Narcos: Mexico (2018) s02e10 Episode Script

Free Trade

I want you to finish your food.
We're not eating again until dinnertime.
- You tossed and turned all night.
- [FÉLIX.]
Yeah? Anything going on at work? [FÉLIX.]
Nothing new.
Everything's back to normal.
Normal's good.
Right? [FÉLIX.]
Everything's good.
Very good.
Drink your milk too.
What happened, man? You forget how to pack? Clean this up.
- Put this stuff in those boxes.
- What happened? - [MAN 2.]
Yo, we're out of beer.
Yeah, all right.
I'll go.
Pack this up and put it over there.
- What's the score? - [MAN 2.]
Still one-zero.
Those assholes don't know how to play.
Aponte can't defend worth a shit since last season.
Gonna get the beers, be right back.
Zarco, keep an eye on those clowns.
Hey! Really need the bazooka, Rambo? Funny guy.
Just go.
Cross it, asshole! [MUZAK PLAYING.]
Sell-out crowd here on a beautiful, sunshiny day.
Two and two is the count.
We're up to six pitches in this at-bat.
It is Fan Appreciation Day here at the ballpark.
Last day of the regular season.
The two-two pitch.
Breaking ball.
Swung on.
Hits it off his foot.
That's $3.
And the count remains two and two.
So, this game of cat and mouse continues.
The crowd really wants a strikeout here, in a tight game in the top of the sixth.
Looks in and delivers.
What's the score? [ANNOUNCER.]
Popped him up.
Still one-nothing.
Come on, Dodgers.
He's got enough room, and he corrals it Thank you, miss.
So one not-very-quick out with a nine-pitch at bat here in the top of the sixth.
And that'll bring up the second baseman who's one for three [DOOR DINGS.]
Son of a bitch [COP 2.]
Get back! Get back! [INDISTINCT YELLING.]
Thank you for seeing me, sir.
Like this, in your home.
Azul tells me things in Sinaloa are going well.
It's coming along, coming along.
Handling business, sir.
Good to hear.
I wanted I wanted to talk to you about Héctor Palma.
Said you'd think about letting him back in, - giving him a pass.
- Yeah.
Thing is, Palma tried to pull out of the Federation.
- He fucked up.
I know that.
- [FÉLIX.]
No, Chapo.
He didn't fuck up.
He betrayed all of us.
It was just talk.
He never did anything.
- Because I stopped him.
- [CHAPO.]
He was messed up in the head.
The Cochi thing, it hit him hard, just like everyone else.
Heard anything about Palma? Hmm? You've spoken to him, Chapo? No, not since he ran.
Haven't heard a thing.
Güero is a good man.
A good worker.
They like him in Sinaloa.
He can help grow the plaza.
Make money for everyone.
The bosses, they're cool with it.
What do you mean? We spoke about it, all of us.
Palma's coming back.
And they approve.
You're a good friend.
All right, Chapo.
I'll let you know.
Thanks for coming.
Thank you for your time.
Take care, Chapo.
What? Bosses are taking votes now? Palma's popular.
Clemency could be smart.
After all the shit we've been through What have you heard about Palma? Where is he? We know the family's holed up in Acapulco.
His wife used a credit card to pay for a motel.
Have guys keeping an eye on it, but Palma hasn't showed.
Once money starts coming in from the Juárez shipment, if Héctor Palma is ready to ask for forgiveness, a pardon makes sense.
We interrupt this program with breaking news coming out of Sylmar, California.
From New York City with a special report.
Federal agents in California [MAN.]
Hey, Morris, it's coming on now.
You hear about this thing, Breslin? Some shit went down in L.
to this country by the drug criminals, the untold tons that are still getting through to the streets and brains of Americans, especially the young, and how hard it's going to be to turn that around.
David Dow reports.
Authorities say a citizen's tip led them to the warehouse in a North Los Angeles suburb, where they made the largest cocaine seizure in history.
At least 20 tons, with a street value that could range as high That doesn't make fucking sense.
[MAN 2 ON TV.]
It gave me cold chills when I walked in and looked at it, and the magnitude of it has really not sunk into me yet.
It's enormous.
Uh It's gonna bring tears to a lot of people's eyes tonight because it's not gonna be on the street.
Up to that morning in 1989, the biggest cocaine bust in American history was four tons, grabbed in Fort Lauderdale.
But the world heavyweight title holder? That was the 11 tons pulled out of the Colombian jungle in Tranquilandia.
