Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

Dash, Kankurou

Run, Kankuro Damn you! Cease fire immediately! We might hit Lord Kazekage.
Y-Yes sir! Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! Stop the attack! G-Gaara What in the world is he after? Is he going to leave the village?! My man Sasori must really be tired of waiting for me by now.
Is he going to take him away alive?! I won't let him get away! Kankuro! Don't be running off carelessly! Wait until we can get a unit together! We'll lose him if we just sit around! I'll catch up soon! Don't go after him too far on your own! Yeah! I know! That jerk was after Gaara from the start?! Lord Kankuro! Don't let him get away, no matter what! Yes, sir! He landed?! There should be a unit securing that area there My mission is accomplished.
You're late I told you not to keep me waiting! Cut me some slack This guy was pretty strong.
That's why I told you to make sure you were prepared.
How about the preparations here? Things are all ready here.
I had plenty of time, you see I was fully prepared unlike you.
Then, let's get out of here.
I'll never be back here again Hold it! What is it? It's too quiet There was a unit securing the village entrance.
There should be quite a commotion if the enemy landed there And yet, I don't hear a single thing! AndI've been sending several messages, yet there hasn't been a single response.
What the hell's going on here?! L-Lord Kankuro! What is it?! Wh-What's this?! What a mess They weren't attacked just now It might've been before Gaara started to fight There were even elite Anbu Black Ops members here They must have been attacked at once by a rather large group? Or perhaps Perhaps? No.
It's nothing I made a thorough investigation when Gaara took the Kazekage position No way could there be a traitor among the Hidden Sand Shinobi! From the looks of this, the guys who took Gaara just passed straight through here.
Hurry! We're going after them! - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! There's someone still alive! Stop! Don't move him carelessly A paper bomb?! It looks like they fell for your trap, Sasori my man.
Of course.
Traps are made to be fallen into.
I get it.
I'm home! I've come back, now! Whoa! Just as I'd expect, things get pretty dusty when you leave it for years! Sasuke I'm back And I'm here to get you back It It can't be! This means the group that went to get Lord Kazekage back has been Don't tell me they got Kankuro, too Get back! It's going to collapse! What's that?! K-Kankuro I was only able to save two of them These guys are hurt! Get them some medical attention! What're you going to do?! Isn't it obvious?! I'm going to get Gaara back! Kankuro! He was strong enough to beat Gaara! You don't stand a chance against him! So are you saying we should just forsake Gaara?! That's not what I'm saying! If we can just find out where their hideout is, we can form a unit later and attack! I guess I can't stop him, huh? Listen up! Just follow them Don't even think about making a move! Yeah If I can! That Kankuro! They're mocking me Is it Gaara's sand?! Hang on Gaara! I leave this to you! - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! Deploy a pursuit unit and have them go after Kankuro immediately! And contact the Hidden Leaf immediately regarding this situation! Tell them it's an emergency! Got it?! Yes, sir! I have a bad feeling about this Something Something's about to happen! I'm counting on you, Takamaru! Lord Kazekage It'll be fine.
I'm sure he'll come back right away This way, huh?! Wonderful I couldn't help reading it over twice I guess I should get to bed Huh? It's already morning? Uh-oh Not good.
I still haven't made the unit list for the new team.
Not good, not good at all Where did I put those documents again? What're you doing up so early? Everyone's still sleeping, you know.
You?! I can't leave the village unattended for too long My business here is finished, so I just thought I'd head back as soon as possible Without even eating breakfast? I'll just find a teahouse or something along the way and eat there.
What're you doing here? It's a pain, but I'm supposed to be your guide.
I have no choice seeing as how it's a mission.
Must be quite a hassle Here is fine The next time we meet, we will be at the Chunin Exams, huh? Yeah See you around It's about time you become a Jonin.
It'll happen before you know it if you stop saying stuff's a pain and just carry out your missions What a pain All right! At last! I don't like this wind What is it, Sasori my man? I never thought someone would be following us.
Hold it! I found you! You will return Gaara to me! Deidara You go on ahead As I recall he was the one who took Gaara using that strange bird Then this must be the guy who set the trap in the village I'll show youmy puppet show! Black Ant! Salamander! I'll say it again You will give Gaara back to me! You're late! Finally, you're here Gee, sorry about that This time it took longer than I thought to write up the documents for the new team.
Today's our new team's first mission! Aren't you fired up?! You've always been like that, Kakashi Sensei! Oh, come on.
You're already annoying! It can't be helped.
Kakashi Sensei's always had that look of disinterest! I'm starting to lose my dignity here.
If I'm not mistaken, that's one of the Hidden Sand's Puppet Master Jutsu, huh? Then I'm going on ahead! You're not going anywhere! Wha--?! I don't like waiting for people, and I don't like making people wait I'll finish this right away.
With his brother's life at stake, it looks as though this is a match that the Challenger Kankuro cannot afford to lose?! Well, he is one of the finest Puppet Masters in the Hidden Sand.
Meanwhile, the Champion Sasori has yet to show his skills, making his presence even creepier! Wow, Kankuro made the first move by bringing out his Crow! And it just went down However, the challenger still has an ace known as the Salamander.
Wow, and just as we speak, there's the Salamander! What sort of trick will it display for us?! Next time: "Team Kakashi, Deployed"