Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

Mission Cleared

Ichiraku Ramen Yeah.
Ichiraku hasn't changed a bit! Mm This aroma It's whetting my appetite.
All right! Hiya! Welcome! Old man Do you remember me? Naruto It's you, isn't it, Naruto?! No way could I forget you! Long time no see! Huh? Naruto? You sure got big! Long time no see, miss! What'll you have? You're hungry, right? Yeah, I'm starved! All right then, today it's on me.
Order whatever you like! All right! No It's on me today.
I knew you'd be here, Naruto! Iruka Sensei! Sakura isn't with you? If I'd known you were going to treat, I'd have brought Sakura, too Maybe I should've let him treat me to half a ramen.
Can I get some more rice-flour anmitsu?! Wh-What's this? It's Lord Kazekage's sand! Wow! Look at the size of the shield he made! Just what I'd expect from the Kazekage.
Gaara Okay, you're within range! Gaara! Mission Cleared Okay, you're within range! Gaara! Fifth Kazekage! I wonder if he's okay He did it! You're amazing, Lord Kazekage.
Ooh! Gaara's Total Sand Defense can't be broken that easily.
Lord Baki! The preparations for attack have been completed! All right! Attack all together when I give the signal! I'd expect no less His specially-created sand sure got some quick defense However That's just what I want.
My left hand was crushed Sand Coffin.
However, I used that opportunity to eat some of your sand and mix it with my bomb clay.
You were doomed the instant you used that sand to defend yourself.
That being said, I planned it that way! Art - Oh, no - is explosive! Here's an extra-large special serving of our ramen! It's the real-deal Ichiraku ramen I dreamed about this ramen so many times during my training Now, eat up before it gets cold! Right.
Thank you! By the way, can I ask you a favor, Sensei? You want seconds? Let me wear your Leaf Headband.
Oh, this?! No way.
This is proof that you've graduated from the Academy and have been acknowledged as a full-fledged Ninja, you see! Wait for yours until tomorrow! You cheapskate! - Naruto - Huh? You've sure grown a lot compared to the time when you wanted this Have I?! Have I?! Do you think so? This Headband you gave me, it looks perfect on me now, doesn't it? Don't be getting carried away! You've still got a long way to go.
You've still got to do better and better! You've gotten so big Man, this is good! Sure enough, Ichiraku Ramen is the greatest! Isn't it, though? But Hm?! There's one thing I'm not quite happy with.
Naruto We meet for the first time in ages and the first thing you do is find fault with my ramen?! Huh?! It's It's not like that.
I don't have a problem with the ramen.
Ithought the next time Iruka Sensei would treat me to ramen would be after I'd become a Chunin Naruto All of my classmates have become Chunin, and I'm the only one who's still just a Genin.
You don't need to worry about whether you're a Genin or a Chunin.
After all, Master Jiraiya trained you personally I know, but But listen, that Pervy Sage is really merciless! The cloth on the precious Headband you gave me got all tattered.
The same with my clothes, too.
So I got this cloth newly made along with my new threads! But thanks to that intense training, you've gotten quite strong, haven't you? You should be happy about it.
I feel like I've gotten another step closer to becoming the Hokage! Ooh, sounds like you've got quite the confidence! Yeah! Speaking of which, I heard Gaara of the Hidden Sand has already become the Kazekage! Oh That kid's kind of special, so.
What do you mean by special? Huh?! You don't become the Kazekage just by being special.
I can tell I bethe worked incredibly hard He worked really hard, everyone acknowledged him and then he became the Kazekage! What the hell happened? G-Gaara Gaara! Lady Tsunade.
Have you decided on the first mission for Team Kakashi? Naruto and Sakura did nothing but training for two and a half years, after all.
I'm going to have them work off those two and a half years! Oh, how about something like this? A VIP escort in the Land of Rice Paddies This is a B-rank mission, huh? But Naruto hasn't been on a mission in quite awhile.
Wouldn't an easier mission be better to start? Look, how about something like this? Dog-walking? This is a D-rank mission! Sakura's a Chunin, and I'm sure Naruto is much stronger now.
I can't send them on a mission like this ! However there's the issue with the Nine-Tails to consider.
I don't think it's wise to imprudently send him out of the village too much That's why I teamed them up with Kakashi.
Iunderstand that, but We can at least give them this mission.
I'll concede no further.
A gold bullion transport convoy A C-rank mission? Naruto will probably still get miffed.
He'll say it's too easy.
Ichiraku Ramen Oh! Sorry about that, old man! Don't worry about it.
Man, what a waste.
Lord Kazekage! It-It can't be! Gaara's Ultimate Defense has been What the hell did he do? I cause an explosion at point-blank range and you're forced to use your speedy gourd sand you crushed my hand with to defend yourself However then I'm down to my last attack I had to create an opening in order to cause a sure explosion at close range I dropped my "specialty" on the village for that very purpose.
I guess I'll go retrieve him.
I get it.
Wh-What's happening? He's draining his last remaining strength in an attempt to move the sand outside the village He wants to make sure the village isn't damaged! I'd expect no less from the Kazekage Even when it'd be easier just to drop it on the village.
G-Gaara Hey, what're you guys doing?! We must protect Lord Kazekage! Commence attack! - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! Fire! Your attacks are futile.
Fire! Your attacks are futile, I'm telling you! They got a bit creative, huh? My man Sasori will be ticked off if I keep him waiting too long.
Is he going to keep me waiting forever? Hang in there, Lord Kazekage! Gaara! Hang in there just a little longer! He did it! Now it's your turn to work hard, Naruto.
But my opposition's the Kazekage I'm still just a Genin But your training with Master Jiraiya wasn't for nothing, right? I heard you and Sakura were able to take the bells away from Kakashi.
It was more of a cinch than I thought! I might even be stronger than you, Iruka Sensei! What're you talking about?! I'm a long way from being outdone! We won't know unless we try! Oh, come on! In any event, starting tomorrow, you'll be working as a member of Team Kakashi, right? Good luck! Right! I'm going to become Hokage in the future, after all No way will I be outdone by the likes of Gaara! Gaara! Rescue Lord Kazekage! It was harder than I thought not to kill him Mission cleared.
Gaara! Here is the latest forecast from today's weather report.
Mostly clear skies in the Hidden Sand Village.
However, certain areas may expect showers of various colored sands.
There are also chances of sudden falls of detonation clay similar to last night.
Please be careful when going outdoors.
It is recommended for well-used Puppets to be placed within Scrolls.
That was the forecast report form the Hidden Sand Weather Station.
Next time: "Run, Kankuro"