That shit was legendary.
You added both those busts together, though, still wouldn't touch the haul from that warehouse.
Sylmar blew them away.
And it wasn't fucking close.
North of 20 tons.
Worth $7 billion, easy.
No one had ever seen that much cocaine in one place.
Oh, and there was over $12 million in cash on hand.
Pizza money, I guess.
And all of it, the entire place, was secured with a six-dollar padlock.
kind of bust that makes careers.
Or ends them.
We've been short on cash for months.
And the fucking Colombians who were finally going to pay us just lost billions of dollars.
How are the Colombians gonna pay us now, eh? I'm not sure.
"I'm not sure.
" But they're going to pay us.
They have to.
Right? With what? They just lost more coke than anyone's ever seen.
- They better fucking give us our money.
- Or what? What can we do? I'll fuck them up, bro.
Really, Ramón? How? I'll get a fucking army, all killers, man.
With what money? You gonna walk up to the Colombians and ask them for a loan? Hey, hey.
Or have them buy you fucking guns? Don't be stupid.
Things are gonna get ugly, man.
We don't need a damn army.
That's what I just said! Yeah.
Of course, it'd be my pleasure.
Come to Guadalajara, I'll see you here.
Much safer.
It's okay.
Stay with the car.
Would you like a drink, sir? Strawberry daiquiri.
I preferred Panama.
But Guadalajara, it's okay.
Look at you, still walking around.
You must have forgiving partners.
It was unfortunate.
But ultimately insignificant.
Really? [LAUGHS.]
Insignificant? Listen to yourself.
Seven billion dollars' worth of cocaine, lost on your watch.
That's insignificant? We Colombians can always make more cocaine, Miguel Ángel.
On top of that, there's my fee.
Two hundred and ten million dollars.
That's a lot of money.
Well, as I once said, cocaine is fast.
Money is slow.
Perhaps we can do something about that this time.
My partners and I want to make you a proposal.
One that we believe you will like.
Let's hear it.
We are prepared to offer you $4,000 a kilo.
Half up-front.
The other half upon delivery.
That's $280 million to your organization.
Yeah, you grow the leaf.
You process it.
And maybe you can make enough of it to replace what you lost and keep you from being buried by Escobar.
But I know something else, Pacho.
I'm the only person that can move it.
That's if you want to cross it through Mexico.
Miguel Ángel we did great things together.
Seventy tons.
"We"? [SCOFFS.]
Sorry, but you're wrong, Pacho.
What you tried to do was fuck me over.
Right? But you weren't able to.
And now, here you are with your fucking hat in your hand asking for a favor.
Because you are drowning.
You should understand I'm a very resentful person.
And I prefer to let you drown.
I've heard things about you, Félix.
Things you've done, how you do business.
It's a funny thing, this Sylmar thing happening when it did.
If you want me to handle your product, hmm, then I'll get paid differently.
Pay attention.
Hmm? I keep half the loads that come through here.
Kilo for kilo.
If this doesn't work for you, go through Canada.
It's only 3,000 miles that way.
You getting into sales? That's a dangerous path, Félix.
I wonder if you have thought this through.
Don't worry.
I've thought this through.
And your partners, are they on board? I don't have partners.
I have employees.
So I assume we have a deal.
Make that to go.
He's not staying.
Enjoy, Miguel Ángel.
- Be careful.
- Yes, sir.
The asshole asked for more time.
Told him he could have it.
But from now on he's paying me in product.
- Retail? - Yeah.
Thought we were done with that.
After what happened last time Sylmar changed that.
This is an opportunity.
It's a gamble, a dangerous one.
The plaza bosses just lost a lot of money.
They won't be happy.
And a move this big should be discussed.
By everyone.
It's done, Azul.
That won't go over well.
The plazas see themselves as partners now.
What is it with you, Azul? Are you their spokesperson now? Who do you work for? That's right.
Call a meeting of the plazas.
I need to see their faces so I know who I can count on.
Azul, come here.
I've made a decision on Güero Palma.
- [GASPS.]
Don't worry, it's just me.
Sweetie, go to the bedroom.
What are you doing here? How'd you find us? [CLAVEL.]
It's not easy to hide from Félix.
He knows you've been here, hiding out with the kids for the last few weeks.
- Oh, shit.
- Wait, relax.
Everything's cool.
Félix decided to give Héctor a pass.
