Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s01e15 Episode Script

Hidden Jade - With a Name...

He has grown.
Buthe's still not good enough.
Damn it! This hurts.
But this isa Genjutsu I've got to overpower it! Naruto Naruto! Sasuke? Long time no see, Naruto I failed to kill you back then, you see You're finished! Why? Whydidn't you stop Sasuke? I believed in you You couldn't protect your friends I was counting on you I'm so disappointed.
You always You always come out ahead You alwaysachieve happiness It's a Genjutsu I know it's a Genjutsu, but! Naruto I believed in you I'm so disappointed Naruto It'salways you This timeI'll finish you off! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I know it's a Genjutsu, but! Say, say! I get the part where you temporarily stop the flow of Chakra and use a greater Chakra than the enemy's to disrupt the flow of Chakra.
But what if that still doesn't work? What should I do if I can't break the Genjutsu?! At that time you give up! What?! You'd have to accept you were out of luck, and just give up.
That's the way it goes with Genjutsu.
No way Then what was the point of falling into the river and getting drenched? Howeverif you've got your comrades with you there just might be a chance! Get them to touch you and funnel their Chakra into you.
By doing that, you have the flow of Chakra inside you disrupted Thenyou can break the Genjutsu.
I believed in you I'm so disappointed It's always you I'll finish you off! Naruto! Sakura Naruto! Kakashi Sensei Naruto! Gaara Naruto! Sasuke S-Somebody give me Chakra K-Kakashi SenseiSakura Pleasegive me Chakra! You okay, Naruto?! What happened to me? You were caught in a Genjutsu! But you're okay now! We poured our Chakra in you and broke the Genjutsu! Where'shis Shadow Clone? Shadow Clone? He's using no such thing.
You suddenly started running and shot off your Rasengan with nothing around.
Don't you remember? Rasengan! Then back then I was already in the Genjutsu This guy's using more than just a Vision Jutsu Now, it's about time for the main event.
Get it together, Naruto! Hey! Get a grip! Naruto, I'll show you how it's done.
Fire Style Phoenix Flower Jutsu! He dodged it! Here comes the next attack! Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! The Secret Weapon is Called Lightning Blade! Rasengan! Did they get him? Naruto! I see He sure has learned an interesting Jutsu.
However Damn it! I guess it won't be that easy.
I thought I totally got behind him using Kakashi Sensei's Lightning Blade as a diversion The Sharingan sure is a problem.
He can instantly foresee what I'm going to do.
Not again! This isn't going to work without a combination attack with Kakashi Sensei.
On top of that, I'll need a powerful Jutsu that can beat him in one shot I'll have to try out that Jutsu Where's Naruto? Is he okay? What?! Is this one of his Genjutsu?! A Hidden Mist Jutsu?! Don't worry! It's one of Kakashi's Jutsu.
Then More importantly, the mist is getting thicker! Don't avert your attention away from his presence! R-Right! The Hidden Mist Jutsu It's indeed an effective Jutsu for making it difficult to cast a Genjutsu But it's meaningless against me, who possesses the Sharingan Could we please stop this childish game of hide and seek, Mr.
Kakashi?! I suppose we could Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! I get it! Awesome, Kakashi Sensei! The Fireball Jutsu But I noticed earlier, something's off Don't tell me, Kakashi Sensei is under his Genjutsu?! Just as I'd expect You sure know how to use a Jutsu Since you hid yourself temporarily using the Earth Style, I didn't notice in time No wonder my Genjutsu's having no effect.
This is a Shadow Clone.
He's fast! Is that? Yeah Game over! Asakujaku! Looks like it's over Take him out, my Shadow Clone and all, Naruto! - I know! - I know! Huh? Improve my Rasengan? That's right I can already use the Rasengan well enough! More importantly, teach me some new Jutsu! Listen, you Do you think the Rasengan you use now is good enough? Think back to when you fought that four-eyed guy who was with Orochimaru.
I don't know what kind of Jutsu you've learned.
But you can't hit me with that large of a motion.
This won't work It's too tough to hit a moving target And then what did you do next?! You won't get away now Are you going to get your hand cut open each time you face off against an enemy? That's exactly why I need a new Jutsu! Are you being serious? Don't tell me you've forgotten? The Rasengan is a Jutsu the Fourth Hokage left behind for us! OhUh Well I haven't forgotten it or anything Fair enough.
The Rasengan is a Jutsu completed by the Fourth Hokage.
Now you should try to make it your own.
Improve the Rasengan and make it into your own original Jutsu.
Huh?! My own original Jutsu That's right.
Use that massive Chakra of yours to make the Rasengan easier to hit an enemy with.
It'll be a Jutsu possible only through that massive Chakra.
It'll be your own original Rasengan! My own original Rasengan! And in order to improve the power of the Rasengan, you need to build up much more Chakra.
The training will once again be rough! But if you complete it, it will become your strongest weapon.
We'll call it - GiantRasengan! - GiantRasengan! A-Amazing! Ooh He's! Whatwas up with that smile? I do get the feeling I fought him somewhere before, but You really don't remember? It looked like he knew a lot about you, Guy Sensei What's going on? H-He's Wh-What's this? While we were fighting, I felt like something wasn't right What do you mean?! It's one oftheir Jutsu or something He's What is this? What in the world does this mean? I don't know Butthere's one thing I can say I don't know this man, after all! Do you know him? Yes It's Yura He's a Jonin from our village Seeking the truth always involves putting one's life at risk.
As we pursued mystery, the desert's blazing sun, sand storms and poisonous scorpions awaited us.
However, we will end up reforming the darkness of history.
Secrets about the statue beyond our imagination will now be revealed! It's on next! "Pursue romance in the Shinobi world, mysterious lands, and the mystery of the giant statue!" That's just a statue of the previous Kazekage.
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