Narcoworld: Dope Stories (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Bullet Against Bullet

1 [siren wailing.]
[carnival music playing.]
[horn honks.]
[Gang member, in Brazilian Portuguese.]
Cocaine for R$5, marijuana for R$5.
All the favelas under the red sign.
You know what that means? The whole thing will be red, all red! [gang member, in Brazilian Portuguese.]
We are Third Command.
We recently took over this favela and enemies want to invade.
Two gang members died after the confrontation.
[gang member in Brazilian Portuguese.]
Rio de Janeiro is in a state of urban war.
If we die today, tomorrow there’ll be over a hundred replacing us.
[police sirens wailing.]
[in Brazilian Portuguese.]
Here, choose from here.
Here’s your change.
Luiz Bastos in Portuguese.]
Rio de Janeiro is quite peculiar, in that it has areas which the State struggles to reach which we call "favela".
The criminal gangs dominate these neighborhoods and set up outlets for the drug trade.
They are constantly attempting to seize each other’s territory.
[upbeat music playing.]
In the favela [gunshots.]
we go in the direction of the gunshots.
We move towards them.
[gunshots continue.]
Luiz Bastos and the C.
E are ramping up their favela training.
But the mood is somber.
[in Portuguese.]
Recently, we lost our friend.
He was shot on patrol.
He died in hospital on Father's day.
He had a six year old son.
It hurts a lot because a piece of us is gone.
In less than 12 hours, the team will raid a favela controlled by Rio’s most powerful drug gang, the Red Command.
[cop in Portuguese.]
He ran down there to the left.
[cop 2 in Portuguese.]
Come, come, come! Search him! Hands on your head! - [cop 1.]
Keep moving forward! - He's clean.
Luiz Bastos.]
We get very close, we mainly do things together.
We go to each other’s houses.
Because going out, being on the streets, in bars, is very risky for us.
So we try to stick together.
In Rio, the cops may rule the day, but at night, it's a different story.
[electric music playing.]
COPS WILL DIE [in Portuguese.]
Cocaine for R$5, marijuana for R$5.
Cocaine for R$5.
Get it here! [narrator.]
Here, the Red Command’s control is so complete, their drug market or "Bocas" operate in plain sight.
- [in Portuguese.]
I want four R$5 bags.
- [in Portuguese.]
Four? Here, choose from here.
Here’s your change.
[indistinct chatter out loud.]
Marcos deals for the Red Command.
[Marcos in Portuguese.]
I started working when I was 12.
Now I’m 18.
We are Red Command for life, and that’s how it is.
I got marijuana for R$5.
Marijuana for R$20.
And cocaine for R$5.
That’s what I do, I sell my drugs and cash in.
I really like working in the drug trade and I like cash in my pocket.
In one day, I make R$450- 500.
That’s my money after my shift.
In just two days, Marcos makes what a Brazilian on minimum wage earns in an entire month.
It’s always busy every day, at night it’s busy.
Many addicts.
But a boca this busy brings extra heat down on the whole favela.
[Bruno in Portuguese.]
The police are everywhere, everywhere we go.
There's too much repression.
We try to avoid them any way we can.
We’re in a game of cat and mouse.
Bruno oversees a mobile coke lab that supplies the boca.
Everyone has a job here.
He counts them out.
He ties them up.
I’m the chemist who mixes the drugs.
His team breaks down kilos of coke to cut with baking soda.
[Galo in Portuguese.]
We turn it into 2-2.
Then we get more profit.
[Bruno in Portuguese.]
We’re going to package it up.
Put it all in the bag, tie it up, deliver it to the dealers who will sell it and then bring us the money.
["Leader" playing.]
Don't chase money, make money I'm a hustler And you're not a fanboy, you're a customer Never stand in another man's shadow Place my own trail, I'm not afraid to fail I'm a leader [Bruno.]
This is what we like, money.
Bruno and his team each make 500 to 600 Reals a day.
That’s 130 to 160 US dollars.
[music stops.]
The state doesn’t feed our children or help us at all.
The drug trade came, put its arms around me, got rid of my hunger, my family’s hunger.
- [Bruno.]
It never stops.
- [Galo.]
In this favela alone, three thousand residents are controlled by 200 gang members each armed and funded by money made in the bocas.