Clemency, to help smooth things out with the plaza bosses.
I'm here to take you home.
Look at that.
Hey, let's pull over get some fresh air, take a break.
Pull over.
All right.
You two stay in the car.
Don't get out.
Take care of your brother.
So beautiful.
Listen, I need to talk to you about something.
What we had, it was exciting.
I care a lot about you.
But I love my husband and my family.
Once I get back, we can't keep seeing each other.
I know.
- Are you all right? - [CLAVEL.]
I'm sorry, Guadalupe.
I don't have a choice.
Don't worry, kids, everything's going to be fine.
What's up? [CLAVEL.]
It's done.
Out of my way! Juan! What happened? Saying a grease fire probably broke out in the kitchen.
Sit on your ass on your own time, asshole! Put out the fire! - Put it out! - Yes, sir, Don Juan.
That's bullshit.
Wasn't a fucking accident.
That skinny motherfucker in Guadalajara.
He's back.
Hear what he just did to Héctor Palma's family? [MARÍA.]
I thought it was from a rabbit.
Rabbit? [CHUCKLES.]
Rabbits don't produce eggs.
They eat them, maybe.
- Oh.
- Look, it has dots See what I found, Mama.
Go up to your room, Abril.
And close the door.
- [ABRIL.]
- [FÉLIX.]
Listen to your mother.
What's up? Did you do it? - [FÉLIX.]
What are you talking about? - You know.
I don't.
Guadalupe Palma, her children.
Whatever this is, you don't want to have this conversation.
- No, I do.
- Don't touch me.
- Did you kill Güero's family? - Shut up.
I'm not gonna fucking shut up! Answer me! Did you kill them? I need them to fear me.
The men who work for me need to be kept in line.
You're worse than I thought.
There was an opening, and I made a move.
That's what I do, María.
You were a good man once.
Before all the lies started, before all the whores you fucked, before betraying your friends Rafa! Neto! Comes with the territory, right? Along with the big house, - all that fucking jewelry.
- I never asked for that shit.
You didn't have to, did you? You killed Güero Palma's children.
Fuck him, fucking Güero Palma.
I want you to leave! Get the fuck out of this house! Get in your fucking car and leave.
I'm not going anywhere.
Come here.
So now you're terrified? What about your family? Should we talk about your dad? - Don't compare yourself to my father.
- No? He always protected his family.
He loved us.
You don't love anything.
You can't.
You're fucking broken inside.
Go! Get out of here, leave now! I'm not leaving.
You are my family, and I'm staying.
When have you ever cared about your family? Get out! Get out! Leave now! Enough, put that down.
Put that down.
If you come back, I swear I'll kill you.
I swear! [WHIMPERING.]
It's insane, Benjamín.
Can you imagine? Félix is trying to scare all of us.
I'd say it's working then.
Félix ordered all of us to a meeting.
All the plazas.
What for? Not sure.
He's going to fuck us over.
- Again.
He won't ever stop, Benjamín, not as long as we work for him.
That's it.
I know.
If you know, then what are you going to do? Félix is the one with the coke, my dear.
What can I do? What if we had our own connection in Colombia? [PACHO.]
Have to say I'm surprised.
How did you get this number? And what is it that you and I need to discuss, exactly? [FÉLIX.]
I had Azul call you here so we can discuss what comes next.
As of today, the Federation's moving into cocaine sales in the US.
Before long, we'll push the Colombians out of the market altogether.
What about the money they owe us? What about it? We're talking about power, Aguilar.
Real power on both sides of the border.
But when do we see money? Changing how things work is gonna take time.
Exactly, Francisco.
It will take some time, just have to hang in there.
Just be patient.
Three months, six, maybe even a year.
And the decision for this transformation, when did we make it? We didn't.
I made this decision.
Listen, man, I have the protection, I have the product, transportation.
Don't get confused, Benjamín.
We are partners, but this is my vision.
So the rumors are true.
You tipped them off on Sylmar.
It was me.
You only see what's in front of you, right? I'm talking about running the Colombians out of business.
It's about control.
I'm talking about the future.
This meeting is to see who has the same vision as me.
Who's on board and who isn't.
My family is pulling out of the Federation.
It's all right, Benjamín.
Good luck.
Just be careful.
I hear Tijuana is a little dangerous right now.
Tijuana belongs to the Arellano Félix family.
Don't forget.
Sinaloa's out.
I'm with Guzmán.
We're keeping Sinaloa.
