Narcoworld: Dope Stories (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Greed Is a Deadly Sin

1 In France, we’re the biggest consumers of hash.
This suburb is where it’s at.
It’s where the turfs are.
There’s a huge market here.
The Moroccan sends it to a Spanish guy, then my guy goes to get it from the Spaniard.
Then he brings it here and makes a big profit.
Raul, go quick! It is confirmed that it is our boat.
It’s on the way.
I wake up in the morning.
I want to make money.
Their parents will cry.
Their parents will cry.
Let the game commence.
Welcome to Hell.
The ninety-three.
It’s dangerous, if you If you don’t play by the rules.
It’s OK, we know.
I’m waiting for him.
I don’t feel good here because he’s not replying.
Maybe he got caught and I’m here waiting.
I don’t know.
Wholesaler Pistachio is expecting a delivery of five kilos of hash.
Yeah, I’m taking a lot of risks.
There's only the police that's walking around at these hours.
He could get 30 years if he’s caught.
I’m going to call him to see where he is.
You coming? What? Yeah.
It’s me.
OK, fine.
Hey! He’s arriving.
- Are you alright? - Very good.
Police are everywhere! And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere! We need to be quick.
The quicker you get rid of it, the safer.
Now that they've got it, they need to break it down fast.
A man not afraid to die gave his life for a dream Born hustler so the game conceived A caged beast, but now I'm free How can you blame me I was born for this The game chose me Now I've been training for this My whole life Carpe diem, huh Seize the moment right, right We gon turn up and rock plenty ice This is our time, yeah I'm bout that life He’s weighing out the two grams and then he puts it in the bags and wraps it.
He’s the packing guy.
Two is 10€.
From one slice they can make 50 bags of 10€.
It’s their turf, not mine.
I’m a supplier.
On 5 kg, I’ll take 1,000€.
Pistachio is flipping the hash straight on to a local street dealing gang.
What they do with it after that, it’s their problem.
This five kilos will sell for 25,000 euros in just a few days.
Yeah? Yeah, I’m here.
Yeah, it’s all good.
It’s my buddy at the end of the street who’s acting as a lookout.
There are no cops, it’s cool.
For now.
We must hurry up though.
Masterminding the street operation is M’bizi.
Makes you a bit paranoid.
Got to pay attention to everything, look behind your back.
Be sharp, you have got to be sharp.
Otherwise you can get caught.
Skirting the edges of France's first city, the 93rd, Seine-Saint-Denis, region has the country’s highest crime rate.
Here, the hash industry is estimated to be worth over one billion euros a year.
And both cops and customers are always on the lookout for dealers.
I arrive, there’s a line, they’re waiting for me.
Yeah, these are my regular clients.
There must be about a 100 each day.
One hundred to 150.
They come about once a day all week long.
I try to do it as discreetly as possible.
I’ve got my secret stashes.
A good place is where you wouldn’t expect to find something.
You won’t know, you won't expect it, In fact, the dumbest places make the best stashes.
Can I hide it again? You got it? If I put all the drugs here, tomorrow they will come back here.
If I put it there, they will go over there.
That’s the way it is.
Two grams per person, but there are some that want two.
So four grams.
It goes quickly very quickly.
Gets real high.
We're talking big sums.
Operating in the 93rd, a gang like M’bizi’s can make around 65,000 euros a week.
I make my money and I keep quiet.
If I don’t do this, I don’t eat.
What am I gonna do if I don’t do this? What am I gonna do? It’s very easy money.
And it's not just the dealers who are cashing in on this booming underworld economy.
The entire 1200 mile supply chain from Morocco to Paris is paved with gold.
The first link, the speedboat pilots who make a killing getting the hash into Europe.
The sea is like a plate.
Flat, flat, flat, flat.
Not even one wave.
Today is a perfect day for smuggling hash with a rubber boat.
Perfect, today is perfect.
MacGyver is a freelance hash pilot.
My whole life, since I was I started when I was 17 years old and now I am 45.
In order to get me in the water, at least 15,000 euros.
I've worked for Moroccans a lot because they say, "MacGyver.
I work with MacGyver because he’s got balls.
” He risks a hash run once every 15 days, and he’s about to make another one.
There’s eight miles to Morocco.
So in two hours, you’ve got the hash over here, in Algeciras.
