much of the supply to the demand as you can.
You can move one, why not ten? Move ten, why not a hundred? You ain't going up, you're going out.
In 1987, it was estimated that 140 tons were smuggled into the United States.
Félix was planning on moving half of that in one night.
Seventy fucking tons.
How's that for scaling up? Fuck being the middleman.
Félix was about to reshuffle the deck.
Have you heard? About what? Félix is about to move 70 tons of cocaine through Juárez.
How do you know this? Might be asking the wrong question.
I heard it from a friend.
You didn't.
What do you think that means? He's back to keeping secrets.
Fucking Juárez.
Fucking Félix.
Seventy tons? A shipment that big? And he fucking pulls it off If this fucker pulls this off, we're as good as dead.
Then, God willing, someone puts a bullet in him first.
So anyone Félix had ever wronged, anyone who ever stood in his way you've gotta believe they were rooting against him now.
- What's up? - Good afternoon.
What's up? Everything's good.
'Cause if Félix pulled this off, the past would be that.
Left behind.
Somehow forgotten.
Someone told me you were looking for me.
You're still down in Mexico? I, uh thought you were coming home.
It's, uh it's complicated.
I'm working on something really big here, so Good, I'm I'm glad.
Walt, that's that's good.
Listen the reason I was calling is, um a position opened up.
At the hospital out in Round Rock.
That's great news.
It's a little far, isn't it? Yeah, uh Me and Danny are moving.
You're selling the house? Yeah.
All right, well, I'd really like to come by there, you know, maybe spend some more time in Greg's space before you let it go.
Well, we sold it, so it'd have to be now.
You're moving quickly.
What What'd you do with all of Greg's things? Uh I, uh donated what I could and, um you know, a couple things I'm taking with me.
Listen, I I knew hearing this would hurt, Walt.
I'm I'm sorry.
I don't mean for it to.
But we talked about this, right? I need to move on.
It's time.
It's just gonna be really tough driving by your place and not seeing the two of you guys out front.
Look, Walt, you've been You've been torturing yourself for a long time now.
Maybe it's time that you let go of the past too.
I don't want to forget him and get on with my life like it doesn't matter that he's gone.
And nobody will.
Listen, nothing that you do is gonna make him matter more, Walt.
He already does.
Listen, I should go.
I Whatever it is that you're doing down there, I I hope you find what you're looking for.
A saying I heard once: "When you set out on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.
" But if two, why not ten? If ten, why not a hundred? Because if the past wasn't going to catch up to Félix, then it was time to force its hand.
They're all fucking coming at once, just like you thought.
We've been over the risks.
But I want to be really clear on something.
This is no longer the same job you've been hired for.
We have no support on this.
Shit goes south out there, it's on us.
Believe me, this ain't worth the shitty stipend you've been getting paid.
Some of you got kids, families.
Just because you've been helping us run surveillance and have known this asshole your whole life, doesn't mean you're locked in.
So if any of you are feeling any hesitation or nervousness, you need to tell me now.
We do this, we cripple Félix Gallardo's entire operation? Yes.
Fuck being nervous.
We'll never get this chance again.
Come on, let's do this shit.
Let's fucking cripple it.
Colombians called.
We're set for this afternoon.
We are ready for tonight.
The other plazas, you think they've heard about this shipment? Don't doubt they've heard rumors.
That worries me.
They've been struggling.
And with them helping you with the election If Cárdenas had won, we'd have all been arrested.
Don't let them fool you, Azul.
They saved themselves as much as they did me.
Right now, let's focus on Juárez.
You should maybe speak to Amado.
From what Aguilar's said, the kid seems a little off.
He's all about business.
His uncle went down, and he never said shit.
I hope that you're right.
Hey, Azul.
You got a lot of opinions today, man.
Something else on your mind? You're gambling with our lives.
Something goes wrong, it isn't just you.
We all take the fall.
That's right.
You all rose with me.
Without me, everyone is fucked.
But if we survive tonight, brace yourself.
The future is ours.
Well, I'm rooting for us.
Welcome to Chiapas.
Carrillo Fuentes.
How are you? Your pizza.
What is this? I'll need you to sign here.
