Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

Naruto's Growth

Now! Water Clone Jutsu! Water Prison Jutsu! Lee! Neji! Tenten! Rasengan! This is a Shadow Clone too.
Sakura! Granny! Sakura? Kakashi Sensei! What's going on?! This is awful These kids are better than I thought I'm surprised.
I can't move Damn it! I can't breathe Now we can fight without any interference.
I want to help them out But under these circumstances, I'd just get in the way Make it through, guys! This Great Shark Skin Sword will only allow me to use it.
I see It's not a good idea to carelessly use someone else's weapon.
Then I'll use mine, too Those areNunchaku! I can't believe he's using Nunchaku This means the enemy's just that powerful! I see This is going to be interesting.
Now, shall we begin?! Naruto's Growth Are they Shadow Clones? And I didn't even look at his eyes! Damn it How'd I get caught in his Genjutsu? These eyes aren't the only way I can activate a Genjutsu.
I can do it with one finger.
It's about time for you to come with me Naruto.
It must've been back then Rest easy.
I won't use the Mangekyo Sharingan.
Or I guess I should say I can't use it right now What do you mean by that? You don't need to know.
More importantly, it's about time you went to sleep.
Damn it And I was so careful I can't believe I got caught in a Genjutsu! Genjutsu? Are you going to teach me Genjutsu, Pervy Sage?! To be exact, I'm going to teach you how to break a Genjutsu.
How to breaka Genjutsu? Listen up, Naruto.
There's a trick to breaking a Genjutsu if you get caught in one--.
Pervy Sage.
You should know that trick very well Hey, Pervy Sage! What?! I want to know about how to cast a Genjutsu, not about if I get caught in one! Huh? Wh-What's up with that reaction?! Listen up, Naruto A Genjutsu works on an opponent's five senses.
You can control the Chakra flowing through their cerebral nervous system.
It's a Ninjutsu requiring a great deal of intelligence.
Hmm I don't really get it I didn't think so Nobody is telling you to master Genjutsu.
You're not a Genjutsu-type Shinobi at all in the first place Huh? Really? Then forget about Genjutsu! Let's get to my next training, my next training! That won't do! Why not?! Some enemies use Genjutsu, after all.
For example, Itachi Uchiha! Come to think of it, even Kakashi Sensei was beaten by his technique That's why you need to know how to deal with Genjutsu! Fine.
When you're in a Genjutsu, the Chakra inside your head is being controlled.
So if you get caught in one, make sure you temporarily stop the flow of your own Chakra as best you can.
Stop the flowof Chakra? Thanks to your training until now, you've subconsciously concentrated Chakra at the bottom of your feet and are standing on the water.
Now that you mention it You need to temporarily stop all of it.
Give it a try.
Right! First, I need to stop the flow of Chakra.
Then with power greater than your opponent, you need to immediately disrupt the flow of Chakra in one shot! Got it! If you do that the Genjutsu will be broken! Guy Sensei! I'm running out of breath Tenten's reached her limit, huh? Water Style: Shark Bomb Jutsu! What incredible power I know! You're It's too late for you to remember now! Guy Sensei! Guy Sensei Don't tell me! Guy Sensei won't be beaten that easily! That guy I know I've met him somewhere Don't think I'm done settling the score just yet.
Water Style Five Hungry Sharks! First Meal! Second Meal! Third Meal! No effect, huh? Fourth Meal! Fifth Meal! My five sharks will completely devour you and leave no bones! Tenten! This is not good She's reached her limit I can't be slowed down any further I have no choice What's he planning? The Eight Inner Gates First Gate, Gate of Opening, Open! Second Gate, Gate of Rest.
Third Gate, Gate of Life.
Fourth Gate, Gate of Pain.
What's this remarkable power? Fifth Gate, Gate of Closing, Open! What?! Wh-What's that?! There's an incredible amount of Chakra being emitted from the water! Guy Surely he's not going to use that, is he? The Eight Inner Gates! Sixth Gate, Gate of JoyOpen! What's this?! Now! Here! Severe Leaf Hurricane! Are you okay, Tenten? Y-Yeah Thanks, Neji We're saved That stance is! He has grown.
Next, Naruto Uzumaki.
Come on back.
Doctor, something's wrong with my body! Doctor, what's this? Hmm, it's some terribly dry skin.
No, it's not just that! Oho, this is sure a large corn.
Look at this, too! Th-That large growth on your shoulder! Hmm, it's the boil I've heard rumors about, no mistake.
Doctor, what should I do? Oh, you don't need to worry.
The baby in your belly is doing just fine! - What?! - Congratulations.
Hey, just a minute.
I'm a guy! Next episode: "The Secret Weapon is Called"