Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e13 Episode Script

The Destined Meeting

Don't tell me you're It appears that you've remembered Have we met before? It looks like the freak beast's intelligence is at the level of a beast too Well I'll make you remember soon Itachi Ah, so he is that brat who killed his entire clan.
It's been a while, Mr.
Kakashi, Naruto A Sharingan Just like Sasuke's! He is theone who's tormenting Sasuke and Naruto.
You bastard Not just me, but Gaara too! I will destroy you guys! Everyone! Don't look directly at his eyes! It's dangerous! A Meeting with Destiny So this is the Akatsuki! Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave! He's coming! Yes! Here I go! Itachi's Genjutsu is Visual Jutsu.
Therefore, it's a type where one gets caught by his sight, so it'll be okay as long as we don't make eye contact with him.
Yeah, I know! But then How should we fight him? Well Guy, how did you fight with Itachi? Huh? Well Decipher his actions just by how he moves his body and feet.
That seems pretty hard.
The Uchiha clan, eh? It's been a while since I went up against a Sharingan.
You don't have to be that surprised.
There are a few fighting techniques to counter this Visual Jutsu.
What should we do? "If it's one against one, then you must flee.
" "If it's two against one, then take the back.
" Say what? You know what "if it's one against one, then flee" means right? There is no way you can win.
But if it's two against one If it's two against one, even if one is caught by the Genjutsu, the other will take his back and hit him.
Then the Genjutsu will cease.
Even if that is impossible, if you hit your teammate, then you can end the Genjutsu.
So, if there is more than one of us, then one will distract him.
The rest of us will constantly attack him from the back where the Sharingan can't see.
I see.
Amazing, you know a lot from old age! Then I'll take his back-- Wait! Neji! Lee! Sohow is it? Doesn't it remind you?! How can he let out this much water? This technique requires a huge amount of Chakra.
Kakashi Sensei, what do you mean by wait?! Do you want to say my way of fighting the Sharingan is wrong? That would work if it's an ordinary Genjutsu, but it's a bit more complicated in his case.
He uses Mangekyo Sharingan which is a much stronger Visual Jutsu than an ordinary Sharingan.
If you receive his Visual Jutsu, then you will experience his Genjutsu in a second.
In other words, even though it may seem like a second to others, the person who receives the Jutsu will feel it for hours or days.
In my case, I roamed around in his Jutsu for three days, and lost consciousness for more than a week.
It's not a matter of ending or not ending the Genjutsu.
He's troublesome Who exactly is this guy? Impressive Kakashi.
It seems you didn't suffer my Tsukiyomi, Nightmare Realm, in vain.
That is not all that I know After you used the Visual Jutsu, you were quite exhausted and you ended the battle immediately and tried to leave.
But Itachi Even for you, it is dangerous to use that "eye" too much We did not come here to fight.
Unfortunately, anything more than this is nonsense.
Let's go.
In addition to using up quite a lot of Chakra, it seems it comes with some risk to your "eye" as well, Itachi.
From just one match, you have analyzed it quite well.
Hey Itachi.
Your eyesight How much has it weakened? Kakashi Could it be that you? Where is he? Guy Sensei! Tenten! A Water Clone! You didn't even have time to recall.
It seems like Itachi also has come into contact with the enemy Kisame is in the middle of a fight.
Lee! Leaf Rising Wind! What?! It's programmed.
Damn! I let him get away! Where did he go? Neji, where's the enemy's location? In front! He's coming up.
I found him! Seriously What troublesome brats.
It's so bothersome.
The Water Style Ninjutsu and that big sword You are! It seems like you have finally remembered.
I do feel like we have met somewhere.
You still can't remember, huh You really are good at hurting people's feelings.
Until you recall I will take my time putting you through pain.
I underestimated you back then.
But I'm not that pathetic.
It's not going to work the way it did before, you see.
It's a huge mistake if you think I'm the same as before! Naruto, I'll deal with him.
This happened before too.
Form the Manji.
You guys look after Tazuna.
Don't get involved in the fight.
Huh? And work as a team here.
Y-You mean another non-fighting teamwork? No.
This time, cover me.
To be honest, I want to be cool and say, "Go on ahead," but Against him, even I can't contain him alone.
Let's see It's time for a counterattack.
First, I'll get him off guard.
If I succeed, don't hesitate to attack.
- Roger! - Roger! Do you think you'll get me off guard that easily? I will quickly change your mind.
Gentle Fist! I see You swing that heavy sword so easily and you don't get caught off guard.
If close battle does not work How's that? Did you do something? What an annoying sword.
Oh yeah, that sword! Did you recall? That's your weapon, huh? You can tell by looking.
But there is a big difference between knowing it and really knowing it.
As expected Guy Sensei Each word holds a deep meaning.
Why now for god's sake? Can you quit being amazed every time? Forget it, Tenten.
Let me take back what I said.
It seems like your intelligence is less than an animal.
Dynamic action! It's about time for you to come with me Naruto.
I'll go first! Shadow Clone?! Rasengan! This is also a Shadow Clone! Sakura! Granny! Sakura? Now! Water Clone Jutsu! What?! Water Prison Jutsu! Damn it! Lee! Neji! Tenten! Kakashi Sensei! What's going on? Hello kids, thanks for coming to the Kisame aquarium today.
The show you've been waiting for is about to begin.
The five sharks led by this aquarium's fabulous leader Shark Boy and Brother Guy.
Before that, here are some warnings.
Those in the front row should watch out for the water splash.
Okay everyone; let's yell as loud as we can.
Okay ready, Shark Boy! Next time: "Naruto's Growth"