What, can't take me at my word? Bullshit bureaucracy.
I've always liked jungles.
Being in touch with nature is nice.
I imagine you made quite a bit of noise, building this place.
I feel for the animals.
The big ones left when they heard us.
Only the snakes stayed.
Like you.
Which of these saucepans will be taking me home? That one.
Someone sends you very special regards.
And a big kiss.
Oh, fuck! Well, return the kiss with much love and respect.
Listen that coke is prime quality.
So don't go sticking your nose in it.
Good luck on the rest of your journey, then.
Been a pleasure, Amado.
Your wife's arrived.
Waiting for you downstairs.
Ready to fly? Which one of these do you want to take? None.
I'm staying.
Then who's going to fly the last plane? None of your business, motherfucker.
I'm glad you came.
When someone sends a jet You look beautiful.
Not bad for two kids from Sinaloa.
Let's go.
Hey, there you are.
What's up? All good? Yeah, I guess so.
Just something I can't figure out.
What's that? Why'd you have me put the transponder back on that plane? Wow.
This place is amazing, right? Where you've always wanted to be.
And here's the man that made tonight possible.
How are you? I'm glad you could join us.
Of course.
- You must be María.
- Yes.
You're so cute.
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Cecilia Rosario.
The pleasure is mine.
What a beautiful party.
And we've only just begun.
That's right.
Let me show you to your table.
What a show we're all in for tonight.
You see that gray-haired guy over there? His name is Hank González.
He made his money in banking.
Fancies airplanes, has quite an impressive fleet.
Though he'll still try and tell you his real passion's in teaching.
This way, please.
All right, everybody be safe out there.
I'll be in your ear.
Stay alert, you stay alive.
The person talking to the president is the engineer Carlos Slim.
He made a fortune in the stock market.
Known as a champion of the working man.
So, you'd have to ask him why he sells all his companies as soon as he can turn a profit.
And us? Who are we pretending to be tonight? Yourselves.
There's no more pretending.
You're friends of the party.
And that's all that really matters.
This way, please.
Plane one is wheels down.
Let's get to work.
I appreciate you all coming tonight.
Squeezing into those beautiful outfits for us.
For some of you, I know that wasn't easy.
All of you mean a great deal to my family.
We thank you for your support.
The election was a little closer than we'd hoped.
But in the end, democracy has a way of choosing its own path.
Thanks to all of you, it's chosen ours.
Thank you so much.
I think my brother'd like to say a few words.
The president.
Plane two is wheels down.
Plane one, what's the status of the cargo? Almost done unloading.
Well, hurry the fuck up.
I look around this room tonight, and I see the faces of those responsible, responsible for our great victory.
And from that victory, a new world begins.
Affirmative on the product.
Go, guys.
Good evening, asshole.
My friends, your involvement will be rewarded.
Because together, we take the first step, and join those in the first world.
United by the belief that a change is necessary for our worlds to grow, for our economies to align.
Talk to me out there, boys.
How are we looking? A great change is on the horizon.
One that will see Mexico stand as one with Europe and the Americas.
And those of us sitting here tonight will be the first to prosper.
As you join me in taking the first step, guiding Mexico into the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen, join me in raising a glass as we toast to the work yet to be done.
To the growth prosperity and liberation of a new Mexico! Liberation of a new Mexico! Move! What the fuck is this? On the fucking ground, right now, all of you! Don't make me fucking kill you.
Don't move.
I said on the fucking ground! What the fuck is this? Jesus.
The weight of these things Come on.
Let's get this done! Whoo! Yeah! Fucking thing is too heavy.
Hey, Walt! This isn't coke! Take cover! It's an ambush! You okay, Ossie? No, we're fucking pinned! We gotta move! Fucking go where? Let's head to the mountain! We'll never make it! What the fuck else are we gonna do? Hey, Walt! Wait.
The keys are in the truck, right? The fuck are you talking about? I'm fucking dying, man.
Please, Walt, let me fucking do this.
I can help you make it out.
Get me in the truck.
Walt, what the fuck are you doing? Cover me! - Where's Amat? - What? He was right behind you.
Go back to the safe house.
I'll meet you there.
Dude, let's get Amat and go the fuck home.
