Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e10 Episode Script

Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals

Who're they? Oh, that's Granny Chiyoand Ebizo.
No way.
I thought they were supposed to have long since been retired.
Treatment Room 3 Oh, we have been expecting you.
Please enter.
I think you all know who these people are.
This is Lady Chiyo and Lord Ebizo.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
Hm? If I'm not mistaken, this is It's Kankuro.
The current Kazekage's older brother.
Oh, that's right.
You checked his blood, right? Y-Yes.
Please look at this.
I've never seen composition like this before.
We believe it might be a new type of poison.
Have you tried an antidote? For the time being, we tried using what we had.
But none had any identifiable effects.
I see Ordinarily, he would just finish the job It appears he's very confident about his poison.
Leaving his prey as is on purpose is just like Sasori.
Finally we're out of the Sand.
I hate making people wait Let's hurry.
Good grief.
Whose fault was it that it took this long? That goes for both of us.
Oh yeah.
Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons All right.
This one didn't work, either.
You haven't tried anything else? For the time being, we have requested the Leaf for a specialist team to be dispatched.
It would be best to wait for their arrival.
Talk about depending on others.
This happened because you depend on alliances with other lands and conduct nothing but slipshod education.
It is notour intention to depend on others.
I guess it can't be helped It's his fault for losing his cool and pursuing too far.
A Shinobi is the last person who should do that What's the point of trusting and being totally dependent on the likes of the Leaf? Improving the strength of your own village should be your top priority.
They are them, we are us.
An amicable alliance is nothing but a pipe dream.
At times like this, the most we can expect is for them to send us some useless underlings for form's sake.
That would never happen That's how it goes.
Everyone looks out for themselves.
Okay, break's over.
Huh? Kakashi Sensei, where's Naruto? Up there.
One more day until we get to the Sand.
We have to hurry.
Okay, let's get going.
This is not good.
Poisons are my specialty, but even I can't figure this out.
Even you, Lady Chiyo? At best, he has one day He may not even make it to dawn tomorrow, I'd say.
That Sasori has sure grown considerably.
What in the world should we do? Well, the only one who might know more about antidotes than me would be the Leaf's slug princess, Tsunade.
I had a lot of trouble with her during the great war.
She would decipher all the poisons I created and concoct antidotes.
And now we're allies with the Leaf.
All we can do is send for her and have her look at Kankuro.
But she is now the Hokage and would not be able to leave her village so easily.
And even if she were to come, it takes three days to get here from the Leaf.
I know.
Nobody's seriously thinking of summoning her.
I don't like that slug girl, anyway.
Are you okay, Lady Tsunade? Yeah.
There's a cold going around, so please take care.
It's been two days since Team Kakashi left.
They should be arriving tomorrow morning.
This is a bad sign.
Don't tell me! Group 3, 117037 I knew it.
I won.
And first prize at that.
This is really a bad omen.
Are you there, Shizune? All right! It's the desert! The Village Hidden in the Sand is up ahead.
I'll take the lead from here.
We're here.
Let's go.
You're late.
Prepare immediately.
The Jinchuriki was unexpectedly strong.
All right, gather.
Now, let us begin.
We will soon be done removing the traps and rocks from the road.
Good work.
We are currently working on gathering the bodies.
But there is one thing that is a matter of concern.
We have not yet found Captain Yura.
What? It is clear that the Captain was heading for the road before the incident.
We have not even found a scrap of his clothing, let alone his body.
That's strange.
He's either slipped past the enemy and is in pursuit, or perhaps nobody noticed that he was killed.
I'd like to send backup for him if he's still alive.
But if we don't know where he is Did you call me, Lady Tsunade? Yes I want to send reinforcements to the Village Hidden in the Sand.
Reinforcements? They should be about done with their previous mission and on their way back by now.
Them? Oh.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll make the preparations immediately.
Can the worst-case scenario be considered? From now, it will take three days and three nights.
Keep your attention to your real body as well.
