Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e02 Episode Script

Akatsuki, Makes A Move

It's been a long time, you two.
I'm sure your training produced good results, right? Do you think we came back without making progress? It went perfectly! Then show me those results immediately.
Show you? You will take on a particular man.
I didn't send him on any missions for the past several days and had him stand by for this very purpose.
Your opponent will be Hello.
Shikamaru! Temari! Look who's here! Naruto.
Hey! That is you isn't it, Naruto! Shikamaru! This isthat little shrimp? So you're back? Yeah, I got back this morning.
You don't look as stupid as before I mean, hey, have you changed? No, he hasn't.
OhI thought so.
Then, does this mean you're my opponent, Shikamaru? Opponent? What do you mean? I just came to deliver some documents.
Huh? You're not my opponent, Shikamaru? Then? Who're you again? You don't remember me? Naruto, that's not your opponent.
He's out there.
You sure got tallNaruto.
Yo! Kakashi Sensei! The Akatsuki Makes Its Move Sensei, you haven't changed one bit! Oh yeah.
Listen, listen I've got a present for you, Sensei.
This is sure a nostalgic sight.
Yes, it is What?! You got me Th-This is This is the first new title in the Make-Out series in three years! I think it's totally boring, but you like this stuff, don't you, Sensei?! That idiotNo way could a kid understand the appeal.
And on top of that, it's a very rare item that hasn't even been released yet All right! That's enough fun for now, Kakashi.
Don't tell me Are you my opponent? Hmm, not quite Gee, it's been a while since I saw you too, Sakura.
Yes, it has, Kakashi Sensei.
My opponent will be Narutoand Sakura, the both of you! Kakashi Sensei's our opponent I want to see what you can do against Kakashi I will determine your status in the future based on the results.
Status, eh? Sakura, show me that you weren't just wasting your time training under me.
Yes, ma'am! Then, shall we get right to it? That's what I'd like to say.
But since you just got back Naruto, you must be tired.
I'll give you a short rest.
I'm not particularly tired or anything! Let's meet up at the Third Training Grounds later.
See ya.
Why's he in such a hurry? I have a pretty good idea He's going to read his book.
With that look he had, there's no doubt about it.
That's the obvious reaction after getting an unreleased copy of one of my books.
That Kakashi Sensei.
Is that stupid book more important to him than the results of our training? Well, now we can discuss our strategy against Kakashi Sensei.
So, are you guys on a date? It's not like that.
Heh! Cut out the jokes.
Why would I be on a date with this guy? It's almost time for the Chunin Exams.
I've just been going back and forth between the Sand and the Leaf for meetings concerning the Exams.
And although it's a pain, I've been put in charge of the Exams I've just been told to act as a guide for the Sand messenger.
Chunin Exams, huh? That sure takes me back Oh So what're you going to do, Naruto? About what? About the Chunin Exams.
You're the only one from our class who hasn't become a Chunin.
What?! Th-Then, you're also a Chunin, Sakura? Heh-hehThat's right.
And just for the record, Kankuro, this person here, and Neji who's one grade above us are already Jonin.
Huh?! Then what about Gaara?! Lord Kazekage The meeting is about to begin.
I see So Gaara became the Kazekage, huh? That's awesome I won't be outdone! I'll become the Hokage, no matter what! Just you wait, Gaara! I guess he has matured a little, after all.
What do you think?! Pretty good, huh? It is my finest work.
I leave Naruto in your care as promised It'd be nice if he's grown at least a little.
Heh You'd think I've slipped up? You'll get beaten out if you get careless.
Well, that's encouraging to hear.
And their actions are gaining momentum.
Over the past several years, the strength of our village has stabilized, and relations with the Hidden Villages in each allied land have prospered.
In particular, we have achieved good results in our development of recruits with the curriculum incorporating the training program from the Leaf Village.
The Chunin Exams are almost here.
I look forward to the results.
However at this time, with the Chunin Exams upon us, there is a nasty rumor going around What is it, Yura? Have you heard of the organization called the "Akatsuki"? I see So they're finally making their move.
It's something we were expecting to a degree, though.