Sal, this is on me.
Get the fuck back to the safe house.
Go! Go! Fuck.
We got one! Fuck.
- You guys got one? - Fucker's still alive.
I never thought I would be so happy to see you.
Where's Walt? Man, get me out of here.
And I swear to God, I've never seen your face before.
I'm sorry.
I can't take that risk.
Holy shit! He came out of nowhere.
He almost got me.
One went that way, and the other went the other way.
You can still catch them.
You out there, Walt? There's nowhere to go.
What the fuck did you do? What you made me.
If you hadn't cut me off, I could've warned you this would happen.
They found the transponders two days ago.
You walked into a trap.
But you wanted to go your own way.
He deserved to walk away, Walt.
They all did.
But they were never going to.
You made sure of it.
You should've been the one to die tonight, Walt.
But I'm going to let you live.
Get the fuck out of here and don't stop walking until you hear them speak English.
I heard from the team in Juárez.
It's done.
Were there any problems? None.
Nothing we weren't expecting.
I'll fly the real shit in tomorrow.
Fucking Amado.
You fucking did it.
All right then.
I still can't believe it.
Amazing, what you've done.
I hope you realize that.
You survived.
You might be the only one who thought you would.
I think a few people may have counted me out, but I'm only back where I started.
And what have you learned? It isn't about where you are.
That's been your problem all along.
- Oh, yeah? - Hmm.
It's what you learn along the way.
Thank you for coming tonight.
It means a lot to me.
Son of a bitch.
Who else made it out? Walt.
Who else made it out? Everyone's gone.
Sorry to keep you gentlemen waiting.
Why don't we get started? Is Administrator Lawn coming? I don't believe that he is.
Well, a certain context for what took place down there, sir, I think he should be here.
I've read your file.
I'm aware of any context I might need.
So a rather unfortunate ending in Mexico, wouldn't you say? I think it's easy for you to sit here in your chair and make assessments about the work that I've done.
But I can assure you that I tried my hardest to fulfill the missions that I was assigned to and bring justice to Agent Camarena.
I'm not sure that's true.
The operation you were assigned was ill-conceived, that's putting it mildly.
But, gentlemen, that operation ended.
Leyenda was over.
And we were told to keep going and pursue leads that were provided to us As I said, I have the file in front of me.
A thoughtful summary on Leyenda has been provided, as well as a letter from this office regarding its impact on the War on Drugs.
I've passed that letter along to the White House at the DOJ's request.
And that is where your file ends.
I'm hoping there's no confusion on that.
So we're just gonna forget that this ever happened? And hope to God everyone else does the same.
Are you gonna fucking weigh in here and fucking say something? You went too far, Walt.
Be happy it's ending here.
Some sage advice from Special Agent Heath.
I'd take it to heart.
Your reassignment details are provided here.
A representative from the office in Sacramento will be reaching out shortly.
There is no better outcome for you.
Quite frankly, in my opinion, it's more than you deserve.
So, what about my men? Do whatever you want to me.
I don't give a fuck.
But we made these men promises, and we owe it to them to follow through.
A request for sentencing reevaluation for Amat Palacios's brother.
A work visa for Ossie Mejía's uncle.
Amat's brother robbed a liquor store three years ago.
Ossie Mejía was deported ten years ago under suspicion of grand larceny.
I believe that warrant is still outstanding.
These men are criminals, Agent Breslin.
This country owes them nothing.
I wouldn't be sitting in your fucking office right now if it wasn't for these men that saved my life.
I'd ask yourself why they were ever in a position where they needed to.
It's over.
You lost, Agent Breslin.
Guess you knew what you were doing.
Figuring it out.
Get it on the trucks.
The Colombians want it delivered to a warehouse in Sylmar, California.
Seventeen and a half tons to each plaza.
Make sure the Colombians know how the payments are to be made.
Equal shares? We're partners, aren't we? Told you I was still working their end.
We'll see if this'll make 'em happy.
They'll be over the moon.
"Partners"? Yeah.
Thanks for your help.
I couldn't have done it without you.
This really what you want? Everyone happy? Well, yeah.
I wasn't sure I could do it.
Maybe the first time in my life.
So what happens next?
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