And Zetsu, you keep watch on the outside with the body for the time being.
Use the longest range.
I know.
Three days? Shouldn't we consider that it might take a bit longer since we don't have Orochimaru? If that's what you think, then get right to it.
That's true.
That sounds good.
Spirit Blue White Red Boar South North Three Sphere Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons.
Lady Tsunade.
They have returned from their mission! All right.
Oh, just a minute, Lady Tsunade.
I'm giving you guys an S-rank mission! - Huh? - No way.
S-rank? - Mission? - Don't tell me All right! We got an S-rank mission! I can't believe it Our ability has finally been acknowledged! I-It can't be! Are you okay, Ebisu Sensei? Well, I spent a bit too long soaking in the hot spring, you see.
More like you were peeping.
Here this is the first S-rank mission for us since we became Ninja.
Don't be catching a cold, you closet pervert! What's with these guys? This is the wrong room, Lady Tsunade.
They're over here.
Geez, how confusing.
What about our S-rank mission? It was a misunderstanding Thank goodness.
I'm giving you guys the same mission as Team Kakashi.
Head for the Sand and complete the mission by providing backup for Kakashi and the others.
Got it?! Yes, ma'am! Please leave it to us.
All right! Team Guy heading into action.
You catch a cold? No, my hay fever started acting up before All right, we'll make it to the Sand in one day.
Sensei, let's make it in half a day.
It'll take three days, no matter how you consider it.
Please stop your conversations with that carried-away mood All right, we're leaving! Together with me, everyone.
The dash of youth! Yes, Guy Sensei! How embarrassing.
Give it up, Tenten.
They're as energetic as ever.
It's sure been awhile since we've seen Naruto.
I'm looking forward to seeing how much he's grown.
Here we're so close to the Village Hidden in the Sand I can't just sit around waiting! Naruto, I told you not to lose your patience.
But! Be patient.
Right now, Temari is the one who's the most anxious.
The ironclad rule is to stay put right there if you encounter a sandstorm.
You lose your sense of direction in a sandstorm.
We often hear of people dying of dehydration after getting lost in the desert.
It'll be okay.
A sandstorm around this time of year shouldn't last too long.
Please let up soon.
Kankuro Give him a sedative.
All we can do now is ease his pain Our only ray of hope is the Leaf Shinobi who are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
If they have a poison specialist with them If Kankuro can hold on that long, of course.
The road from the Leaf is currently impassable due to a sandstorm.
In the worst case, they could arrive several days late.
If that happens, then it's hopeless.
This is pathetic I can't believe the day has come when we have to rely on the aid of the Leaf.
Aren't you tired, Big Sister? Let's have a seat outside.
You haven't had a wink of sleep since yesterday, right? It's so sad, having to depend on the Leaf Big Sister.
She fell asleep, huh? If they're early, the help from the Leaf should be arriving pretty soon.
But even a local wouldn't be able to get here quickly with yesterday's sandstorm.
Hey, what's that? Oh! We've been expecting you.
So you were with them, Temari? Please, come this way.
What?! They got Kankuro, too? Yes, Lord Kazekage was taken and Kankuro followed in pursuit.
Kankuro was poisoned by the enemy and we don't know how to neutralize it.
At this rate he won't Damn it! Let's hurry, Temari.
I'll take a look at him.
Treatment Room 3 Kankuro! Kankuro! He'sthe White Fang of the Leaf! You jerk! Huh? Prepare yourself! Medical Emergency 24 hours.
Today we're reporting live from the Hidden Sand Medical Facility.
It appears that a new patient has been brought in just now.
The patient is a 17-year-old Jonin, poisoned, and in critical condition.
Oh, his Kumadori make up is being washed off! The surgeon seems to be a girl.
Can such a young doctor handle this? It looks like the toxin is being sucked outhowever! Despite their medical efforts, it appears they have just lost the patient.
Hey, don't kill me off just like that! Next time: "The Medical Ninja's Student"