Blow for 5 reals, weed for 5 reals! Come get it! Here, kid! [Alef in Portuguese.]
There are five bocas here.
The most profitable drug is cocaine.
It’s what keeps the business going.
As the favela's general manager, Alef is in charge of all five bocas.
If sales are good, I generally make R$7,000- 8,000 a week.
[in Portuguese.]
You start in a low position.
Then you get promoted.
You start off as a lookout, then as a dealer.
If you do an OK job, you become a boca manager.
If you still do an OK job, general manager.
[dog barking.]
The Red Command uses the gang structure to create an iron clad base for their drug operations.
And this isn’t their only favela.
Of the 1,000 favelas in Rio, around 600 are controlled by the Red Command, making them a serious threat to the state itself.
We are against this state, and the state may want to reclaim the location at any moment.
We are at risk 24 hours a day, because the police can get in at any moment.
If they break in, we shoot them.
So we fight fire with fire.
["Kill Me First" playing.]
You better kill me first Before I silence these words Lay me in the earth You better kill me first [narrator.]
To guard their turf, the Red Command deploys a legion of heavily armed foot soldiers.
[Ze in Portuguese.]
It’s all gonna be CV! All the favelas under the Red Command symbol.
You know what that means? We want the whole thing to be red, all red! [narrator.]
Soldiers like Ze defend the gang’s territory with their lives.
My job is not letting the enemies get close to our friends.
If they do, shit gets real.
Bullet against bullet.
This is for them! Check it out! Packed with bullets! Loads of bullets! [narrator.]
Ze is used to shoot-outs with rival gangs, but he has a special contempt for cops.
Cowardice is the worst thing there is.
The police come here and kill you in a cowardly way.
I’ve carried friends in my arms.
So many things, you know? They’re cowards! So tell them to drop by.
We’re heavily armed and ready for them.
The gang’s vast firepower makes their favelas a no-go zone for all but the toughest of Rio’s police.
["Covering Ground" playing.]
Luiz Bastos in Portuguese.]
We are going to Bandeira 2 favela to serve the arrest warrants and try to find the drug dealers.
Luiz Bastos and his C.
E Team are about to raid a Red Command favela.
Because of its location next to key transportation links, Bandeira 2 makes big drug profits for the gang.
We are attempting to surround them at the drug sales point.
We could meet with a lot of resistance.
The team is heading into a viper’s nest.
They move block by block checking for gang members.
Luiz Bastos in Portuguese.]
f you stand still, you will be shot at.
We don’t stop, we keep moving all the time.
That’s the patrol’s technique.
A second team is circling around the back to stop anyone from escaping.
[officer in Portuguese.]
Stop there, stop there! Go, go, go, get him! Go after him, get his rucksack.
This way, this way.
Come over here.
Don’t run! [dog barking.]
Back at the favela’s entrance, the first team finds an abandoned cell phone and drug paraphernalia.
[Ximenez in Portuguese.]
Hands against the wall.
To the other side.
Step back, step back.
So far, no drugs.
[Ximenez, into radio.]
Frog, do you copy? [officer, through radio.]
Go ahead.
Do you copy? We’ve secured the area.
And the favela is eerily quiet.
[dog barks in the distance.]
Luiz Bastos in Portuguese.]
When the police enters over there, the gang members pass through this hole here.
They go past the train tracks, along that wall and all the way down.
until they reach another favela opposite.
The gang has melted away.
But like dogs, they’ve sprayed the walls to mark their turf, and the Red Command symbol, CV, is everywhere.
Luiz and his team must head deeper into the favela.
[mysterious music.]
Finally, they reach their prime objective, the main boca.
But it's deserted.
Then, a lucky find.
The boca’s account book containing details of recent sales.
With the area secured, they start to dismantle the boca.
[in Portuguese.]
From their point of view, it’s strategically located.
They put a team over there and another one there, watching everything, so they can choose their escape route this way or that.
[dog barks.]
Where are you? I’m by the boca entrance.
Shall we go take a look? Let’s go check it out.
Red Command spotters have been seen on the rooftops.
Wary of snipers, Luiz and his men need to get to a vantage point.
[in Portuguese.]
