Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

The Results of Training

Third Training Grounds Let's go! Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Not bad.
Nice Since he's trapped in midair he used the Shadow Clone Jutsu as a means for movement.
Transform! Okay, that's as far as you go.
He's gotten pretty tall.
And not only that His timing for using the Shadow Clone Jutsu has gotten better.
Oho Not bad.
That's incredible.
You've grown, haven't you, Naruto? However Well, it seems you're just as impatient as ever.
I haven't even said start yet, have I? Don't be so hasty.
I haven't even said start yet, have I? Now then, let's begin.
Readystart! Now then, let's begin! Readystart! Damn it! I've been had! Come on, Naruto, you goof! The Results of Training Good work Do you remember me? Of course, I do, Lord Sasori.
Of course, he does.
It wouldn't be much of a Jutsu if he didn't.
They become loyal subordinates after regaining their memory.
I say it's about ready? All right, it's done Sasori, my good man.
You watch from here Okay.
I'll attack the village from above.
What do you think of this artistic form? Don't make me wait too long, Deidara! One-Tail, the Jinchuriki of Shukaku, Gaara of the desert, eh? Now then, I wonder what he's like.
Now What're you going to do, Sakura? Right? Above? Left? Behind? If he's in none of those places He must be below.
Wh-What ridiculous strength.
All right, well done.
Fifth Hokage You didn't just teach Sakura Medical Ninjutsu, huh? That short temper and incredible strength.
She raised a splendid second Tsunade.
Kakashi Sensei.
Huh? I found you.
I'dI'd better stop acting like an idiot in front of Sakura.
I'll get killed! She built up her maximum Chakra inside her body at once and instantly concentrated all of it into her fist.
That's a feat that can't be done without considerable Chakra control.
Medical Ninjutsu along with superhuman strength No.
It's more than that.
Sakura's originally a Genjutsu-type, after all.
She might just become a better Kunoichi than the Fifth Hokage.
All right, now I guess it's my turn, huh? One.
So there are three people guarding the skies Still, this village sure has quite the artistic design to it.
It's certainly worth destroying, though It's time for covert action from here on.
There he is.
The basics for a Shinobi are to eliminate their presence and remain hidden.
This is totally different from back then.
The basics for a Shinobi are to eliminate their presence and remain hidden.
All right, everyone seems to be well hidden Now, fight me fair and square! Say, aren't you just a little bit off there? Let me teach the two of you something.
Shinobi Battle Skills, part oneTaijutsu.
You're wide open! If I can hit him once It won't mean a thing if you don't hit me.
Phew, that was a close one.
Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Here I come! All right, bring it on.
The bell's mine.
You won't get away! Dancing Leaf Shadow?! This is Bushy Brow's! It's Kakashi Sensei's Copy Ninjutsu! Nowwhere's the real one? Right here.
Secret Finger Jutsu.
A Thousand Years of Death! Nowwhere's the real one? Right here! Secret Finger Jutsu! A Thousand Years of Death! Damn it.
I missed! That was a close one In a different sense.
It used to be so easy.
I'll tear you apart! Damn it! You can't dodge this! Geez, man! Huh? Ninja don't let their opponent get behind them over and over, you idiot! Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu! A Thousand Years of Death! She's over there, huh? Sasuke, where are you? Don't tell me Sensei already got to you! No, that'd never happen to him! I'm safe! He hasn't noticed me! Sakura, behind you.
They've been apart for two years, and yet his teamwork with Sakura isn't that bad.
Though I want to find out what happens next in the new volume Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! As always, the sheer number of his clones amazes me Let's go! - Yeah! - Yeah! Good grief It looks like I won't have time for reading.
Things are getting interesting.
Naruto and Sakura are pretty good, aren't they? Things are just getting started.
Now then, what should I do? Wh-What's this strange thing?! It's not strange, you know.
Sure enough, fools don't understand what art is all about I'll show you with your own bodies.
True artis an explosion! I'm sure I heard the sound of the bells from this way.
There's a possibility that he rang them on purpose.
Be careful.
Yeah, it's Kakashi Sensei, after all.
Sasuke! Sasuke.
Naruto, Sakura Help me.
I got away from Orochimaru.
Naruto, Sakura Please.
It's too bad I want to talk with Sasuke a little while longer, but Release! I'm not interested in illusions, you see.
Shadow Clone Jutsu! Naruto, Kakashi Sensei's behind that tree there.
Oh, no! Yeah, I know.
Rasengan! Kakashi Sensei.
Huh? You have something to say, don't you? I missed it before.
Shinobi Battle Skills, part twoGenjutsu.
Huh? What was that just now? Hey! Where'd Sensei go? Huh? Huh? What's going on? What's what? Sakura.
Oh, Sasuke! S-Sakura.
H-Help me.
She fell for it so easily back then Kakashi Sensei, talk about a lack of pizzazz.
No way will we fall for the same trick over and over again.
That's right, that's right.
No, that's not necessarily the case.
All right! He dropped the bells.
Naruto, don't.
They're mine! See? Naruto would still fall for the same trick.
Huh? No way will I fall for a trap like this.
Wha--?! Substitution Jutsu.
Damn it.
You idiot.
Didn't I tell you? Sure enough, the same tricks won't work, huh? Infiltration successful.
That's as far as you go.
Can you see the intense smoke from an explosion? There's great turbulence in the skies above the Hidden Sand.
Can you give us any details? Yes.
It appears Lord Kazekage is engaged in a fierce battle in the sky with an intruder.
All the residents can do is watch Oh! Are you all right? It seems we have lost audio.
We will continue to report the moment we receive more information.
Next time: "The Jinchuriki of the Sand"