Palma is coming back.
Things have changed, Félix.
No, Azul.
Nothing has changed.
Rats will always be rats.
Get the fuck out, Azul.
Pablo Acosta was full of shit, mostly.
But he was right about a couple things.
The price of being in business with you is too high.
I'm out too, man.
Me and Aguilar are taking Juárez.
You all got together, huh? [AMADO.]
I spoke with Cali.
Guaranteed them Mexico can keep moving their coke.
But I told them it was us or you.
They chose us.
You're out, man.
So now you run the Federation? Who, me? No.
There's no more Federation.
We all operate separately, run our own territory.
It's better that way.
It's over.
How long? How long you been planning to fuck me over? Been waiting for the right time.
I took you out on my own, people get nervous.
This way, everyone owned a piece.
They don't see me as a threat.
You can run, but it won't matter.
You wouldn't have any of this without me.
I know.
I haven't forgotten.
Fuck you, Amado.
weird call from D.
Put the message on your desk.
When'd this come in? [MORRIS.]
Ten minutes ago.
Hey, you're gonna get to those open status reports, right? Yeah.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Good morning.
What's up, Isabella? What are you doing here, Benjamín? Came to check out your place.
It's nice.
What's going on? I talked to my brothers, Isabella.
I told them.
You're being bought out.
I ran it through some properties I put in your name, then repurchased.
It's clean.
And generous.
What is this? Your end.
For going away.
Tijuana's closed for business.
- I'm not leaving Tijuana.
Look, my family's left the Federation.
We're taking Tijuana for ourselves.
I'll be working with my brothers now.
You sold out our business to your brothers? [ENEDINA.]
Where'd you think we'd end up? There's a limit.
No, there isn't.
Fuck you.
I don't need a handout from the woman I thought was my partner.
All of this wasn't just about money.
Don't make this more difficult than it has to be.
Oh, sweetheart, I've been difficult my whole fucking life.
- [MAN.]
Federal police! [DOOR CRASHES.]
This way.
Let's go! Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, you're under arrest.
There's $5 million in a safe upstairs, comandante.
Not interested.
So it is an arrest.
No one's here.
Makes sense.
Arrest's a better headline.
"Justice served.
Keep your mouth shut, you live.
That's the only deal Mexico City's giving.
Hand me my cigarettes.
Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo was arrested at his home in Guadalajara.
The country's number-one fugitive, the most powerful drug trafficker Mexico had ever seen, was taken into custody without a single shot being fired.
Four months into the new Mexican president's term, it was a badly needed win in more ways than one.
The arrest went down right as Congress was considering whether or not to certify that Mexico was cooperating in stopping drugs.
Not sure why the world's biggest junkie was in a position to judge, but that's another story.
Both Mexican and American officials said there was no connection between Félix's arrest and the pending certification vote.
Of course there wasn't.
Certification would help polish up the optics of the big new trade deal that was being negotiated.
A stamp of approval so big business could sell more shit.
Ink was barely dry on Félix's arrest sheet when, what do you know, Mexico's certification came through.
And just like that, the last real hurdle to the trade deal to end all trade deals had been cleared.
What the fuck happened here? The machine turned on him.
He built the machine.
He wore out his welcome with the party.
And the plaza bosses.
So, what happens next? I guess we'll see.
You know, the deputy director in D.
called me.
Told me you requested me down here by name.
You wanted me here for the arrest.
But clearly, you don't need my help.
So why me? Everyone likes good headlines, Walt.
After all the shit that went down, seemed like you could use a win.
You never know when you're gonna need a friend in our line of work.
I'm not your fucking friend, man.
I can promise you that.
I'll see you around, Walt.
Yes, you will.
Operation Leyenda was a mission for justice, for Kiki Camarena, and all who have fallen victim to the scourge of violent narcotics trafficking.
Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of the DEA and our dedicated partners in Mexican law enforcement, we're able to say, "Mission accomplished.
" Congratulations, all around.
- Fine work.
Well done.
Great job.
- Great job.
- Ted.
Ted Kaye, State Department.
What an honor.
- [MAN.]
Over here, sir.
- We've met before.
Thank you, sir.
One more time.
Exceptional stuff, special agent.
My goodness, exceptional.
That's suitable for framing.
A win's a win.
I hear it helped punch your ticket out of Sacramento.
I'm in El Paso now.
Back in the game.
Can't get enough of that border, huh? I know your boss down there, Jaime Kuykendall.
