Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

Jinchuuriki Tears

The Jinchuriki's Tears There's a Paper Bomb left here, too! It's a type that explodes the instant it's peeled off We'll just have to detonate it.
I see.
We're detonating a Paper Bomb! Stop working and take cover! Let's do this.
Now isn't the time to be discussing candidates for a new Kazekage! But if you think about the worst-case scenario, isn't it important to seize the initiative? More importantly, the plan to rescue Lord Kazekage should be the priority! Securing village safety is what's important! We must not break up our limited forces in conditions like this.
What did you say?! Oh, excuse me Reporting! An enemy trap has been discovered in the rubble blocking the entrance.
We are currently proceeding with its detonation There have been no casualties.
However, a portion of the entrance collapsed due to the effects of the explosion.
It seems it will take an extra half day for repairs! Got it.
Arrange it so that those who are available are dispatched to the repair site immediately.
Hey wait! Thanks to Gaara, the Village Hidden in the Sand was left almost completely undamaged Butwe paid too great a price for that Reporting! All of the bodies of those guarding the skies have been verified.
There is probably little doubt that the enemy infiltrated the center of the village from the sky Excuse me! What?! We have been contacted by the tracking unit.
Kankuro was discovered about half a day out of the village.
He is unconscious and in serious condition.
Kankuro Some members of the tracking unit have recovered Kankuro and his puppets.
They are on their way back to the village.
What about the location of Lord Kazekage? The remaining members of the tracking unit are in pursuit.
There should be a report soon You're late, Sasori my man I thought you didn't like to keep people waiting.
ButI had enough fun to make up for that.
What's up with that? Don't get so touchy.
You secured your mission target, the One-Tail, after all.
My mission comes next after taking care of this guy.
But the one you're after Yeah, I still don't know where he is It'd be easier if he'd just come to me YeahThat's right What kind of Jinchuriki was he again? Well, worst case scenario, even if I can't find him nobody can complain since we caught one of the Jinchuriki.
Gaara, we're coming! Naruto! I know you're in a hurry, but don't disrupt the unit! But, but! Don't lose your cool Master Jiraiya told you not to, remember? For crying out loud Temari! Hurry up and get him to the operating room! Operating Room Is thispoison?! Prepare an antidote! Gaara Gaara What?! Gaara was?! I was having a bad feeling It'll take about two and a half days to get to the Sand from here Let's hurry.
Treatment Room 3 The wounds weren't that serious The problem is The poison, huh? Yes, it's a completely new poison.
We have absolutely no idea how to neutralize it.
Gaaraand now Kankuro, too Taking Naruto is the top-priority duty given to us by our organization, the Akatsuki.
It's not so much you that they're after it's what's inside you they want.
But as long as you have the Nine-Tails sealed within you they might want to have that power under their own control Naruto! I told you earlier not to disrupt the unit I don't like it! Even I know why they're after people like Gaara and me You know it already, don't you, Sakura? That I've got the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit sealed inside me Hey, it's that kid.
Eww, let's get out of here.
Gaara and I both have monsters inside us That's what they're after! That's what I don't like! They only see us as monsters! I don't like their selfish way of viewing us! A monster, huh? If that's the case, then we're the same That's right.
I was born a monster.
Everything about us was the same And hefought all by himself a lot more than me Naruto To them, I'm now an artifact of a past they want to erase.
Then why should I exist and what should I live for? I thought about it, but couldn't find an answer But I need that reason while I'm alive If not, it's the same as dying The Akatsuki was after him! It's just like me this time, too And yet, why does he always have to be the one to get the short end of the stick?! It's always him! That's why I can't be wasting any time getting to him! This time, I want to save him right away! Naruto Uzumaki Thank you You say Kankuro's regained consciousness? He has, but he's just barely able to respond to us His condition has worsened since yesterday.
Baki Is that you? Kankuro! It'sit's him Don't raise your voice! It's not good for you in your condition! Th-Th Red Sand I see So that explains it Lord Baki? Oh, Lord Baki.
Contact the tracking unit! Tell them to turn back immediately! Actually, we haven't heard anything from them since recovering Kankuro yesterday We were too late We have no choice but to consult with them Huh? What is it? Nothing I'mgoing out for a bit.
Oh, but! Our superiors told us to give them a progress report this morning Do you think I have the time to be leisurely giving reports?! Action takes precedence over meetings right now! Y-Yes, sir! This is what happens as soon as Gaara disappears Give me a break I have no choice but to consult with the honorable siblings But I wonder will they come to our aid willingly? Now, now, the food pills are only for emergencies Girls of your age especially need to be careful not to eat too She got mad That's totally sexual harassment old man.
You've met him before, haven't you? Itachi Uchiha And he's after you.
I didn't just train over these past two and a half years.
I got into Master Tsunade's library and did outside investigations the best I could.
And now what was bothering me finally makes sense now! I wouldn't call it a dream, but I've got an ambition! To restore the clan and to kill a certain manno matter what! I'm the only one who can kill him.
I'm an avenger.
I have to become stronger than him I don't have time to be getting tripped up in a place like this.
The person Sasuke wants to kill is his own older brother Itachi Uchiha, right? A member of the Akatsuki! ItachiUchiha! ItachiUchiha? I'm going to kill you! Just as you told me to do, I've resented you, hated you, and I've lived I've lived only to kill you! Sure enough, you're brothers I see power greater than Itachi's hidden in those eyes of yours Sasuke will definitely seek me out in search of power That's why Sasuke is with Orochimaru in an attempt to obtain power But Orochimaru is after Sasuke's body, right? And we only have six months left! Sakura knows about that too And Orochimaru used to be a member of the Akatsuki.
Basically this is what I wantto say.
The closer we get to the Akatsuki, the closer we get to information about Orochimaru If that happens we'll eventually get closer to Sasuke! And after that, Itachi Uchiha Our worst enemy who plagued Sasuke for so long and the one who's after Naruto This time I'll save the two of them! It appears someone's come Say, Big Sister Hey, Big Sister! Are you dead? Gotcha! I was playing dead.
Cut it out.
That senility act's too real, Big Sister Honored siblings I have come to request your assistance.
Old books are supposed to be tied in a bundle and left up on a high shelf What can we possibly do now? An organization called the Akatsuki has taken the Shukaku.
If we leave things as they stand now, there will be great trouble.
It's your generation now.
You guys deal with it yourselves.
You two have powerful connections with each land, including villages in lands we are not allied with There's only so much information we can gather on our own We've long since been retired.
We no longer have any attachments to the world.
Although I guess it'd be nice to see my grandchild's face one more time That's very convenient.
Your grandson is a member of the Akatsuki.
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