Where is your door? Where is your door? Is it possible to reach the rooftop from your house? No, you have to go there.
[energetic music playing.]
- Can I take a look inside? - Go ahead.
I want to get on the roof, is it this way? Yes, go straight up.
By the time the cops finally make it up, there’s no-one around.
[dog barks.]
They have no choice but to leave empty handed.
["Fault Line" playing.]
They said we could be heroes Save the world from itself But we're the ones dyin' For a place upon the shelf Normally, that doesn’t happen.
We usually catch something.
We find things, there’s a confrontation.
When nothing happens, we get frustrated.
As soon as we turn our backs, they return to the same place.
They must be back by now.
And while the police target the Red Command, Rio’s other drug gangs only grow stronger.
The T.
, or Pure Third Command, is Rio’s second most powerful gang, and with 200 of their own favelas, they’re on the rise.
[horn honks.]
[drum and bass music playing.]
[Jackson in Portuguese.]
We are the Third Command.
We are enemies of Red Command.
We recently took over this favela, and enemies want to invade.
boss, Jackson, has just taken over a Red Command favela.
Since I have the opportunity and enough money to invade another favela and double my money and get a better life, I’m gonna try to do that.
Who doesn’t want a better life? [narrator.]
But his new turf has come at a price.
Unfortunately, we always lose a friend or two in this war.
So when you die in the war, you die doing your duty.
The most intelligent, the quickest, always survive.
To get where I am, I’ve had to do a lot of things, otherwise you lose control of the community.
I’ve had to kill rival gang members.
The more shoot-outs I got into with the police, the more rivals I shot, the more I grew and grew, until one day, I realized I was in charge.
Money is what makes all this happen.
There’s no other name for it.
It is the money.
It turns you into a monster.
Jackson knows the Red Command could retaliate at any time.
It’s a war that will never end.
The drugs are what make it happen.
They bring in the money to buy the weapons and keep the war going.
To secure this new turf, Jackson needs to get the bocas up and running and that means getting hold of more drugs.
[police sirens in the distance.]
[Piloto in Portuguese.]
I got ten kilos of cocaine here and several kilos of marijuana.
Piloto drives for Rio’s gangs.
I transport whatever is necessary weapons, drugs.
I’m an independent.
I’m not tied to anyone.
Tonight, he’s on the T.
P’s payroll.
I’m taking cocaine, powder worth over R$100,000 to a client who is in need.
He’s running the gauntlet from São Paulo along the Dutra highway to Jackson’s favela in Rio.
I prefer to travel earlier with a bit more traffic so that I’m less likely to be stopped by the police.
This journey will earn Piloto over $1,000 if he makes it.
But there’s a Federal police checkpoint right in his path.
[hard rock music playing.]
[cop in Portuguese.]
What are you transporting? - It's empty.
- Oh, it's empty? [Piloto.]
If I were caught, I would get sentenced to ten to 15 years in prison.
That's always scary.
Today, the cops are on high alert.
But there’s no turning back.
You have to keep cool.
Not get stressed over little things.
And stay lucky.
That’s the main thing.
[checkpoint officer.]
Where are you coming from? You're heading to Rio? Just open the trunk please, turn off the engine step out of the car.
At a checkpoint like this, police stop dozens of drivers.
Great, all good.
Thanks a lot.
Have a good journey.
But not Piloto.
Not today.
["You'll Never Know" playing.]
Oh, you'll never know When the judge will come to take your soul [phone line ringing.]
Sup, bro.
I’ve got the cargo with me.
I’ll see you tonight, all right? When I’m transporting people and we come face to face with a police car or a checkpoint, these guys might shoot to avoid getting caught and the police would certainly shoot back.
Getting caught is the lesser evil, getting killed is the worse.
You sang the devil's song But the devil himself wouldn't sing along So hide, baby, hide 'Til justice comes to take you home [music fades out.]
Piloto finally arrives with the drugs.
Sup, bro? You good? [narrator.]
But Jackson has another job for him.
Hey, I've got a mission for you.
I want to send some stuff with you.
I'm sending these two pistols as reinforcement for our friends over there.
I’m going to send these two grenades as well to make them stronger.
The Red Command is attacking a T.
favela, and Jackson is sending Piloto with some extra hardware.
There’s an invasion happening.