If you don’t have a good speedboat you can’t do anything.
He’ll be using a rib with a 1,000 horsepower engine, in case he has to take on the cops.
The Guardia Civil shoots at you when they can't catch you.
I was shot once and got five holes.
It went in, it split my femoral vein, the aorta artery, It went in, then out.
It went in again and broke my fibula.
In the middle of the sea.
It’s a miracle I’m alive.
They don’t want me in Heaven.
Not in Heaven, not in Hell.
The technique we use to avoid the police is always to have three boats leaving at once.
Two of them will play around with them.
go to the Morocco coast, come back, go there, back again.
And then there’s me, the one who comes back loaded.
Hello, good afternoon.
Guardia Civil from Algeciras speaking.
The Guardia Civil is Europe’s first line of defense against the narco traffickers.
Here, the Algeciras Precinct has 112 km of coast.
Along this 112 km, are strategically placed SIVE stations with radars and optronic systems for both day and night.
These operate 24/7, 365 days a year to detect all kind of boats, either with immigrants or with drugs.
Their officers must be vigilant 24/7.
Shark zero, Shark zero from COS.
Go ahead, go for Shark zero.
There’s a suspicious boat in the center of Algeciras bay.
Try to get close to check what it is.
Message received.
We’ll go out with Dolphin 21.
OK, received.
There are seizures on a weekly basis.
They come loaded with hashish.
A boat usually carries around 2,000kg of hashish in burlap bales.
It’s a game of cat and mouse, always the same.
If you have helicopters in the air, can they go and support Dolphin 21 which is on its way to intercept this boat? Now they usually use three-engine boats.
Each engine is 350 hp.
We're always If you look at it, we only have two engines of 300 hp each.
So we are always behind, why? Because they have much more money.
The hash smugglers often outrun the Guardia Civil’s boats.
But when it a chopper gets above them, there’s no getting away.
In a bid to avoid prosecution, the smugglers often dump the product.
But if the cops can recover it, there’s a chance the narcos will go down.
Hash smuggling across the Strait of Gibraltar is now so common that the entire coastline is getting sucked in to the drug trade.
But ground zero for this hash invasion is the small town of La Linea de la Concepcion.
Here, as many as ten narco boats are landed every night.
Some carrying up to three tons of hash.
Yeah, things are pretty fucked over here.
Not great for business.
Camo works as a lookout for a local narco gang.
Everything that may look weird to me If something seems strange, then I have to call someone.
If I see something, I call another lookout.
Then, we would call the boss, so they can change the route or something like that.
Tonight the gang plan to land three hash boats on one of the local beaches, and Camo is their eyes on the ground.
This is a good viewpoint.
You can see the port, you see everything.
You can get in here and see the police boats.
I can spend many hours here.
Seven hours, six hours keeping an eye on the area so they don't ruin the plan.
If the landings are successful, Camo will earn 500 euros.
Tonight, I think it’s going to be quiet because it all seems fine.
But what Camo doesn’t know is that a new team of cops has been drafted in from Madrid especially to bust the narco boats.
Our mission is to make it difficult for them, and if anyone has the nerve, try to catch him.
Fresh from the city Sergio Gomez and his team are hungry for some action.
Because of how the sea and the weather are right now, tonight could be a good night for smuggling.
So we’ll have to be especially vigilant.
The cops have got intel that a landing is about to go down.
The police are there.
I have to make a call now.
I just saw the Jais, I just saw our cousins from Albacete.
We've only got seconds.
We haven’t got five minutes, just seconds.
So every second we waste over here Bye-bye.
Everyone will get caught red-handed.
If it's your mistake, fuck They can break your legs, they can hurt you.
They can do something bad to you.
Something really bad.
The cops have made it to the beach where the narcos are due to land.
Listen! Listen! Listen to that sound, that’s the rubber boat.
The boat is somewhere close to here.
There’s a white rubber boat stopped there, behind that red light.
There’s a buoy and it’s stopped there.
It’s one of the three boats that have been passing by all night long.
Normally, this area is used for hashish smuggling.
I don’t know if they're looking for a good landing spot or they’re just waiting for a better opportunity.
After lying in wait for over an hour, the cops realize something isn't right and move on.
The promenade and everywhere is full of people, and some of them might be informing.
