Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

Apprentice of a Medical Ninja

Prepare yourself! Why you--! What do you mean by suddenly pouncing on Kakashi Sensei like that?! You wrinkly old hag! This old hagis good I'll never forget what you did back then! White Fang of the Leaf, I shall avenge my son's death by defeating you today! Erno, you see I'm No questions or answers! Big Sister Take a good look at him! He resembles him closely, but this one is not the White Fang! Huh? Uhhello Moreover, the White Fang of the Leaf died long ago.
Remember? When you got word of it, you cried tears of regret, since you could not avenge your son.
Isn't that so, Sis? Gotcha, I was only pretending to have gone senile.
Kankuro! Let me have a look.
Please do.
Kakashi Sensei and the rest of you, please stand back a bit.
Got it.
H-Hey! You're? I'm a Leaf Medical Ninja.
The Medical Ninja's Student They seem to have used a heavy metal-based toxin.
It's the type that acts upon the muscles to destroy the cells.
Just from that brief examination You could tell that much His medical record please.
Ah, here it is.
This is the list of toxic ingredients.
There are blank spaces here and there, but I can predict the general outcome.
The cardiac muscle will be destroyed, and the heart could stop beating at any time, so It's difficult to say whether we can concoct an antidote in time You don't mean that! Isn't there anything we can do? Please assemble the items I request immediately.
It's quite a crude treatment, but it's the only option we have left.
Hold him down firmly, as this will be a very delicate operation.
- Right.
- Understood.
Hold him down firmly! - Yes! - Yes! I'll cause the Chakra to flow into his body It will cause the toxin to surface from the cells.
It will then be absorbed by this liquid and extracted! So that's the toxin Next! - Yes! - Yes! Say Kakashi Sensei Huh? What sort of person was that White Fang of the Leaf that this old lady here was talking about? Well, that's hard to say Hmm, let's see Well, in a word He was my father.
Hey, you there Are you the son of the White Fang? Yes But of course So that's why you look so much like him - Next! - Yes! I directly extracted the toxin.
With this, his life should no longer be in danger.
Way to go, Sakura! But we still can't rest easy.
I will now concoct an antidote for the traces of toxin that remain in his body.
Got it.
If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.
Well then, first, I need a list of the medicinal herbs that can be found in this village, or something like that I'll bring it.
Please replace all of his bandages.
And then prepare an IV drip.
Also, please set aside a small amount of the extracted toxin.
I will need it later.
Sakura You're so cool.
You're just like the Slug Girl.
To think that a girl just like you would come here Yes, Lady Tsunade is my master.
And besides, I was told by my master to come here.
Here is the list of medicinal herbs.
Thank you.
Say Sis Time is flowing slowly, but it's flowing.
Hey! Takamaru has returned! Master Baki, a reply has come from Leaf Village.
Thank you for your troubles.
It's from the Hokage.
What's Granny Tsunade saying?! It says that Guy's squad has been sent here as a reinforcement unit.
Bushy Brow Sensei's squad? I'll bet everyone has gotten stronger.
They even said that Neji has become a Jonin.
All right! Now's no time for us to just be hanging around! We should go after the Akatsuki right now! Going after him is fine and well But do you know where those guys have gone to? Um, excuse me for inquiring, but what is the follow-up to the Akatsuki pursuit? First, Kankuro set off by himself and ended up like that.
Next, a tracking unit was sent out, but they've yet to contact us.
Judging from the situation, it's likely that One of the other village chiefs has gone missing.
I don't like to think that he could be taken out so easily, but Then, you mean to say you've completely lost sight of him? Yes, that is so.
Lord Baki! Kankuro has awoken! Kankuro, are you all right?! What, you're back already, Temari? I heard the village was in crisis.
Sorryfor making you worry.
You fool, don't talk such nonsense! Please lead me to the place where Kankuro did battle.
I may not look it, but I'm a pro at tracking If just the slightest trace of their scent remains There's no need of that.
My puppetshave all been recovered, haven't they? I never imagined I'd find this assortment of medicinal herbs here in the Hidden Sand.
Still, the soil is not well suited to growing medicinal herbs In particular, we only have a small amount of "Scurvy Grass.
" No, this much is plenty.
I can make at least three antidotes.
The enemy force was two in number.
One of them led Gaara away All you have to do it follow Gaara's scent.
Even if they split up into two, one of them His smell is on that one In Crow's hand I left him holding a scrap of his clothes Even if you fall, you won't fall without a fight Just what I'd expect from a Sand Ninja.
Kankuro! Are you all right? Y-Yeah Ah, he came all the way from Hidden Leaf Village for us.
NarutoUzumakiis it? Hey I see Summoning Jutsu! Eight Ninja Dogs, at your service! Pakkun! Hey! Is that you, Naruto?! Long time no see.
Pakkun, you haven't changed a bit, have you? You haven't either.
Eh?! I've grown quite a bit taller.
Yes, yes, but enough of this chatter.
I need you to get to work right away! I want you to determine which way he headed.
Now, go! We'll contact you right away when we find something.
We're counting on you.
All right! When Pakkun and the others get back, we're heading out, I tell you! We've got to make preparations right away Naruto, wait a minute! Kankuro! Granny Chiyo? Grandpa Ebizo, too?! I want to hear it one more time, directly from your mouth There is no mistake that one of the two enemies was Sasori.
Is that correct? What about it, Kankuro? Yeah It was Sasori of the Red Sand.
He said so himself.
Sasori of the Red Sand, you say? We might be able to find out more about Akatsuki.
Please It's ready Be sure to drink it all down You should be all right now, I think.
Just lie there and rest for a while without moving until the numbness goes away.
You should all get a good night's rest as well.
I've prepared a room for you to use.
But we've got to find Gaara quickly I'll take advantage of your kindness, if I may.
We're going on a harsh march from tomorrow.
I understand I just have to work hard and carve out a future for myself.
And I must not run away from my path of solitude.
If I do that, someday SomedayI can be like him Don't order me around! That's enough outta you! I have never thought of you all as my brothers.
If you get in my way, I'll kill you.
But now there's something I understand about the bonds he went so far to tell me about.
I understand that pain, sadnessand happiness can be shared with others.
Naruto Uzumaki I learned that through fighting and getting to know him.
He knew of the same pain as me.
And he taught me that I could change the path of my life.
Naruto Uzumaki Mm? Take care of my little brother Heh, you can leave it to me.
After all, I am eventually going to become the Hokage! So I'll do the Kazekage a favor early on! Aim to remain in active duty your entire life! Today, the High Achievers Club is pleased to introduce Granny Chiyo of the Hidden Sand.
Well, to get right to the point, what are your hobbies? - Fishing.
- What a simple answer.
Well then, what is your special forte? - Playing dead.
- Your individuality shines! Well next, what are your concerns at this time? My grandchild.
Hey, are you watching? Sasori? I'll be the one to punish you! Wash your neck and wait! Next time: "The Retired Granny's Determination"