Yeah, he mentioned the two of you knew each other.
Let me ask you something.
How's all this sit with you? That's not the job, Walt.
Good luck in El Paso.
That's all of it.
Move it to the back.
Get the truck out of here.
There a problem, captain? I paid my cut to the precinct through next month.
New orders.
This is Arellano Félix territory, and you, sweetheart, are trespassing.
Take her away.
[MAN 2.]
It's okay.
Move the car.
It's done.
I don't know.
I can't decide.
What do you think? [CLAVEL.]
Well, with such lovely legs, either one will look very good on you.
All right, maybe both then.
Why not.
Very well, why not.
I'll get the other pair.
Thank you.
We all know why we're here.
Any business needs understanding among its participants.
As we've already agreed the men at this table will run their own plazas independently.
Benjamín Arellano Félix and his family, Tijuana.
Myself, Héctor Palma, and our junior partner, Chapo Guzmán Sinaloa.
Juan Guerra and his nephew Juan Ábrego, the Gulf.
Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Comandante Rafael Aguilar, Juárez.
Gentleman, as long as we all respect each other, we can all prosper.
It's that simple.
But what we agree to today is to put the future above the past.
Understood? Understood.
Güero, understood? Yes.
A toast then to the future and to our business, may it continue for many years to come.
- Cheers! - Cheers! Cheers! [SIGHS.]
Hey, Joaquín no more fighting, all right? [BRESLIN.]
You are too.
You, uh You always read standing? Yeah, my back's been bothering me.
Probably should crack a window next time.
Oh, right.
How you settling in? Hear you've been doing a lot of reading.
Yeah, I'm just I'm trying to figure out what's next.
That sounds ambitious.
Any luck? - Nope.
Well, if that changes, you make sure you let me know.
Yes, sir.
See you Monday, Agent Breslin.
- Yes, sir.
- You take care of that back.
Sir? You have any juice with the Minister of Public Security down in Mexico City? I got somebody I need to talk to.
You know who I am? No, not a fucking idea.
But with that fucking accent, I'm sure I could guess.
I'd show you this one day.
He had a family.
Isn't that the agent that was murdered? It is, right? They say he was badly tortured.
That they put holes in his entire body with a power drill.
Right? If you think I'm the reason Camarena's dead, you're stupider than you look.
you got sold out for a fucking trade deal.
Why hold back now? You got names I'm listening.
If I want to kill myself, I'll use a rope.
Guess I'll have to be satisfied with you sitting in this hole for however long you can hang on.
What happened? You were leaving? Okay, asshole.
Tell me what happens to the plazas you used to control? I didn't control anything.
You're confusing me.
But I've heard of a couple of things.
I've heard the plazas will become their own cartels.
They'll work separately.
At first it won't be so bad.
With luck, they'll work together.
But then they'll all want the best routes, the best product, access to the top dogs in the government.
That's when the fireworks will start.
Tijuana will get stronger.
But once they consolidate power, watch out.
War will break out.
With who? Sinaloa.
Sinaloa has soldiers but needs a border.
And Tijuana has a border.
If those idiots merged, no one would stop them, but they can't wrap their heads around it.
It's personal with them.
While those two plazas keep fighting, the Gulf will watch.
Getting stronger, while those assholes get weaker.
Now I'll raise my glass to toast for the simple pleasure of making a lot of fucking money.
Stand up.
Let's toast.
But the key to all of it is Juárez.
Once the trade deal is done, Juárez will be strong enough to square off with anyone.
If they make the right moves Amado Carrillo Fuentes.
Learn that name, gringo.
He could be the most powerful trafficker this country's ever seen.
Unless someone with bigger balls puts a bullet in his head.
It's just an idea.
Got the whole game figured out but still ended up in here.
I wanted more.
Sinaloans are like that.
What the fuck are you doing here? What do you want? I mean, you don't give a shit about him.
He's not your friend or wasn't.
You don't give a shit about drugs either.
So what are you doing here? know, maybe I just like putting assholes in jail.
Really? I think you like to break things and hurt people, like most people from your country.
What? You didn't like what I said? [SCOFFS.]
Did you expect to hear something else? Well, you're fucked.
Hmm? The madness has begun and no one can stop it.
Without me, no one can stop it.
DEA should've given me a badge.
You'll be drowning in blood chaos.
Now you'll see what happens when the cage breaks open and all the animals run free.
You're going to miss me.

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