There are usually lots of people who look out for the police and pass the information by phone or even small walkie-talkies.
And they can be from kids around 14 or 15 years old to even an elderly person.
With narco collaborators dogging their every move, the cops begin to target any suspicious-looking locals.
When something gets our attention, we stop, we ask for documentation, we conduct a small search of their personal belongings.
Their best bet is to catch the spotters with contraband and take them off the streets.
When you search someone, they already know which parts we do and don’t touch.
So they hide things there.
From huge knives inside their pants, drugs in different parts of their clothes, in their shoes.
People have a great imagination when it comes to hiding things.
But these suspects are clean.
This is how it is, it’s intense.
We’ve received a few calls, and that’s why we’re moving back and forth, that's how it is.
But a lot of the calls are intended to drive us crazy and keep us busy by moving us around.
So if we go to one spot, they’ll unload at the next, and so on.
While narco collaborators create a smoke screen with fake tip-offs, the hash boats gain safe passage.
in Spanish There were two white ones escaping.
It’s hard.
The Guardia Civil has called.
They said that one got in, and another one got to the rock, got in and unloaded.
We’ve received three calls in an hour.
They unloaded three times and were smuggling.
Our team has seen three or four boats, which have driven past us.
With gangs of local collaborators unloading each boat, the narcos can land tonnes of hash in minutes.
Spiriting it away to secret stashes around town, known in the trade as nurseries.
It's hard, isn't it? - Thank God.
- Did you lock the back door? Yes, don’t worry.
Local hash wholesalers Santiago and Kiké are feeling nervous.
Yesterday, I saw an undercover police car driving around here, and three hours later, a car from the Policía Nacional driving around.
They pretended to go into a park, but I think they were trying to fool us.
They are watching over someone here.
I’m suspicious.
And with good reason.
They’ve just restocked their nursery.
Right now, we have 27 kg.
It just arrived, so it’s of the best quality.
Once it gets here, we unpack it and split it in two.
One part we leave here, for us to sell, and the other part goes straight to France.
We already got it prepared and packed.
One kilo of hashish bought in Africa costs between 100€ and 300€, depending on the hash quality, the quality of the goods.
As soon as it gets here, we buy it for 1,000€ or 1,500€ at most.
If all goes well, Santiago and Kiké could make 20,000 euros in a matter of hours, by flipping half their product to French buyers.
But La Linea is buzzing with police.
In a lock-up a few miles away, cops have made one of their biggest busts of the year.
We have been able to locate a nursery here in this town, on these premises which is a small parking garage.
When we arrived, it just looked like a normal garage, but during our search, we realized there were some holes in the back wall and it was a fake wall, which could be unlocked remotely.
We found 110 bails of hashish, with an approximate weight of 3,600 kg ready for distribution.
This operation has cost the narcos around three million euros.
This weakens them immensely.
Today is a good day for the Civil Guard and for all Spanish people.
It’s never a victory, there’s always something missing.
And that’s why Kiké and Santiago are so wary of the police.
The truth is that nowadays, things are getting worse every day.
They brought new police units to try and control this, so things don’t get out of hand.
There is a lot of chaos, to be honest, a lot of chaos.
- I want to get rid off this.
- We must be careful.
They don’t stop driving around the block.
They don't, man.
I spend all day at the window watching every car that stops, honks.
Everything, bro.
Do you get me? Let’s sell it, quickly.
They’ll be here any moment.
They’re meeting their international buyer in minutes.
Listen, these people are strange.
They’re armed, they’re dodgy people from France.
That is not Algeciras.
it is a different world.
It’s another country, a bigger one.
Stranger people.
If things go to plan, the Spanish role in the smuggling operation is done.
Now, it's over to the French.
My thing is the go-slow.
You can’t be stressed out.
You've got to be sure of yourself.
It’s not like it is in the movies.
Prost has one of the riskiest jobs of all.
He must smuggle the hash all the way to Paris, right under the noses of the police.
You have to disappear in the crowd.
You just have to be another guy in a car, blending in with all the other cars driving around.
And that takes nerves of steel.
For the go-slows, you need a more basic car, like everyone has.
Something like a company car.
We buy it clean.
You go with a fake ID, a fake document and then you buy the car in cash.
It's best to cross over to Spain in the early evening, and drive through France at night.
You may run for a long time Run for a long time The vast majority of European hash follows this route from the south of Spain into France.