The Akatsuki, huh? The Akatsuki is a mysterious organization composed of a dozen or so Shinobi.
The members of the organization are vicious S-Rank criminals all listed in the Bingo Book.
Of those identified there is Itachi Uchiha from the Village Hidden in the Leaves who drove his own clan to annihilation in one night.
There is Kisame Hoshigaki who was once a member of the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist.
He was known as the phantom of the Mist.
And there is Orochimaru who once plotted the destruction of the Leaf and assassinated the previous Kazekage.
It is said he used to be a member of this organization.
Why have they started taking such dramatic action? What's their goal? That's beyond me at this point What I do know is that they're after what's inside Naruto.
Andthat they've got something evil in mind.
I passed on this information to those in charge of security for each land.
I sure hope they tighten up their security immediately.
I see I'd heard the rumors So the organization in question is finally taking action The source of the information is Lord Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin.
So prior to the meeting, I took the liberty of issuing an order to increase Village security.
Anbu Black Ops masters have already been stationed at key points around the village.
No matter how powerful the Shinobi may be, they will not be able to infiltrate by force.
I hear the members of the Akatsuki wear black clothing in addition to capes with a red cloud pattern on them.
I ordered security to attack with full force should they see someone fitting that description.
Now then the meeting is adjourned.
Well done, Yura.
I never thought you'd take action so quickly.
I have also served as a superior for four years.
It is my intention to always make decisions while considering what's in the best interest of thevillage.
SEAL What's the matter? Nothing It's nothing at all I just haven't slept much I seeYou need to take care of yourself.
Thank you for your concern.
I see That's right I see.
So we have to deal with this one, then go after the guy we sent to Orochimaru, huh? It seems he turned traitor and leaked information about us.
It can't be helped.
Even I don't know what happens after the Jutsu is cast.
More importantly, will just that bag be enough? Our opponent will be using the Jinchuriki.
All of my Jutsu are works of art.
And I made sure to bring my specialty.
After all, our opponent is the One-Tailed.
Third Training Grounds Is Kakashi Sensei going to make us wait forever?! Well, he's always been like this.
Geez, it'd be nice if he'd show a little improvement.
Oh, sorry about that.
As it happens, I ran into an old woman in trouble on my way here and - Okay! That's a lie! - Okay! That's a lie! This place kind of takes me back.
Your task for today is to take these bells away from me by this afternoon.
Those unable to get a bell will get no lunch.
What?! You'll be tied to those posts and then I'll eat your lunch right in front of you.
Oh, come to think of it, this was your first Training Ground, wasn't it? Squad Seven The Three-Man Squad, huh? We had Sasuke with us back then, didn't we? Don't go! If you do, I'll scream! Sakura.
Sasuke! Yo, goofball.
Sasuke's name is off limits for these guys Well Let's see how much you've grown.
You haven't given up on Sasuke, have you? Absolutely not! That's why I continued my training! The rules are the same as when we first met.
I don't care how you do it.
Just take a bell away from me.
- If you don't - "come at me with the intent to kill," "we won't be able to get the bells", right? You can use Shuriken if you want.
If you don't come at me with the intent to kill, you won't be able to get the bells.
If you don't come at me with the intent to kill, you won't be able to get the bells.
You have until sunrise tomorrow.
Now then, shall we begin? You're not going to do it while reading your book this time around, Kakashi Sensei? Or have you already finished reading? Nope I thought I'd save the fun for later Besides Well, I kind of get the feeling I may have to get a bit serious this time around.
What's that? Black clothing and a red cloud pattern.
Don't tell me Is that? Contact Captain Yura immediately! Captain Yura! Some guys from the organization in question have shown up.
I know.
You don't need to worry It'll be over soon.
Good work, Yura.
Do you remember me? Yes, Lord Sasori! Let's go! The time to unveil my newest work has come.
It's been three years since my previous masterpiece, "Make-Out Violence.
" You'll forget about time, forget to breathe, and forget yourself with this, a masterpiece filled with soul.
Pre-orders for "Make-Out Tactics" are now being accepted at the Leaf Shuueidou.
Buy it now, everyone! Okay? Stop advertising your book here! Next time: "The Results of Training"