Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e08 Episode Script

Action, Kakashi Team

There you go.
Where'd this one come from so early in the morning? Th-This is Takamaru, the fastest messenger in all the Hidden Sand! Break! What's this?! It's a level-one emergency message! Contact the Cipher Corps immediately! It's sure been a long time since I've been on a mission I'm so excited! Naruto, accept the mission without complaint, no matter what we're ordered to do.
I know! I hope so Move it, move it! What was that? Watch it, you! Be more careful! So the Cipher Corps was summoned, huh? Then what the bird from earlier brought must've been You said there's a level-one emergency message? Are you sure? Yes.
It's right here It's from the Sand, huh? That message coming here means No doubt something's happened in the Sand! Okay! I'll get right to deciphering it! Team Kakashi, Deployed Who'd have thought you could keep up with Crow's speed It looked like the fly was about to land, you see.
I remember now.
This Jinchuriki guy had some siblings.
And I heard that one of them uses Puppets This is probably that guy I think his name was Kantaro I mean, Kanpachi, or something? It's Kankuro! I'm telling you I'm your opponent.
And you quit gawking and get out of here.
You're in the way.
You're right I'll be going, then.
Hey, hold it! Don't make me repeat myself I'm your opponent It looks like I'll have to take care of this guy and then go after the other one You're sure unlucky My man Sasori just might be the worst possible opponent for you.
There might still be some traps remaining Be careful Preparations for mobilization of the tracking unit have been completed.
All right, go after Kankuro immediately.
Even if you find the enemy, avoid battle as best you can.
Our only goal is to find the enemy hideout.
- Yes, sir! - Yes,sir! We'll send out the Kazekage rescue team as soon as we find their hideout.
You'd better come back with some information! Get going! - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! Kankuro Make sure you don't do anything reckless I'll show you my Puppet Show! There! There! You're pretty good However You didn't notice that the Black Ant was gone, did you? Here goes! Puppet Show! Puppet Show Secret Black Move Iron Maiden! The show's over.
Whaaat?! A guard for gold bullion transport convoy?! Huh? You got a problem?! That's totally a C-rank mission! I'll just have to say no thanks to a mission like that And here I just told him not to complain.
Please don't act so selfish I'm the one she's going to get mad at I knew he'd react like this Good grief Ohh, just as you thought Naruto, you haven't matured mentally at all, have you? Naruto I gave you an easier mission since this is more or less a comeback for you I didn't ask for this! I-I'm sorry, Master! I'll give him a good scolding later Y-You moron! You can talk like that because you don't know how frightening she can be Cha! The details of the mission are written here.
Right! Geez, man The old man Third Hokage was much more understanding Huh? Did you say something?! Hey! Knock it off! Th-There's troubleFifth Hokage! What's all the commotion? We just received an emergency message from the Sand Did you say an emergency message?! This is what we have deciphered What?! Sand?! A sand clone? Ohmy god It can't be Hey What happened? The Kazekage of the Hidden Sand has been taken by members of the organization called the Akatsuki.
Gaara Those guys again, huh? We have more information concerning the Akatsuki.
And so the Hidden Sand has officially requested our help Lady Tsunade, don't tell me you're going to have Team Kakashi?! This is a time of emergency.
I can't be wasting time on personnel selection.
And besides, we've got someone here who's actually fought against the Akatsuki I understand that, but I will now issue Team Kakashi a new mission.
Go to the Village Hidden in the Sand immediately, find out what's going on and report back to the Leaf After that, you will follow the orders of the Hidden Sand and provide them with back-up! How? How?! How can he read my movements like this? And on top of that, he's hardly moved at all the whole time What's the matter? Are you already finished? Like hell I am! Poisoned Mist Inferno Consecutive Needle Combo! Are you finished? No way How is he not affected by being in the Poisoned Mist?! Making people wait any longer than this goes against my policy I think it's just about my turn now! Salamander has an iron wall defense It can withstand a direct hit from a few thousand tons of rocks You won't be able to inflict even a scratch on me.
It's safe to say the defensive strength of that puppet is indeed of the highest level.
However There's always a weakness.
It's futile! N-No way He figured out Salamander's weakness in one glance? No matter how strong the puppet may be, the movable parts of the joints are weaker than the other parts.
Now then, shall we go for the finale? I usually don't believe in stuff like this, but I've kind of got a bad feeling about this How? How can he read my hidden weapon attack schemes? You've got solid talent However, you picked the wrong opponent.
Your puppets with the hidden poison weapons I can see through them all Crow! Black Ant! Salamander! This is the first time my hidden weapon attacks have been read like this You look puzzled You're wondering how I figured out your attacks, huh? Of course I did.
Crow Black Ant Salamander The one who created these three puppets is none otherthan me! That scroll?! You idiot! Hurry up and show it to me! What? The Kazekage of the Hidden Sand has been Looks like this isn't the time to be sleeping like this! I ended up making someone wait a bit But I never thought my opponent would be one of my adorable juniors using hand-me-downs.
I haven't had such a fun fight in quite some time.
Then, you'rethe celebrated master craftsman of the puppet unit, Sasori of the Red Sand?! I'm honored that a kid like you knows my name.
You left the Sand over twenty years ago.
What're you doing here?! What's the point of asking such a thing before you die? My body's getting numb Don't tell me he also uses poison But when? I know! At that moment! The poison's circulating, huh? You're finished! You're just going to suffer.
But if you want to live that badly I won't finish you off! However, that poison will kill you in less than three days.
Gaara Damn it! There he is! He's over there! He's collapsed! And his puppets are smashed Okay, we're off now! We'll be back, Master.
Right Naruto, good luck! Thanks.
Hey! Are you off on a mission now, Naruto? That's right! Oh, more importantly.
Tsunade, I've got some information for you.
- The Kazekage of the Hidden Sand - I know.
I'm just about to send them off to the Sand now.
Right, right.
You know about the Akatsuki and Naruto, don't you? It's an emergency situation you see I just made the best choice I could.
Oh, come on Naruto, come here for a second.
Hm? Listen up, Naruto.
Don't get reckless against the Akatsuki.
They've got business with me.
So this time I'll go to them! You have indeed gotten stronger But if you don't keep cool, you'll just be asking for trouble.
Losing your cool right away is a bad habit of yours.
Naruto I think you know But don't use that power.
I know Kakashi Keep an eye on Naruto and make sure he doesn't do anything too reckless.
I'm counting on you.
Okay? Okay.
Kakashi Sensei, Sakura, let's get a move on! H-Hey, wait up! We're off.
Oh boy Are you worried? No, I'm not He's no longer a weak Shinobi I need to worry about And the same goes for Sakura.
Growth is sure a mysterious thing.
Hang on, Gaara! What's the matter, Kankuro? Actually, my makeup remover doesn't really agree with my skin.
At a time like that, you need this makeup remover gauze.
It's gentle on the skin as the microfibers help remove the dirt from inside your pores.
Ooh, the Kumadori is coming right off.
And not only that, if you buy now, you'll get one more for free along with a handy storage case.
Whoa, this is serious.
I'd better hurry right to the Sand shop.
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