But that means crossing a notorious bottleneck.
The Pyrenees mountains making it the ideal area for the French authorities to intercept le go-slow.
Let me tell you that God is gonna cut you down It’s an entry point in the sense that a lot of Moroccan cannabis transits via Spain.
So, this afternoon we’re doing dynamic checks on the A9 freeway and on the national road running from Spain to France to search for narcotics.
Today, Inspector Julien and his team are laying a trap for any traffickers coming up from Spain.
We have eight agents on foot and four agents on motorbikes.
We’ve installed a spotting scope at a spot that gives a good view of the freeway.
The agents manning the scope are responsible for bringing cars or trucks to our attention.
And the agents already on the freeway will intercept them.
When the trap is sprung, the freeway team will intercept the suspect vehicle and escort it to the search area, where a team of agents lies in wait.
You can’t be afraid.
It’s adrenaline, you’ve got to take it.
Got to take it and be confident.
Your job is your job.
Prost has removed his mask, ready for the most challenging part of the entire journey, the crossing into France.
But after years of trafficking, he's confident he's perfected the go-slow technique.
Always a car in front and one behind.
The car with the stuff always in the middle.
In this car, the biggest load of hash is 150 kg.
You always need to keep 10 km to 15 km between the vehicles.
Maybe the lookout car at the front will warn you, or you never know if they’re rushing in from behind.
Either way, you’re warned.
Jérôme, he just drove by.
We’re ahead of him.
The police spotters have flagged a vehicle.
We’re soon reaching the first Narbonne exit.
We’re at the 3 km marker, we’re coming.
They scramble the bikes in case the target decides to run.
We’re arriving.
We’re 300 m from the resting area.
We’re bringing a car.
Classic Customs check.
We search the vehicle to make sure it’s not transporting something we’re after, be it narcotics, weapons.
The search is negative, but across the parking lot the canine unit is out.
The bikes stopped this vehicle with five occupants.
We took out every piece of luggage, and the dog is going over it all.
Searching the luggage has led us to a small quantity of cannabis.
The students escape with a 200 euro fine, but their cannabis will be sent to a secret location to be destroyed.
There are police everywhere.
You've got roadblocks.
They lie in wait around corners.
They even get the choppers out nowadays.
Got to be discreet, got to be smart.
After making an epic journey, the hash is nearing its final destination.
My merchandise always arrives here in Seine-Saint-Denis.
This suburb is where’s it’s at.
It’s where the turfs are.
There’s a huge market here.
If you want to make money with drugs, there’s plenty to be made.
Prost is one of the main suppliers in the 93rd.
One of his shipments can sell for over 300,000 euros.
Once you’re in the 93, that’s where things can get dangerous.
Because they can sniff you out.
Here they can sniff you out.
Better to arrive at night.
It’s the best from Morocco, straight from Morocco.
The less I know, the better, as we say back home.
Knowing too much can bring problems.
While M’bizi and his gang break down the next load, Pistachio counts the take from the last.
We live better lives than most I guess, even though no one can see.
Basically, you can’t do anything except maybe save it up and one day disappear with the whole stash if you manage to put it by.
I hope I’ll either make enough money so I can stop before I get caught or keep climbing higher.
There’s a limit to the amount he can spend in the hood, or risk blowing his cover.
I made 3,000€ in a day and a half.
I take my money, I sleep quietly at home every day.
I’m not greedy, I’m not a guy who’s only into luxuries.
When you keep chasing more and more that’s when you fall.
Greed is a deadly sin.
We don’t want to reveal too much because this is where we bring all the seized items, and we don’t want anyone to find out where it is.
The French Customs anti-trafficking operation is also drawing to a close.
Some say the quality of the cannabis we seized today is worth roughly 10€/g and we got roughly two tons.
We put all of the merchandise we seized into an incinerator.
So for us, this is where the game ends.
Consumers, traffickers and Customs all share a single objective, to see hash go up in flames.
I'm from the home where them boys will leave you without a hope in hell A lonely world I used to think you would know me well Ready for war so I brought more liquor Sharpen my sword like a broadmoor killer Come from down in the dust that'll never settle Never reach my level, I'm a born rebel I'm a born rebel Turn your silver chain to a gold metal Yeah and ain't nobody stoppin' me