The gang got together, and everyone is sending something over there to help it keep going.
The gang is all about unity.
Meanwhile, thanks to Piloto’s coke, Jackson can reopen the boca.
[drum and bass music playing.]
That's it.
That's it.
[sales person in Portuguese.]
Crack, the best crack in Rio.
[Maicon in Portuguese.]
You have to buy rifles.
With the money you make, you buy one kilo of cocaine, one kilo of marijuana to get the cash flowing.
And that’s the way it goes, you have to keep growing.
It’s Maicon’s job to get the drug money flowing in.
[dealer in Portuguese.]
R$5 crack bag? [Maicon.]
I can’t let the boca run dry.
R$20 of marijuana.
Each boca in the favela is making R$100,000.
All of them together bring in one million Reals a week.
But reopening the boca leaves them exposed.
The Red Command could hit back at any time.
There are lookouts all over the hill.
[Grilo in Portuguese.]
There’s a motorbike going down your way.
[radio voice.]
No problem.
Everything’s in order, total peace.
Grilo is part of the boca’s early warning system.
When I see a car from up here, I radio the information over to the other guy down there.
So they are ready and waiting for it.
We do the same thing at every access route into the favela.
Jackson has the entire crew on high alert.
Each favela belongs to a boss.
He owns the bocas and he issues his commands.
We must obey them.
A mistake can cost us our lives.
The punishment is death.
If you screw up, you die.
[radio voice.]
What’s the view from up there? [Grilo, into radio.]
Up here there’s nothing going on.
Everything’s peaceful up here.
[radio voice.]
Everything calm, the view is clear.
You bet.
[menacing music playing.]
The C.
E has been tasked with a new mission, to take on the growing might of the T.
Luiz Bastos.]
The moment we get out of the armored truck, we’re going straight in.
Their target: two gang members who live in the T.
favela in the Japeri district on the outskirts of Rio.
Close to the Dutra Highway, it’s a major drug hub for the whole city.
Luiz and his team are approaching the favela from the rear, and they’ve called in air support.
Luiz Bastocx.]
There’s a boca here, they left motorbikes.
The team has caught the boca’s security off guard.
Luiz Bastos.]
They left everything here, even food.
Their motorbikes, stolen, no license plates.
There’s a trail of clues all over the area.
Luiz Bastos.]
Is that a rifle bullet? It’s one of those tracer bullets.
They must be nearby.
They must be over there, let’s go and see.
Luiz Bastos.]
A rifle magazine? Which type? [officer.]
AR 10.
AR 10.
Luiz Bastos.]
It’s the thugs’.
The helicopter has spotted two suspects escaping into a nearby house.
Luiz Bastos.]
Did you find more stuff? Huh? [dog barking.]
[mysterious music playing.]
Luiz Bastos.]
Is there anyone inside? Did a guy come in here? Move outside.
- [insp.
Luiz Bastos.]
Is it him? - No, not me.
Luiz Bastos.]
There's someone in there.
Two armed gang members have already been shot in an exchange of fire.
The police turn off the cameras and rush them to the hospital.
But it’s too late.
Both drug dealers died after the confrontation.
They’re not the men they’re after, but they were wanted.
Luiz Bastos.]
We seized two 9mm pistols, four rifle carriers, more communication equipment.
Every bullet that’s taken off the street is potentially a life saved.
But for the cops, it’s just another hollow victory in Rio’s never-ending drug war.
Luiz Bastos.]
I’m aware that we will never solve the problem with gunshots.
We should reach out to the children who were born in the favelas, so they grow up to realize that drug dealers are neither superheroes nor role models for them.
In this life, it’s easy to get women, money, parties, cars, motorbikes.
Like it or not, these are things that are cursed.
I want to save up as much money as I can and quit before anybody finds out.
This is not the life I want to lead until I die.
We die today, tomorrow a hundred more will replace us.
It never stops.
Luiz Bastos.]
We have to resolve the situation.
We’re the last resort.
[music fades into echo and wind.]
["It’s Going Down Undefeated" playing.]
Living on the front line Struggle's all I know Working hard to get mine And never letting go Burn it up got the fire in me No one's stopping my victory No dropping me to the ground Cuz it's going down, undefeated [music fades out.]