Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Jinchuuriki of the Sand

Wh-What's that? Just a little more.
You're pretty good.
Now that's a handy Jinchuriki.
Buthow'd you know I was the intruder? There are no birds like that in this desert.
I see.
The Jinchuriki of the Sand You're pretty good Now that's a handy Jinchuriki.
Buthow'd you know I was the intruder? There are no birds like that in this desert.
I see.
Hey! What was that noise earlier?! You're supposed to report immediately if something happens Wh-Whathappened? Lord Kazekage What do you mean something strange got into the village?! Captain Yura was supposed to have tightened village security.
Actually we have been unable to contact Captain Yura.
Come again?! Oh, manThat Deidara had to go and turn this into a circus.
You head on back.
Things will get complicated if the guys from the village find you here.
Yes, Lord Sasori.
Get a move on, Deidara.
I don't like to be kept waiting.
Gaara! I'm coming in! Where'd he go? Kankuro, the Kazekage is fighting up in the sky.
Wh-What did you say? The covert action is a failure.
But now I don't have to bother looking for you anymore! He's got the advantage, as expected This is a real mess.
Over there?! This one is?! A transformation of one of Naruto's Shadow Clones, huh?! I'm finished if it even grazes me Shinobi Battle Skills, part three Ninjutsu! The speed of his seal forming It's way too fast! Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! Where's Kakashi Sensei? Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu! A Shadow Clone, huh?! Water Style! Water Dragon Missile! Using Fire Style, Earth Style and Water Style consecutively.
Ordinarily that's totally impossible.
He isn't called the "Copy Ninja" for nothing Now I understand how amazing he is.
This is going to be a long-drawn-out affair.
But there's still plenty of time until dawn.
Things might just be settled more quickly than you'd expect Gaara It's almost time The real show's about to begin.
There! He uses strange explosives And he's able to guide them, huh? I've pretty much got it now.
I always knew, but The Sharingan is really something else, isn't it? Yeah But even more than that, the speed of his seal formation It's so fast it's tough for us to even get near him Fire Style! Fireball Jutsu! Water Style! Water Dragon Jutsu! For the time being, we won't have a prayer of getting the bells unless we can do something about both his hands.
That Kakashi Sensei's incredibly strong for sure.
He's smarter than Shikamaru.
He has a better sense of smell than Kiba.
His Sharingan is better than Sasuke's.
His Taijutsu is better than Bushy Brow's.
And he's got way more experience than us But even Kakashi Sensei must have a weakness! If we think hard about it Hmm.
A weakness, huh? Oh! He does have a weakness?! I never thought they'd make me use my Sharingan this much But, oh well I should be able to hang on until sunrise I've still gotShuriken and Kunai Knives.
Whoops! Mustn't do that.
This isn't like the old days.
They're too good for me to be able to fight them while reading.
But I want to know what happens.
It seems the main character in "Make-Out Tactics" has some sort of incredible secret I can't wait to read what's next R-Really? Did you really figure out Kakashi Sensei's weakness? You should be able to figure it out if you look back on his actions up until now.
Quit stalling already What's his weakness, Naruto? Well, you see I get it! I never thought he'd have a weakness like that.
See?! It's clear if you think back on his actions up until now, right? Right, right.
In addition to occupying both his hands, we might be able to seal off his Sharingan if things go well.
And then if we seize the opportunity Naruto Sure enough, you're the number one most unpredictable Ninja! Still, I was so pleased with how much they've grown that I ended up getting kind of carried away I guess this time I'll wait and see what kind of move they'll make.
Now that that's settled, the first strike will decide this! We'll make the first move! Right! Let's go! All right.
They're fast, this time.
Gaara! They're here.
You're underestimating me.
To think you'd attack me head-on like that.
Now, Naruto! Here we go, Kakashi Sensei! At the end of "Make-Out Tactics!" Wh-What?! As it happens, the main character! He's giving away the ending! N-No! Oh, no! I still understand what he's saying.
I can read his lips with my Sharingan.
Oh! A Ninja is supposed to read below what's underneath.
Right, Sensei?! You got me It's just like an eggshell protecting what's inside.
But it's incredible that he was able to block the explosion completely.
Sand Prison! Who'd have thought you'd ensnare Kakashi by pretending to give away the ending.
That's a pretty good strategy.
- You could say that.
- But if I remember correctly, Master Jiraiya's book is targeted for adults, right? So when did you become an adult? That doesn't count as reading.
It was so boring I quit after just ten pages It seems he read ten pages.
- Okay, you're guilty! - Huh?! Naruto, for violating the regulations, you are sentenced to clean the Academy bathrooms for three days! No way! Next episode: "The Kazekage Stands Tall"